Chapter 903 – I Guarantee I Won’t Bash You To Death

At that instant, time seemed as if it had been prolonged, and it slowed down.

As they looked at Bai Hong who was like a moth darting towards a flame, Mu Kui, Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the youths from the Ninth hell Tribe couldn’t help but arouse a feeling of respect in their hearts. 

That sort of persistence to firmly stand by her path on the Dao without being shaken even before death caused all of them to be shocked, and they comprehended and understood a sort of spirit from it.

It was a spirit of battle that wasn’t related to profession or level of cultivation!

Even if Chen Xi had already expected this scene would appear since the beginning, he still couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration in his heart. This sort of battle intent that’s imprinted into the bones of the disciples of the Bai Clan is indeed something that’s capable of arousing respect and reverence from their opponents.

Bai Hong didn’t know all this. She was only firmly protecting her Dao Heart, even if she would perish as a consequence.

However, she didn’t receive a strike that was like a tempest, nor did she suffer injury, and only a drop of scarlet blood seeped out from the space between her brows.

That was an injury from sword qi because the grey and translucent Nirvana Sword had suddenly stopped 30cm away from her, and then it vanished into nothingness like snow melting in water.


The distant Ling Bai spat out a mouthful of blood while his matchlessly handsome face instantly turned ghastly pale because forcefully withdrawing the energy of slaughter from the Supreme Nirvana Sword caused him to suffer a certain amount of backlash.

After all, the might contained within this strike was too formidable, so causing it to stop abruptly was many times more difficult to executing it.

“Why?” Bai Hong asked while staring blankly at him, and the droplet of blood from between her brows flowed down the bridge of her nose and entered her mouth, causing it to be suffused with a trace of a salty taste.

“You’ve won my respect. Of course, the precondition was that you weren’t a mortal enemy of mine.” Ling Bai wiped the corners of his mouth before recovering his handsome and proud appearance.

“So that’s how it is…” Bai Hong muttered in a low voice before suddenly raising her hand and tossing the immortal sword, Scarlet Holly, in her  hands to Ling Bai. “You’ve won my acknowledgement.”

“Why?” This time, it was Ling Bai who was slightly puzzled instead.

“I never owe another a favor.” Bai Hong replied before leaving swiftly, and her white hair fluttered like a waterfall as she said, “The sword is called Scarlet Holly, and it’s covered in the blood of experts. I hope you can take good care of it.”

Her voice gradually became distant while she’d vanished.

“She really is a strange woman.” Ling Bai shook his head and put Scarlet Holly away before returning to Chen Xi’s side. “I didn’t do anything wrong, right?”

“No.” Chen Xi smiled as he patted Ling Bai on the shoulder.

Ling Bai had naturally not done anything wrong. Just Chen Xi had said to A’Man before, opponents like this were worthy of respect.

Mu Kui and the others felt extreme admiration towards Ling Bai’s actions. Sometimes, the bearing one revealed during a fair battle was able to display how great one’s bearing was.

Obviously, Ling Bai’s bearing wasn’t bound within indiscriminate killing.

On the other hand, the expressions of Bai Juan and Bai Qun was slightly unsightly. Especially Bai Juan, his peach blossom shaped eyes flowed with strands of the flames of rage as he looked towards the direction Bai Hong left towards.

He’d already instructed since before this operation was carried out that this was an operation that required them to disregard their own lives and conduct with all their might, and it was an absolute order from the Grand Elder.

Yet now, not only had Bai Hong not acted according to this instruction, she even gave away the peerless weapon inherited from the clan to her opponent after losing. This was simply undisguised slapping of the Grand Elder’s face!

“Dammit! Could it be that she forgot her identity? Doing this will only cause the Grand Elder to take her as a traitor, and the consequences of that has never been good!” Bai Juan’s expression was gloomy while his entire body emanated a murderous and bloodthirsty aura.

He knew very clearly that numerous great figures of the clan had shot their gazes over from the shadows, whereas Bai Hong’s decision from before might even shake the decision and judgment of those great figures.

If such a thing occurred, then the operation they launched against Chen Xi would be in a bad situation…

The facts were just as Bai Juan had analyzed. After he witnessed all of this, Bai Jingchen who was within the Bai Clan’s Grand Hall grinned from ear to ear, and he even forgot to eat the bowl of noodles in his hand.

But right after that, he restrained his laughter and gave an order. “Bring Bai Hong over to see me. Doesn’t she lack a sword? Give the Snowdust Sword in my collection to her!”

An extremely ordinary old man walked out from within the shadows in the hall, and he cupped his fists at Bai Jingchen before silently walking once more into the shadows.

“Now, the eyes of that Big Brother of mine will probably go red with anger, right?” Bai Jingchen seemed to have thought of something, causing him to roar once more with laughter, and his laughter shook the entire hall.

The Grand Elder Bai Cheng was infuriated indeed. He sat upright within his hall that was decorated magnificently, and his face carried a trace of gloominess that was impossible to eliminate because Bai Hong’s display caused him to be very disappointed.

Even though it was merely a single battle, it was sufficient to affect the impressions of some elders towards Chen Xi, and once Chen Xi smoothly entered into the Bai Clan, then it would mean that he’d lost completely.

At that time, even if he utilized the name of the Zuoqiu Clan, it would be difficult for him to convince the others to support his decision…

When he thought up to here, Bai Cheng took a deep breath to make himself calm down because this matter hadn’t ended, and this was only the beginning. A moment of failure couldn’t affect the entire situation.

Now he placed his hoped on the other arrangements he’d made. At the very least, he knew that Bai Juan and Bai Qun would absolutely not disappoint him. 


“Chen Xi, I challenge you.” A voice sounded out by the side of Bai Juan’s ears, and it interrupted his thoughts. He raised his eyes to look at Bai Qun who seized the opportunity to challenge Chen Xi before him, and his brows couldn’t help but knit together. This damnable bastard is fighting for an opponent with me again?

“Let me do it!” Bai Juan flashed forward and spoke coldly.

“It’s better to let me do it. If I continue to wait, I’m afraid it’ll cause an internal injury in me.” Bai Qun chuckled as he spoke, and he didn’t have the slightest intent of being anxious, yet his voice revealed an indisputable tone.

This caused Bai Juan’s expression to become even more gloomy.

“Both of you make a move together.” The person that replied them was naturally Chen Xi. He’d noticed since a long time ago that after Ling Bai defeated Bai Hong, Bai Juan and Bai Qun would surely not let the matter go. So when he saw both of them were actually fighting to battle him, he couldn’t be bothered to waste time. Fighting one was a battle, fighting two was still a battle, so it was easier to bring them together and deal with them in one go.

“What did you say!?” Bai Juan frowned while his beautiful peach blossom shaped eyes narrowed into arcs that were like the edge of a blade as he glanced at Chen Xi, and being provoked like this caused the flames of rage in his heart to blaze even hotter.

On the other hand, Bai Qun laughed before leaping over to arrive 3km away from Chen Xi, and he grinned while cupping his hands. “I hope Brother Chen will show mercy.”

“Don’t worry. I guarantee I won’t bash  you to death.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

The smile on Bai Qun’s face froze instantaneously while his tiny eyes flashed with a cold light before returning to normal, and then he smiled as he said, “Oh, then I really have to thank Brother Chen beforehand for showing mercy.”

Even though he was smiling, it didn’t show any feeling. Conversely, when coupled with his voice, it revealed dense killing intent that wasn’t disguised in the slightest.

Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t notice at all instead, and he raised his eyes to glance at the distance Bai Juan and said, “You come over as well. My guarantee is effective towards the both of you.”

The corners of Bai Juan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch, and then it was suffused with a ghastly and bloodthirsty arc. He didn’t hesitate any longer and floated over right away to stand shoulder to shoulder with Bai Qun, and he said coldly, “Don’t hope that I’ll show mercy!”

Chen Xi grinned and didn’t speak any further.

Ling Bai and the others didn’t feel his decision was wrong in the slightest because since A’xiu left, Chen Xi was the most formidable existence in their group.

Even if Bai Juan and Bai Qun were stronger than Bai Hong and made a move together, they firmly believed that since Chen Xi dared to speak in this way, he surely had the ability to deal with such a situation.

Even though he’d sighed with emotion about how abnormal Chen Xi was on countless occasions, only Bai Gunan’s heart couldn’t help but sink while he felt slightly worried when he saw Chen Xi was about to go against Bai Juan and Bai Qun by himself.

Bai Juan was a fierce figure that loved to torment and kill his opponents, and he stopped at nothing. During these past few years, Bai Juan had cultivated from mountains of corpses and seas of blood, so even though his cultivation was equivalent to Bai Hong, he was much more difficult to deal with than Bai Hong.

On the other hand, Bai Qun was an extremely cold executioner that killed without batting an eyelid, and there was practically no one amongst those he took to be an enemy that survived.

So when these two people joined forces, how would Chen Xi who was only at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm go against them?

“Hmm? This little fellow is really overbearing.” The brows of Bai Jingchen who sat within the Bai Clan’s Grand Hall raised, and he was slightly surprised. He seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would intend to go against Bai Juan and Bai Qun by himself. But right after that, he shook his head and placed his thoughts on the noodles in the bowl.

“He’s courting death! Haha! This little fellow has the same temper as Chen Lingjun! He deserves to suffer death!” In another hall, the Grand Elder Bai Cheng roared with laughter instead, and he took Chen Xi to be a dead man.


Bai Juan and Bai Qun glanced at each other before starting this seemingly unfair battle.

Bai Juan’s figure flashed and transformed into an almost ethereal afterimage that moved endlessly through the surrounding space, and he seemed like an extremely patient hunter that was waiting for a weak point to appear before giving Chen Xi a lethal strike.

On the other hand, Bai Qun held a glossy, level, pitch black, and ancient dagger in his hand. His fat and short figure was suffused with surging violet baleful qi, and he was like an executioner that had been tainted with the blood of countless people as he charged towards Chen Xi.

One of them stood on defense on the outside while the other took the initiative to attack, and it seemed as if they’d experienced countless training and cooperated with extreme tacit understanding.

“The blade is a Dao, and the Dao is a blade. Everywhere my blade arrives, the path becomes the Dao!” At a distance of 300m away from Chen Xi, Bai Qun shouted abruptly while the dagger in his hand erupted with a wisp of blood colored and rippling glow. It tore through space and slashed towards Chen Xi’s neck at a tricky angle.

This strike was filled with blood, baleful energy, and piercingly cold killing intent. It seemed as if it intended to destroy the devils of the heart, shatter the cage that confined the heart, and it carried a terrifying force that struck directly towards the heart.

Obviously, Bai Qun had attained an extraordinary state in the Dao of the blade, and merely his first strike revealed a monstrous and peerless imposing aura.

It was precisely the appearance of this shocking strike that caused everyone to seem as if they saw a different person when they looked once more at his ordinary, short, and fat appearance.


Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed and flashed with cold lights. His slender and strong right hand held the Talisman Armament and spun its blade before slashing with an extremely simple horizontal strike…

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