Chapter 902 – Supreme Nirvana

Your sword is my sword!

Speaking such words when facing a bloody thirsty and murderous Earthly Immortal Realm sword cultivator like Bai Hong was either something someone ignorant or someone who possessed sufficient ability spoke.

As far as Bai Juan and Bai Qun were concerned, Ling Bai was ignorant.

As far as Chen Xi and the others were concerned, Ling Bai had always been an extremely proud existence, so it was understandable that he spoke such overbearing and arrogant words.

On the other hand, in Bai Hong’s opinion, this was an extremely great provocation.

An arc crept up on the corners of her mouth and coupled with the pitch black mask on her face that was suffused with an icy cold and metallic sheen, she revealed a fierce and cruel aura.

“Then let me see if you have the qualifications to speak such words!” As soon as she finished speaking, she held Scarlet Holly while she swiftly transformed into a multicolored stream that seemed like an aurora that tore through the sky, and she carried a strand of peerlessly ghastly aura as she shot out explosively.

There was originally 3km in distance between her and Ling Bai. But at this moment, as soon as she moved out, this 3km of space seemed like a piece of cloth that was fiercely torn apart by a sharp glow, and it was practically less than a thousandth of an instant when it arrived before Ling Bai!

It was too swift!

If it was anyone else, that person would probably have no time to react before being swiftly attacked by this bolt of lightning. It moved swiftly as if it had teleported and she seemed to have already forged her spirit, energy, and essence into this sword strike, causing the aura it emitted to seem extremely terrifying.

Ling Bai’s expression remained unchanged when facing this strike. His fingers pressed down and moved like the tip of a brush that suddenly drew a cold arc in the sky, and it extremely accurately stopped the sword light that assaulted him as if he could predict its arrival.


Their attacks collided, causing an explosion that emanated a bang that tore at the eardrums of everyone. A terrifying flow of destructive air could be scene with the eye, and it stretched out from between them and rumbled out. Everywhere it passed, space was shattered while expanses of terrifying void appeared.

On the other hand, Ling Bai and Bai Hong stood in the center and stood in confrontation at a close range, and they didn’t give away at all.

A victor was actually not determined with this strike!

“That little fellow is really not bad. Oh, I ought to have chosen him as my opponent if I knew this.” Bai Juan’s beautiful peach blossom eyes narrowed while his voice carried a trace of surprise and excitement.

“Only a single strike has passed. Bai Hong’s strength hasn’t been completely revealed.” Bai Qun grinned with a warm expression. Obviously, he didn’t think that Ling Bai was a match for Bai Hong.

“The sword is still in my hand.” Bai Hong spoke coldly.

“There’s no need to be anxious, it’ll be mine later.” Ling Bai replied with an expressionless face.

In the next moment, both of them split up with extreme tacit understanding before colliding once more with each other, and they unfolded a fierce battle that shook the heart and soul.

This was a battle between peak sword cultivators.

One had a sword in hand, and everywhere the sword light passed, slaughter was there.

The other had no sword in hand, yet every single move made by the person carried the profundities of the Dao of the Sword.

But the strange thing was that after they collided once, even though their moves were peerlessly fierce and swift, they actually didn’t collide with each other once more. However, the killing intent in the battle caused everyone else to tremble with fear.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

The sound of fierce sword qi whistling through the air resounded out frequently in midair, and it embellished this strange and silent atmosphere as if it was reminding everyone how terrifying this battle was.

The dispersion of pollen depends on the wind, the silence of the mountain hinges on the cry of birds.

It was precisely the sound of the sky being torn apart by these strands of sword qi that flew out frequently that caused the scene of their battle to seem even more terrifying, and it was silent and without collision.

Perhaps, the instant the two of them collided would be the moment the victor was determined.

No matter if it was Bai Juan, Bai Qun, or Chen Xi and the others, the hearts of everyone were at their throats, and they stared fixedly at the battlefield because they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

Bai Hong possessed a cultivation at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. Obviously, she’d already overcame the Void Lightning Tribulation, and based on her cultivation in the Sword Dao that moved swiftly as if it was teleporting clearly revealed that she’d attained the acme of perfection in the Spatial Grand Dao.

Moreover, her Sword Dao carried a wisp of terrifying killing intent and was suffused with pure Slaughter Dao Insight. Obviously, she’d tempered it from a mountain of corpses and sea of blood.

Coupled with the peerless weapon, the Immortal Sword Scarlet Holly, in her possession, it caused her to seem as if she’d been born for battle, a queen that made slaughter her objective, and she was formidable to the point it caused the hearts of all to tremble.

Even Chen Xi had no choice but to admit that Bai Hong was a formidable opponent indeed, and she was absolutely not someone an ordinary 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert could compare to.

But it was still Ling Bai that drew Chen Xi’s attention the most.

In these past few years, he’d spent very little time with Ling Bai and practically rarely asked Ling Bai about his cultivation, whereas now that Chen Xi saw it today, it could be said to have given Chen Xi a pleasant surprise.

Ling Bai’s Sword Dao was still the supreme Nirvana Sword Dao that was inherited from Ling Bai’s last master, and just like Ling Bai had said all those years ago, bringing forth the might of the Sword Dao to the limit was sufficient to become invincible in the world.

Ling Bai did precisely this. But unlike all those years ago, his grasp towards the Nirvana Sword Dao was even more terrifying, and every single move he made caused Sword Insight to surge into existence as if they emerged easily from his hand.

Ling Bai and Bai Hong possessed completely different Sword Dao’s and imposing auras. Ling Bai’s sword moves were neither being created nor destroyed, neither alive nor dead, and atmosphere seemed to have returned to the extreme silent state when the world was just formed, causing others to feel despair, helpless, dispirited…

On the other hand, Bai Hong’s sword moves were filled with a fierce and pure aura of slaughter.

The situation of the battle between them seemed to be roughly equal at this moment, but it was actually Bai Hong that occupied a slightly advantageous position because she possessed a peerless weapon in her hand, whereas Ling Bai was bare handed.

This battle alarmed the numerous great figures in the depths of the Gorge of Heroes, causing strands of perception to scan over and communicate silently.

“Neither being created nor destroyed and neither alive nor dead. It’s actually the Nirvana Sword Dao! Could it be that this kid is the inheritor of the Nirvana Sword Sect that was obliterated during the primordial era?”

“That little fellow isn’t bad, he’s actually able to fight Bai Hong equally. Such a figure is rare in the entire Dark Reverie.”

“I’m truly curious. Where did Chen Lingjun’s son recruit such help? In this way, he might really be able…”

“All of that doesn’t matter. All of us just have to watch them decide on a victor. As for the struggle between the Grand Elder and Patriarch, it’s better for all of us to not join in.”

“Hmph! Bai Hong will surely win! As for that vile spawn of Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue, he can dream of obtaining our acknowledgement!”

“Elder Suifeng, what do you mean by that? Don’t forget that you’re still a member of the Bai Clan even while you’re flattering the Zuoqiu Clan!”

“Enough! Arguing is meaningless! The Grand Elder has already given them a test, and it just depends on whether they can pass through. All arguments before this are meaningless!”

Instantly, all the perceptions and communication vanished, and it became deathly silent.

If Chen Xi was able to hear all of this, then he would know how fierce the internal strife between the two factions of the Bai Clan was now.

Moreover, his arrival was like a fuse that caused the two great factions of the Bai Clan to be on the verge of shedding all pretenses.


“It has been so long, yet the sword in my hand is still my sword, whereas you don’t even have the courage to fight me head on.” Bai Hong suddenly sneered and broke the strange silence.

Actually, the fight between the two of them had already arrived at the fiercest level. Even though they hadn’t collided with each other, the dangers and killing intent between their moves caused the hearts of everyone to be unable to refrain from constricting.

“I’m bare handed, whereas you’re relying on the advantage of an immortal weapon. So you’re utterly unworthy to talk about courage with me!” Ling Bai was filled with disdain, and he was proud as always.

“This is a battle. I won’t give up my advantage just because you’re bare handed, and I won’t allow my mind to be affected because of your words.” Bai Hong sneered while Scarlet Holly flashed through the sky, and it struck out with numerous peerless sword qi that were filled with Slaughter Dao Insight.

“Since it’s like this, then I’ll fulfil my promise for you to see.” As he spoke, the aura emanated by Ling Bai changed abruptly while his eyes were like grey and hazy abysses, and they were completely dull. The aura he emanated was like a god that was eternal, nirvanic, and unshakeable! 


When she saw Ling Bai’s eyes that were dull like an abyss, Bai Hong who was usually proud, conceited, and fearless couldn’t help but arouse a feeling of terror at this moment.

“Slaughter Yin and Yang, bring chaos to the world!” This trace of faint danger caused her to not hesitate in the slightest, and she raised her sword into the sky before erupting with a terrifying and monstrous sword insight that collapsed space and instantly crushed down at Ling Bai.

This sword strike was the most slaughter filled sword strike she’s cultivated in her entire lifetime, and it was the most formidable strike she was capable of grasping now. There was practically only a few amongst those of the same generation that were capable of forcing her to execute this strike.

“That’s all?” However, when facing this sword strike that combined the insights of slaughter, space, and blood, the corners of Ling Bai’s mouth curled into an icy cold act. His hands pressed together, causing the entire expanse of space to seem as if it was completely drained of energy and collapsed inch by inch, and then a grey and translucent ethereal sword surged out from this collapsing space.

“Supreme Nirvana Sword!” Chen Xi recognized this move with a single glance. All those years ago when he met Ling Bai for the first time in the Nirvana Sword Domain within the Oceanic Desert, Ling Bai had utilized this move to kill Su Leng.

Unlike the strike from all those years ago, the might of the Supreme Nirvana Sword that Ling Bai executed at this moment was more than 100 times more formidable! As soon as it appeared, it distorted the weather, threw Yin and Yang into disorder, and it caused the heavens and the earth to fall into a gloomy atmosphere that caused others to feel despair and helplessness.


The Immortal Sword Scarlet Holly in Bai Hong’s hand shook violently like a restless beast that received a lethal summon, and it actually intended to struggle free of her grasp!

Bai Hong’s pupils constricted abruptly when she saw this, and she exerted her entire strength to swiftly suppress this struggling.


However, right at this moment, the grey and translucent Supreme Nirvana Sword in Ling Bai’s hand had torn through space and slashed down at her.

At that instant, as they felt the Nirvana Dao Insight contained within this strike, everyone felt suffocated while revealing expressions of disbelief.

On the other hand, the rosiness on Bai Hong’s face vanished completely, and her face turned pale instead.

She suddenly noticed that she was already unable to dodge unless she stopped suppressing Scarlet Holly in her hand, otherwise she would surely suffer injury from this attack…

As a proud sword cultivator, how could she possibly watch idly by as her sword escaped her grasp? That was equivalent to abandoning her heart towards the sword and abandoning her Sword Dao!

Even if she was able to survive, her Dao Heart would surely be covered in a shadow that was impossible to eliminate, and that was something Bai Hong was absolutely unwilling to see happen.

So she gritted her teeth and greeted Ling Bai’s sword strike head on like a moth darting into a flame, but she was protecting her Grand Dao of the Sword! 

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