Chapter 901 – The Immortal Sword Scarlet Holly

Bai Juan!

An expert that had experienced countless bloody scenes as he grew up. He possessed a thin and plain appearance, and the only thing that gave others a deep impression was his pair of beautiful peach blossom shaped eyes and his hair that was braided into a thick and glossy bun.

He stood on the spot and closed his eyes before taking a few deep breaths of air, and then his gloomy face was suffused with a wisp of a blush that caused him to seem like a ferocious beast in heat.

“What a formidable smell. It has been a long time since I’ve seen an opponent that filled me with such anticipation. Oh, killing him will probably be able to make me very excited.” Bai Juan’s eyes narrowed like a venomous snake that had targeted its prey, and his eyes were suffused with a bloodthirsty and gloomy sheen.

“Freak!” At Bai Juan’s side was a short and fat young man that was like a gourd by Bai Juan’s side, and he spat without holding back in the slightest. But right after that, he rubbed his chin while he chuckled. “But I really look forward to fighting that kid.”

His voice didn’t reveal anticipation from meeting someone that was a match for him, and it carried deep killing intent instead.

If Chen Xi was here, Chen Xi would surely be able to recognize this short and fat young man was Bai Qun, a 6th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert that possessed a gentle outward appearance, but was the most cold and merciless in truth.

He didn’t like to torment his opponents like Bai Juan, but so long as it was an enemy that he’d targeted, then the consequence would only be death!

“Oh? I thought you’d targeted that fierce bear.” Bai Juan glanced at Bai Qun and spoke unhurriedly.

“Hmph! I didn’t forget our objective this time. It’s only a fierce bear, so I naturally have a myriad of methods to deal with it after I defeat Chen Xi. Perhaps, taming it to become my combat beast isn’t a bad choice.” Bai Qun grinned as he spoke with a warm appearance.

“He’s mine.” Suddenly, a low and deep voice that revealed a strand of a unique rhythm sounded out, and it was like a sword mottled with rust being drawn from a rotten sheath. It wasn’t ear piercing, yet it caused others to be uncomfortable.

Bai Juan and Bai Qun glanced at each other and felt slightly helpless when they heard this.

The person that spoke was a young woman with hair that flowed down to her waist like a waterfall. The right side of her face was covered in a pitch black mask, causing only half of her beautiful face to be revealed. 

She was like a murderous and bloodthirsty sword. Even though she stood there alone, no one dared to overlook her existence, and her multicolored clothes caused her to carry a sense of horrifying beauty.

Bai Hong!

A female sword cultivator who killed resolutely and whose hands were completely tainted with blood. At the same time, she possessed a cultivation at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. Moreover, everyone in the Bai Clan knew that so long as she made a decision, then no one  was capable of changing it, not even the higher-ups of the Bai Clan!

“Alright, you can do it.” Bai Juan’s expression quickly returned to normal, and he looked at the guest hall from afar before he said indifferently, “But I have no choice but to be long winded before we make a move. The assignment this time is very important. The Grand Elder has already put forward an absolute order that even if we fight to the death, we have to eliminate Chen Xi!”



The Bai Clan’s guest hall didn’t lose its magnificence in its simplicity. No matter if it was the layout or decoration, everything was filled with a rough and fierce style.

Chen Xi stood within the courtyard that belonged to him and seemed to be silently scanning everything in his surroundings, but his mind had already surged into the world of stars instead.

Chen Xi’s clone that wore an apricot yellow Daoist robe sat cross-legged beneath the myriad of stars in the sky, and it was deducing and comprehending the Eternal Dao Scripture. Perhaps it could be said that since Chen Xi left the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, his clone had always been doing this.

The Eternal Dao Scripture converged the supreme inheritance of Eternal Spirit Mountain, and it contained the Eternal Dao Insight and the Dao Art that corresponded to the Eternal profundity — The Five Moves of the Eternal.

Presently, his clone had already more or less comprehended this Dao Art, but he was merely able to completely grasp and bring forth the might of three moves.

All of this was caused by Chen Xi’s grasp of the Eternal Dao Insight having not reached perfection, and it was even to the extent that it hadn’t reached the Advanced Realm, so the incompleteness of his Dao Insight directly held back his grasp of this Dao Art.

But Chen Xi wasn’t anxious because supreme Dao Insights like the Grand Dao of Eternal, Paramita, Oblivion, Obliteration, Creation, and so on and so forth were things that were extremely difficult to grasp in a short period of time even with his extraordinary comprehension ability.

This was like the polishing of a rock by flowing water, it required accumulation over a long period of time and one had to take one’s time to accomplish it.

Actually, comparatively speaking, he’d already saved much more time when compared to other cultivators because he possessed a clone whose ability of deduction was equivalent to his main body and the world of stars that contained extremely miraculous Temporal Laws.

So long as his clone comprehended here silently, attaining perfection in all these rare Grand Dao profundities was only a matter of time.

Unfortunately, my clone is still unable to sense the energy of the heavy tribulation to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm. Could it be that the problem is in the Worldmend Technique? Chen Xi withdrew his thoughts from the world of stars, and he frowned while pondering silently.

His clone was condensed with his Blood Essence and soul through the Worldmend Technique, and it was like a part of his body. But it walked on the pure path of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement.

In these past few years, his clone had attained the perfection-stage in the Nether Transformation Realm a long time ago, yet it was unable to sense the energy of the heavenly tribulation to advance to the Earthly Immortal Realm after so long.

This sort of feeling was as if Chen Xi’s clone had been overlooked by the Heaven Dao.

Right, my clone shares the same fate as me, and it’s just like a part of my body. Since my main body has already overcome the heavenly tribulation, this has probably already included my clone. Perhaps so long as its body refinement cultivation is accumulated to the limit, then it would utterly have no need to sense the energy of the heavenly tribulation before easily striding into the Earthly Immortal Realm… Chen Xi pondered deeply for a short moment before he stopped thinking. Even if his clone was unable to ascend into the Earthly Immortal Realm, he wouldn’t be too regretful because there was no need for him to improve in strength in all aspects, and just possessing a will to fight without end was more than enough.

Hmm? Right at this moment, Chen Xi sensed something in his heart, and he raised his eyes to look outside the courtyard. His gaze was deep and seemed to see through the layer upon layer of space to directly arrive far away.

In his sea of consciousness, a blood thirsty and murderous beautiful figure instantly floated up into appearance.

It’s her? Chen Xi’s expression returned to its composed state, yet his eyes faintly revealed a trace of a piercingly cold glow. He knew that the second test of his strength had arrived after Bai Tuo was defeated.

But right when his figure had arrived in midair from the guest hall, he noticed that Ling Bai had actually arrived a step earlier than him.

Wait, Ling Bai ought to have been waiting outside the guest hall for an opponent to arrive since the beginning.

When he realized this, a wisp of a complicated expression couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. He naturally knew that no matter if it was A’Man or Ling Bai, both of them actually had too much fury suppressed in their hearts from A’xiu’s forced departure, and they didn’t have anywhere to vent this fury.

When he thought of A’xiu, Chen Xi actually felt really bad in his heart because this green dressed young woman seemed to have descended from the sky, and she suddenly entered into his life and became a part of it.

She liked to smile like a pure young woman that was ignorant to worldly affairs, yet she was sometimes like a cunning and intelligent fairy. Moreover, there seemed to be various precious spirit fruits that could never be depleted in her possession.

During the days she was present, the West Radiance Peak was filled with sounds of happy laughter, and Ling Bai, Bai Kui, A’Man, Mu Kui, Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and all the youths of the Ninth Hell Tribe liked being with her.

Yet now, she’d left.

Her departure was similarly very sudden, and it caused all of them to be caught off guard and even not have the time to thank her.

Xuanyuan Xiu. I hope I’ll be carrying the head of Saint Emperor Gui Su when I see you next… Chen Xi took a deep breath and moved his gaze towards the distance.

Bai Hong’s hair fluttered as she stood there silently in a multicolored dress, and the pitch black mask that covered half her face caused her to emanate a murderous and icy cold aura.

Ling Bai stood opposite her.

There was another two people standing behind her, and they were respectively Bai Juan and Bai Qun. Both of them had no intention of making a move, and both of them stood there in a carefree manner and were probably there to offer encouragement to Bai Hong.

At this moment, Bai Gunan, Meng Wei, Mo Ya, Mu Kui, and the others had come over, and they stood by Chen Xi’s side while being prepared to enter into a battle.

“You intend to block my path?” Bai Hong stared at Ling Bai as she spoke slowly, and her low and deep voice carried a unique rhythm that clanged as it resounded out and caused everyone to feel uncomfortable.

“Why not?” Ling Bai wore white clothes while his small face was covered in a murderous expression. Even though he was only a few inches tall, he gave others a peerlessly fierce and piercing pain.

“You aren’t a match for me.” Bai Hong shook her head and spoke with a calm voice. There was no intention to mock or ridicule, and it seemed like she was stating a fact.

“Then what about now?” As he spoke, Ling Bai’s figure flashed before he suddenly transformed into a tall and handsome young man with a ramrod straight back, brows that were slanted like swords, and emanated a piercingly cold and extremely fierce imposing aura that shot into the sky!

At this instant, everyone seemed as if they’d seen a peerless sword being unsheathed and revealing its edge, and it intended to pierce a hole through the skies.

“A sword cultivator?” Bai Hong’s gaze that was originally calm like a puddle of stagnant water suddenly brightened, and she didn’t conceal her battle intent that had been lit ablaze in the slightest. It was a type of response between sword cultivators, and it was a posture of battle from being eager to enter into battle because one’s interest had been awakened.


A sword appeared in Bai Hong’s hand. At the same time, her snow white hair suddenly straightened and danced in the sky like a waterfall that hung from her head, and she was suffused with a horrifying and bloodthirsty sword intent.

Her sword was around a meter long and two fingers wide. Its edge was thick and branded with mottled spots of dark red colored marks of blood. As soon as it appeared, the aura that effused out from the sword tore open numerous scars in space, and it emanated strands of sharp and ear piercing crackles.

An extremely formidable sword!

This was the perception of everyone that was present here.

Especially when it was held in Bai Hong’s slender and white palm, the sword seemed to have come to life, and it flickered with bright lights and seemed to be unable to restrain itself from wanting to drink the blood of its enemies.

“The Immortal Sword Scarlet Holly!” Bai Gunan’s pupils constructed as he never expected Bai Hong would actually withdraw the weapon she was renowned for before the battle had even begun.

This immortal sword was completely tainted with blood, and it was a peerlessly ferocious weapon that had been passed down by the ancestors of the Bai Clan. The spots of mottled dark red bloodstains branded on the blade represented numerous great figures that had been killed with the blade of this sword, and the weakest amongst them was at the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

As for existences below the Heavenly Immortal Realm, they didn’t have the slightest qualifications to be branded on Scarlet Holly.

“Where’s your sword?” Bai Hong held Scarlet Holly while she asked coldly with an oppressive aura.

“Your sword is my sword.” Ling Bai’s peerlessly handsome little face was calm as he replied in a light voice.

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