Chapter 900 – Bashing

Bai Tuo’s face warped from pain as he felt a strand of terrifying energy condense in the form of a talisman marking and fiercely bore its way into his body like an awl, and he was actually unable to eliminate it in a short period of time with his cultivation at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

Moreover, never had he imagined that with his combat experience and acute instinct, he was actually taken by surprise from the front.

This sort of sudden and unexpected event caused him to become overwhelmed with rage, and even if Chen Xi had already agreed to his conditions, he was unwilling to accept it.

“You actually dared to launch a surprise attack! I’ll kill you first before agreeing!” Bai Tuo roared furiously while the Immortal Shaman Energy in his body rumbled, and then his fist smashed down at Chen Xi. This fist was coiled with dense Grand Dao profundities. It was heavy like a mountain, and it was like a beam of light that tore space apart and intended to shatter the world.

Chen Xi didn’t dodge, and he stretched out his hand and grabbed instead. A surging thunderstorm vortex condensed into form before completely dissipating the force of this punch, and then Chen Xi swung his arm like a dragon sweeping its tail and blasted Bai Tuo flying.


Space shattered as Bai Tuo’s figure that was enormous like a hill smashed expanse after expanse of space, and then he blasted open an enormous man shaped ravine, causing smoke and dust the suffuse the air.

If Chen Xi’s sudden attack earlier couldn’t be said to be honorable, then this strike was a head-on collision, yet he’d won so easily, and it seemed as if he tossed out trash as he smashed Bai Tuo into the ground.

A wave of exclaims of surprise sounded out from the martial practice grounds. The eyes of those disciples of the Bai Clan’s opened wide while they noticed to their disbelief that the formidable and ferocious Teacher Bai Tuo had actually been defeated with a single strike.

What a fucking freak!

The corners of Bai Gunan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. In the Bai Clan, Bai Tuo could be considered to be a valiant figure in the younger generation. Bai Tuo possessed peerless physical strength and was an expert at the Earthly Immortal Realm in body refinement. But now, he was defeated with a single strike from Chen Xi, and this caused Bai Gunan to be almost unable to accept this.

But right after that, Bai Gunan roared with laughter, and he looked down in an extremely arrogant manner as he said, “Bai Tuo, I’ve said you’re a stupid cow since the begging, someone that’s bold but unwise. You deserve being used by another. Now, you’ve finally suffered huh?”

“I refuse to fucking accept this! Again!”


The ground cracked apart and shattered as Bai Tuo executed the Heavenly Transformation technique, causing him to instantly transform into a 300m tall giant. He stood towering in the world, his muscles bulged up like numerous little hills, and he emanated violent black colored Immortal Shaman Energy, causing him to seem like a Fiendgod that had come from the legends and possessed monstrous might.

Bai Tuo roared furiously, causing the rocks on the mountain to shatter, the layer of clouds in the sky dispersed with a rumble, and the winds and the clouds in the surroundings roiled. Moreover, his voice carried boundless fury and killing intent.

“Teacher Bai Tuo is furious!” The gazes of those Bai Clan disciples on the martial practice grounds instantly became feverish. All of them were clearly aware that once Bai Tuo was infuriated, then he would be like a raging bull that had escaped its restraints and become overbearing and terrifying to the limit.

But right at this moment, a shadow swiftly covered the heavens and the earth, and it enveloped the figures of everyone that was present in the vicinity. All of them raised their heads, and their eyes almost fell off from shock.

They saw that an enormous bear that was 3km tall had appeared abruptly, and its entire body was suffused with a bright and golden divine radiance that illuminated the world. The shadow that covered the heavens and the earth had exactly come from this enormous bear.

It was truly too enormous, causing Bai Tuo who’d transformed into a 300m tall giant to seem like a child, and it was even to the extent that Bai Tuo wasn’t even as tall as the bear’s knees.

What sort of enormous bear was this?

It was covered in golden light. It seemed capable of covering the skies with its arms stretched wide, and its legs stood towering there like pillars that held up the sky.

Most importantly, the aura it emanated was terrifying to the point space was droning and wailing, and it was oppressive to the point those disciples on the martial practice grounds were almost unable to catch a breath.

“What?” The rage on Bai Tuo’s face was replaced by a wisp of astonishment, and he stared blankly at the enormous bear like an idiot. He didn’t dare believe that he would have to look up to the height of a animal in such a manner.

This enormous bear was naturally A’Man.

Even though A’Man was always naïve and in a daze, it didn’t mean that A’Man wouldn’t get infuriated.

That scene of being suppressed by Saint Emperor Gui Su earlier caused him to be extremely displeased in his heart. He was extremely aggrieved and furious. Most importantly, he felt that he’d let A’xiu down because A’xiu had given him a lot of tasty things. But he was unable to give her the slightest bit of help…

This was A’Man’s perception, and it was precisely this perception that caused him to have a bellyful of rage and nowhere to vent it.

So when he saw Bai Tuo provoke Chen Xi repeatedly, he couldn’t endure the rage in his heart any longer, and he used absolute height to look down at this ignorant and rash human before him while in his heart, he took Bai Tuo to be a place to vent his anger.

“Tremble, stupid human!” A’Man roared towards the sky, causing a shapeless soundwave to reverberate through the surroundings, and it shook those Bai Clan disciples on the martial practice grounds to the point their entire bodies trembled endlessly with fear.

Strangely, even though they’d caused such a great commotion, it seemed as if no one in the entire Gorge of Heroes was paying attention to the events here, and it was deathly silent.

Obviously, everyone in the Bai Clan was clearly aware of Chen Xi’s arrival, and they knew that it was related to tests to acknowledge Chen Xi’s strength and it wasn’t an enemy attack.

Instantly, Bai Tuo almost went mad with rage from being provoked by an animal like this, and he suddenly roared before leaping up and punching at A’Man’s knee…

It was indeed A’Man’s knee because if he wanted to go head-one with A’Man at his height, then he could only choose A’Man’s knee as the point of attack. But this scene was so strange when it fell into the eyes of others.

However, before Bai Tuo could strike A’Man’s knee, an extremely enormous bear paw that was coiled with bright and golden divine radiance descended from the sky, and it smashed Bai Tuo’s entire body into the ground with a rumble.

It felt like a wooden beam had been smashed into the ground by a sledgehammer. The ground rumbled as it broke apart and shook without end while shattered rocks shot into the surroundings.

“I refuse to fucking accept this!” Bai Tuo deserved to be an expert at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in body refinement because if it was any other person, that person would probably have been smashed into a pile a mush by now.

But he seemed as if he was completely unhurt and struggled with his enormous body while roaring furiously, and he was about to stand up from the rift in the ground.


A’Man hadn’t beaten Bai Tuo to his heart’s content, so he swung his paw down when he saw this, and Bai Tuo’s enormous head had just emerged from the ground was smashed once more into the ground.

“I refuse to fucking accept this!” Bai Tuo roared furiously once more.


His head had just emerged when a paw greeted him once more.

“I refuse to fucking accept this!”


Just like this, Bai Tuo refused to accept his loss while A’Man slapped his paw down continuously. The scene was like a furious mole intended to charge out from the ground, yet it kept being smashed back into the ground.

Everyone was completely petrified, and they felt both an astounded and strange feeling in their hearts.

Exactly how terrifying would the strength of that enormous bear be to actually be able to bash a 3rd level Earthly Immortal Realm body refiner to the point of being unable to withstand a single blow?

If this was any other Earthly Immortal Realm expert that cultivated in qi refinement, then that expert would have probably been smashed to death like a fly, right?

“Dammit! What a freak!” Bai Gunan couldn’t help but curse because a 300m giant was being smashed repeatedly into the ground by a 3km tall enormous bear, and merely this sort of strong visual impact caused others to be shocked in their hearts.

Chen Xi, Ling Bai, and the others remained composed because even though A’Man had never revealed his strength completely, all of them knew very clearly that A’Man was surely extraordinary.

After all, even if it was an ant, someone that was capable of surviving for over 10,000 years in the Sky Dao Palace ruins could absolutely not be  appraised by convention.

“I refuse to…fucking accept this!” Bai Tuo’s extremely furious and fierce roar sounded out once more from the ground.

A’Man’s paw slapped down once more. But his paw stopped abruptly halfway down because Bai Tuo’s head tilted to the side, and then foam emerged from his mouth before he fell unconscious.

Those disciples of the Bai Clan on the martial practice grounds didn’t reveal any fear when they saw this. Conversely, they abandoned the shock in their hearts and revealed dense battle intent when they looked at A’Man.

“Bastards! This is a test! Not an enemy! All of you fucking stay there obediently!” Bai Gunan stood out and berated with a low voice when he saw this.

This dispersed the thoughts of the Bai Clan disciples to make a move. But the battle intent in their eyes didn’t dissipate at all.

“A’Man, come back here.” Chen Xi sighed emotionally in his heart when he saw this. The Bai Clan really deserves to be an ancient clan that’s renowned for battle. The veins of every single one of their clansmen seems to flow with blood that never surrenders.

Bai Tuo and all these extremely young Bai Clan disciples were all like this.

Perhaps, it was precisely because of this battle intent and tenacity to never surrender that was planted deep within their hearts that allowed the Bai Clan to stand towering in this world and caused no one to dare look down upon it?

A’Man was very obedient. But before he returned to Chen Xi side, he grabbe Bai Tuo’s figure from within the ground and placed it carefully on the ground, and then he transformed back into his previous state.

Chen Xi rubbed A’Man’s furry little head when he saw this, and he said, “Not bad, an opponent like this is worthy of such respect.”

It was an opponent, not an enemy.

It was unknown whether A’Man understood, but he scratched his head and laughed in a naïve manner.

“Don’t go before me next time!” Ling Bai crossed his hands before his chest while he stared coldly at A’Man, and he seemed to be very displeased that A’Man seized his chance to make a move.

“Oh, I understand.” A’Man spoke in a rough voice, and he didn’t seem peerlessly ferocious like before in the slightest.

Bai Gunan couldn’t help but glance at Ling Bai that was only a few inches tall, and he thought in his heart. Could it be that this little fellow is another freak that isn’t inferior to Chen Xi?

After this, no one mentioned the matter of fighting the youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe, and under Bai Gunan’s arrangement, Chen Xi’s group quickly arrived at the guest hall and had residences arranged for them.

The only thing that Chen Xi felt regretful towards was that he actually really wanted the allow the youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe to go against the young disciples from the Bai Clan. A battle like this might not be really helpful to their cultivation, but so long as they were able to learn the fighting spirit of the Bai Clan, then it would be worth it.

“An opponent that’s really not bad. He has already drawn out a trace of desire to do battle from me…” Not long after Chen Xi’s group left the martial practice grounds, three figures swiftly appeared in the sky above it.

The person that spoke had a pair of beautiful peach blossom shaped eyes. His hair was braided into a thick and glossy braid from the center, and it was coiled up behind his head, causing a plump forehead to be revealed. Moreover, his entire body revealed an indescribable and unique charm.

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