Chapter 90 – Arriving

Book Three — The Path Of Revenge

Chapter 90 – Arriving

Under the starry sky, a treasure vessel of ancient make flashed by and vanished within the boundless night sky.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged within a room in the treasure vessel.

This treasure vessel was gifted to him by the Old Turtle King. It was solid and comfortable, and capable of blocking a full powered strike from a cultivator at the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm. It was a good auxiliary type Magic Treasure.

At this moment, many storage type Magic Treasures were placed before Chen Xi; there were rings, belts, bracelets… All of them flickered with a bright light, dazzling and colorful.

Besides a large pile of materials, there’s still another 13,000 plus baleful pearls within my storage ring. Besides that, there are eight Netherezim Flying Swords, an octagonal containment bottle, the Colossal Copper Mountain, the Thunderhawk King’s storage belt, the Dark Wyrm King’s storage bracelet, the Roc King’s… Chen Xi’s Spiritual Perception swept through the various storage Magic Treasures on the ground, observing the spirit herbs and spirit woods that were piled like a mountain, as well as the ores, materials, and rare and valuable objects of various colors. Most of the treasures were things he’d never seen nor heard of, and it caused his eyes to be dazzled and his mind to be muddled, yet he was extremely fervent in his heart.

I earned a great deal in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range this time, and it can be said to be overflowing with wealth. I’m unable to use those materials like spirit herbs and spirit woods, but I can exchange it to spirit liquids. As for those Magic Treasures… I’ll pick a few that are useful to me and I’ll sell off the rest. It ought to be able to provide me with money to buy some jade slips relating to flying swords and sword formations so I can properly raise my strength! Chen Xi swiftly pondered in his mind, and his hands didn’t stop moving as they started to organize his spoils from this time.

After a long time, Chen Xi had put everything in order appropriately, and he stood up before pushing the door open and leaving.

At this moment, Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin were all at the head of the vessel, looking at the direction they were flying.

They’d already been flying for half a day, yet everything that entered their sight was still continuous lofty mountains and steep hills, but the shape of the mountains had become much shorter, and they were obviously about to fly out of the confines of the depths of the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain.

But there was still an extremely great problem laid before them, and that was the question of direction.

They’d all been inexplicably sent out of the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain into the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, and they were completely unable to recognize in which direction was Pine Mist City and which was Dragon Lake City.

At this moment, they could only move along a straight line, as they wanted to discover a city that was occupied by humans as soon as possible so that they could confirm the directions.

“Miss Du, Brother Duan, Brother Song.” Chen Xi’s voice sounded out from behind them.

The three of them turned around and glanced at Chen Xi in surprise. Since they had ascended the vessel, Chen Xi had always stayed in his room. The three of them thought that this fellow intended to be in closed door cultivation until they arrived at Pine Mist City.

“These are your Magic Treasures, take a look.” Chen Xi paid no attention to their gazes. With a swing of his sleeve, three Magic Treasures that were coiled in the glow of treasures floated before him. It was a curved dagger that shot out azure lights, a sword that was suffused by starlight, and a cold and ghastly oddly shaped umbrella form Magic Treasure.

“My Unity Azurelotus Dagger!”

“Ah! My Sevenstar Rainbow Sword!”

“Skynet Thousandhook Umbrella, my baby!”

The three of them exclaimed in surprised and their faces were covered in expressions of disbelief.

These three Magic Treasures were all of high-grade yellow-rank. Even within their respective clans, they were existences that were extremely valuable. At this moment, it could be easily imagined how excited they were at recovering what was lost.

“I found this from the Dark Wyrm King. Check and see if it’s damaged.” Chen Xi swung his sleeve and the three Magic Treasures accurately flew back to their respective owners.

“Flawless without damage.” Du Qingxi slightly sized it up and a trace of a rare happy smile appeared on her face that was usually icy cold like snow, and she said, “Chen Xi, I don’t know how to thank you.”

“Yeah. This time within the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, if it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid all of us would have been refined into medicinal pills. Now you’ve even helped us retrieve our treasures, it’s truly…” Duanmu Ze recalled the dangers of this journey and was extremely grateful to Chen Xi. As he finished speaking, he actually didn’t know how to express it.

“Little Zeze, don’t be nauseating, alright? We already owed Chen Xi more than enough, at any rate. We’ll just use our lives to return it in the future, am I right? Chen Xi?” Song Lin grinned.

“Fuck off! You slovenly bastard! Do you understand the feelings between us men?” Duanmu Ze glared as he spoke.

“Oh, Little Zeze, you dare say I’m not a man? You’re looking for death?” Song Lin exploded in rage as he cried out loudly.

Chen Xi smiled and paid no attention to the dispute of the two. He came to the head of the vessel by himself and held an azure skinned bottle gourd as he gulped down a few mouthfuls of wine, his gaze silently looking at the distant night sky.

It had already been almost an entire year since he entered the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, the sword immortal’s abode, then the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range.

Too many things had occurred during this year. He felt that he was constantly dancing on the blade of a saber, dangerous and bloody, and it seemed that he would lose his life in the next moment.

Under these conditions that were filled with danger, with killing intent lurked in every corner, he knew that if it wasn’t for Ji Yu being by his side, he would have long since died thousands of times over. Whereas now, Ji Yu was unable to walk out of the abode any longer…

When he thought of this, Chen Xi held up the bottle gourd of wine and drank an extremely large mouthful. He borrowed the pungent and rich strength of the wine to relieve the gloominess and reluctance in his heart.

Don’t worry Senior Ji Yu. I was able to break through to the 5th star of the Violet Palace Realm from the Congenital Realm within a year. I was able to master Wind Dao Insight within a few short months. I was able to kill the formidable Roc King. So I’m completely capable of taking care of myself and working hard to live on!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s gaze was glistening. Boundless confidence and pride surged out from him, and he was like a thoroughly tempered treasured sword that had been unsheathed!

He’d opened the knot in his heart.

He’d obtained confidence.

He wasn’t the silent and dull young man from before. During this one year of various dangerous tempering and under the witness of the countless slaughters during this year, he was walking step by step towards the path that leads to becoming a peak expert.

Not bound by the past, unafraid of the future!

“Chen Xi has changed… His Dao Heart has become stronger and stronger, and it’s more and more pure, firm, and perfect.” Nearby, Du Qingxi had always been silently observing Chen Xi, watching his drink wine, watching him stare blankly, and watching the strong confidence that surged out from his body now, and she felt a wave of bewilderment in her heart.

One year ago, he was only a frail youth at the Congenital Realm, a jinx that was known to all in Pine Mist City. He rushed about busily, crafting talismans and practicing the culinary arts without attracting public attention, and he was even ridiculed, mocked, and had his dignity trampled on.

Yet now, who dared look down on him?

In the sword immortal’s abode, he’d caused a chaotic battle with a single sentence, then dispelled his own dangerous situation with a few words. His thoughts were meticulous and he took every possibility into account.

In the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, he’d killed the Black Ape King, Thunderhawk King, Dark Wyrm King, and even comprehended a complete Wind Dao Insight to annihilate the Roc King in a hopeless situation. His comprehension ability was extraordinary and his strength climbed steadily.

On Moon’s Embrace Mountain, a myriad of demons came to congratulate him in an unprecedentedly grand occasion. Mu Kui willingly acknowledged him as master, and two demon kings became friends with him. He was just like a born leader with unparalleled bearing.

Who would dare humiliate a youth like him?

Don’t bully a youth for being weak!

The more Du Qingxi thought about it, the more shocked she was. Her emotions fluctuated like a rising and setting tide, and unknowingly, she was already infatuated.

“Look, quickly! That’s… Lights!” It was at this moment that Duanmu Ze suddenly yelled out in pleasant surprise.


The gazes of everyone looked towards the same direction.

Within the boundless night sky, a wisp of light appeared extremely far in the distance, and as their distance came closer, that light was like a fire dragon that occupied five million kilometers. Shockingly, it was an enormous city that was brightly illuminated!

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