Chapter 899 – Provocation

Bai Juan, Bai Hong, Bai Zhongtian…

After the introductions Bai Gunan gave with the Mirage Jade Slip, Chen Xi instantly remembered the appearance and characteristics of these five people. Moreover, he found out about their nature from Bai Gunan.

Needless to say, even if he hadn’t met them yet, the traits and disposition these five people revealed allowed Chen Xi to clearly understand that they were indeed a group of formidable opponents that had experienced countless battles and were absolutely not ordinary.

Chen Xi pondered silently for a short moment before he asked abruptly. “They’re from the same faction as the Grand Elder Bai Cheng?”

Bai Gunan nodded and said, “You must be careful. My Bai Clan’s disciples attach the highest importance to the tempering of strength. All of them are extremely ferocious and completely unlike those trash in the outside world.”

Chen Xi nodded while his expression remained indifferent.

If it was any other expert at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, the expert would probably be scared out of his wits upon finding out that five experts at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm or above intended to go against him.

But Chen Xi wasn’t like this. He’d killed numerous Earthly Immortal Realm experts a long time ago while he was at the Nether Transformation Realm, and he’d even killed more than one expert at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. Now that he’d advanced into the Earthly Immortal Realm, how could he be afraid of this situation before him?

But Chen Xi was curious about how the process of acknowledgement of the Bai Clan would appear before him.


As they spoke, the treasured vessel had already flown into the boundlessly vast Violet Thistle Mountain Range.

Chen Xi suddenly noticed an extremely spacious gorge from afar, and it was an entire few thousands of kilometers in area and was simply like an enormous plain that was cut open within a group of mountains.

Violet qi surged in the sky above the gorge, and it was like a violet colored cloud of rising mist. It emanated an ancient, magnificent, and boundlessly condensed Immortal Energy.

“That gorge is called the Gorge of Heroes. During the primeval times, an extraordinary expert of my clan slashed down a star, and it fell to the ground to forcefully break open a gorge. It’s filled with peerless energy of the stars and the essence of violet qi, causing it to be a superb cultivation paradise. From that moment onward, this place became the Ancestral Grounds of my clan.” Bai Gunan pointed towards the distance while he spoke in high spirits, and he seemed to be extremely prideful.

He slashed down a star!

Such a deed wasn’t unfamiliar to Chen Xi because when he obtained the inheritance of the Exalted Ant Emperor, he’d once seen the tiny body of the Ant Emperor slash down a large star in the sky.

So he was indeed shocked when he found out the ancestor of the Bai Clan actually possessed such might.

“Let’s go in.” Bai Gunan led Chen Xi and the others along with ease, and he flew towards the Gorge of Heroes.

Before they even approached the gorge, Chen Xi noticed a magnificent stone door before the gorge that was enveloped by surging violet mist, and there was layer after layer of stone steps built in the sky outside the door.

As he looked along the stone stairway and through the layer upon layer of violet mist, Chen Xi felt the scene in his field of vision change. The heavens and the earth widened to the point of being boundless, and it felt as if he’d arrived at a different world.

Fresh and tranquil Immortal Energy assaulted his face. There were beautiful mountains, clear rivers, waterfalls, beautiful herbs, exotic flowers, intelligent beasts, and countless natural treasures of the heavens and the earth scattered all over, causing it to seem like a true otherworldly paradise.

There were numerous palaces built at the center of the gorge.

Especially the depths of the space within the gorge emanated faint yet formidable auras, and it seemed like experts with extraordinary cultivations had created abodes for themselves within space.

It really is an immortal paradise!

Everywhere Chen Xi’s eyes glanced at, he noticed that every single inch of space within this enormous Gorge of Heroes was filled with Immortal Energy, violet qi, and the energy of the stars… Cultivating here for a year is probably comparable to cultivating for 10 years in the outside world!

“The Welcoming Hall is ahead. I’ll help all of you make arrangements for a place to stay later, and you’ll pay a visit to the Patriarch and Elders tomorrow.” Bai Gunan pointed towards the distance, and there was a vast palace standing there.

Chen Xi nodded. When he really arrived in the Bai Clan, he calmed down instead because he knew very clearly that even if he anxiously wanted to see Bai Wanqing, it was impossible without obtaining the acknowledgement of the Bai Clan.

Instead of that, it was better for him to contemplate on how to face the so-called acknowledgement later.

After they arrived in the territory of the Bai Clan, Ling Bai, Meng Wei, and Mo Ya’s moods were still low and they puckered their lips while keeping silent because the depression accumulated in their hearts hadn’t been eliminated. In this state, it was indeed unsuitable for Chen Xi to pay a visit to the higher-ups of the Bai Clan right now.

After all, he wasn’t alone any longer. So he had to consider the safety and attitude of the people by his side before he did anything.




Right at this moment, loud shouts that were like thunderclaps sounded out from within the gorge, and it was accompanied by the clamorous sound of weapons colliding yet also sounded like a myriad of volcanoes were erupting.

For a time, the airflow in an area of 500km surged, shook, rubbed against each other, and was turned upside down. It seemed as if a vast and might army would surge out in the next moment and trample through the world.

Chen Xi and the others were affected by this, causing their hearts to shake while they looked down.

On the ground was a martial practice grounds that was formed from numerous enormous rocks, and it was extremely vast. At this moment, there was row after row of robust figures practicing there.

These disciples had seething energy and formidable auras. As they ran and whistled through the sky, they were like numerous ferocious primeval beasts, and they were agile, brave, powerful, and erupted with unparalleled might.

Earlier, the wave of shouts that were like thunderclaps had been emanated by these people. It contained monstrous battle intent that caused the vital energy of the youths from the Ninth Hell to be affected, and the hot blood in their entire bodies seemed to be lit ablaze.

Only Chen Xi, Meng Wei, Mo Ya, Ling Bai, and the others weren’t affected. After all, the strongest Bai Clan disciple on the martial practice grounds was only at the Rebirth Realm, and it was insufficient to affect their vital energy.

But this obviously displayed the Bai Clan’s honor of being renowned for battle.

“Ha! Bai Gunan, loafing around again? How many times have I told you. Someone like you who ignores his cultivation and causes trouble in the outside world deserves to suffer a beating. Unfortunately, the reputation of the Bai Clan allows no disgrace, so we have to clean up after you every single time. When can you stop being such a coward?” A wave of roaring laughing suddenly resounded out. Accompanying this voice was a man that was 3m tall and robust like a small hill blocked Bai Gunan’s path with a swish.

This man’s long hair hung loosely on his shoulders and bright lights surged in his eyes. His upper body was bare and revealed muscles that seem to be constructed from steel and contained explosive might. His entire body emanated a mighty, powerful, and condensed aura.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed because he’d recognized this person. It was one of the five people Bai Gunan asked Chen Xi to watch out for — Bai Ta!

Bai Ta possessed a cultivation at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm and was born with extraordinary physical strength, so he took the path of Fiendgod Body Refinement. His Immortal Energy had transformed into Immortal Shaman Energy a long time ago, and he’d once torn apart a Violent Armored Icebear at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm with his bare hands. He was someone that loved battle and was extremely formidable.

Bai Gunan’s appraisal of him was that Bai Ta was a boorish fellow that didn’t possess matching brains and strength. In other words, he was someone with terrifying strength, but simple minded.

Meanwhile, when he saw Bai Ta make an appearance and bluntly humiliate him as a coward, it caused Bai Gunan’s face to sink as he berated. “Bai Ta! Quickly move aside!”

The robust man called Bai Ta crossed his arms before his chest and used his bright gaze to glance at Chen Xi and the others in a carefree manner, and he had entirely no intention of moving aside.

When he saw the youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe, his thick brows rose up while a strange expression imperceptibly appeared in his eyes.

“Bai Gunan, you naturally can leave, but they can’t.” Bai Ta chuckled and bluntly pointed at Chen Xi and the others. “If you want to become guests of my Bai Clan, then you must display some strength. These are the rules, and I presume you know it clearly as well, Bai Gunan.”

Bai Gunan’s face darkened even more as he said coldly, “What? The guests have just arrived yet you’re unable to restrain yourself from jumping out? Bai Ta, I’m warning you! Stop being an idiot! You’re going to be killed one day from following Bai Juan!”

Bai Ta roared with laughter and revealed a mouthful of snow white and sharp teeth as he stared at Bai Gunan with disdain. “Bai Gunan, I’ll warn you as well. Don’t blame me for dealing with you right now if you call me an idiot again! You’re only at the Nether Transformation Realm, whereas I, Bai Ta, am an Earthly Immortal Realm expert! Even if your ancestor wants to blame someone, he can only blame you for being too useless!”

Bai Gunan’s expression changed indeterminately. He was slightly unable to understand how this boorish fellow that was usually an idiot would have such a shrewd tongue today. Could it be that what he revealed was always a false appearance?

“Oh, what type of strength to you want to test?” Chen Xi spoke abruptly.

“Of course it’s…” When he spoke up to here, a wisp of a cunning expression appeared on Bai Ta’s boorish face as he raised his hand and pointed at the youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe. “Make them fight with those children under my command. So long as they win, then it’s considered as passing through me, Bai Ta. If they lose. Haha! I’m sorry but all of you can fuck off to where you came from!”

Chen Xi frowned. He never expected that Bai Ta would choose the youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe. Could it be that he knows my strength clearly, so he targeted the people by my side instead?

Bai Gunan suddenly shouted. “Bai Ta! Don’t fucking go too far. How can you act in this way?”

As he spoke, he turned around to look at Chen Xi, and he said, “Chen Xi, the process of acknowledgement of the clan has never given the members of the clan the authority to request anything from our guests. Since he’s blocking your way, then you only have to beat him down. You must not fall for his trap.”

Bai Ta’s gaze was icy cold like a blade as he glanced at Bai Gunan, and then he sneered. “I never imagined that such a treacherous coward like you has appeared in the clan!”

“You…” Bai Gunan was angered to the point his entire body trembled. This simple minded boorish fellow is fucking acting unusually today. Could it be that someone is guiding him in secret?


Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly flashed forward. At the instant before Bai Ta could react, a fist blasted down at his stomach, and the violent energy carried by the fist caused this 3rd level Earthly Immortal Realm body refiner to be unable to endure it. His figure curled into the shape of a prawn while his face flushed purplish red from pain.

This sudden and unexpected event caused everyone present to be stunned, and they slightly didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi would suddenly make a move and act so unexpectedly.

Chen Xi seemed as if he’d done an extremely ordinary thing instead, and he said indifferently, “I agree to your conditions.”

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