Chapter 897 – Blasted Back With A Single Punch

Eternal night covered the sky and revealed Saint Emperor Gui Su’s might that shook the heavens and the earth. It was like a cage that had descended from the skies and confined Chen Xi and the others to the point of being unable to struggle.

But right at this moment, a fist that filled the heavens and the earth shot over and easily smashed a hole through the eternal night, and the might it emanated seemed capable of casually crushing this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

When facing this unbelievably terrifying fist, Chen Xi eyes opened wide while his face froze, and he practically forgot to breathe.



Advancing with indomitable force!

This was the might of this fist. It charged through the sky in an exceedingly overbearing manner.

Saint Emperor Gui Su’s feminine and handsome face turned grim. He crossed his arms before him while a wisp of pitch black sheen that seemed to form a cross appeared, and it was branded on the sky while suffused with a horrifying energy of judgment.


Chen Xi felt his eardrums were on the verge of splitting apart while the aura in his entire body roiled. The collision this time was too terrifying, and it caused his Immortal Perception to be unable to detect the situation of the battle. He could only rely on the Eye of Divine Truth to faintly notice that when facing this peerlessly overbearing fist, the pitch black cross was simply tiny like an ant, yet it actually resisted this strike, causing it to seem extremely extraordinary.

But Saint Emperor Gui Su’s handsome face suddenly flushed red, and then it turned pale. Obviously, the might of this strike was so strong that it injured him slightly.


The fist vanished while the pitch black eternal night shattered like glass, causing daylight to reappear.

At this moment, Chen Xi and the others finally escaped the shackles on them, and it felt as if they’d leaped out of the dark abyss, causing all of them to heave a sigh of relief in their hearts. Only Mortis was still icy cold and silent as before, and he seemed as if he didn’t notice everything that occurred in the surroundings.

Slurp! Slurp!

A familiar and strange noise resounded out before a tall and robust middle aged man with muscles that were like bulging steel appeared within their fields of vision.

His disheveled hair hung loosely on his broad shoulder while his stubble was dense and like steel needles that were hanging upside down. His cattail leaf fan sized hand held a porcelain bowl that was large like a wooden basin, and he was swallowing the noodles within it.

The slurping sounds had come exactly from his mouth.

Such a tall and robust middle aged man that ought to be extremely ferocious revealed a careless and casual feeling at this moment, and it gave them a strange feeling.

But Saint Emperor Gui Su didn’t feel this was strange. Conversely, his eyes with curves that were like sharp blades gradually narrowed before they surged with a heavy feeling.


Without the slightest hesitation, or perhaps without the slightest sign, Saint Emperor Gui Su made a move. His hands seemed as if they held the sun and moon as he grabbed out. In the next moment, a rose that seemed to be covered in the sheen of eternal night silently bloomed in space, and its blooming bud was facing the robust middle aged man.

It seemed as if a path to hell had been paved open within the depths of the bud, and it intended to take the robust middle aged man away.


The robust middle aged man held chopsticks in his right hand, and he casually stabbed with them, causing the entire surrounding space to shatter inch by inch like glass while the rose bud there shattered along with it, causing its petals to drop while faint fragrance drifted out.

Saint Emperor Gui Su’s expression became even more heavy when he saw this, and his eyes that had narrowed to the point they seemed like blades started blazing with surging flames. His hands fluttered about as they condensed a strange and distorted palm print, and it penetrated through the layers of space in the sky as it whistled over. 

Meanwhile, the robust middle aged man had finished the noodles in his bowl, and then he patted his stomach before he burped with satisfaction.


This burp seemed so natural and casual. But as soon as it sounded out from within his mouth, it was like a tempest that rumbled as it forcefully crushed out a pitch black shattered rift in space.

On the other hand, the strange and distorted palm print was shattered by the tempest while accompanied by rumbling noises, and it was crushed into specks of light that dispersed on the way.

The corners of Saint Emperor Gui Su’s mouth twitched imperceptibly before he took a deep breath, and then his figure flashed and merged into space, allowing him to instantly vanish without a trace.

He seemed to have already determined the true strength of the robust middle aged man, so he withdrew himself resolutely and in a composed manner, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

“Leaving as you please in my fucking territory? Did you fucking ask for my permission?” 


The robust middle aged man tossed away the porcelain bowl in his hand and casually wiped his mouth with his sleeve before moving forward.

His impetus was like that of a ferocious tiger that had left its cage, and his footsteps that were heavy like war drums shook through the sky, causing even the surrounding space to be unable to endure the force of his footsteps and exploded. Instantly, footsteps that deafened the ear rumbled throughout an area of 50,000km, and it was like a volcano that had suddenly erupted or a primeval ferocious beast that had awaken from the annals of time.


After an entire nine steps, the robust middle aged man’s backbone twisted before his fist smashed out.

This punch was simply to the point it was practically crude, and it wasn’t flashy in the slightest. But when Chen Xi’s gaze stared at it, an indescribable feeling of coldness and terror suddenly arose in his heart, causing him to be unaware even when all his clothes were drenched with cold sweat.

He knew very clearly that if he were to face this punch, then merely a trace of its might was sufficient to easily smash him into bits!

50,000km away, Saint Emperor Gui Su’s figure suddenly staggered out of space while his throat trembled. In the end, he was unable to endure it, causing a mouthful of scarlet red blood to spray out from his mouth.

He suddenly turned around with a gaze that was bright, sharp, and icy cold to the limit, and he seemed to have seen that robust middle aged man that was 50,000km away.

“I’ll surely slaughter your entire clan once I’ve recovered!” His voice that was heavy like metal was filled with a tone of judgment, and it rumbled through the heavens and the earth while resounding out in the ears of Chen Xi and the others at the same time.

“Dammit! He got away!” The robust middle aged man naturally heard it as well. He shrugged with an expression of disdain before spitting fiercely, and it even caused a hole to explode open in space!

Chen Xi and the others stared blankly at the robust middle aged man. All of them were unable to understand how such a vulgar and casual robust middle aged man would possess such a terrifying combat strength.

“Oh, I’m Bai Jingchen. According to seniority, you ought to address me as uncle. Of course, it doesn’t really matter how you address me, and you can do as you like.” The robust middle aged man suddenly appeared on the treasured vessel and sat on a chair before casually picking up the wine jug on the table, and then he swiftly gulped down a few mouthfuls before smacking his lips with satisfaction and said, “The wine isn’t bad, but it has almost lost its taste.”

Bai Jingchen!

There was naturally only one Bai Jingchen in the world, and he was the Patriarch of the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan. This was a man that was filled with the color of legends. He was overbearing, arrogant, and haughty when he was young. He’d bashed the disciples of the 10 great immortal sects and slapped the disciples of the six lineages of the devil sects. It was even to the extent that he’d been placed on the wanted list of the Dark Reverie and had been jointly pursued by countless powers, but he still lived on happily.

Later on, he was still overbearing, yet he’d changed his target and vented this on the Xeno-race. He’d once trespassed deep into the Xeno-race worlds by himself and killed countless Xeno-race experts before returning safely, and this matter caused a great stir in the entire Dark Reverie.

It was in the last 100 years that he started keeping a low profile, and he stayed on Violet Thistle Mountain all the time while staying far away from the vision of the world. But so long as the name Bai Jingchen was mentioned, then even his opponents that hated him the most would have no choice but to admire his boldness and overbearingness.

Of course, so long as those opponents of his were still alive, they’d either become the Master of a sect, or ascended to become a Heavenly Immortal that roamed freely in the Immortal Dimension.

This obviously showed that people who were capable of being selected as an opponent by Bai Jingchen absolutely possesses great natural talents and strength.

Chen Xi had naturally heard about all this. Moreover, he knew that Bai Jingchen was Bai Wanqing’s older brother!

“Uncle Bai, thank you for lending a hand today.” Chen Xi greeted him solemnly.

Bai Jingchen waved his hand casually and said, “That’s enough. I couldn’t allow others to bully you in my territory.”

Chen Xi smiled. He was already able to discern that this tall, robust, and casual middle aged man that seemed to care about nothing had a carefree disposition that was almost madly carefree. Obviously, he wasn’t that sort of person that didn’t care for petty formalities.

“I know you came for the sake of finding out about your parents. I won’t stop you, but how should I put it?” Bai Jingchen scratched his head that was covered in disheveled hair and chuckled. “If you want to obtain anything, then you have to obtain acknowledgement first. Right?”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “Acknowledgement?”

“Right,” said Bai Jingchen as he nodded.

“How do I obtain acknowledgement?” Chen Xi continued.

“Strength!” Bai Jingchen sized Chen Xi up from head to toe before he nodded. “A cultivation at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, but your combat strength is probably even more formidable. You’re barely able to pass. But I can’t make the decision. The rule of the Bai Clan is that when one’s strength is sufficiently formidable, then the words of the Patriarch can be taken as someone farting!”

His words were very vulgar, yet it clearly displayed the rules of the Bai Clan, and this rule was strength. When one’s strength was sufficiently strong, then one could casually break and set rules!

“Of course, my strength in the clan is still not bad, so I’m still the Patriarch until now.” Bai Jingchen crossed his legs with a complacent expression and spoke with a grin.

“What should I do?” Chen Xi continued. He never imagined that he was to obtain the acknowledgement of the Bai Clan just to meet Bai Wanqing. But he couldn’t refuse it and could only accept it.

Just as Bai Jingchen had said earlier, if he wanted to obtain something, then he would at least have to obtain acknowledgement.

“You’ll know when you get there.” Bai Jingchen waved his hand before his gaze descended onto Mortis. He briefly inspected Mortis before he clicked his tongue in admiration. “No wonder a Saint Emperor was dispatched, so it turns out that you seized this thing.”

Chen Xi’s heart tightened. Has Mortis’ identity been recognized?

“There’s no need to be nervous. Isn’t it just a Soul Combat Puppet? I killed countless Ghostcraft Clan bastards when I slaughtered my way into the Xeno-race worlds all those years ago. How could I be unable to recognize it?” Bai Jingchen glanced at Chen Xi as if he’d seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and then he said, “Of course, this Soul Combat Puppet you obtained is very extraordinary. If it wasn’t for me having killed numerous Ghostcraft crafters, I would have almost been unable to recognize it.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding.

“I have to take my leave first. Little Fellow, I have to warn you. There are many people in the Bai Clan that wish for nothing more than to kill you, so you have to be careful. Of course, I really welcome you to be a guest in my Bai Clan.” Bai Jingchen stood up and smiled as he patted Chen Xi on the shoulder, and then he strode out of the vessel with a single step and vanished.

Wish for nothing more than to kill me? Looks like obtaining the acknowledgement of the Bai Clan won’t go as smoothly as I expected… Chen Xi muttered with a deep and calm gaze that revealed a trace of icy coldness.

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