Chapter 896 – Saint Emperor Gui Su

The azure clear sky was enveloped by the veil of night that was pitch black like ink, and it threw an area of 5,000km in the surroundings into deep darkness.

The air, sunlight, dirt, mountains, ground, and even the lowly living beings that resided on the ground in this area seemed to have been frozen and fell into a strange motionless state.

At this instant, it even gave Chen Xi the illusion that time and space had fallen into a motionless state.

A boundless oppressive aura assaulted him silently, and it pressed down on his soul to the point it showed signs of collapse!

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, the expressions of everyone else on the vessel became extremely heavy while beads of cold sweat seeped out from their foreheads, slip down their faces, and wet their clothes.

This was a terrifying pressure of will, and it was formidable to the point Chen Xi felt horrified and helpless.

Who exactly is this person that has arrived?


The eternal night that covered the sky was suffused with a spoondrift that was gentle like the tide, and the spoondrift was converged from true shattering of space.

On the spoondrift was a black clothed young man.

The young man’s face was beautiful and extremely feminine while his red lips seemed as if they were carved out were extremely striking. His fine and slightly arched brows were like two willow tree leaves, and he possessed silky skin that flickered with a bright sheen.

But his eyes were suffused with an ancient, icy cold, and emotionless glow. It seemed as if he’d experienced countless ages, and he gave others an indescribable feeling of terror.

He arrived under the veil of the pitch black night and while standing on the spoondrift condensed from fragments of space. He had his hands behind his back while he stood like the king of darkness, and it seemed as if he would throw everything in the world into an abyss of darkness in the next moment.

“Saint Emperor Gui Su!” A’xiu spoke with a clear voice that carried a serious feeling, and it just happened to be her current feelings.

The eyes of the black clothed young man narrowed while they formed into a sharp arch, and they were suffused with a wisp of a bright red sheen as he swept A’xiu with his gaze and said with a light smile, “I never expected that someone still recognizes me after countless years have passed.”

His voice was heavy like metal and coupled with his gorgeous and feminine face, it gave others a very conflicting feeling.

Saint Emperor Gui Su!?

Chen Xi’s heart twitched fiercely. This gorgeous young man is actually a Xeno-race Saint Emperor!?

All those years ago within the Door of Profundity in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, he’d once met a Xeno-race Saint Emperor with hair that was white as snow. At that time, even the joint forces of the tiny cauldron and the Exalted Ant Emperor were unable to stop him from escaping!

It was from that moment onward that he had a vague understanding of the strength of Xeno-race Saint Emperors, and they were absolutely terrifying great figures that exceeded the scope of Heavenly Immortals!

It was precisely this understanding that caused Chen Xi to feel so heavy and shocked in his heart when he found out this young man before him that was like the sovereign of darkness was actually a Xeno-race Saint Emperor.

Why did such a terrifying existence suddenly arrive here?

Chen Xi tried hard to calm down because no matter what, he knew very clearly that if it was merely for the sake of killing all of them, then there was entirely no need for a Xeno-race Saint Emperor to make a move himself.

“Amongst the nine Xeno-race Saint Emperors, Gui Su is the Saint Emperor of the Ghostcraft Clan, and he possesses terrifying and monstrous might. During the primeval times, he was suppressed beneath the Boundless Island. I never expected that he was still able to escape.” The tiny cauldron spoke abruptly, and its voice didn’t conceal its extreme feelings of detest. “You have to be careful. Even though his strength hasn’t recovered to its prime, he’s still capable of easily annihilating any one of you. My strength is currently under a period of transformation, so I’m unable to be of any help. If you want to seize a chance at survival, then you can only rely on that little girl by your side.”

The tiny cauldron’s voice transmission caused Chen Xi’s heart to instantly fall to rock bottom. Even if he was extremely confident of A’xiu’s strength, he still didn’t have the slightest confidence when facing a Xeno-race Saint Emperor.

“If I’m not wrong, you seem to be still unable to do as you wish beneath the Heaven Dao of the three dimensions with your current strength, yet you dared to reveal your tracks at this moment. Could it be that you’re unafraid of alarming the great figures of the three dimensions?” A’xiu spoke abruptly. Her expression was serious while her clear eyes glowed. She’d lost the naïve appearance she usually had and carried a murderous might instead.

“It can’t be helped. For the sake of reclaiming the possession of my clan, I had no choice but to utilize a secret technique and expose myself beneath the Heaven Dao of the three dimensions before it’s time. Of course, no one in the world is able to notice me within 10 minutes of time.” Saint Emperor Gui Su spoke unhurriedly, and he had a tranquil and composed expression as he spoke without holding anything back.

“Then why aren’t you making a move?” A’xiu frowned.

“It’s very easy to kill all of you, but it’s slightly troublesome to reclaim the Puppet of Mortis’ Soul.” Saint Emperor Gui Su sighed with a profound gaze, and he stared at Mortis that was within the vessel with a wisp of an imperceptible complicated expression.

Mortis seemed to have completely not noticed everything that occurred in the surroundings, and he stood silently like a spear.

“Young Miss, remove your control on Mortis, and I can let you off. How about it?” In the next moment, Saint Emperor Gui Su’s gaze descended onto A’xiu.

A’xiu suddenly chuckled and said, “So it turns out that you were aware as well that even if you kill us, you’ll be unable to take him away?” 

Saint Emperor Gui Su nodded while his expression remained tranquil and composed, and then a wisp of a grin suffused his lips that were arced like a blade. “I believe that you’ll surely do as I said.”

As he spoke, his gaze swept past Chen Xi, Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the others. “Of course, if you’re unwilling, then I don’t mind refining them into Soul Combat Puppets one by one.”

Those that were swept by his gaze couldn’t help but feel a wisp of coldness in their hearts, and it seemed as if an expanse of boundless abyss appeared in the sea of consciousness. This boundless abyss seemed as if it intended to suppress them within the eternal darkness, so they couldn’t help but tremble.

A’xiu puckered her lips and said, “Such obsolete threats.”

Saint Emperor Gui Su smiled as he said, “But it’s the most effective.” As he spoke, he raised his head to look at the sky, and then he muttered. “There’s not much time left. Hurry up. Young Miss, I want to take Mortis back in three breaths of time.”

Time seemed as if it had frozen at this moment.

At the scene, A’xiu and Saint Emperor Gui Su seemed to have become the main characters, whereas Chen Xi and the others were like lambs that were waiting to be slaughtered, waiting for the judgment of their fate.

This sort of feeling caused Chen Xi to feel extremely uncomfortable while a feeling of indescribable rage arose at the bottom of his heart. Only now did he noticed that even if he’d advanced into the Earthly Immortal Realm, he was still weak like an ant when facing these great figures of legend, and even the strength to struggle was an extravagant wish.

This allowed him to finally understand why his mother Zuoqiu Xue would instruct him all those years ago that he would only have the qualifications to look for her once he’d advanced to become a Heavenly Immortal.

Because in the eyes of this terrifying existence, no matter if it was the Nether Transformation Realm or Earthly Immortal Realm, they were both like essence and were essentially the same. They were both to the point of being unable to resist a single blow!

“I’m leaving.” A’xiu’s voice suddenly sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears. “I actually had a premonition some time ago that the time of my departure wasn’t far away, but I never expected it would be at this moment…”

Chen Xi was stunned, and when he raised his eyes to look over, he saw boundless light suddenly surge out from A’xiu’s body!

Her jet black and beautiful hair and green dress fluttered while her beautiful little face was covered in unwillingness and sadness, but right after that, it was replaced with a wisp of firmness.

A boundless blazing glow erupted from her graceful body, and it was dazzling and resplendent like the first ray of light at daybreak that tore open the darkness.

At this moment, her aura was magnificent, vast, and majestic to the extreme. The heavens and the earth that were covered in eternal night was once again illuminated by the azure sky, and the air that was everywhere, dust, and all lowly living beings in on the ground once again showed signs of life while once more bathing beneath the radiance of light.


In the next moment, Chen Xi and the others felt a piercing pain in their eyes, and it was as if they were carried by a brilliant light before they vanished.

“I never imagined that a strand of strength of the Xuanyuan Sword is actually sealed within her body…” Saint Emperor Gui Su’s eyes narrowed while his sharp angled lips were suffused with a wisp of icy coldness. “Unfortunately, it isn’t the true Xuanyuan Sword, so how could I allow all of you to escape?”

His voice was still drifting through the sky while his figure had already vanished. 


13 million kilometers away.

A rift suddenly exploded open in the sky above a boundless vast and lofty group of mountains, and then a treasure vessel swiftly flew out from within. This treasure vessel was precisely carrying Chen Xi and the others.

But their expressions were extremely unsightly at this moment.

A’xiu had left.

For the sake of tearing open that area that was enveloped by the might of Saint Emperor Gui Su, she’d exerted all her strength and even suffered a heavy injury, yet she was only able to send them to this area.

This was something the tiny cauldron had told Chen Xi, so it wouldn’t be wrong.

Chen Xi’s feelings were furious, terrible, and frustrated to the extreme. This sudden unexpected event caused him to not have the chance to say goodbye to A’xiu before she’d left just like that!


In the next moment, the treasured vessel flew madly towards the distance.

This unparalleled fury didn’t cause Chen Xi to lose his reason, and his expression was calm like a lake of stagnant water. He exerted all his might to control the treasured vessel to teleport towards the distance.

I’ll kill you one day!

Chen Xi’s eyes were icy cold and revealed a wisp of a firm glow.

“Little natives, there’s no need to struggle. I’ve never failed in anything I wanted to do, and this time is no exception.” However, right at this moment, Saint Emperor Gui Su’s voice that was heavy like iron and rumbled like a thunderclap resounded out once more.

Along with this voice, the boundless darkness enveloped down once more and dragged this expanse of the heavens and the earth into eternal night.

The treasured vessel suddenly stopped moving.

Because a tall figure had suddenly appeared ahead. A gorgeous and feminine face, a pair of ancient, experienced, and icy cold eyes. It was exactly Saint Emperor Gui Su.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s heart went cold. Are we still unable to escape in the end?

As he looked at the despaired and helpless gazes of everyone present, Saint Emperor Gui Su grinned slightly while a cruel arc appeared on the corners of his mouth. It was expression of pity that a cat had for a mouse.

Slurp! Slurp!

Suddenly, a wave of extremely annoying sounds resounded out, and it was like the sound of a countryside farmer slurping down a large bowl of noodles. It was extremely strange in this deathly silent atmosphere.

Saint Emperor Gui Su’s gorgeous and feminine face went slightly grim as he turned and looked towards the distance, and his eyes were suffused with a beautiful blood colored sheen as he said, “Who is it? Get the fuck out of here!”

His voice was sharp and howled like a tempest as it rumbled through the heavens and the earth. Everywhere is passed, rocks shattered, mountains collapsed, and horrifying ravines were split open on the ground.

“Motherfucker! You asked me to get the fuck out in my own fucking territory? Do you want to get bashed?” Suddenly, an enormous fist that filled the heavens and the earth smashed a hole through the eternal night, and it smashed down fiercely with crushing force.

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