Chapter 895 – The Strength Of Mortis


On the vessel, Chen Xi unfolded a map and looked through it briefly before a wisp of excitement arose imperceptibly in his heart. “We’ll be able to arrive at the Violet Thistle Mountain in a few hours…”

In the Dark Reverie, so long as the Violet Thistle Mountains were mentioned, then the first reaction everyone had in their mind was the Bai Clan and the ferocious and formidable combat strength of the clansmen of the Bai Clan.

Of course, these was also the Bai Clan’s protectiveness.

Chen Xi silently calculated for a moment. If nothing unexpected happens, then arriving at the Violet Thistle Mountains at this time would be around the time Aunt Bai returns. When he thought of this, the feelings in his heart couldn’t calm down any longer.

Because so long as he met Bai Wanqing, it would mean that he would obtain information about his parents and the root cause of the calamity that affected the entire Chen Clan!

“Alright, I’ve rescued you back to life and recovered your strength to the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. In the future, you’ll fight whoever I tell you to, do you understand?”

“The honor of Mortis allows no disgrace!”

The sound of a conversation between A’xiu and Mortis sounded out within the vessel, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown. In this short period of a few days, he’d handed over seven Immortal Artifacts, and if it wasn’t for A’xiu persisting on repairing Mortis, he would absolutely not waste so many Immortal Artifacts to subdue a Soul Combat Puppet.

After all, the value of seven Immortal Artifacts was sufficient to make any Earthly Immortal Realm expert work themselves to death for him.

However, based on Mortis’ situation now, he actually still wasn’t willing to yield. This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel slightly annoyed. Could it be that those seven Immortal Artifacts are going to be wasted just like that?

Chen Xi stood up with a bang, and he walked over to stand before A’xiu with large strides before he said, “Do you want me to make a move and deal with him?”

A’xiu was stunned when she saw Chen Xi’s gloomy expression, and then she exploded into laughter and was extremely amused. “Oh, you want to beat him to submission?”

Chen Xi frowned. “Why not? I can’t waste those seven Immortal Artifacts for nothing.”

A’xiu laughed to the point tears almost flowed from her eyes as she said, “Haven’t you noticed that those words Mortis says are actually a common phrase of his?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he turned around to look at Mortis before he probed. “Mortis?”

“The honor of Mortis allows no disgrace!” A familiar voice sounded out from Mortis’ mouth, and it was icy cold, murderous, and without any emotion.

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he said with surprise, “He only knows these words?”

A’xiu restrained her laughter and nodded. “Yes, his consciousness is already extremely damaged. Only his instinctive reactions to cultivate and fight still remain, and…this phrase.”

Chen Xi completely understood at this moment, and he seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “So in this way, he has already submitted himself?”

“Of course. No one in the world can take him from your side any longer!” A’xiu spoke sonorously and forcefully, and then she puckered her lips with slight regret and said, “Unfortunately, I don’t know who wiped out his memories. Isn’t losing one’s memories is equivalent to losing one’s purpose to live? It’s really too pitiable.”

Right at this moment, the entire treasure vessel suddenly shook violently, and the vessel that was originally flying swiftly suddenly seemed as if it had fallen into a swamp and slowed down.

Chen Xi’s eyes focused as he suddenly turned his head.

In the sky behind was two figures that suddenly tore open space and stepped out. Their entire bodies were coiled with a terrifying and monstrous aura. It was a robust middle aged man with hideous scars on his face and a red clothed young woman with crimson red hair that was disheveled like weeds.

General Rank Xeno-race experts.

Chen Xi discerned their strengths and identities with a single glance, and their auras were even slightly stronger than those seven General Rank experts that he fought outside Swallow Kingdom’s Aquacove City that day!

Why did they pursue us? Chen Xi was slightly puzzled.

“Mortis, attack!” A’xiu spoke abruptly.

This time, Mortis didn’t repeat that phrase again. His palm sized figure suddenly enlarged, and his figure was ramrod straight, covered in black armor and a black helmed, and suffused with an extremely pure strand of killing intent.

It seemed as if so long as it was a battle, Mortis would instantly enter into a state of battle!


In the next moment, Mortis transformed into a pitch black bolt of lightning that swiftly flashed out of the vessel, and his pitch black spear moved gracefully like a rainbow and carried a strand of fierce and penetrative power as it tore through the sky towards the two Xeno-race experts.

The expression of the middle aged man whose face was covered in hideous scars turned grim, and he cried out involuntarily. “The Puppet of Mortis’ Soul!?”

“It really was them who seized the treasure in the ruins! Gui Ju! Quickly utilize the secret technique and summon the Puppet of Mortis’ Soul back! I’ll kill these natives!” The red clothed young woman cried out. As she spoke, two ring blades appeared in her hands. These blades were 1.5m long, sharp and like a full moon. Their edges were covered in fine sawtooth that were crisscrossed together and like the fangs of dogs. Moreover, the surface of the blade was suffused with a bright blood colored glow.


They were like two enormous blood colored full moons that whistled through the sky and slashed down fiercely at the treasure vessel that Chen Xi resided in. The blade qi was surging and suffused with a gorgeous crimson red glow that dyed the heavens and the earth red.

“Lightning Wheel — kill!” However, before her attack could descend, a violet colored spear shadow that was coiled with lightning suddenly tore through the sky like a spear of destruction that the infuriated gold of lightning had struck down.


It destroyed the attack of the red clothed young woman, and then the tip of the spear twisted to blast the red colored ring blades aside before piercing a blood red hole through the red clothed young woman’s left shoulder.


The red clothed young woman let out a sharp cry before slashing down with her blade onto the spear with a flip of her hand. At the time, her figure retreated explosively, allowing her to avoid the terrifying force contained within the spear move. Otherwise, this spear strike was sufficient to shatter her internal organs!

“Dammit! Gui Ju, why aren’t you making a move!?” The red clothed young woman cried out loudly.

“That’s enough! Gui Ling, I’ve already executed the secret technique, but it isn’t working. This can only prove that the Puppet of Mortis’ Soul has already been completely controlled by the enemy. Unless we kill the enemy, otherwise everything will be for nothing!” The robust middle aged man called Gui Ju’s entire body surged with dense and seething black mist, and it caused his face that was covered in hideous scars to seem even more terrifying.


Meanwhile, Mortis’ spear shadows flashed and seemed to emanate a myriad of glows, and it was like a tempest as it enveloped the entire body of the red clothed young woman called Gui Ling. It was simple, direct, murderous, and carried an all-powerful penetrative force.

The red clothed young woman paled in comparison, and her situation was extremely bad. 

“I’ll help you!” Gui Ju shouted explosively with a grim voice, and he flashed over to enter the battlefield.

He held a heavy hammer in his hand, and it was coiled with layers of thick and icy cold pitch black chains. Every single hammer strike that descended was like a myriad of enormous mountains crushing down, and it smashed the heavens and the earth to the point of crumbling, causing it to seem extremely ferocious.

Moreover, the chains on the hammer were interwoven into a form similar to a cage. All of them pierced into space and locked down the surroundings, causing it to seem as if he was catching a turtle in a jar.

Mortis seemed to be completely indifferent to this. He fought impressively with his pitch black spear, and his attacks were precise, ruthless, simple, fierce, and revealed a penetrative force that struck straight towards the heart.

The three of them fought fiercely, causing an area of 5,000km in the surroundings to instantly become a battlefield. Mountains shattered, lakes dried up, and the heavens and the earth fell into chaos.

Fortunately, this was an expanse of wilderness, and there weren’t many living beings within it. If it was any other place, then merely the aftershock of this fierce battle was sufficient to destroy a city!

Chen Xi stood at the back of the vessel while looking at the entire battlefield from afar. He noticed that even though Mortis was facing two General Rank experts, he was still ferocious to the extreme and didn’t fall into a disadvantageous position. Moreover, Mortis faintly showed signs of suppressing his opponents.

“Is this Mortis’ strongest might?” asked Chen Xi.

‘I don’t know exactly how formidable it was in the past. But it’s the strongest strength he possesses for now. Most importantly, his potential is immeasurable. So long as he continues to cultivate, his strength will only grow stronger and stronger.” A’xiu grinned as she spoke at the side, and her gaze was bright as if she was rather satisfied with Mortis’ display.

“If he continues to cultivate, would he have to consume even more Immortal Artifacts?” Chen Xi frowned as he spoke.

“Err, this…” A’xiu’s face froze.

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding when he saw this, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Mortis’ combat strength is extraordinary indeed. But where would I find so many Immortal Artifacts for him to eat and cultivate?

When he thought up to here, he felt his head ache slightly.

10 minutes later.

The battle ended. The black armor and black helmet Mortis wore was damaged, whereas Gui Ju and Gui Ling were both annihilated on the spot, and they didn’t even have the chance to flee.

Due to Mortis’ entire body being enveloped beneath the black armor and helmet, Chen Xi was unable to notice to what extent Mortis had been injured. Moreover, Mortis was unlike other cultivators and was a Soul Combat Puppet, so it was even more difficult for him to determine.

But even then, Mortis’ victory still received the admiration of everyone within the vessel.

For example, Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and those youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe revealed respect towards an expert when they looked at Mortis.

Of course, they didn’t know Mortis’ origins, nor did they know that he was merely a Soul Combat Puppet.

Chen Xi didn’t tell them either. After all, Mortis’ existence was simply a taboo that wasn’t tolerated by the three dimensions, so once he was noticed, even Chen Xi would probably suffer calamity.

But according to what A’xiu said, Mortis was completely unlike other Soul Combat Puppets, and unless Mortis was killed, no one would be able to notice the secrets within Mortis.

Even then, and as far as Chen Xi was concerned, it was better if fewer people knew about it.

Meanwhile, Mortis had already returned to the treasured vessel with the heavy hammer and two blood colored ring blades. He silently sat down cross-legged before picking up the blood colored ring blade and chewing on it.

He seemed as if he was indifferent to everything in the surroundings.

After he ate the two blood colored ring blades and the heavy hammer, the damaged black armor on Mortis’ body actually recovered in a speed visible to the eye. Moreover, the color of the dense and fine armor that was like fish scales became even darker and restrained while its lines flowed smoothly, and it revealed a surprising and terrifying beauty.

At this moment, Chen Xi had a slight feeling for no reason or rhyme that Mortis’ strength seemed to have become slightly stronger after this battle!

Sure enough, it deserves to be a Soul Combat Puppet that’s renowned for slaughter!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but praise endlessly in his heart. Moreover, he noticed that so long as Mortis didn’t fight or suffer injuries, then Mortis didn’t require any Immortal Artifacts, and this caused Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart.

“Hmph! What an interesting little native. Let me see exactly who was actually capable of learning the technique of controlling the Puppet of Mortis’ Soul that belongs to my clan!” Right at this moment, a rumble echoed out as a voice that was heavy like iron and exploded like a thunderclap resounded in the surroundings. Instantly, the originally clear sky fell into pitch black darkness, and it seemed as if an eternal night had descended.

A’xiu’s eyes suddenly flashed with a strand of divine light while her expression revealed a rare sense of seriousness. This was also the first time Chen Xi had seen A’xiu reveal such an expression! 

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