Chapter 894 – The Shadow of Enemies

All along the way out of the Ghost Domain, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a strange feeling in his heart as he looked at the complacent A’xiu by his side.

That confrontation that was practically like a game between children had ended with Mortis’ strength being exhausted.

During this entire process, Chen Xi’s ears had endured destruction for the time it took an incense stick to burn. Up until this point, those two sentences still reverberated by his ears.

One was ‘yield to me.’

The other was ‘the honor of Mortis allows no disgrace.’

It was truly difficult for Chen Xi to imagine where A’xiu got this patience and persistence from to actually be bored to the point of confronting a Soul Combat Puppet for such a long period of time. Moreover, she kept repeating the same thing…

The most infuriating thing was that Mortis seemed to be extremely cooperative, but this cooperation was reflected in his refusal.

Fortunately, Mortis’ strength had already experienced the passage of countless years, so it had undoubtedly been consumed greatly and especially during the fight with Chen Xi. So Mortis finally shut up when the last portion of energy in his body had been completely exhausted.

On the other hand, A’xiu was like a victorious general. She was complacent and high in spirits, and she put Mortis away with a raise of her hand, causing him to transform into a palm sized, icy cold, and murderous little combat puppet that wore black armor and a black helmet.

According to what A’xiu said, this was Mortis’ true form, and it was exactly similar to the little combat puppet that had the Emperor of Control’s Scripture recorded within it. But he was extremely unlike any other ordinary Soul Combat Puppet.

Because Mortis seemed to be of an even higher grade and much more intelligent. Chen Xi didn’t know what spirit materials Mortis was constructed from, but merely from Mortis’ outward appearance, it was utterly impossible to discern that the little combat puppet was a Soul Combat Puppet.

Most importantly, after experiencing the passage of countless years, Mortis’ strength was extremely weak, yet he was still capable of exerting a strength comparable to the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. Moreover, he was resolute in slaughter and fearless, causing him to seem like a machine born for slaughter.

Chen Xi was truly unable to imagine exactly how formidable Mortis was at his prime.




In the sky, a treasure vessel crushed the layer of clouds and carried Chen Xi and the others through the sky.

Their trip to Swallow Kingdom this time allowed him to unexpectedly obtain the Ghostcraft Clan’s Emperor of Control’s Scripture and a strange Soul Combat Puppet, Mortis. But compared to all of this, Chen Xi was even more concerned with the situation in the entire Dark Reverie now.

The Xeno-race had repeatedly made appearances in the Dark Reverie, and they’d obviously found a method to escape the detection of the Heaven Dao, allowing them to fearlessly invade cities like locusts, causing numerous cities and powers to fall into the bloody flames of war.

If such a situation were to continue, then it would be like a single spark that lit a prairie ablaze, and it would spread throughout the entire Dark Reverie. At that time, this vast land that was the closest to the Immortal Dimension and where a myriad of living beings resided in would be unable to avoid being swept into a storm.

At that time, blood, slaughter, and death would become the main theme of the Dark Reverie, and no one could avoid it. They could either fight or die, whereas the most innocent at that time would probably be those ordinary people.

Since Chen Xi stepped onto the path of cultivation until now, he’d never thought that he would possess the feeling of wanting to save the world, nor had he ever felt pity for all the living beings in the world. But when facing a situation where undercurrents were brewing and a storm was approaching, his heart still felt heavy.

Not to mention it was impossible for him to turn the situation around and save everyone in the world from this calamity with his ability.

Perhaps the only thing he could do was to rely on his own strength to protect the people by his side from this chaos that was coming.

This was a sign of the upheaval of the three dimensions. The heavens hadn’t emanated killing intent yet, but the Mortal Dimension was already in chaos…

He could imagine that since the Dark Reverie was like this, the other large worlds and even the Immortal Dimension and Netherworld were probably repeatedly suffering calamities.

When facing an upheaval like this that affected the three dimensions, the strength of a single person was indeed too weak. Perhaps it was just like the tiny cauldron had said, under the upheaval, gods were like grass, immortals and devils were like ants, and no one could remain unharmed.

Crack! Crack!

On the vessel, the clear sound of  metal shattering sounded out, and it interrupted Chen Xi’s contemplation. He turned around to look and his originally heavy mood instantly became terrible.

Mortis, who’d already transformed into a fist sized little combat puppet, was holding onto an Immortal Artifact and chewing on it. Even if he was eating, his figure was extremely straight, tall, murderous, and icy cold like a little freak without any emotions.

A’xiu sat cross-legged on the ground while her hands held up her beautiful little face, and she grinned as she looked at Mortis with a brilliant gaze as if she was happy from raising a little pet.

On the other hand, Ling Bai, Bai Kui, and A’Man were extremely shocked instead. They looked at Mortis with dumbstruck expressions, and they seemed to not dare believe that there was an existence that was even more capable in eating than them. Moreover, his taste was so strange…

All of this wasn’t important to Chen Xi, the most important thing was that A’xiu had asked for this Immortal Artifact from him!

Even though it was merely an extremely ordinary Immortal Artifact, it was still a rare and precious treasure to an expert at the Earthly Immortal Realm. But now it had become food to feed Mortis…

How could Chen Xi’s mood be good when he saw such a scene?

Meanwhile, Ling Bai suddenly sat upright and crossed his arms before his chest, and then he said with a cold and proud expression, “I’ve eaten magic treasures in the past, so there’s nothing great about it.”

Bai Kui nodded fiercely as well, and he seemed to be saying that he’d eaten magic treasures in the past as well.

A’Man scratched his head and said with a covetous expression, “I haven’t tried it, does it taste good?”

Ling Bai hesitated for a moment, and then he recovered his proud expression as he said, “It’s terrible, and it wears down your teeth.”

Bai Kui hurriedly nodded when he heard this, and he was like a little follower.

A’Man didn’t believe them and pointed at Mortis as he said, “It seems very tasty from how he’s eating it.”

“Err… Maybe the taste of Immortal Artifacts is really good?” Ling Bai thought for a moment and suggested. “Why don’t we try eating an Immortal Artifact? I haven’t had one in the past as well.”

Bai Kui and A’Man nodded with force, and they seemed as if these words were perfect and conformed to their intentions.

“What do all of you want to eat?” Chen Xi couldn’t endure it any longer and walked over with a dark face while his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth. He was absolutely unable to tolerate this sort of behavior of wasting things like taking Immortal Artifacts as food!

It was even to the extent that he suspected if he continued to indulge their requests, then they would eat Immortal Artifacts today and might make noise about desiring to try the taste of Darkspirit and Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifacts in the future.

So he couldn’t encourage such a tendency, and he had to eliminate it while it was sprouting!

Ling Bai was stunned, Bai Kui was stunned, and A’Man was stunned as well. All of them acutely noticed that Chen Xi seemed like a barrel of gunpowder that was on the verge of exploding.

The three of them glanced at each other before tacitly shaking their heads in unison. “Nothing.”

“Oh.” Chen Xi’s expression was still gloomy, yet he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He was very satisfied with their attitudes. He was able to forgive them since they were able to rectify their mistakes…

“Chen Xi, quickly give me another Immortal Artifact. If he doesn’t replenish his energy, then you’ll lose a great weapon.” Meanwhile, A’xiu suddenly waved her white little hand at Chen Xi while her eyes stared fixedly at Mortis. The latter was already almost finished with eating the Immortal Artifact.

Chen Xi’s face froze instantaneously.

On the other hand, the gazes Ling Bai and the others shot at Chen Xi burned with desire and anticipation. They seemed to have not given up on their desires and wanted to seize this opportunity to get a little bit to try.

After struggling internally for a long time, Chen Xi finally made a difficult decision and handed over two Immortal Artifacts.

After that, a wave of cracking sounds resounded within the vessel, and it caused Chen Xi’s heart to be on the verge of bleeding. He gritted his teeth as he thought in his heart. How were these little bastards capable of tempering their teeth to be so hard! 


Not long after Chen Xi and the others left.

Two more people arrived within the gorge in the Ghost Domain that was enveloped in thick miasma and haze.

One was a tall and robust middle aged man that had a ferocious appearance that was covered in hideous scales, and he had a pitch black eyepatch covering his right eye, causing him to reveal a ferocious and ruthless aura. Even though there was a grin on his face, he seemed to be extremely cruel.

The other person was a red clothed young woman with fiery red and disheveled hair. Her appearance was extraordinarily gorgeous, and she seemed like a multicolored poisonous spider.

“Dammit! Someone has been here!” The robust middle aged man stood before the rock wall and looked at the Boundless Chaos Divinelight that had been torn open, and a cruel and ghastly arc appeared on his hideous and scarred face.

“Let’s go in and have a look first. I only hope the relic is still there…” The red clothed young woman puckered her scarlet red lips as she replied with a cold voice, and her voice was low, sharp, and like a venomous snake flicking its tongue.

The both of them didn’t stay here and moved along the path with extreme speed. All along the way, they frequently noticed Soul Combat Puppets that were scattered all over the ground, and this caused their expressions to gradually darken even more.

When they saw the thick pile of Soul Combat Puppet fragments in that spacious area that was like an expanse of ruins and the 3km tall platform that had been destroyed, flames of blazing rage couldn’t help but surge into their eyes.


The robust middle aged man was still unwilling to believe this, and his figure flickered repeatedly above the ruins as he searched carefully. After a long time, he stopped before a piece of shattered limestone, and his hideous scars had already warped together, causing him to seem extremely terrifying.

“The Combat Puppet of Inheritance has been taken! Most importantly, the ‘Puppet of Mortis’ Soul’ that the ancestors of our clan forged with a lifetime’s worth of effort all those years ago is gone as well!” The robust middle aged man’s voice seemed as if it was a chilly gale that had swept out from hell, and it was icy cold and ruthless to the extreme.

“That idiot Gui Peng! He mobilized such a large force and made such a commotion by intending to annihilate Swallow Kingdom before searching for the relic of the clan! Could it be that he thought all the natives of the Dark Reverie are more stupid than pigs?” When she heard the Combat Puppet of Inheritance had been lost, the red clothed young woman didn’t care. But when she heard that even the ‘Puppet of Mortis’ Soul’ had been lost, her gorgeous face was instantly livid as she roared with a low voice.

“They ought to have left not too long ago.” The robust middle aged man suddenly sniffed the air fiercely, and then he closed his eyes for a long time before he suddenly opened them and said, “I’ve already locked onto his smell.”

“A single person?” The red clothed young woman replied with a question.

“There’s only the smell of a single person, and it’s extremely faint. I’m only able to determine that his combat strength is very formidable, and it’s roughly equivalent to the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.” The robust middle aged man licked his thick lips before deciding immediately. “There’s no time to lose. Let’s pursue him. Otherwise, the Saint Emperor won’t forgive us if we come back empty handed!”

“Dammit! Gui Peng caused this crap, yet we have to clean up after him!” The red clothed young woman muttered with annoyance, and she followed up to the robust middle aged man in the end.


After a short moment, both of them tore through space and vanished in an instant. 

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