Chapter 893 – The Honor Of Mortis

This Soul Combat Puppet that stood on the 3km tall sacrificial platform and revealed a cold and murderous aura was extremely special, it was like a lifelike person, and it was practically impossible for an ordinary person to distinguish it based on its outward appearance.

“This fellow’s combat strength within the Ghostcraft Clan was probably extremely high all those years ago…” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

Meanwhile, A’xiu had opened up the box that seemed to be made of jade yet wasn’t, and she withdrew a palm sized and completely jade white little combat puppet. She sized it up briefly before she couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise. “The Emperor of Control’s Scripture! Oh, this is the supreme inheritance of the Ghostcraft Clan, and it contains the Dao inheritance of constructing Soul Combat Puppets. Why was it left behind here?”

“The supreme inheritance of the Ghostcraft Clan?” Chen Xi’s intention was instantly drawn over. He raised his eyes to look and saw that the little combat puppet revealed a solemn state. Its facial features were completely blurry, yet its surface was inscribed with countless dense striations, and with a single glance, he actually saw an expanse of boundless space.

Most striking of it all was that even though it had experienced the passage of countless years, this little combat puppet was still jade white and shiny, completely untainted by dust and dirt, and emanated a unique aura.

“Yes, it’s the Emperor of Control’s Scripture. The spiritual brand within it is still present, and it contains the nine steps of creating a Soul Combat Puppet. It can be said to be as vast as an ocean.” A’xiu clicked her tongue with surprise. “I never expected this, I truly never expected this. We actually found a great treasure by accident.”

Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from asking. “Is this thing very precious?”

A’xiu nodded fiercely while her eyes shined brightly. “It’s a treasure, of course it’s a treasure. This is something that’s one of a kind in the three dimensions, so how could it not be a treasure?”

When she spoke up to here, she was slightly dejected and puckered her lips. “But, unfortunately, I can’t comprehend the techniques within it, otherwise even I will suffer calamity if I’m found out.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He of course understood what A’xiu meant. A Dao inheritance like this wasn’t tolerated by the Heaven Dao and had been driven out from the three dimensions a long time ago. Once it appeared in the three dimensions, the consequences would be unimaginable.

But it wasn’t so much of a taboo for Chen Xi. After all, he was already taken to be a ‘variant’ by the Heaven Dao, and even most of his possessions couldn’t be made known to the public.

For example, the Netherworld Register, Condemn Evil Brush, Dao Calamity Sword, River Diagram fragments, and so on and so forth. All of them were restricted items that would cause him to encounter the calamity of death if news of them were to be revealed.

“Let me have a look.” Chen Xi stretched out his hand and took the little combat puppet. It felt icy cold and moist to the touch, and as soon as his Divine Sense entered into it, he instantly seemed to have fallen into a vast world.

This world was completely filled with Soul Combat Puppets of all shapes and sizes. There was an entire 10,000 plus types that included the form of humans, beasts, demons, and even some strange combat puppets like the shape of trees, flowers, blades, spears, swords, and so on and so forth. It simply included everything in the world, and it broadened Chen Xi’s horizons.

These Soul Combat Puppets weren’t real. They were formed from numerous strings that were interwoven together, and Chen Xi was able to clearly discern the profundities within them.

Moreover, every single one of these Soul Combat Puppets had rows of explanations on them. These explanations indicated the spirit materials utilized, the methods of forging, and numerous other miraculous secret techniques.

Chen Xi tried to form a connection with one of the Soul Combat Puppets, and a string of extremely obscure words instantly appeared within his mind, causing him to instantly understand how to create this Soul Combat Puppet.

At this point, he finally completely believed that this was an object of inheritance of the Ghostcraft Clan, otherwise, it would absolutely not possess such complete Dao inheritances and techniques.

Chen Xi withdrew his Divine Sense, and he noticed the words ‘Ghostcraft’s extraordinary skill of craft’ on the back of the little combat puppet written in obscure writing.

“A relic? Looks like those Xeno-race experts had surely invaded Swallow Kingdom for the sake of this little thing.” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

“Who are all of you?! How dare you trespass into the restricted area of my clan!?” Right at this moment, an icy cold and murderous shout suddenly exploded out, and it was like a muffled thunderclap.

Chen Xi swiftly turned around and saw that the Soul Combat Puppet at the side of the limestone platform that wore black armor and a black helmed had suddenly opened its tightly closed eyes!

What sort of eyes were these?

Pitch black, icy cold, deep like an abyss, and fierce like a sharp blade. They emanated a murderous and piercingly cold glow that seemed capable of cutting one’s soul to pieces.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he actually felt a trace of pressure from this Soul Combat Puppet!

“Haha! There’s finally a treasure that can be captured! Hey, test out his combat strength. According to my observation, it ought to be not bad.” A’xiu seemed as if she’d noticed a great treasure, and her eyes were extremely radiant as she dodged to the side with a leap.

“The honor of Mortis tolerates no disgrace!” The Soul Combat Puppet that called itself ‘Mortis’ shouted with an icy cold voice.

In the next moment, the 3.5m long spear in its hand emitted a bang. Merely raising its hand had actually shaken space to the point of exploding, and circles of spatial ripples spread out.


Mortis took stomped on the ground before his spear shook and transformed into a green colored glow that covered the sky. It was like a pear blossom that bloomed in a tempest, and it carried a fierce aura of annihilating the ages and piercing through the annals of history as it struck explosively at Chen Xi.

Instantly, Chen Xi’s field of vision was enveloped in an expanse of dazzling and resplendent spear shadows that caused him to feel piercing pain from his skin. Besides causing him to be shocked in his heart, he instinctively withdrew the Talisman Armament, and then the body of his sword spun out like an enormous waterfall as it slashed down.


Their attacks collided with each other like two stars that struck fiercely against each other, causing blazing light to rumble towards the surroundings and shatter the surrounding space. Moreover, the 3km high sacrificial platform beneath them was instantly shattered and destroyed.


Chen Xi’s figure appeared in midair 3km away, and a wisp of surprise was revealed from between his brows. Merely this strike allowed him to be clearly aware that the strength of his opponent was actually on par with an expert at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

Most puzzling to him was that the spear moves of the combat puppet clearly didn’t contain any energy of Dao Insights, but its force was extraordinarily great. It seemed to be condensed out of the purest energy.

This Soul Combat Puppet really is strange…

The sense of curiosity in Chen Xi’s heart was instantly lit up while his battle intent surged. He took the initiative to greet the puppet in battle because he wanted to see exactly how formidable this black armored fellow was!

At this moment, Mortis’ figure was ramrod straight while he held the spear like an icy cold and murderous god of war, and then he carried the impetus of a heavenly gale as he charged at Chen Xi.

Mortis’ moves were simple and direct, and they didn’t contain the slightest variation, but the strength and lethality of his moves were terrifying to the extreme. Everywhere it passed, space collapsed and shattered inch by inch while waves of sharp whistling and explosions sounded out.

When looked at from afar, his entire body seemed like a pitch black bolt of lightning that was tearing through the sky!

Chen Xi was horrified and moved. He’d experienced countless bloody battles, so he was naturally aware that this was a true combat technique that had been tempered from the battlefield, and it had lost its flashiness and returned to simplicity a long time ago. All these extremely simple spear moves were born for slaughter, and they didn’t show the slightest mercy!

Clang! Clang! Clang!  

Both of them were locked in fierce battle and erupted with a myriad of streams of lights. Sword lights shot out gracefully while spear shadows descended like the rain. They fought from the sky to the ground, and the entire vast area here had become their battlefield.

Unlike Chen Xi’s teleportation, Mortis’ teleportation was extremely ferocious. He directly tore space open with his strength before charging about within it, and it was extremely direct.

The more he fought, the more Chen Xi was shocked by the formidableness of the Ghostcraft Clan. They were actually able to utilize Soul Combat Puppets to bring forth their strengths to such a terrifying extent, and it was simply unimaginable.

Even though he felt extreme aversion towards this sort of cruel methods like placing the soul in another body, he had to admit that existences like Soul Combat Puppets were indeed an extraordinary creation.

Perhaps Soul Combat Puppets couldn’t be described as objects any longer, and they were a completely new life. Unfortunately, they were a life that lived for the sake of cultivation, slaughter, and plundering. They weren’t tolerated by the three dimensions and were taken as trash that were driven out of the three dimensions.

“Lightning Wheel — Kill!” Amidst the fierce battle, Mortis’ figure stopped before he suddenly transformed into a bolt of black lightning. The spear in his hand spun backwards to form a wheel, and then strands of violet lightning flowed and condensed within it, causing it to emanate a terrifying aura of destruction.

This strike was even more terrifying than before. Mortis seemed to know clearly that if he didn’t execute a killer move, then he would be utterly incapable of doing anything to this fellow that had trespassed into the restricted area of his clan.

“Not bad, you’re able to force me to utilize 80% of my strength. As a Soul Combat Puppet, it’s something you can take pride in!” Chen Xi’s hair and clothes fluttered as he howled towards the sky. The Talisman Armament soared through the sky and slashed out with a 3km long strand of Creation Sword Qi, and it was like a divine glow that descended from the heavens as it deduced boundless profundities.


The might of Mortis’ attack was shaken into dispersal while his entire body staggered back. Every step back he took caused a large hole to be depressed into space, and he moved back for an entire 10 steps, causing 10 large holes to appear in space. This obviously displayed how great the force of impact he suffered was.

“Brilliant Sun — Quake!” However, he seemed to not have a sense of pain and not know what fear was. As soon as he stabilized himself, he shook his spear and charged over once more.

“Stop fighting or this treasure will be destroyed, that would be too much of a pity!” Right at this moment, a wisp of chilly starlight appeared in midair, and it circled around Mortis’ body, causing his body to stiffen. Mortis maintained the strange posture of striking with his spear through the air while he was frozen in midair.

Chen Xi felt helpless and slightly troubled. His bellyful of battle intent was stuck in his chest, and it almost caused him to suffer from an internal injury. He said angrily, “Can you not blindly interfere next time!”

Last time when he was fighting against those seven Xeno-race experts at the General Rank, A’xiu had forcefully interfered at the last minute, and now she’d done this instead, so it caused him to be very unhappy.

“Hey, I’m helping you gather a treasure.” A’xiu muttered before making faces at him, and then she turned around to look at Mortis before she said, “Yield to me!”

“The honor of Mortis allows no disgrace!” Mortis seemed like a fish that had been frozen within water, yet his gaze was still fearless, or perhaps, he had no emotions at all.

“Yield to me!” A’xiu continued.

“The honor of Mortis allows no disgrace!” Mortis continued.

“Yield to me!” 

“The honor of Mortis allows no disgrace!”


Just like this, one asked and the other answered, and both of them repeated the same thing every single time. It seemed to be extremely strange, and it was simply childish, causing the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth to twitch as he watched this scene.

Does anyone make their opponent surrender like this?

Similarly, does anyone refuse their opponent like that?

A pair of weirdos!

Chen Xi was completely speechless.

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