Chapter 888 – Trying To Get A Sense Of Existence

A General Rank expert made a move!

In the sky above Aquacove City, the expression of Liao Fan who seemed like a middle aged scholar turned grim, and he resolutely gritted his teeth as he soared out.

The enemy one of the seven General Rank experts. His figure was robust and stalwart with a crimson red beard and leopard-like eyes. Moreover, the muscles on his entire body seemed as if they were made from black gold, and he emanated an explosive and terrifying imposing aura. It seemed as if so long as he was willing, he was able to obliterate the surroundings with a raise of his hand, causing him to emanate a mighty aura of peerless power.

According to the information Liao Fan received, this expert was called Bei Xin, an expert from the Outerealm’s Shellshine World,  and his strength was roughly equivalent to the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. 

When facing such an opponent, Liao Fan who was at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm was utterly not Bei Xin’s opponent. But he had no choice but to make a move because his cultivation was the highest amongst those cultivators that were on guard before Aquacove City.

As for the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts, they’d been killed long ago in the previous fierce battles…

“What should come will come in the end. All the cultivators of Swallow Kingdom have placed their hopes on me, so how can I abandon them?” Liao Fan gritted his teeth while his eyes surged with flames, and he already carried the resolution to meet death.

“Come on! Bastard! Even if I die, I’ll fucking drag you down with me!” Liao Fan flashed out while burning with rage, and he gritted his teeth as he charged at Bei Xin.


As an expert at the Earthly Immortal Realm, his speed was extraordinarily swift, and he’d instantly moved through the layers of space. However, right when he was 3km away from Bei Xin, he saw something flash before his eyes, and then a tall figure suddenly stood before him and blocked his path.

This sudden and unexpected event shocked him to the point his entire body stiffened, and he stopped right away. Only now did he notice that the person that blocked his path was actually a handsome young man.

“Leave it to me.” The person that had arrived was exactly Chen Xi.

“Are you…sure you can?” Liao Fan stared blankly at Chen Xi. He’d already resolved to die yet was stopped on the way, and he was slightly unable to react to the situation.

“I’ll know once I try,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

“Nonsense! This is war! Life and death is no laughing matter! Little Fellow, you’re still young and have a great future. Leave it to an old man like me to risk his life. Quickly! Quickly move aside and don’t waste your life!” Liao Fan frowned and berated him.

Even though the words he spoke showed that he didn’t believe in Chen Xi’s ability at all. But needless to say, Liao Fan was bold and righteous, and this sort of person was extremely rare in the world.

“Hmph! Neither of you two natives will be able to escape today!” Bei Xin suddenly flew over, and he emitted rumbling cold laughter before stretching his hand to grab at Chen Xi.

His fingers were like a mountain that covered the sky, every single one of them were thick like a pillar that towered into the sky, and they were coiled with terrifying jet black flames. Everywhere it passed, even space was incinerated and corroded, and it was extremely terrifying.

“Move aside!” Liao Fan seemed to recognize how formidable this attack was, and his expression turned grim as he shouted abruptly. He raised his hand with the intention of grabbing Chen Xi and throwing Chen Xi away, yet to his surprise, he’d missed at this extremely close distance!

This caused him to be shocked and swiftly raise his hand, and then he saw a scene that astounded him.

Chen Xi flashed forward before flicking his sleeve, causing a myriad of dense talisman markings to appear and seem like a myriad of stars were contained within his sleeve, and they emanated an extremely blazing and dazzling profound aura.


The might of Bei Xin’s grab was easily shattered like paper, whereas his entire body was blasted 3km away while he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood without end, and he was in an extremely sorry state.

He blasted back a Xeno-race expert that had a cultivation equivalent to the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm with a single strike!?

Liao Fan gasped, and he was shocked to the point his eyeballs almost fell from their sockets.

Who exactly is this young man?

Before he could recover from his shock, Chen Xi had already flashed forward and entered in fierce battle with Bei Xin once more.

Chen Xi’s figure was tall while his moves were simple and unsophisticated, and they carried a feeling that his moves had returned to simplicity. But the might of his attacks was extraordinarily great. Every single move he made carried an extremely vast aura of the Dao, and it enveloped and locked down the surroundings.

Under this sort of attacks, Bei Xin was like a turtle in a jar, and he was unable to escape. He was instead struck to the point of coughing up blood repeatedly. Moreover, his hair was disheveled while he seemed to be in an extremely miserable and sorry state.

Liao Fan suddenly had an absurd feeling in his heart. He felt that Bei Xin who possessed a strength equivalent to the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm was like a weak and delicate ant before Chen Xi, and he was beaten to the point of fleeing for his life and didn’t have the slightest room to launch a counterattack.

“I never imagined that we would encounter an expert here! Native kid, I can spare your life if you’re willing to serve my race. How about it?” Right at this moment, a General Rank expert tore through space to instantly arrive there. This was a young woman with a cold and gorgeous appearance. Her figure was graceful, and there was a special violet colored mark between her brows.

Liao Fan’s heart jerked once more when he saw the appearance of this young woman, and the information related to this young woman instantly flashed within his mind. Zi Yaoyue, an expert from the Outerealm’s Violet Soul World. Her cultivation was equivalent to the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and she possessed the terrifying secret technique ‘Violet Emperor Heaven Devouring Technique!’ A single move of this technique was capable of devouring and annihilating all living beings in an area of 50,000km!

Supposedly, this young woman was the descendant of the Violet Soul World’s Saint Emperor, and she possessed numerous treasures with might comparable to Immortal Artifacts!

These thoughts flashed in his mind before Liao Fan shouted abruptly and intended to charge forward. He was unable to watch Chen Xi fight alone, and he wanted to help Chen Xi pin down an enemy, and even helping Chen Xi pin her down for a short moment was alright to him!

“Fellow Daoist, just relax and watch the battle.” However, before he could move forward, Chen Xi who was in fierce battle suddenly turned his head around and instructed Liao Fan with a serious expression.

What does he mean?

Could it be that he thinks I’m not a match for that woman?

Liao Fan was stunned, and he felt both annoyed and disbelief. It felt as if he was an insignificant existence, and it was extremely uncomfortable to him.

As Chen Xi spoke, Zi Yaoyue had already charged over. Her jade white palm slashed down towards Chen Xi, and it just happened to seem like the blade of the heavens slashing down, and it was swift, direct, and revealed an overbearing imposing aura of absolute power.

Chen Xi flipped his hand and slapped out in a composed manner, causing an expanse of dazzling talisman markings to rumble out and condense into a vortex that seemed like a tense spring that suddenly bounced back, and it dealt with this ruthless attack with a bang.

At the same time, his hands flashed about repeatedly in the air like a talisman master using the heavens and the earth as his talisman paper and his own strength as the ink, and he was developing talisman markings that surged like the tide.

Those talisman markings developed into peerlessly fierce Creation Sword Qi, the Myriad Netherwave Palm, or transformed into numerous dazzling and vast thunderstorm vortexes…

It simply seemed as if he’d fused a myriad of profound techniques and profundities into his talisman markings, and it seemed to be skillful and otherworldly when utilized in this palm strike.

This was a method of commanding the Dao Insight’s he possessed with the Dao of Talismans. After he advanced into the Earthly Immortal Realm, when he utilized this sort of ability with his Immortal Energy, its might was more than 10 times more formidable than before!

Instantly, Bei Xin and Zi Yaoyue were like two insects on a piece of talisman paper, and they were confined within the talisman markings inscribed on it. No matter how they struggled, they had no way to escape or flee.

On the other hand, Chen Xi took control of the initiative once more.

The trace of discomfort in Liao Fan’s heart instantly vanished when he saw this. He finally understood that this young man before him seemed to be at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, but the young man’s combat strength was so formidable that it had arrived at an inconceivable state!

Was there any 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm expert in the entire world that was capable of completely suppressing Xeno-race experts comparable to the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm?

At the very least, Liao Fan had never seen one in his entire lifetime!

“But, aren’t I a bit too useless if I just stand here like an idiot?” Lian Fan laughed bitterly in his heart, and then he gritted his teeth and decided that if an enemy were to interfere once more, than he would surely charge over no matter what! Otherwise, he would have no sense of existence…

“Eh! That little native is really extraordinary.”

“We can’t sit and watch. Bei Xin and Yaoyue’s situation is very bad. Let’s make a move together and capture that kid, and then we’ll carefully torture and interrogate him. I keep having the feeling that this kid is slightly strange.”


“Let’s go!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of the sound of the air being torn apart sounded out as numerous General Rank experts soared into the sky while flowing with divine lights and carrying monstrous imposing auras, and there were actually five of them!

In other words, all the General Rank experts on the seven thrones had moved out at this moment! 

As soon as they appeared, regardless which side everyone was on, everyone consciously moved aside to open up an empty space that was 5,000km in area. All of them knew clearly that merely the aftershock of a fight at this level was sufficient to take their lives!

After all, no matter if it was an Earthly Immortal Realm expert or a General Rank expert, the strength they possessed was at the peak of the Mortal Dimension, and they were capable of obliterating a city with a wave of their hands.

A battle between them was something someone with a low cultivation was utterly incapable of interfering in.

When he saw such a scene, Liao Fan’s countenance instantly turned ghastly pale. Never had he imagined, that as soon as they came, they would actually move out at the same time!

He’d even gnashed his teeth earlier while he solemnly pledged his intent to charge forward and get a sense of existence, but his heart was swayed when he saw this scene, and his expression was indeterminate.

After all, he was only at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. Perhaps he was renowned in the Swallow Kingdom and was like a scorching sun in the midday sky that was worshipped by all, but when facing any one of these seven Xeno-race experts present on this battlefield, he was simply useless!

“Dammit! Fuck it! I’ll put my life on the line! At most, I’ll just die. No matter what, I can’t allow this Young Fellow Daoist to fight alone!” Liao Fan instantly decided while a wisp of madness flashed on his fast, and he howled towards the sky before intending to charge forward.

“Fellow Daoist, please relax and watch the battle!” However, right at this moment, Chen Xi’s voice sounded out once more by Liao Fan’s ears, causing his entire body to stiffen while his mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely. Moreover, more than half of the fighting spirit that he’d aroused in his heart with great difficulty had instantly vanished.

After that, he saw Chen Xi fight with those seven Xeno-race experts by himself. The battle was extremely intense, and there was utterly no room for him to interfere.

Moreover, it wasn’t just Chen Xi, even those seven Xeno-race experts seemed to think he was too weak, and they actually disregarded him because of this.

This discovered caused Liao Fan to be dazed and feeling like crying but have no tears. He stood there while staring blankly at the battle, and he was like an innocent child that had been abandoned and forgotten. He muttered to himself. “I just want to help. Can’t you give me a chance for me to reclaim a sense of existence?”

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