Chapter 887 – Moonhowl Extermination

This battlefield was at the outer area of the territory of Swallow Kingdom, and it was at a place called Aquacove City.

At this moment, there were countless cultivators defending the 3km tall city walls of Aquacove City, and various magic treasures and Dao Arts sprayed out, swept through the heavens and the earth, and emanated extremely blazing glows.

On the other hand, their opponents were Xeno-race experts that covered the heavens and the earth!

These Xeno-race experts wore black colored battle armor and rode strange ferocious beasts that were completely pitch black and had savage appearances. They were like a torrent of steel that charged forward fearlessly towards Aquacove City.

A rain of blood poured down!

Miserable howls shook the skies!

The entire surroundings were enveloped in a horrifying scene that caused it to seem like purgatory. Blood dyed the ground red while corpses were piled up all over. Regardless of if it was cultivator or Xeno-race, all of them were fighting with their lives on the line and people were dying at all times.

This was the scene that Chen Xi noticed at first glance when he stood at the stern.

It was even to the extent that he determined with a single glance that there was a total of 100,000 people in the Xeno-race army. 3,000 were Violet Crystal Rank experts, 8,000 were Gold Rank experts, 30,000 Silver Rank experts, 50,000 Bronze Rank experts, and the remaining were Blackiron Experts.

The most striking was a place 1,500km away from Aquacove City because seven elegant and magnificent thrones that were completely studded with gems were floating there.

Seven Xeno-race experts were sitting on these thrones. There were men and women, old and young. All of them wore gorgeous clothes, revealed graceful bearings, and were surprisingly seven General Rank experts!

The General Rank was equivalent to the Earthly Immortal Realm.

Even though such a large scale Xeno-race army was far inferior to the strength of one of the 10 great immortal sects, it was sufficient to sweep through any first-rate power in the Dark Reverie.

The Swallow Kingdom was only one of the numerous kingdoms in the Dark Reverie, and the powers that reside within it were even inferior to the Golden Supremacy Kingdom. There were only three first-rate powers, and the others were second-rate powers and loosely organized powers like academies. 

When facing the Xeno-race army that pressed down on the borders of Swallow Kingdom, if it wasn’t for them jointly fighting with their lives on the line, it would absolutely be impossible for them to persist for half a day. There was no other reason than the gap in their strengths was too great.

It was even not exaggerated to say that merely those seven General Rank Xeno-race experts were sufficient to sweep through the entire Swallow Kingdom!

The situation was very grim!

This was something Chen Xi instantly determined.

Right at this moment, a group flew out from the Xeno-race army towards them, and it was approaching the treasured vessel.

There was a total of 80 people in this group. All of them wore black armor and were at the Gold Rank, and only the expert in the lead was at the Violet Crystal Rank. They moved over with a murderous air, and they seemed to have taken Chen Xi and the others as the outside help of the Swallow Kingdom.

“Lay down your arms and surrender, submit to slavery and keep your lives!”

“Lay down your arms and surrender, submit to slavery and keep your lives!”

Explosive shouts sounded out from the group of Xeno-race. Their voices were strange and lacking in fluency, but the ruthless aura of slaughter in their voices assaulted the faces of Chen Xi and the others.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged, and he just waved his hand at Mu Kui.

Mu Kui was already impatient a long time ago, so his eyes that were brass bells instantly surged with a ruthless and cruel sheen when he saw this, and his robust figure suddenly flew out of the treasured vessel before his right hand that was thick and large like a cattail fan held a broad Immortal Sword that was shaped like a saber, and was over a metal long and more than half a meter wide. He was like a giant god as he suddenly roared. “Bastards! My fucking sword has been intolerably thirsty since long ago! Hurry up and die!”


Amidst his roar that was like a thunderclap, Mu Kui’s enormous sword swung out, causing a terrifying sword qi that was 3km in length to slash down, and it was like a mountain that lay across that sky was smashing down fiercely.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Practically instantly, the group of 80 Xeno-race experts were like crops that had been trampled on fiercely, and they were directly slashed into a hideous mess. Blood rained down like a waterfall while severed limbs flew into the surroundings. Over 10 people weren’t able to let out a shrill cry at all before they were crushed into balls of blood.

Only the Violet Crystal Rank expert in the lead saw that the situation was bad and was barely able to dodge away. But his countenance was already ghastly pale from terror, and his eyeballs almost fell out.

This sword strike was too terrifying!

But Mu Kui was extremely displeased. He felt it was a huge embarrassment, and he didn’t live up to his chance to attack this time.

He gritted his teeth and stared at the Violet Crystal Rank expert before he roared. “You bastard! You actually dared to dodge!?” Amidst his explosive shout, he held the broad Immortal Sword that seemed like a plant before another slash smashed over.

It was simple, violent, and even carried a savage and unreasonable aura.


The Violet Crystal Rank expert just had time to withdraw a halberd shaped magic treasure when it was slashed into pieces by this sword strike, whereas his entire body felt as if it was fiercely struck by an enormous mountain. The bones in his body shattered while his entire body transformed into a ball of mush that exploded with a bang, and the scene of his death was extremely horrifying.

In less than a few breaths, this group of Xeno-race experts had been completely annihilated!

It wasn’t that they weren’t strong enough, but the opponent they chose was too ferocious, and it was no different to throwing an egg against a rock.

Instantly, the gazes all those youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe shot at Mu Kui changed. This wolf demon uncle is so ferocious!

Mu Kui instantly started chuckling without end when being focused on by so many gazes.

“Still too weak.” Ling Bai discouraged him bluntly and said, “If it was me, nothing would survive beneath a single strike of mine!”

“If I were to make a move, a single slap would crush all of them.” The little bear A’Man spoke with a rough voice.

Bai Kui showed his teeth and roared, and he seemed to be very displeased.

A’xiu chuckled as he rubbed his little head and said with a clear voice, “Little Bai said that it’s better for Mu Kui not to make a move so as to avoid him being too embarrassing.”

The smile on Mu Kui’s face instantly froze, and he slightly desired to cry but had no tears. But he was unable to refute this because he knew very well that he was indeed too inferior when compared to these fellows!

Meanwhile, the commotion here drew the attention of the Xeno-race army, and even the seven General Rank experts that sat upright on the seven thrones shot their Immortal Perception over.

Moreover, even the cultivators within Aquacove City had noticed the appearance of this treasured vessel, and then all of them were stunned before revealing worried expressions.

They thought that their savior had arrived, yet never had they imagined it was merely a single treasured vessel. So how could it possibly rescue them from the danger before them?

But there was still someone that howled loudly. “Fellow Daoists over here, the situation is dangerous. Please swiftly come over to the city and resist the enemies along with us!”

The person that spoke was a middle aged scholar that possessed a cultivation at the Earthly Immortal Realm. He was called Liao Fan, and he was a great figure that was rather reputable and possessed extremely high prestige in Swallow Kingdom.

The other cultivators spoke successively when they saw him speaking, and they invited Chen Xi to go over towards them at almost the exact same time.

But most of them weren’t optimistic and even worried because whether Chen Xi and the others would be able to pass through the Xeno-race army and arrive at the city was a problem.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when he saw this, yet he started to give out instructions.

“Mu Kui, draw their attention over.”

“Meng Wei, Mo Ya, both of you respectively lead the Violet Lightning and Azurefrost Camps and prepare for battle.”

“Ling Bai, A’Man, both of you stand on guard at the side. Don’t seek to kill, and it’s enough that you protect everyone on our side from being harmed.”

“As for those seven Xeno-race experts, leave them to me.”

Everyone received their orders right away.

A’xiu couldn’t help but ask. “Then what about me and Bai Kui?”

“Do as you like.” Chen Xi answered casually.

A’xiu couldn’t help but roll her eyes.


Right at this moment, Mu Kui suddenly soared into the sky and transformed into an enormous wolf that was 300m tall, completely bright silver in color, and had a pair of wings on his back, and then he howled towards the sky!


This howl was like a shocking tempest that carried a soul shaking force, and it spread towards the surroundings while shattering the layer of clouds in the sky and throwing space into disorder.

Along with this howl, a blood red moon could even be seen rising gradually in midair, and it dyed the heavens and the earth dark red that was gorgeous to the point it was horrifying.

The innate Dao Art of the divine beast, Lunarwood Wolf, Moonhowl Extermination!

According to legend, a single howl of the Lunarwood Wolf during the primeval times was capable of shattering the sun and moon, collapsing mountains and rivers, and all spirits and monsters in an area of 40,000km would be annihilated by its howl.

Even though Mu Kui hadn’t cultivated to that level, the might of this howl of his shook the surroundings and covered over the sounds of battle in the distant battlefield.

Numerous comparatively weaker Xeno-race experts within the battlefield were even shaken to the point their entire bodies trembled before their souls were annihilated, and then they fell to the ground with loud bangs.

“Violet Lightning Camp, attack!”

“Azurefrost Camp, kill!”

The howl hadn’t finished reverberating through the air when two explosive shouts sounded  out once more in the sky. Meng Wei and Mo Ya each led a group of youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe to form a grand formation, and they were like two expanses of clouds that rumbled up into the sky before surging out.

The youths of the Violet Lightning Camps were like numerous Fiendgods. They transformed into over 100m tall giants with three heads and six arms, and their bodies surged with Shaman Energy. When combined together, they seemed like a black dragon.

This was the Blackhell Dragonsoul Battle Formation that came from Qing Yu. Its greatest strength was slaughter, and it brought forth the offensive strength of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement to the limit.

On the other hand, the youths from the Azurefrost Camp formed a large scale sword formation that seemed to be covered densely with stars. It contained the profundities of the four-symbols and five elements, and it was called the Seven Variation Astral Sword Formation. It possessed numerous variations, and it was peerlessly fierce and swift.

When looked at from afar, the youths of the Violet Lightning Camp were like an enormous hammer in the hands of a god, and they fiercely smashed into the Xeno-race army with ferocious might while carrying an all-powerful and crushing aura.

On the other hand, the youths of the Azurefrost Camp seemed to be like an awl that had been sharpened to become extremely sharp, and they easily tore apart the enemy’s line of defense and caused strings of scarlet blood to spray into the sky.

Even though the youths in both battle camps were less than 100 people in total, when they slaughtered their way into the battlefield at this moment, they actually emanated a tremendous  aura that was like a powerful army dashing over.

Merely this ferocious aura was sufficient to terrify their enemies.

Ling Bai, Mu Kui, and A’Man had moved out as well, and they patrolled the surroundings of the youths according to Chen Xi’s instructions. Moreover, unless the youths encountered a lethal threat, they wouldn’t make a single move.

No matter what, the cultivation of the youths was only around the Rebirth Realm now, and it was as easy as flipping their hands for them to annihilate a Gold Rank expert. But once they encountered a Violet Crystal or even General Rank expert, it would be dangerous for them.

But as things were now, the display of the youths was really not bad. There was tension and relaxation in their movement while they fought firmly and precisely. Moreover, they weren’t greedy for results and always maintained the entire battle formation’s composition and battle rhythm.

Their appearance practically instantly threw the entire situation of the battlefield in disorder, and they forcefully tore open a gap in the vast and mighty Xeno-race army, causing the entire situation to become chaotic.

“You’re just a group of despicable natives! Since you dared to come cause trouble today, then leave all your lives behind!” Right at this moment, a General Rank expert on one of the seven thrones leaped up, and his entire body erupted with blazing jet black light, causing him to seem like a black sun that had risen in midair.

At the same time, Chen Xi suddenly raised his head while cold lights appeared in his eyes.

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