Chapter 886 – Passing by Swallow Kingdom

Evil Lotus’s laughter revealed madness and sorrow, but when it entered into the ears of Mei Luoxiao and Yu Zhongxia, it was no different to a thunderclap, and it shook their minds to the point of shaking violently without end.

“Shit! Our identities have been exposed. Let’s go!” Mei Luoxiao decided immediately, and he grabbed Yu Zhongxia’s hand before teleporting and vanishing on the spot.

“Hmph! Can you even escape before me?” Evil Lotus restrained his laughter while killing intent suddenly arose within his cold eyes, and then he grabbed out with a single hand.

A terrifying blood colored sword qi was emanated from his palm before it suddenly shot out violently, and it penetrated layer after layer of space and slashed down at them from afar!


An expanse of peaceful space 5,000km away suddenly exploded apart along with two miserable and shrill cries, and then balls of golden rain of blood sprayed out while mixed with severed limbs and pieces of flesh, causing it to seem extraordinarily terrifying.

“They’re dead?” When Chen Xi rushed over, he looked at the pieces of flesh on the ground and the golden colored pools of blood that soaked the ground with slight disbelief and astonishment.

“Can they even survive when I make a move against them?” Evil Lotus stood with his hands behind his back as he walked over, and his evil and gloomy handsome face was covered in an overbearing and arrogant expression, causing him to seem like a peerless devil that had descended into the world.

Chen Xi gasped because those were two Heavenly Immortals! They were supreme and possessed eternal lifespans! But now, they were killed like trash from far away by a casual attack from Evil Lotus!

Up until this point when he left the sword cave, Chen Xi finally understood that Mei Luoxiao and Yu Zhongxiao had descended to the Mortal Dimension entirely not for the sake of assisting the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in resisting the threat of the Xeno-race army, and they’d come for the Dao Calamity Sword instead!

The reason was just as Dao Lotus had said, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension had been annihilated.

Chen Xi even suspected that when Wen Huating heard of this news, he would probably not believe it at all. But no matter what, he still had to tell Wen Huating everything.

After all, even though Mei Luoxiao and Yu Zhongxia were dead, he couldn’t guarantee that something like this wouldn’t occur again. 


When he walked out of the Soul Suppression Hall, Chen Xi looked up at the azure sky above him and heaved a sigh of relief, and he felt the heaviness in his heart had eased up greatly.

“If…” At a secluded place, Evil Lotus finally spoke, and his expression revealed rare seriousness.

“What?” Chen Xi was slightly surprised.

“If I die, don’t tell Dao Lotus.” Evil Lotus seemed to have finally decided, and he turned around to stare at Chen Xi. “You ought to understand what I mean.”

Chen Xi’s heart constricted because he was extremely clear that when Evil Lotus spoke these words, Evil Lotus already held the resolution to meet death.

He was powerless to stop this, and he even didn’t know exactly where Evil Lotus was going to seek revenge. But he knew very clearly that Evil Lotus wasn’t optimistic towards the actions he was about to take.

“But how would I know if you’re dead or not?” Chen Xi raised his head and asked.

Even though these words were slightly disrespectful, Evil Lotus strangely didn’t become infuriated at this moment, and he pondered carefully before he said, “When you see a lotus appear on the Dao Calamity Sword, it would prove that I’ve perished.”

His voice was low, deep, and calm, and it even carried a wisp of resolution and lightheartedness.

When Chen Xi raised his head once more, he was unable to find another trace of Evil Lotus any longer, and it seemed as if Evil Lotus had vanished into thin air and only Evil Lotus’s voice still lingered by his ears.



True Martial Peak.

When Chen Xi walked out of hall at the center of True Martial Peak, it was already deep in the night, and starts studded and flickered in the sky while emanating strands of clear radiance. In the distance, the sound of disciples reading scriptures could be heard faintly.

The night breeze blew gently and caused the pines to whistle, and the fog of night was like a sea of clouds that curled up and moved about.

As he walked on the quiet limestone path, he was able to hear the clicking noises of insects amidst the peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Chen Xi walked neither too fast nor too slow with his hands behind his back, and he seemed to be taking a stroll. Only his tightly knit brows proved that his feeling weren’t so carefree and calm as he seemed from the outside.

So long as Senior Dao Lotus is present, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect will surely be fine… After a long time, Chen Xi stopped and turned around to look at True Martial Peak from afar. The hall at the center was brightly illuminated by lanterns, and it seemed to be extremely dazzling under the night sky.

He knew that the Sect Master Wen Huating, the Three Sages of Nine Radiance, and all the higher-ups of the sect were discussing a way to deal with the situation. Perhaps, he wouldn’t be able to see Mei Qingyuan and all those profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension from tomorrow onwards.

On the other hand, this meant that from today onward, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect would have no assistance from the Immortal Dimension. Moreover, it would have to be vigilant against threats that came from the Immortal Dimension at all times.

If the threat of the Xeno-race was added to this, then the situation of the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect was critical!

Chen Xi was powerless to change all of this, and the only thing he could do was properly take care of the Allheaven Truth and Dao Calamity Sword. Even if an unpredictable calamity occurred in the future, he could preserve a seed for the Nine Radiance Sword Sect…

But Chen Xi didn’t hope that day would come. 


Three days later, an unusual group set out from West Radiance Peak and left the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

The reason it was unusual was entirely because of A’xiu. She embraced Bai Kui in her arms while Ling Bai sat on Bai Kui’s back, and the little bear with gold fur, A’Man lay on A’xiu’s shoulder. She seemed like a Grandmaster Tamer, and she was extremely striking.

Besides this, the entire group was very ordinary. Meng Wei commanded the Violet Lightning Camp, Mo Ya commanded the Azurefrost Camp, and then it was just Chen Xi and Mu Kui.

They sat within a treasured vessel that was 3km in length. It had a low profile and ordinary appearance, but it was actually a true Quasi Immortal Artifact. Moreover, Chen Xi had set up layer after layer of restrictions on it, so it was capable of resisting the attacks of Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

This treasured vessel was the first Quasi Immortal Artifact that Huo Molei had forged himself. Regardless of material or forging skill, they had both attained a peak state that even Chen Xi praised ceaselessly.

But Huo Molei, Chen Yan, and the others didn’t leave along with Chen Xi and had stayed behind on West Radiance Peak. Compared to the outside world that was filled with unpredictable ‘storms,’ they’d rather stay at the West Radiance Peak that stood aloof from the world.

As for Chen Yan, his cultivation was too low, and he had to meditate and cultivate. It wasn’t the time for him to obtain tempering, so he’d been left behind.


This treasured vessel called ‘West Radiance’ crushed the layer of clouds as it instantly vanished into the depths of the sky.

Within the vessel, Chen Xi was carefully studying the map in his hand. The map mapped the entire outline of the Dark Reverie from mountains, lakes, cities, towns, the distribution of powers, mysterious restricted areas, and so on and so forth.

Moreover, the few areas that were near to the south of the Dark Reverie and had been marked with red colored ink represented cities and powers that had been captured by the Xeno-race.

Based on this map, the places that were marked in red were distributed in the outer area of the Dark Reverie, and there weren’t many as well. They only occupied less that 1% of the entire area on the map.

But in Chen Xi’s eyes, this scene was sufficiently shocking.

Because even though they seemed like mere red dots, they might represent a city with millions of people or a first-rate power!

These places had been occupied by the Xeno-race army now, and consequences to the living beings that lived there was obvious.

Before long, Chen Xi stopped thinking about this and placed his attention towards the vicinity of the Violet Thistle Mountain.

There was an extremely far distance between the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and the Bai Clan, and according to the speed of moving 5,000km every instant, it would require an entire seven days of flying.

There were countless cities, mountains, swamps, lakes, and various sects and powers of all sizes all along the way.

If it was an ordinary person that trudged day and night, the person would probably never be able to arrive at the Violet Thistle Mountain. Even if it was Chen Xi, he would need an entire day to arrive there if he travelled utilizing teleportation!

But Chen Xi wasn’t in a hurry.

On one hand, he’d left the sect this time to head to the Bai Clan and ask Bai Wanqing about his parents, but on the other hand, he wanted to temper the strengths of these youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe on the way.

Merely training behind closed doors was far from sufficient, and only by experiencing the tempering of real combat and the test of blood would they be able to quickly transform into true experts.

One day later, Chen Xi woke up from his meditation, and then he raised his head and asked. “Mu Kui, where are we?”

“Master, Swallow Kingdom is 40,000km ahead.” Mu Kui unfolded the map and sized it up briefly before replying in a respectful voice.

During the recent years, Mu Kui’s cultivation had advanced with amazing speed, and coupled with him successfully activating the innate Dao Art, Moonhowl Extermination, of the divine beast Lunarwood Wolf in his blood, his strength was only a step away from ascending into the Earthly Immortal Realm.

Chen Xi was greatly surprised by this advancement, and he was extremely happy for Mu Kui.

If he carefully considered it, Mu Kui had already been following by his side for a few tens of years, and Mu Kui could absolutely be considered to be loyal and devoted. On the other hand, Chen Xi had never been stingy towards someone by his side, and he’d just given a wide bladed Immortal Sword to Mu Kui a few days ago.

During these past few years, Chen Xi had gathered countless Immortal Swords, but most of them were ordinary Immortal Artifacts, whereas only the eight Universal Devil Suppression Sword Diagrams, the Nethermist Feathered Armor, and a few other treasures could be considered to be top quality and extraordinary.

Of course, there were some treasures with values so great they had exceeded the scope of ordinary Immortal Artifacts since a long time ago. For example, the Saintslaughter Forbidden Sword that belonged to the Ancestor of the Yazi Clan, the Dao Calamity Sword he just obtained from the 99th level of the sword cave, the Netherworld Register, the Condemn Evil Brush, and so on and so forth. Their value was so great that they couldn’t be compared to Immortal Artifacts.

But he didn’t dare utilize many of them for now. For example, because the origins of treasures like the Netherworld Register, Condemn Evil Brush, and Dao Calamity Sword were too great and the karma they were implicated with was too great, he absolutely couldn’t utilize them for now.

“Swallow Kingdom?” The outline of a detailed map instantly appeared in Chen Xi’s mind, and he was just pondering whether they should rest in the Swallow Kingdom when a wave of clamorous noise suddenly sounded out from outside the vessel.

“What’s that!?”

“It’s a group of Xeno-race experts! A blood battle is occurring over there!”

“Eh! They’re rushing over towards us!”

Chen Xi swiftly rose up when he heard these voices, and then he pushed open the door and arrived at the stern. He saw Meng Wei staring at the distant sky with a grim expression, and the youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe were standing all around him.


Waves of intense fluctuations of battle arose from the distant sky, causing smoke to shoot into the sky while blazing and surging rays of light were emanated. Moreover, the horrifying howls of battle and miserable and shrill cries accompanied all of this, causing it to reveal an extremely vast and mighty aura.

The treasured vessel stopped right away.

Chen Xi stood upright at the stern, and he noticed with a single glance that a group was whistling over from the extreme distance with murderous looks on their faces.

Everyone in this group wore pitch black battle armor, possessed ruthless and cruel auras, and rode strange ferocious beasts with savage appearances. If Chen Xi wasn’t wrong, all of them were surely Xeno-race experts!

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