Chapter 885 – Dao Calamity Sword

The winner leaves and the loser dies!

Evil Lotus’s words were equivalent to intending to completely resolve the resentment that had accumulated through the boundless years right here and right now.

Dao Lotus didn’t agree but went silent for  along time before he said slowly, “I can let you out, but there’s a condition.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He’s going to let Evil Lotus out?

With his violent, cruel, and evil character, wouldn’t he turn the entire world upside down?

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, even Evil Lotus was stunned, and he seemed to not dare believe it and seemed to be pondering deeply. He laughed coldly after a short moment. “My good brother, others might not understand you, but how could I not? Tell me, what sort of trick are you playing!?”

Dao Lotus had a calm expression, and he seemed as if he didn’t hear the sarcasm in Evil Lotus’s words as he said, “You probably don’t know yet, but the Nine Radiance Immortal Sect in the Immortal Dimension has been destroyed.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Chen Xi was horrified while his scalp went numb. If it’s really like this, then what about Mei Luoxiao, Yu Zhongxia, and all those others that came from the Immortal Dimension?

Could it be that there’s some sort of conspiracy in all of this?

Even Evil Lotus fell into silence at this moment, and his vicious and gloomy face had an indeterminate expression.

“You’ve probably guessed who the enemy is.” Dao Lotus’s expression remained calm and indifferent, and he seemed as if he was emotionless. “If I’m not wrong, the next place to fall to the enemy is this place.”

“Nonsense!” Evil Lotus suddenly cried out with a sharp voice. “Who would dare come here with me here!? Who would dare encroach on the Dao inheritance left behind by Master?” His voice carried monstrous killing intent.

“They would of course not dare to right now, but everything is possible once the heavens and the earth are in a complete upheaval.” Dao Lotus raised his head to look at Evil Lotus from afar, and he said, “My condition is to hand the Dao Calamity Sword to Chen Xi.”

The Dao Calamity Sword!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but glance at the blood red sword in the depths of the ocean of lava that stood at the center of the blood colored lotus, whereas Evil Lotus was standing right by the side of the sword.

“What! You want me to hand the Dao Calamity Sword over to this weak and useless brat?” Evil Lotus suddenly became agitated, and he pointed at Chen Xi with an expression of disbelief. “Dao Lotus! Are you mad, or am I?”

“I already passed the Allheaven Truth to him a long time ago!” Dao Lotus spoke word by word.

“You…” Evil Lotus gnashed his teeth while his expression was extremely gloomy as he glanced at Chen Xi. He was truly unable to discern what this little fellow had that made the little fellow worthy of Dao Lotus acting in this way.

“Give it some thought.” Dao Lotus remained carefree, or perhaps, it could be said that his expression had never changed since he met Evil Lotus.

“Give it a thought my ass!” Evil Lotus roared with a ghastly voice. “What qualifications does an ant at the Earthly Immortal Realm have to control the Dao Calamity Sword? That’s disrespect! Desecration! Not to mention he’s unable to control it, so long as it’s given to him, it would be seized by someone the next day! Do you think a little fellow at the Earthly Immortal Realm can deal with those bastards? My ass! Not to mention an Earthly Immortal, even a Heavenly Immortal or Mysterious Immortal are trash…”

His rumbling roars reverberated through the 99th level of the sword cave like a thunderclap, and his voice carried boundless rage and extreme disregard and contempt towards Chen Xi.

But Dao Lotus remained indifferent to all of this, and he called Chen Xi over before he said, “After hearing so much, you’ve probably understood some things, right?”

Chen Xi nodded. After connecting it with the scenes of the fall of the Chaotic Divine Lotus that he saw all those years ago, he was vaguely able to determine that this was a grievance that spanned through the ages, whereas the enemy of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was surely an extremely terrifying existence in the three dimensions.

But he was still puzzled. Since it’s like this, then why was the Nine Radiance Sword Sect able to survive until now? According to logic, even though the Nine Radiance Sword Sect that stands in the Mortal Dimension is one of the 10 great immortal sects, but it’s extremely ordinary and trivial to the great figures of the three dimensions, so annihilating it would be as simple as flipping a hand to them.

But right after that, a flash of inspiration arose in his mind. He instantly thought of a possibility. All of this is probably related to the existence of Dao Lotus and Evil Lotus…

“The karma in this grievance is too great. I’m not doing all this for the sake of passing this karma to you, but only you have the ability to conceal this karma.” Dao Lotus’s gaze was like a deep and clear lake as he stared at Chen Xi and said calmly, “You don’t have to worry about anything, nor do you have to bear any karma. You just have to take the Allheaven Truth and Dao Calamity Sword with you.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he heard this, and then he was stunned. “Conceal karma?”

Dao Lotus nodded with a slightly complicated expression.

Even though he didn’t give any explanation, Chen Xi still instantly came to an understanding, and he couldn’t help but laugh with self-ridicule in his heart. It turns out that there are benefits of being a ‘variant.’ At the very least, my fate is concealed from the Heaven Dao, and I’m at least able to conceal some energy of karma. 

Even though, he still hadn’t figured out what karma was up until now, he knew very clearly that the reason he was a ‘variant’ was the River Diagram fragments that were floating in his sea of consciousness, and this was something his Senior Sister Li Yang had told him.

River Diagram fragments!

Exactly what sort of treasure is this?

Chen Xi recalled everything that he’d experienced in these past few years, and a wisp of a complicated feeling couldn’t help but arise in his heart. The more he cultivated, the more he felt that his fate wasn’t controlled in the palm of his hands. He was pushed forward by an imperceptible force and unintentionally fell into numerous storms that he was unable to struggle free from, and he could only grit his teeth and move forward.

“Alright! I agree!” Suddenly, Evil Lotus stopped roaring, and his voice was icy cold and low as he lightly spat out a few words.

Dao Lotus started smiling. He’d known since the beginning that this would happen because he knew Evil Lotus too well.

Chen Xi awoke from his deep contemplation. He didn’t have any sense of accomplishment when he heard Evil Lotus’s reply, and his heart felt heavy for no reason or rhyme.

“Don’t be too worried. As the saying goes, one only needs to stay true to one’s heart and move forward boldly on the path towards the Dao.” Dao Lotus patted Chen Xi on the should and smiled as he spoke.

Chen Xi nodded.

The gorgeous blood red lotus flower at the center of the ocean of lava had vanished, and replacing it was a green colored lotus flower that was polished as if it was carved out from jade. It emanated a clear radiance and an aura that calmed the heart.

It was Dao Lotus that had transformed into the lotus flower.

When Evil Lotus agreed to the conditions, Dao Lotus had replaced Evil Lotus to reside in the 99th level.

Chen Xi carefully put away the Dao Calamity Sword in his hand, and then he bowed towards Dao Lotus from afar before turning and leaving.

“See you again, my good brother!” Evil Lotus roared with laughter as he waved his hand at Dao Lotus from afar, and then put his hands behind his back and left by Chen Xi’s side in an unhurried and carefree manner. 


At the bottom of the sword cave, Chen Xi and Evil Lotus moved up layer by layer together.

After being freed, Evil Lotus seemed as if he’d become a different person. He was silent while his evil and icy cold bearing carried a murderous aura, and he seemed to not possess the slightest excitement or joy and seemed to have something weighing down on his mind instead.

Chen Xi showed no interest when he saw this.

He wasn’t worried that Evil Lotus would suddenly make a move against him because according to what Dao Lotus said, even though Evil Lotus had a ruthless and cruel character, Evil Lotus would absolutely not go against his word.

Perhaps, this was the only thing worthy of commending in Evil Lotus.

When both of them arrived at the 90th level, a wave of the sound of air being torn apart suddenly sounded out.

It was a man and woman that were surrounded by Immortal Energy. Even if they were flying in this sword cave that was filled with infinite danger, they still had relaxed expressions and seemed as if they were strolling idly in a courtyard, and it revealed their extremely formidable cultivations.

Hmm? It’s actually these two fellows!

Chen Xi instantly discerned that it was surprisingly those two emissaries from the Immortal Dimension, Yu Zhongxia and Mei Luoxiao.


Before Chen Xi could make any reaction, Evil Lotus had already grabbed him and flashed to vanish into thin air.

Mei Luoxiao and Yu Zhongxia seemed to be discussing something, and they didn’t notice this scene.

“Brother Mei, with our strengths, it seems to be slightly dangerous to take away the Dao Calamity Sword.”

“Haha! Junior Sister Yu, there’s no need to worry. I’ve already investigated clearly. That Evil Lotus has already been suppressed here for countless years and the shackles on him still remain. Unless he’s able to escape these shackles, otherwise he’s utterly incapable of injuring us.”

“Oh? Then I’m curious. Who suppressed Evil Lotus here? I heard that during the primeval times, Evil Lotus that was a strand of the Chaotic Divine Lotus’s killing intent was extremely terrifying, and he held the Dao Calamity Sword and slaughtered countless gods. How could such a figure be confined here for countless years?”

“Hahaha! Who else could it be? It’s of course Dao Lotus. If it wasn’t for his older brother Dao Lotus, who could possibly have the ability to suppress Evil Lotus in the Mortal Dimension? He would have probably slaughtered his way to the Immortal Dimension by now.”

“Dao Lotus!?” 

“Exactly. Unfortunately, Dao Lotus isn’t at the top of the Lotus Platform now, and no one knows if he’s dead or alive. Otherwise, there would be utterly no need for this, and we would only have to deceive Dao Lotus to make a move before we would be easily able to obtain the Dao Calamity Sword.”

“It really is unfortunate.”

“Let’s go. Let’s return as soon as we obtain the Dao Calamity Sword. Once we stay here for too long, they might notice some inklings.”

Both of them seemed to be extremely bold, and they appeared to firmly believe that there was utterly no one that could arrive at the 90th level of the sword cave, so they couldn’t even be bothered to utilize voice transmissions as they spoke.


However, right when both of them were about to move forward at full speed, they felt something flash before their eyes, and then a black clothed young man with blood red hair suddenly appeared before them. He seemed as if he’d appeared out of thin air, and it shocked them to the point their bodies stiffened before they swiftly retreated 300m back.

“Two little fellows at the Heavenly Immortal Realm dare to covet my belongings?” Evil Lotus’s blood red hair fluttered while his face was covered in extremely icy cold and vicious killing intent.

“Who’re you?” Yu Zhongxia cried out with shock. She felt an extremely dangerous aura from this person, and it actually caused her, a Heavenly Immortal, to have the feeling to wish for nothing more than to turn around and flee in panic.

“Evil Lotus?” Mei Luoxiao quickly recovered his composure instead, and he said calmly, “We’re emissaries sent down by the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension, and we’ve received orders to take back the Dao Calamity Sword. We aren’t enemies.”

“But I heard a long time ago that the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension has been annihilated. Both of you wouldn’t be traitors of the sect, right?” Evil Lotus’s eyes surged with a bloody glow that was terrifying and awe-inspiring.

As soon as these words were spoken, Mei Luoxiao and Yu Zhongxia’s expression darkened.

Even Chen Xi who was hiding in the distance perceived that even if these two fellows weren’t traitors, they were not far away from becoming one!

“Haha! I never imagined that it was really as Dao Lotus said! Those scoundrels are finally unable to restrain themselves, and they want to stretch their claws into the Mortal Dimension!” Evil Lotus roared with laughter, yet his voice didn’t have the slightest amusement in it, and it revealed dense sorrow and madness instead.

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