Chapter 884 – The Struggle Between Dao And Evil

The black clothed young man attacked abruptly. His fingers were like five peerlessly swift and fierce swords, and they were coiled with strands of pitch black, cold, and evil aura. As he clawed down, it seemed like hooks from hell that intended to swallow Chen Xi up, and its impetus was terrifying to the extreme.

Not to mention Chen Xi was confined right now and was unable to move, even if he recovered to his previous state, he would be utterly incapable of resisting this strike!

The reason was very simple. The might of this attack was simply no different from the might revealed by Liang Bing who was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and it was even more terrifying.

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted, but he didn’t reveal any terror. He was extremely calm instead as if he’d expected the black clothed young man to suddenly attack ruthlessly.

It took a long time to be written out, yet all of it happened in a thousandth of an instant, and its speed couldn’t be measures with the rules of the Mortal Dimension.


When Chen Xi was about to be clawed to death, suddenly, a figure floated up into appearance from within the gold and brilliant lotus petal in his palm, and then it easily shook this attack away with a flick of its sleeve.

The two of them collided and erupted with an extremely terrifying fluctuation that swept to the surroundings, and it actually completely destroyed the ancient grand formation set up in the surroundings.

At the same time, Chen Xi felt his entire body lighten as the restrictive energy that enveloped his body vanished, and his entire body was blasted flying.

“Who is it!? You actually dare to interfere while I’m killing someone?” Dust and dirt suffused the air, and the black clothed young man’s explosive shout of rage and shock resounded out.

“Evil Lotus, you don’t even recognize me after so many years?” A voice that was clear and melodious like a bell resounded out, and it actually gave others the strange feeling that they’d heard the profound tune of the Grand Dao.

Along with this voice, a tall figure split the dust and dirt apart to appear before the black clothed young man. He wore a green robe, had hair that reached his waist and a handsome appearance, and the space between his brows was filled with a relaxed and tranquil expression.

He seemed like a modest gentleman that was warm like jade, and he revealed a clean, flawless, broad-minded, and indifferent bearing, causing others to be unable to help but feel tranquil and calm upon laying eyes on him.

Besides possessing a completely different bearing than the black clothed young man, their appearances were exactly the same. It was precisely Dao Lotus!

Earlier, the reason Chen Xi had went silent for a moment before taking out the golden lotus petal that recorded the Allheaven Truth was precisely because he’d noticed the existence of Dao Lotus.

Now, when he saw Dao Lotus finally make an appearance, he heaved a sigh of relief before a wisp of a complicated feeling couldn’t help but arise in his heart. When I obtained this golden lotus petal all those years ago, I actually didn’t notice Dao Lotus’s existence from the beginning until the end.

If he wasn’t forced into a hopeless situation that was related to Dao Lotus, he would probably never know that such a terrifying existence other than the tiny cauldron was by his side.

“Dao Lotus! It’s actually you!” The black clothed young man’s expression turned grim when he saw Dao Lotus, and his evil and icy cold pupils couldn’t help but surge with dense resentment and hatred.

It was like two sworn enemies with an old score had met.

But right when his voice had just finished resounding out in the air, his figure flashed before he vanished into thin air, and it was swift to the point he was like a passing nightmare and even Chen Xi’s mind was unable to follow up to his reaction speed!

“Haha! Bring it on, Dao Lotus! I’m at the 99th level, come over if you have the balls!” At this moment, the black clothed young man’s voice sounded out in the air, and it obviously displayed how swift his speed was.

“After so many years, what should be dealt with has to be dealt with in the end, right?” Dao Lotus stood with his hands behind his back as he muttered to himself, and it was unknown if he was talking to Chen Xi or Evil Lotus that had left a long time ago.,

Chen Xi faintly sensed from this scene that the relationship between Dao Lotus and Evil Lotus wasn’t as simple as a relationship between enemies. It gave him the feeling like they were twins that had completely different characters. Moreover, they seemed to wish for nothing more than to annihilate each other, causing it to be extremely strange.


But before Chen Xi could react to what had happened, Dao Lotus had already flicked his sleeve and carried Chen Xi to vanish instantly on the spot. 


The 99th level of the sword cave.

This place was extremely empty, and it was filled with seething and blazing lava that flowed through it. Tongues of flames flickered while surging white waves of heat rose up from it, and it burned the air and space to the point of warping.

On the other hand, at the center of the ocean of lava was an enormous and fully bloomed lotus that was completely crimson red and extremely beautiful. Moreover, it emanated an extremely violent and evil aura.

At the center of this strange blood colored lotus was a sword pierced through it. The sword was over a meter in length and seemed like a short halberd, and it was completely covered in a bright crimson red color, causing it to seem like fresh blood was flowing through the sword.

The edge of this sword was extremely gorgeous like layer after layer of blooming lotuses were placed upside down on it. The width of the blade was equivalent to a palm, and it was smooth like water and suffused with a fierce and ghastly aura that was extremely dazzling.

When Chen Xi looked carefully at it, the depths of the blood red blade were actually branded with numerous simple and exuberant lotus flowers. Moreover, every single lotus flower had strands of auspicious glow flowing through it.

The strands of auspicious glow actually swiftly transformed into an old man reading scriptures, then swiftly transformed into a young woman that danced gracefully, and then suddenly transformed into an energetic young man that displayed his sword technique that contained a myriad of different poses and movements, causing it to be extremely miraculous.

An ocean of lava, a crimson red and evil lotus, a blood colored sword, a world of infinite lotuses developed on the body of the sword… These scenes were so dazzling, and Chen Xi was shocked by all of this as soon as he arrived here.

Especially when he first laid eyes on the sword that stood at the center of the crimson red lotus, Chen Xi seemed as if he was instantly within a vast and bloody battlefield, and the gods were roaring furiously as the sages were shouting with grief while a rain of blood drifted down from the sky and the ground was covered in pools of blood. The extremely horrifying and bloody aura emitted from it actually almost shook his Dao Heart to the point of collapse!

After all, his current Heart Energy had already attained the Heart Soul realm! And it was difficult to come by amongst the myriad of cultivators in the world. But merely a glance at that blood red sword caused him to suffer such a backlash, and it obviously displayed the monstrous might of the sword.

“Evil Lotus, I’ve come just as you wished.” Dao Lotus spoke indifferently while he looked from afar at the blood colored lotus flower that stood at the center of the ocean of lava.


A wisp of pitch black and dense smoke effused out from the blood lotus, and then it revealed the black clothed young man with blood red hair.

But at this moment, his aura was even more powerful, and his entire body surged with a terrifying jet black flame that burned violently, causing him to seem like an avatar of evil that was born from devilish flames. Moreover, he emanated a ruthless and cruel aura of destruction.

“Hahaha! My good brother! How many years has it been? You’re finally willing to come pay a visit to me!” Evil Lotus roared with laughter while his blood red hair fluttered, yet his voice revealed extremely dense resentment and hatred. “All those years ago, if it wasn’t for your obstruction, I would have annihilated all those gods that covered the sky, and how could I have possibly fallen to such a miserable state? I was confined here alive for countless years, unable to live nor die. How…ruthless of you!”

How ruthless of you!

How ruthless of you!

These words were like a surging thunderclap that rumbled and reverberated within the 99th level of the sword cave, and it shook Chen Xi’s soul to the point it swelled up, his mind droned, his chest was filled with irritation, and his vital energy was almost thrown into disorder.

This caused him to be astounded because even a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert seemed to not possess such a terrifying imposing aura.

“I was saving you.” Dao Lotus’s expression remained indifferent, but his deep and indifferent eyes revealed a wisp of sorrow as he’d recalled something from the past.

“Saving me?” Evil Lotus roared with laughter once more, and his blood red hair fluttered while he revealed an unrestrained and unreasonable bearing, causing him to seem like a great fiend.

After that, he suddenly stopped laughing, and his gaze was like a blade as he stared coldly at Dao Lotus and spoke word by word. “All those years ago, Master grasped the Grand Dao and ascended the peak of the primeval times. Master was only a step away from attaining that realm of legend. But in the end, he was schemed against by the gods of the world and perished with hatred in his heart. You didn’t take revenge for Master but confined me here instead, and you call this saving me?”



Chen Xi suddenly recalled that when he comprehended the Allheaven Truth all those years ago, he’d witnessed how the Chaotic Divine Lotus had rooted itself in the Netherworld and soared into the nine heavens. Moreover, he saw how it slaughtered the nine ferocious beasts of the primeval times and grasped the boundless Grand Dao…

But in the end, when the Chaotic Divine Lotus rose from the ground and stood on the Laws of the Grand Dao to ascend to the depths of the universe, it suddenly suffered a heavy injury, causing its branches to be damaged while its petals shattered, and merely a single petal transformed into a flowing ray of light that penetrated through the boundless space and escaped from the universe to descend into the Mortal Dimension before vanishing.

At that time and at the instant the Chaotic Divine Lotus perished, Chen Xi clearly remembered a pair of eyes silently opening in the depths of the universe!

That pair of eyes opened up at the deepest depths of the universe, and it was pitch black, deep, ancient, and infinite time seemed to be flowing within them. 

Even at this moment, when he recalled it, Chen Xi was still able to remember how terrifying those eyes were. It seemed like a dignified and supreme sovereign that ruled the universe had suddenly opened his eyes, and they were indifferent, cold, and horrifying.

At that moment, he knew very clearly that the fall of the Chaotic Divine Lotus was surely related to the owner of that pair of eyes.

Now, Evil Lotus actually said that the Chaotic Divine Lotus had suffered from the scheme of the gods, causing the Chaotic Divine Lotus to fail on the verge of success at the final step to ascend the Grand Dao. How could Chen Xi not be shocked?

Could it be that the owner of those eyes was one of those gods?

Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered, and he had a deeper feeling that both Dao Lotus and Evil Lotus were formed from a part of the Chaotic Divine Lotus, and since they’d lived until now, they could really be called antiques!

“You ought to know that even if they didn’t scheme against Master, Master would have met that end sooner or later. Otherwise, do you think they would have been able to harm Master?” Dao Lotus frowned and said indifferently, “If I didn’t confine you here all those years ago, then Master’s Dao inheritance would have been utterly incapable of being passed down until now, and there would be no Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the world.”

“You’re saying that my existence would harm the mantle Master left behind?” Evil Lotus gnashed his teeth and replied with a question.

“What do you think?” Dao Lotus asked calmly with a clear and melodious voice that sounded indifferent. “You slaughtered numerous gods all those years ago. Now that Master is gone, do you think you would be a match for them? If I didn’t suppress you here, you would have probably died a long time ago.”

“Bullshit!” Evil Lotus shouted explosively with a murderous expression, and he was evil like a sovereign of darkness. “I knew that you’re already scared out of your wits by Master’s enemies! There’s no point in wasting my breath on you! Since it’s like this, why don’t we decide on an outcome today. The winner leaves and the loser dies! Alright?” 

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