Chapter 882 – Returning To The Sword Cave

The Outerealm Battlefield.

This was a vast space that was opened up in a chaotic area between the three dimensions and the Outerealm, and it was comparable to a large world in scale!

There was no day nor night here, and it was covered in grey mist all year long. Moreover, it was dim and overcast with piercingly cold winds whistling by while filled with sand, and it was an extreme scene of desolation.

The ground was covered in ghastly white bones, damaged weapons, broken armor, and various strange magic treasure fragments that were mottled with rust.

Strands of the aura of war, slaughter, and blood filled every single inch of the air here, causing others to feel extremely oppressed.

Wuwuu~ Wuwuu~

A chilly sound of the horn resounded out and shook the surroundings. In next to no time, row after row of robust figures retreated from the frontline like the tide, and they returned to the campsite before sitting down and resting.

“How many did you kill this time?”

“Alas, don’t mention it, I only killed 16. Dammit! Those Xeno-race were too cowardly to the point I couldn’t fucking find an opponent. Right, how about you? How many did you kill?”

“Hehe, not much, just 18 more than you.”

“Fuck the hell off! Don’t try to put on an act before me! How could I not fucking know the extent of your ability?”

In next to no time, the entire campsite resounded with waves of  lighthearted chatting and laughter. To these warriors of the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan, they’d become accustomed to fighting the Xeno-race at the Outerealm Battlefield a long time ago, and the topics of their conversations every single day were related to killing their enemies.

Because besides combat and slaughter, there was really no other amusement here.

Bai Wanqing wore a scarlet red cloak while her long hair was coiled up into a bun behind her head. She sat cross-legged behind a table within the campsite with a ramrod straight figure that revealed a capable and composed bearing.

She sighed lightly in her heart as she listened to the lighthearted laughter in the campsite because she knew that along with the passage of time, these warriors that returned from the frontline would only grow smaller and smaller in number.

After all, this was a merciless battlefield that was filled with blood and slaughter, and the melody of death was being played at every single moment.

But right after that, her heart recovered its calm.

The Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan had existed since the primeval times, and all the descendants of the Bai Clan were like fearless heroes that were more bold and powerful than the average person. Every single one of their bodies innately flowed with blood that thirsted for combat, and they slaughtered in the name of battle, causing them to seem exceptionally overbearing and ferocious.

Perhaps it was precisely because of this that combat seemed to be like something destined to every single clansmen of the Bai Clan. They were renowned for battle, lived for battle, and took battle as the place they belonged…

Death wasn’t terrifying!

The terrifying thing was losing the soul to do battle in one’s heart!

If one doesn’t fight, then one should just die.

This was the obsession that was branded into the blood of every single clansmen of the Bai Clan. Bai Wanqing knew extremely clearly that even if everyone in the campsite were to die in battle, everyone in the clan wouldn’t grieve them.

They would only grasp the strength in their hands and use their unyielding and blazing soul of war to moved forward and take revenge for their fellow clansmen!

This was the Bai Clan, a terrifying existence that caused all the powers in the Dark Reverie to have an extreme headache.

“Young Miss, the Patriarch has sent news!” Right at this moment, a tall and thin old man walked into the tent, causing Bai Wanqing who was in deep contemplation to be jolted awake.

“Oh? What did my Big Brother say?” Bai Wanqing instantly recovered her capable and composed bearing.

The old man said with a smile, “The Patriarch allowed Young Miss to return.”

If Chen Xi was here, he would be able to recognize that this old man was precisely Bai Teng who’d annihilated one of the 10 great sects in the southern territory’s Dragon Lake City, Starnet Palace, and possessed monstrous might.

“Return?” Bai Wanqing was stunned, and then her brows raised as she said with surprise, “Those idiots from the Zuoqiu Clan have left?”

Bai Teng shook his head. “I don’t know.”

As he spoke up to here, he couldn’t help but sight. “Young Miss has really suffered in these past few years. If it wasn’t for those people from the Zuoqiu Clan, Young Miss wouldn’t have been forced to suffer in this Outerealm Battlefield.”

Bai Wanqing shook her head. “It can’t really be considered to be suffering. I’m just slightly worried about that little fellow Chen Xi. All those years ago when his mother left, I promised to take care of him properly. But now, I clearly know that he’s in the Dark Reverie, yet I’m powerless to help him, so I’ve been feeling rather guilty all along.”

When Chen Xi was mentioned, Bai Teng’s eyes couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of a strange expression, and he passed over the Transmission Jade Slip in his hand and said, “Young Miss, take a look at this first.”

Bai Wanqing took a look before her brows couldn’t help but knit together while her starry eyes were suffused with a wisp of detest and fury. “Stars in daytime? They intend on exterminating him?”


In the next moment, she’d already crushed the Transmission Jade Slip in her hand and stood up before she said coldly, “Looks like those bastards from the Zuoqiu Clan have really left.”

Bai Teng said, “Young Miss, the phenomenon of stars in daytime had only appeared for an instant, so that little fellow is probably fine.”

“I’m worried about Zuoqiu Xue.” Bai Wanqing took a deep breath, yet she was unable to restrain the restlessness in her heart as she said, “Most importantly, Chen Lingjun had probably entered the Immortal Dimension now. Once the phenomenon of stars in daytime appeared, his tracks would surely be exposed, so their situation would probably become bad.”

“Then… What does Young Miss intend to do?” Bai Teng hesitated before speaking.

“I’m just a weak young woman that can’t even enter the Immortal Dimension, so what else can I do?” Bai Wanqing laughed with self-ridicule, and then a wisp of firmness flashed in her eyes as she said, “Let’s return first. There’s some things that ought to be told to Chen Xi.”

When she spoke up to here, she suddenly asked. “Right, how’s Xixi?”

“Xixi is very obedient. But she’s always making noise about wanting to return to Pine Mist City. Even the Patriarch is helpless against her and can only avoid her.” Bai Teng smiled as he spoke, and his eyes were suffused with a wisp of dense tender affection.

“Pine Mist City?” Bai Wanqing was stunned, and then a wisp of a complicated expression suffused the corners of her mouth.



Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Soul Suppression Hall.

As always, a long line was formed before the hall a long time ago. There were Elite Disciples and Core Seed Disciples as well, and they formed a black mass that tightly crowded the area before the Soul Suppression Hall.

They’d come here for the sake of heading to the Bloodsoul Sword Cave to temper themselves.


Right at this moment, space surged before a tall figure walked out from within, and everyone hadn’t even seen his appearance clearly before his figure flashed and entered the Soul Suppression Hall.

“Eh! That seems to be…”

“Elder Chen Xi! I remember him.”

“Teleportation! Only half a month has passed since Elder Chen Xi advanced into the Earthly Immortal Realm, right? Yet he has comprehended the profundities of teleportation so quickly. When can we attain such natural talent?’

“Attain? Hmph! You can forget it for your entire life. Did you see how Elder Chen Xi came to the Soul Suppression Hall as soon as he left his closed door cultivation? He surely intends to enter the Bloodsoul Sword Cave to continue tempering his cultivation!”

“Alas, not only is his natural talent so extraordinary, he even cultivates so painstakingly. It truly causes all of us to be deeply ashamed.”

“As the saying goes, it isn’t frightening that someone’s natural talent is greater than yours, but it’s terrifying when one’s natural talent is greater than yours while also more hard working than you! But when compared to Elder Chen Xi, I feel so bad and my heart is filled with despair…”

The scene was instantly in an uproar when they saw that tall figure that flashed by, and they discussed animatedly. Every single disciple face revealed heartfelt reverence and admiration.

But Chen Xi didn’t see any of this.

At this moment, he’d already obtained a teleportation jade talisman from Elder Xia Mang before entering the Bloodsoul Sword Cave.


The 1st level of the sword cave.

The 39th level.

The 55th level. 



In a few flashes, Chen Xi had already arrived at the 60th level of the sword cave.


Violent lightning raged like numerous silver snakes that were thick like water buckets roared and danced about wildly. The entire heavens and earth were filled with lightning, and the aura of destruction that was intense to the point of seeming material had suffused every inch of space.  

The Lightning Restricted Area!

When he arrived here last, Chen Xi had just attained the state of Sword Light Dispersion in his Sword Dao, and even then, he still felt it was slightly strenuous to moved through the Lightning Restricted Area.

Now, his entire body flowed with Immortal Energy, and even though there was still pressure present on him, it didn’t feel strenuous any longer.

If I didn’t escape quickly last time, I would have almost been annihilated. Now, I wonder if that mysterious and terrifying figure is still here… In a few flashes, Chen Xi had passed through the layer upon layer of lightning to arrive before the waterfall formed from lightning. Beneath the waterfall, the lightning had converged to form a pool of lightning, and it roiled endlessly and seen extremely terrifying.

Beneath the pool was an ancient slaughter formation. The lightning that blasted down from above would be drawn down by the slaughter formation to surge into every single corner of the grand formation, and it transformed into the most violent energy that circulate in the core of the grand formation.

No matter what, I’ll go explore it again. With my current strength, even if I’m unable to defeat that figure, escaping ought to not be a problem. Chen Xi pondered for a moment before he decided. He flashed into the pool of lightning in an experienced manner, and then he moved along the ancient grand formation towards the depths of the pool.

This ancient slaughter formation was extremely vast, and it was boundlessly deep.

When he came here last, Chen Xi had to stop for a moment after walking every 300m in distance because the grand formation was too complicated and could be said to reveal killing intent with every step he took. So he had no choice but to spend time to deduce a path so as to guarantee his own safety.

This felt like walking into a maze. Every time he walked a certain distance, he had to make a mark, otherwise he would be bound to get lost.

But it was different now. The Immortal Perception in Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness extended out and instantly saw through the numerous profundities within the formation, and he walked easily through it as if he was strolling idly in a courtyard.

As he went deeper, the rumbling of thunder gradually vanished, and the surroundings started to become silent, perfectly silent.

The atmosphere was extremely strange while Chen Xi once again had that feeling of terror that he was walking step by step towards a dangerous abyss. It was as if the depths of the ancient slaughter formation had some sort of danger waiting for him.

But to his bewilderment, up until the point he arrived at the depths of the grand formation, he didn’t notice the aura of that mysterious and terrifying figure, and it was even to the extent that he didn’t even find a single Chaotic Source Crystal!

After all, even though it was dangerous the last time, he was still able to fortunately obtain three Chaotic Source Crystals. Moreover, all of them were sharp like blades, and they possessed immeasurable value that could cause an immortal to drool without end!

Could it be that person has left?

Chen Xi stopped moving, and then his Immortal Perception carefully searched the surroundings while he pondered in silence.

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