Chapter 881 – Advancing Into The Earthly Immortal Realm

Virtue Goldlight covered the heavens and the earth and dyed the world gold.

Amidst this vast and brilliant scene, the final tribulation lightning in the depths of the tribulation cloud in the sky suddenly condensed into form, and it was ancient, simple, and emanated a deep and restrained heavy feeling.

It was only a bolt of tribulation lightning, yet it emanated awe-inspiring heavenly might and a terrifying aura that allowed no violation.


This bolt of tribulation lightning hadn’t even struck down when the energy that flickered within it had already shattered the surrounding space, and it caused an expanse of shattered void to appear.

But when this aura touched the Virtue Goldlight that was omnipresent, even though its might didn’t change in the slightest, its murderous and destructive force reduced greatly, causing it to become vast and pure.

This tiny change seemed as if it could be overlooked, but it caused the tribulation lightning to lose the aura of judgment from before, causing it to become a test once more.

Chen Xi bathed in the Virtue Goldlight, and a wisp of a complicated expression couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth when he saw this scene. It really is like this. If I didn’t execute the Immeasurable Virtue technique, then this final bolt of tribulation lightning would surely accumulate to the limit before transforming into divine lightning of judgment that possesses the might to annihilate the world!

At that time, no matter how heaven defying my accumulation it, and even if I’ve attained the Golden Immortal Realm, I would still be unable to escape death.

Fortunately, this seedling hadn’t sprouted before it was killed.


In the next moment, Chen Xi’s clothes fluttered as he flashed out, and then he stretched open his arms. His entire body flowed with golden light as a myriad of talisman markings surged out from his body.

These talisman markings were either in the form of structures, symbols, or formations, and they contained the Grand Dao profundities of the five elements, Yin, Yang, star, lightning, wind, and so on and so forth. They were like divine wheels that circulated endlessly around his body.

When looked at from afar, he seemed to have transformed into an ocean of talisman markings. The profound and dense talisman markings fluttered about while row after row of them moved through the sky as if they were deducing the boundless profundities of  the Heaven Dao.

It was right at this moment as well that the final tribulation lightning struck down with a rumble from the depths of the tribulation cloud.

Instantly, a thunderclap that shook the nine heavens and reverberated through the depths of hell rumbled throughout the world. It shook the mountains and rocks to the point of shattering, causing wood to split into pieces, and the hearts of countless cultivators seemed as if it was struck fiercely by a sledgehammer, causing their entire bodies to be unable to refrain from trembling.

This final tribulation lightning was so terrifying that it caused the heavens and the earth to shake and the expressions of everyone to go pale.

But when the tribulation lightning descended onto the ocean of talisman markings that Chen Xi formed, it was like a clay ox that had fallen into the sea, and it only caused circles of ripples before it was disintegrated by the talisman markings, sealed up by the talisman symbols, and devoured by the talisman formations, causing it to go completely silent.

This bizarre scene caused everyone present to be shocked, and they practically didn’t dare believe their eyes!

Earlier, Chen Xi had slashed apart the eighth wave of tribulation lightning with a single sword strike.

Yet now, when facing the ninth wave of tribulation lightning, he actually didn’t even utilize his sword. He just opened up his arms and transformed into a myriad of talisman markings before openly greeting the heavenly tribulation. How arrogant and overbearing was this?

Most shocking of it all was the final tribulation lightning actually seemed like a stream returning to the ocean, and it didn’t cause any harm to Chen Xi at all before vanishing without a sound!

Everyone was speechless for a long time because no matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to figure out exactly how Chen Xi had accomplished all this.

This conformed exactly to an old saying — when one exclaims in admiration at the supreme glory someone has attained, who would be able to see how much hard work he’d exhausted and hardships he’d gone through?

After a short moment, the tribulation cloud dissipated to reveal the clear sky, and the boundless pitch black night sky withdrew like the ride.

Everything in the world returned once more to calm.

The curtains to Chen Xi’s Azure Lightning Tribulation to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm had been drawn just like this, whereas his figure couldn’t be seen in the sky any longer.

Gentle sunlight shone down while a refreshing breeze blew gently by.

Everyone stared blankly for a long time before seeming to have awoken from a dream, and they returned to their senses while the shocked expressions on their faces gradually revealed a wisp of excitement within it.

“He succeeded!”

“How formidable! Such methods of overcoming the tribulation are simply unprecedented! There’s probably no one in the world capable of taking the heavenly tribulation as nothing just how Elder Chen Xi did!”

“Yeah! That scene from before terrified me. I wonder exactly how Elder Chen Xi accomplished it? How could he possibly be so formidable?”

“All of you continue chatting. I’m going back to enter into closed door cultivation because I’ve attained some comprehension from observing this tribulation. I need to comprehend in meditation for some time, and perhaps I might be able to break through.”

West Radiance Peak was covered in clamorous noise while everyone discussed animatedly, and they exclaimed endlessly with admiration as they recalled the scenes they’d witnessed earlier.

“Chen Xi has entered into closed door cultivation, so let’s return as well. Let’s not disturb his cultivation.” Wen Huating instructed.

“Indeed. He has just advanced into the Earthly Immortal Realm, and all his strength had undergone a tremendous change, so only by comprehending in meditation would he be able to comprehend the profound essence of the Earthly Immortal Realm.”

Lie Peng and the others nodded successively. All of them had experienced the moment of advancing into the Earthly Immortal Realm, so they were extremely clear about of how much advancing into the Earthly Immortal Realm meant to a cultivator.

Everyone dispersed sensibly, and the West Radiance Peak quickly recovered its formed peacefulness. 


The world of stars.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged while his body was suffused with strands of Immortal Energy.

On the other hand, within his Blackhole World, countless stars were surging like the tide and circulating in the vast starry sky. The four seasons interchanged on the earth while boundless Immortal Energy transformed into mountains, rivers, trees, flowers, and even various types of energy and ores.

Unlike before, there were actually numerous real living creatures born within his Blackhole World!

Birds, tigers, leopards, bears, apes, fish, snakes… There was a variety of beasts of all shapes and sizes, and they seemed to be in the ancient primitive period in time. His Blackhole World contained the passage of time, the circulation of the Grand Dao, and the alternation between everything in the world.

Compared to before, his Blackhole World was even more complete. It used to be exuberant with vitality yet devoid of living creatures, causing it to be peaceful like an otherworldly immortal paradise.

On the other hand, it possessed countless living creatures now, and it caused the entire world to possess a meaning for existing!

Splitting open the world and deducing everything in the world. The alternation of the world moves along with my heart! Chen Xi’s consciousness suffused the entire Blackhole World, and he was like the lord of creation looking down at his masterpiece. Moreover, he felt the feeling that it was part of his flesh and blood, and he controlled everything in his heart.

In the next instant, the entire Blackhole World started circulating under his control, causing dense talisman markings to flicker repeatedly in the surroundings of the world, and as it circulated, it created a strand of strong World Energy.


The Blackhole World shook as it underwent a change once more. Immortal Energy flowed, rosy clouds soared up, mountains wound along the world, the sun and moon alternated, and everything in the world was bathed in vast Immortal Energy.

It was true Immortal Energy that his True Essence had transformed into, and its volume was thousands of time less than before, yet its quality and might had similarly increased by thousands of times!

Moreover, along with the Dark Parasol Sapling at the center of the Blackhole World ceaselessly emanating Immortal Energy, he just had to cultivate step by step and the Immortal Energy would accumulate steadily, so attaining the amount he used to possesses wasn’t difficult at all.

This was merely the tremendous change that had occurred within the world.

If he looked at it as a whole, his Blackhole World’s scale had expanded more than 10 times, and it was like a minor world that had transformed into a large world.

If his Blackhole World was compared with other Earthly Immortals, it would absolutely cause an expanse of jaws to fall to the ground from shock. There was no other reason for this, his Blackhole World was just too enormous, and it was equivalent to more than 100 times the size of someone with the same cultivation!

This obviously showed how deep Chen Xi’s accumulation was.

Presently, the Blackhole World of some 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm experts were only around 500km in circumference. Even if it was a descendant of a divine beast, the pure blooded Nine-Tailed Fox, like Xue Yan, she only possessed a Blackhole World with a 5,000km circumference, and it was utterly incapable of being compared with Chen Xi.

The Earthly Immortal Realm was divided into nine levels. Stepping into the 1st level was like a milestone of transforming from man into immortal. One wasn’t ranked amongst cultivators any longer, and its meaning was so great that it absolutely exceeded the imagination of cultivators.

Stepping into this realm meant that one possessed the natural talent to ascend to become a Heavenly Immortal, and no matter if it was strength, Immortal Energy, Immortal Perception, or lifespan, all of it would increase madly with every tribulation the expert overcame.

How comfortable! Is this the profundity of the Earthly Immortal Realm? Chen Xi noticed that all the Grand Dao profundities he’d comprehended seemed to have been cleansed, and they became even more condensed and were suffused with a sheen of divinity.

He knew that the nine levels of heavenly tribulation that Earthly Immortal Realm experts experienced didn’t simply temper Immortal Energy, the soul, and the expert’s lifespan. It similarly had an immeasurable benefit towards the Grand Dao profundities grasped by the expert.

Just like right now, he was able to clearly sense that his Grand Dao profundities had started to condense and be suffused with a sheen, and they seemed to be undergoing a process of materialization.

Once these Grand Dao profundities underwent materialization and became completely material, they wouldn’t be called Dao Insights but Laws!

When I was still a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator in the past, I was capable of slaughtering an ordinary 5th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert. Now that I’ve advanced into the Earthly Immortal Realm, I wonder what sort of opponent I can defeat…? Chen Xi clenched his fists tightly while a wisp of firmness flashed in his eyes.

He knew that the gap between him and Bing Shitian was pulled a step closer, and he only had to calm his heart and continue cultivating before this gap would become smaller and smaller until he completely surpassed Bing Shitian!

Once I completely consolidate my cultivation, I’ll enter the Bloodsoul Sword Cave once more, and I’ll set out to the Bai Clan once Aunt Bai returns… Chen Xi pondered silently for a long time, and then he took a deep breath and stopped thinking before consolidating his cultivation in meditation.

He’d just entered the Earthly Immortal Realm, so he had to completely familiarize himself with this sudden explosive increase in strength because only then would he be able to completely bring forth this strength. 



Heavenflow Mountain.

This was the place one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Heavenflow Dao Sect resided. Since the primeval times until now, its Dao inheritance had remained eternal and prospered. Now, it firmly occupied the highest position amongst the 10 great immortal sects and possessed monstrous forces.


On this day, a jade slip tore through the sky and passed through numerous teleportation formations to arrive within Heavenflow Mountain and on Immortal Sky Peak.

“Boundless Virtue, Creation Sword Insight, advanced into the Earthly Immortal Realm… How could it be such a coincidence? The day stars appear in daytime was the day this little fellow overcame the tribulation to become an Earthly Immortal. There’s probably some secret in this.” 

Bing Shitian who wore green clothes, had hair that hung loosely on his shoulder, and a handsome and tranquil face slowly put down the jade slip in his hand while a wisp of ruthlessness flashed imperceptibly between his brows.

He stood up and walked up and down the empty hall with his hands behind his back, and he seemed to be in deep contemplation, yet also seemed to be lost in thought.

After a short moment, he suddenly stopped moving while a piercingly cold sheen flashed on his handsome face, and he muttered. “Xiuyi, the stronger this little fellow is, the greater the sense of accomplishment would be, right? At that time, you’ll surely understand exactly who in this world is worthy of you!”

In his palm, the jade slip silently transformed into powder that rustled and drifted down from the cracks between his fingers, and it seemed to be proving that his current state of mind wasn’t as peaceful as he seemed on the surface.

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