Chapter 880 – Immeasurable Virtue

While Chen Xi was overcoming the tribulation, at a vast palace in the depths of Divine Radiance Peak, Mei Luoxiao, Yu Zhongxia, and all those profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension were looking at the sky above West Radiance Peak where tribulation clouds were being formed, and their expressions were gloomy and complicated.

“Earlier, I thought the stars that appeared in daytime were related to this kid, but unfortunately…” Mei Luoxiao frowned while his voice carried a sense of loss that couldn’t be eliminated.

Even though two months had passed, his countenance was still pale while his spirits were low. Obviously, the injury Liang Bing inflicted upon him hadn’t healed completely.

“Even though the divine lightning of judgment didn’t descend and annihilate him. But at this moment, the might of the tribulation is extremely terrifying, and it’s rare even in the Immortal Dimension. That kid will probably be unable to resist until the end!” Yu Zhongxia’s gaze was gloomy as she spoke hatefully.

“Then what if he does get through it?” Mei Luoxiao replied with a question.

“Then… Then…” Yu Zhongxiao didn’t know what to say. Presently, even if she already hated Chen Xi to the bone, she absolutely didn’t dare to make a move against him.

The reason was extremely simple. Up until this day, she was still unable to forget that terrifying woman, Liang Bing. She was unable to forget the monstrous power and authority represented by the command token Liang Bing passed to her, and all of this caused her to be fearful to the bone and not dare make the slightest rash move.

“Looks like you know it as well. Under the current circumstances, we seem to be unable to do anything to that kid.” Mei Luoxiao glanced at her and said indifferently, “But, I heard that this kid is like fire and water with the Heavenflow Dao Sect, whereas Bing Shitian is even his number one enemy. Perhaps he’ll be dead before we can make a move.”

“But he’s a disciple of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the end. If we do this, then isn’t it slightly…” Yu Zhongxiao spoke stiffly.

“You’re wrong. We don’t have to do anything and just have to watch idly by.” Mei Luoxiao directly interrupted her with a wave of his hand, and he sighed with emotion. “That’s an emissary that holds a decree from the Immortal Dimension. This honor isn’t something that anyone can possess. But this little fellow actually dared to go against Bing Shitian, and even I slightly admire his courage.”

“Hmph! It’s only an external avatar.” Yu Zhongxiao frowned.

“You’ll know exactly how formidable Bing Shitian’s external avatar is when the time comes.” Mei Luoxiao spoke with a serious expression. “Even though I’m not willing to admit it, I have to admit that Bing Shitian is indeed a peerless remarkable genius. He’s thriving and possesses a great reputation even in the Immortal Dimension, and he drew the attention of numerous great powers. A remarkable talent like him isn’t someone that an ordinary person can compare to.”

Yu Zhongxia was stunned, and then she shook her head instead. “It’s no use talking so much about this. It’s probably impossible for this kid to even overcome the tribulation before him.”

“Eh!” Mei Luoxiao’s eyes focused as he suddenly looked up to the distant sky.

“He’s taking the initiative to confront the eighth wave of tribulation lightning?” Yu Zhongxiao looked over along Mei Luoxiao’s gaze, and then she revealed slight surprise.

In the distant sky, thunder rumbled while arcs of lightning tore through the sky, and the surging tribulation lightning seemed to have been lit ablaze. It emanated an azure brilliance that blazed like fire and illuminated the world.

The eighth wave of tribulation lightning hadn’t emerged into the world, yet it had already emanated boundless divine might!

Beneath the tribulation cloud, Chen Xi’s tall figure actually moved up to confront it with the Talisman Armament in his hand, and he slashed out with a sparkling and vast sword qi that shot into the sky and charged into the nine heavens.

What sort of sword strike was this?

It was blazing, dazzling, and coiled with a myriad of talisman markings. The sun and moon alternated within it, a myriad of stars studded it, Yin and Yang worked together within it, and the five elements circulated within it. It deduced the profundities of boundless secrets and emanated the supreme profundity of creation, and it seize all light from the world!

Instantly, everyone in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was filled with unspeakable shock. A myriad of techniques emerging from a single sword strike! He’d actually displayed the secrets of supreme creation!


This was another extremely terrifying Grand Dao profundity that completely surpassed the numerous Grand Daos and was on equal footing to the Dao Insights of Eternal, Light, Darkness, and so on and so forth. 


The sound of cloth being torn apart instantly resounded out in the entire world. Under the astounded gazes of everyone present, Chen Xi’s sword qi tore apart the surging tribulation cloud into two!

On the other hand, the eighth wave of tribulation lightning contained within the tribulation cloud was even easily slashed into pieces like paper, and it vanished without a trace.

The might of a single sword strike was actually so terrifying!

At this moment, an area of 500,000km within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect fell into deathly silence as they were shocked by this scene.

Even the dark azure tribulation cloud that surged endlessly in the sky seemed to have fallen into silence, and it stayed motionless while the gales had vanished and the thunder remained silent.

“Chen Xi’s future is limitless!” Wen Huating had an excited expression as he muttered to himself. He was already unable to remember how many times he’d spoken words like this, yet it was only this time that he felt unprecedented shock.

“Such a figure is bound to command the winds and the clouds and shock the three dimensions! How fortunate of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect to possess such a disciple!” The other higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had excited expressions and were unable to control their feelings.

As for the other disciples, they were shocked speechless, and they were utterly incapable of finding any word to describe how they felt at this moment.

They were too shocked!

A single sword strike had split apart the tribulation lightning!

Since the ancient times until now, was anyone even capable of accomplishing this? Even if someone was, could anyone have done it in such an easy and relaxed manner like Elder Chen Xi?

“Dammit! Why didn’t it strike that bastard to death?!” Mei Qingyuan suddenly started cursing loudly with fury, and his voice carried deep anger and resentment.

The other profligate disciples form the Immortal Dimension were shocked and disgruntled as well. How could this bastard’s reserves be so deep and formidable to the point he can defy the heavens!?

“Shut up!” Mei Luoxiao suddenly turned around to glanced coldly at Mei Qingyuan. “You good for nothing fellow! I’ll be the first to kill you if you dare talk nonsense again!”

Mei Luoxiao really did hate this junior of his to the extreme. If it wasn’t for Mei Qingyuan offending Chen Xi, how could he have possible been whipped in public by that detestable woman and lose all face?

Mei Qingyuan shuddered and felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pit, and he didn’t dare say another word.

Mei Luoxiao sighed in his heart when he saw this and gnashed his teeth without end because he wished for nothing more than to kill Chen Xi right now as well, but he had to endure it in the end.

“Little Fellow, I’ll be waiting for the day you go against Bing Shitian!” Mei Luoxiao looked up towards the distant sky while a wisp of a gloomy and cold sheen flashed in the depths of his gaze.



The heavens and the earth were deathly silent.

After the eighth wave of tribulation lightning was destroyed, the tribulation cloud in the sky suddenly became silent, and it quietly condensed and fused together. In the time of a few breaths, it transformed into a vortex shaped tribulation cloud that enveloped above West Radiance Peak.

It was perfectly silent!

Even the wind seemed to have stopped. Yet everyone couldn’t help but feel cold in their hearts when they noticed this scene, and it was like an enormous mountain was pressing down onto their hearts, causing them to be oppressed to the point of being on the verge of suffocating.

The expressions of Wen Huating and the others gradually became serious, and they noticed how terrifying it was.

The greatest sound is silence!

The greatest form is shapeless!

When all energy arrived at a limit, they would instead return to a state of extreme tranquility.

Everyone knew that the ninth and final wave of tribulation lightning would surely be the most terrifying attack once it emerged into the world!

Since the ancient times until now, there had been countless peerless geniuses and extraordinary talents that had died beneath this strike. So, would Chen Xi…be able to overcome it?

When the gazes of everyone descended onto Chen Xi, they didn’t see a trace of nervousness from his expression, and he was still composed, carefree, and indifferent.

Perhaps, it’s precisely because of his extraordinary cultivation in the Dao Heart that allowed him to possess his current accomplishments?

Everyone seemed as if they’d comprehended something, and their moods unconsciously became much more relaxed.

Even though Wen Huating didn’t say anything, but a wisp of admiration slid past the depths of his eyes when he noticed this scene. Because how could he not be shocked when Chen Xi was actually able to affect the changes in the hearts of everyone through his own imposing aura?


Right amidst this deathly silent atmosphere, the dark azure tribulation cloud that condensed into a vortex in the sky suddenly shrunk fiercely towards its center, and it condensed a bolt of lightning.

It was dark azure in color, deep, condensed, and ordinary. But it emanated an extremely terrifying oppressive aura onto the hearts of all, and it felt as if they would suffer the judgment and punishment of the heavens in the next moment.

Moreover, its might was rising with an insane speed, and it caused everything in the world to wail in unison!


When they saw the appearance of the final bolt of tribulation lightning clearly, Wen Huating and the other higher-ups of the sect couldn’t help but gasp while they felt horrified because this tribulation lightning seemed to be too terrifying…

“Shit! Elders, please make a move swiftly and activate the West Radiance Peak’s grand formation!” Wen Huating’s face went slightly grim as he suddenly shouted towards the sky.

Instantly, Elder Lie Peng and the others didn’t hesitate in the slightest to make a move. They formed numerous profound seals to activate the grand formation of the sect that enveloped the West Radiance Peak, and it enveloped all the disciples in the surroundings.

“Is he going to be detected? It shouldn’t be like this…” A’xiu stood alone on a huge rock in the distance. Her jet black hair fluttered while her gaze that looked towards the final tribulation lightning in the sky actually revealed a rare wisp of seriousness.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s body suddenly erupted with a myriad of strands of golden glow. He was like a scorching sun that rose into the sky and illuminated the world, and he covered everything in the world with a layer of a gentle and golden sheen.

It was even to the extent that a golden lotus platform had appeared beneath his feet, and it was suffused with divine radiance and flickered with a faint glow. Moreover, golden flowers fluttered down from the sky while a myriad of auspicious qi and light emerged.

At this moment, his appearance was solemn and dignified while bathed beneath the dazzling golden brilliance. He seemed like a sage of legend that existed for eternity, and he emanated an aura that calmed the soul and caused the heart to feel tranquil.

Heart energy secret technique — Immeasurable Virtue!

It was the Virtue Energy that Chen Xi had accumulated during the one year he cultivated in the Talisman Dimension that had appeared at this moment. As the saying goes, doing good on behalf of the heavens was immeasurably virtuous. At this moment, he was like a virtuous sage that emanated a myriad of golden light that illuminated the world.

What terrifying Virtue Energy…

At this instant, the bodies of Wen Huating and all the other higher-ups of the sect stiffened, and they didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi was actually capable of accumulating such vast and brilliant Virtue Goldlight.

Only A’xiu suddenly started chuckling as she stroked Bai Kui that she embraced in her arms, and she muttered. “Hmph! I knew it! That fellow’s senior sister came over last year and dealt with all of this for him a long time ago. To think I was anxious for nothing and almost…”

No one noticed that a sky blue jade pendant that seemed like the heart of an ocean had suddenly appeared in her palm, and then it vanished without a sound.

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