Chapter 88 – Profound Disruption Mountain

Chapter 88 – Profound Disruption Mountain

The surroundings were filled with vitality like green hills and blue rivers, vast expanses of cloud and mist, and various birds; yet near the pitch-black and precipitous mountain, violent winds raged, gravel flew about all over the sky, and howling sounds filled the air. It was a like a deathly still den of monsters that emitted ghastly wails and wolf howls.

Two completely different scenes gathered in one place and separated quite distinctly from one another, it was extremely bizarre!


The treasured vessel stopped 50km away.

“Look.” The Old Turtle King pointed at the pitch-black mountain. “That’s the Element Inversion Mountain. The elements are inverted there, and neither man nor beast can live within. Even if it's cultivators like us, mistakenly entering it would cause the blood to flow in opposite direction from the heart and the True Essence will become chaotic. The longer the person stays within the range of the Element Inversion Mountain, the easier it is for one’s energy to become chaotic and explode from the chaotic energy.”

How strong was Chen Xi’s soul? The instant his soul swept past the vicinity of the pitch-black mountain, he’d acutely noticed a type of fluctuation that was like tidewater, and it was gloomy, mysterious, and heavy… It seemed to contain an energy that crushed all life, causing one’s heart to involuntarily start palpitating and feel astonished.

“It’s extremely terrifying indeed.” Chen Xi nodded then asked. “The River Diagram’s fragment is beneath the mountain?”

“Exactly. According to my ancestors, the Element Inversion Mountain utterly didn’t exist in the past and instead appeared with the River Diagram’s fragment one million years ago. So the River Diagram’s fragment is surely concealed within it.” The Old Turtle King answered. “Moreover, according to my deduction, the peculiar fluctuation formed by the Element Inversion Mountain is also capable of properly concealing the River Diagram’s aura. Otherwise, I’m afraid it would have been discovered by almighty cultivators who possessed extraordinary powers long ago.”

“What should we do?” Chen Xi was slightly unable to wait. Even if it was a fragment, so long as it touched the words ‘River Diagram,’ it still possessed supreme temptation.

As the saying goes, money and treasures move the heart, and the temptation was precisely because of this principle.

“There’s no other way, we can only walk in.” The Old Turtle King spread out his hands with a bitter smile on his face. “All treasures will disintegrate within the area covered by the Element Inversion Mountain due to the inversion of energy. So, we can’t use this treasured vessel any longer. As for the location of the River Diagram fragment, it’s at the center beneath the Element Inversion Mountain.”

As he spoke up to here, the Old Turtle King had a serious expression when he turned around. “Once we arrive close to the Element Inversion Mountain, the strength of me and Qing Qiu will be restrained greatly, and I’m afraid we’ll be unable to help Little Brother. Little Brother, you’ll have to depend on yourself if you want to take out the River Diagram fragment.”

“Alright!” Wealth is sought from danger and risk. It was naturally impossible for him to obtain the River Diagram fragment so easily, and these were all within Chen Xi’s expectations.

“Let’s go!” Chen Xi was the first to leap off the treasured vessel. The instant his feet stepped onto the barren area, he felt his entire body shake and the gloomy, mysterious, and heavy fluctuation assaulted his face. The True Essence within his violet palace seemed to be stimulated as it started becoming restless, and the blood within his entire body became unruly and wanted to flow in inverse.

Chen Xi hurriedly circulated his cultivation technique, and only then was he able to suppress it as his expression was already extremely grim.

Wu~ Wu~

The strong winds raged, wailing and howling as if the god of ghosts was weeping, and it was extremely grating on the ear. But to Chen Xi who’d comprehended a complete Wind Dao Insight, these winds were nothing.

The instant those ferocious violent winds touched the surroundings of his body, it was as if they’d encountered their king and obediently kept out of his way, not daring to offend his supreme majesty.

Even then, Chen Xi’s movement was still extremely strenuous because along with his steps entering deep into the area, the bizarre fluctuating energy became stronger, and wave after wave, it swept past his body like a tidal wave, like devils that seized and absorbed the soul, wishing for nothing more than to cause the blood and True Essence within Chen Xi’s body to explode.

The Old Turtle King and Nine-tailed Fox King followed closely behind. Although they didn’t have treasures to protect their bodies, they received Chen Xi’s protection. Those violent winds were unable to touch their bodies as well, causing the two demon kings to endlessly praise in their hearts, and they gazed at Chen Xi’s back with gazes that were filled with anticipation.

Huff! Huff! Huff!

After the time for an incense stick to burn, when they were 330m away from the Element Inversion Mountain, the two demon kings were unable to take a step further, their breathing was heavy and rapid and their expressions were extremely ghastly pale and unsightly. Obviously, that shapeless and bizarre fluctuation had caused immeasurable pressure to the two of them.

Chen Xi’s expression was normal, as his Dao Heart was solid and condensed like a stone on the shore, and even his soul had attained the level of Spiritual Perception. He was able to excellently control the activity of his body, and although the bizarre fluctuation grew stronger and stronger, it was still within the scope that he could endure.

“Little Brother Chen Xi, I and Qing Qiu can only accompany you up to here, the remainder will all be up to you.” The Old Turtle King breathed heavily as he spoke.

“You must succeed, we’ll be waiting for your triumphant return.” The Nine-tailed Fox King stared at Chen Xi’s eyes as he spoke word by word.

“Okay!” Chen Xi nodded, and he didn’t say anything further before once again walking forward.

“Can he do it?” The Nine-tailed Fox King gazed at Chen Xi who gradually vanished in the distance, and mind was filled with worry about his future as he muttered. “If even he fails, then I can only wait for death to arrive.”

“Don’t speak such dispirited words, have you forgotten that there’s still a mysterious and formidable senior by Little Brother Chen Xi’s side?” The Old Turtle King said in a deep voice, “He’ll surely succeed. So long as he takes out the River Diagram fragment, the restraint that envelops the depth of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range will surely be broken. You and I will surely be able to charge into the Golden Hall Realm, and we won’t have to worry about our lifespans reaching the limit and dying with regret.”

“Dammit! Exactly what energy is this? It’s so strange.” The more he walked the more strenuous it became for Chen Xi, and he had to devote all his strength to control the activity within his body. If he were to slack slightly, the blood and True Essence within his body would become chaotic and start rampaging, and the consequences were unimaginable.

“If I didn’t advance to the 5th star of the Violet Palace Realm, I’m afraid that at this moment, I would have died from my blood surging in reverse and my True Essence becoming chaotic. No wonder the 330m around the Element Inversion Mountain is devoid of any life.”

Chen Xi had to stop and rest slightly at a distance of 100m away from the Element Inversion Mountain. All along the way here, not only had he expended a large amount of True Essence to resist the bizarre fluctuation, even his mind was extremely exhausted from it. At this moment, as he gazed at the Element Inversion Mountain that was close at hand, he felt extremely fearful of his journey so far.

“The energy in this world is truly marvelous, inverting the elements… There’s even such energy in this world. If I’m able to use this type of energy to refine a Magic Treasure, then I presume its might will surely be extremely terrifying, right?”

“Of course!” Right when Chen Xi was lost in thoughts, Ji Yu had his hands behind his back as he leisurely appeared by Chen Xi’s side, and as he looked up at the dangerously steep mountain that was 33km tall, extraordinary splendor rippled within his eyes.

“Exactly what energy is atop this Element Inversion Mountain? And how do I refine it into a Magic Treasure?” Chen Xi asked in wonder.

Ji Yu was stunned. “This is undoubtedly a Profound Disruption Mountain, how could it be an Element Inversion Mountain?”

This time, it was instead Chen Xi who was stunned. “Profound Disruption Mountain?”

“It’s naturally a Profound Disruption mountain, and it possesses Profound Disruption Divinelight. A granule sized dot is beyond 150,000kg in weight, and innately restrains the essence of the five elements. During the primordial era, this Profound Disruption Mountain was also an extremely rare precious material for equipment refinement, and the Profound Disruption Divinelight within it was even able to be used to cultivate a Divine Ability called Wings of Disruption. Not only can this Divine Ability tear through space to instantly move an extremely great distance, a light flap of the wings was able to cause any Magic Treasure of the five elements to lose its capabilities and transform into a ball of scrap!”

“In terms of might, it isn’t the slightest bit inferior to the Fivecolored Divinelight that is ranked in the top 10 during the primordial era.”

“As for the Element Inversion Mountain, it really does exist. The so-called Element Inversion Mountain is an extremely mystical mountain that caused fresh air to sink, foul air to rise, overturned the heaven and the earth, and made energy circulate in reverse. However, it was refined into a Magic Treasure by an almighty cultivator figure a million years ago, and it’s impossible for a second Element Inversion Mountain to appear in the world.” Ji Yu gazed at the Profound Disruption Mountain with a burning gaze, and he spoke extremely swiftly with a voice that revealed a trace of reminiscence and emotion.

Profound Disruption Mountain, Element Inversion Mountain, Wings of Disruption, Fivecolored Divinelight… During the era that primordial beings roamed freely, exactly how many almighty figures that looked down upon the world had come into being? And how many strange and unusual miraculous treasures had come into being during that time? Chen Xi’s mind rose and fell like the tide as he heard this, and boundless yearning emerged within his heart.

“Do you want to keep this Profound Disruption Mountain?” asked Ji Yu abruptly.

“Yes!” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest with his answer. A granule sized piece of this divine thing was over 150,000kg in weight, and it even contained Profound Disruption Divinelight within it that’s able to be used to cultivate the Wings of Disruption. How could he let it slip by?

Of course, he knew that it was utterly impossible to keep it away by relying solely on his current strength. After all, this was a mountain that was 33km tall, and to what extent would its weight have reached? 10 million tons? 100 million tons? It was immeasurable!

Thus, when he heard that Ji Yu was able to assist him in keeping away this Profound Disruption Mountain, the wild joy in Chen Xi’s heart could be easily imagined.

“I can only help you drag it into the Manor, moreover…” Ji Yu’s expression suddenly became extremely serious, and he stared fixedly at Chen Xi’s gaze as he said slowly, “Moreover, because of expending too much of my strength, I will have to stay dormant inside the Manor in the future, and I’ll be unable to help you anymore for an extremely long period of time.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he was silent for a long time before saying resolutely. “Then it’s fine if I don’t have this Profound Disruption Mountain!”

Ji Yu laughed loudly, and his hearty laughter was filled with joy as he said, “Kid, your heart isn’t bad. Even if you don’t want this Profound Disruption Mountain, I would still help you keep it away!

“There’s no need to say more.”

“You have to know that after you pass through the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials, I won’t be able to leave the Manor and assist you any longer, and this is something that would happen sooner or later. Instead of that, why don’t I seize the opportunity to help you now and put away this Profound Disruption Mountain? This is the best choice.”

“But…” Chen Xi recalled the bits and pieces from the past, he recalled the guidance and teaching Ji Yu gave him, and a strand of dense reluctance surged out from his heart. Because since a long time ago, deep within his heart, he’d taken Ji Yu to be an elder family member, a loved one.

“Don’t be fussy. Once you have the strength to pass through the Heavenpeak of Trials, you’ll be able to enter the Manor and see me every day. It isn’t a final farewell, so why be so irresolute and hesitant?” Ji Yu frowned as he berated.

“Really?” Chen Xi said in pleasant surprise.

Ji Yu smiled helplessly. “It’s naturally true. I’m only unable to leave the Manor. Kid, why are you like a little child?”

However, Ji Yu also knew that when Chen Xi was young, Chen Xi’s clan was annihilated, his parents went missing, the grandfather he shared his life together with had died miserably in the hands of his enemies, and only his younger brother remained, but his young brother had gone to the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect to practice his swordsmanship as well. Comparatively speaking, Chen Xi cherished the familial relationships in his life more than anyone, and even the future friendships, love relationships, relationships between master and disciple…

“It’s fine if it’s like this.” Chen Xi decided inwardly that he would surely break through his body refinement cultivation to the Violet Palace Realm as soon as possible. In this way, he would possess the qualifications to challenge the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials and would be able to see Senior Ji Yu every day in the future.

“Profound Disruption Mountain… Haha! It’s been a million years, I’ve nearly forgotten the taste of battle!” Ji Yu suddenly let out a long howl towards the sky, his voice surging like thunder, and rumbling exploded out throughout the heaven and earth. Whereas his body had instead arrived below the sky. Roiling multicolored divine lights appeared on his entire body and he’d already changed in appearance in an instant.

A body of a lion and head of a dragon, he stepped on clouds with four hooves that were thick like pillars, and his entire body was covered dense inky black scaled. His body was like a small hill with boundless and majestic rays of light that were unparalleled flowing around his entire body. He stood proudly at the top of the cloud as he looked down at the world!


The heavens and earth seemed to tremble, and the space within an area of 500km was violently roiling. For a time, spirit energy was chaotic and raging, the plants were blazed into ash and the ground was pressured to the point it cracked and collapsed, leaving behind numerous enormous ravines that crisscrossed each other.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Chen Xi felt suffocated. It was like a majestic large mountain pressed onto his entire body, pressing him to the point he retreated repeatedly and the vital energy and blood in his chest violently roiled without end.

“So… So terrifying!” Chen Xi gasped, and as he gazed at the enormous silhouettes of a beast under the sky, he felt himself to be like an ant that would die with a single stomp and possessed no room to struggle in the slightest!

What level of cultivation would this be?

Rebirth Realm?

Nether Transformation?

Earthly Immortal?

Or perhaps… Heavenly Immortal?

Chen Xi was unable to guess, but he was extremely certain that the current Ji Yu was the most terrifying existence he’d ever seen; there was no other!

“Heaven and earth as the guide, the world as the fuel, the stars in the universe…” A wave of obscure and mysterious chanting and incantations sounded out. It was powerful and mighty, and every word seemed like a thunderclap that shook the heavens and the earth, seeming to want to make everything to prostrate itself in obedience.

Ji Yu’s hoof abruptly stepped on the sky, and his mouth opened as he suddenly emitted a roar that was like a dragon’s roar. “Seal!”

A single word, yet it seemed to contain the profundity of the Grand Dao and the mysteries of the cycle of heaven. It was like a sacred Sanskrit chant that came from ancient times, and it was even more alike to a shout that shook the soul the most towards life and death, the world, and the heaven and earth!

Chen Xi felt his entire body shake and he almost knelt down and lay flat on the floor, his soul and will seeming to have suffered a beating from the shapeless energy of the heaven and earth.


The 33km tall Profound Disruption Mountain suddenly started to sway violently, seeming as if it would be pulled up by the root in the next moment. However, right at this moment, a heavy, gloomy, and mysterious energy gushed out, roiling as it formed into a pitch-black luster that caused one’s heart to palpitate in fear, and it swept out towards Ji Yu who was beneath the sky.

Shockingly, it was the Profound Disruption Mountain’s luster that was able to incinerate the essence of the five elements!

“You still dare resist!?” Ji Yu who possessed a lion’s body and a dragon’s head abruptly emitted an explosive shout, his voice was like thunder that exploded out to cause the Profound Disruption Mountain’s pitch-black luster to break inch by inch before collapsing and vanishing.

“Swallow!” An enormous entrance that was an entire 3km in area appeared out of thin air, and it was like the eye of a storm as it fiercely swallowed the Profound Disruption Mountain.

However, Chen Xi saw that the entire Profound Disruption Mountain that was 33km tall was like a rootless piece of straw that flew into midair before flying into the enormous entrance to disappear within the blink of an eye.


The entrance in the sky instantly vanished as well.


It was at this moment that a wisp of extremely dazzling colorful brilliance swiftly stormed out from the enormous empty space where the Profound Disruption Mountain had vanished, and it swiftly flashed towards the extremely distant skies.

“Catch it properly!” Ji Yu emitted another explosive shout that was like muffled thunder, and two golden flowing lights shot out explosively from his eyes. The instant the two golden lights appeared in midair, they transformed into two bright gold enormous golden palms that instantly caught that dazzling colorful brilliance and fiercely tossed it towards Chen Xi who was on the ground.

Is it the River Diagram fragment?

Chen Xi swiftly raised his head, and cold lights flowed within his eyes as the aura on his entire body climbed steadily.

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