Chapter 879 – Charging Through The Sky

The heavenly tribulation had begun!

When the dark azure colored tribulation cloud converged to the limit, Wen Huating and the others knew very well that Chen Xi’s first heavenly tribulation to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm was about to descend.

There were nine level in the Earthly Immortal Realm, and one had to undergo a different heavenly tribulation for every single level.

For example, this Azure Lightning Tribulation for the first level was the first test to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm. The Azure Lightning Tribulation contained the terrifying might of the Laws of the Heaven Dao, and it was completely different from the tribulation of wind and fire during the Golden Core Realm and the tribulation of rebirth at the Rebirth Realm.

If one was able to overcome this tribulation, True Essence would be able to transform into Immortal Energy, whereas Divine Sense would transform into Immortal Perception.

If one failed, then one was bound to perish!

However, everyone never expected that when the thick and sharp branch shaped azure lightning bolt tore through the layer of clouds and rumbled as it struck down, Chen Xi stood upright in midair and actually didn’t move at all!

He seemed as if he was dumbstruck, and he stood there like a clay statue and utterly showed no signs of intending to resist this tribulation lightning bolt.

What does Elder Chen Xi intend to do?

This was too surprising to everyone. The pupils of the disciples on all over West Radiance Peak suddenly constricted while they revealed expressions of disbelief because this was a heavenly tribulation, a merciless test that came from the heavens!

It wasn’t just them, even the hearts of Wen Huating and all the other higher-ups jerked as they didn’t know what Chen Xi intended to do. How can he remain indifferent at this critical moment of life and death!?


It took a long time to put in writing, but it was actually just a moment. The azure tribulation lightning had already struck down towards him, and the dazzling and resplendent bolt of lightning was suffused with an aura that aroused horror an despair in one’s heart as it blasted down onto Chen Xi’s body with a bang.

At this instant, the expressions of most disciples turned pale, and they couldn’t bear to look.

Only the Sect Master and the others acutely noticed that when the azure tribulation lightning hadn’t touched Chen Xi’s figure, countless vortexes had appeared on the surface of his entire body, and they revolved madly while actually completely devouring the azure tribulation lightning like a whale taking water in.

The Devour Dao Insight!

Instantly, Wen Huating and the others had determined the profundities within this, and they were extremely astounded in their hearts. No one had imagined that Chen Xi would actually use such a method to forcefully devour the bolt of tribulation lightning!

In the past, not a single cultivator dared to imagine something like this.

After all, it was a tribulation from the Heaven Dao, and it represented the vast and mighty divine might of the heavens. It was the most brutal and merciless, so who would dare devour the tribulation lightning with their own bodies?

But it just so happened that Chen Xi had done this, and he was completely unharmed! He seemed relaxed and satisfied as if he’d drunk a cup of wine or tasted a small cup of tea, and he wasn’t injured in the slightest.

What a freak!

All the higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect revealed strange expressions as they looked at Chen Xi’s figure in midair, and they seemed as if they were looking at an unfathomable freak.

What a unique energy… Chen Xi’s hair and clothes fluttered as he stood upright in midair, and a strand of dark azure colored lightning that was thin like the hair of a cow was moving about randomly within his body, and it wanted through his bones and moved through his meridians and apertures. Everywhere it passed, it stimulated the tendons, bones, and skin in his entire body to the point they trembled faintly as if they were pricked by needles.

But it didn’t hurt, nor was it sufficient to destroy the vital energy within his body because the terrifying aura of destruction contained within it had been dealt with by him with the Devour Dao Insight.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that after his Blackhole World absorbed this strand of azure tribulation lightning, it actually started to shrink layer by layer and condense.

The Blackhole World that was originally boundlessly vast, brilliant, divine, and suffused with Virtue Goldlight had actually showed signs of returning to the state of chaos before the world was split open…


The tribulation cloud in the sky seemed to have been infuriated, and it surged and roiled in the nine heavens while it condensed another azure tribulation lightning.

This tribulation lightning was even more terrifying, it was thick like a pillar and extremely blazing, and it was faintly filled with countless energy of the Laws. Even though it hadn’t descended, the terrifying aura it emitted caused the heavens and the earth to be cast beneath a shade, sand and rocks flew, and gales whistled.

Some disciples with comparatively weak strength were actually knocked out by the imposing aura of this tribulation lightning!

At this instant, Chen Xi didn’t dare be distracted as well. He looked at the sky while the sun and moon alternated within his eyes and the stars circulated, and his entire body erupted with a peerlessly vast blazing glow.

When looked at from afar, the tune of the Dao rumbled throughout his body while numerous Grand Daos transformed into numerous divine wheels that coiled around his body. He seemed like an emperor in the Dao of Talismans and revealed an overbearing aura of supremacy.


The second tribulation lightning struck down like a divine spear of obliteration that was hurled down by the gods of the Heaven Dao, and it was filled with the terrifying aura of destruction, damnation, and annihilation.

“Come at me!” Chen Xi laughed in a carefree manner as he suddenly let out a long howl that sounded like the roar of a dragon that shook the surroundings. He didn’t retreat but moved forward instead, and he flashed up as if he was walking on air before grabbing with his hand, causing a myriad of profound talisman markings to surge out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two collided intensely and erupted with boundless light that dyed the entire heavens and the earth in a blazing and beautiful sparkling glow, and it pierced the eyes of everyone present here to the point they felt a sharp pain and were extremely astounded.

At this instant, it was like a battle of gods. The entire heavens and earth were filled with terrifying explosions that rumbled to the point it seemed to be on the verge of shattering souls and tearing apart the eardrums of everyone.

“Isn’t the might of this heavenly tribulation too terrifying? When Senior Brother Liu who possessed the best natural talent amongst us underwent his tribulation, the heavenly tribulation that descended wasn’t as terrifying as this.” Lie Peng spoke with shock. 

When ordinary cultivators advanced to the Earthly Immortal Realm, the Azure Lightning Tribulation would send down four waves of tribulation lightning, whereas those with slightly higher natural talent would face six waves of tribulation lightning. On the other hand, peerless figures with unparalleled natural talent would face nine waves instead.

This was merely in terms of amount, and there was a difference in terms of might that varied according to person.

According to Lie Peng’s knowledge, the Azure Lightning Tribulation Chen Xi was facing at this moment was merely at the second wave, but its might was sufficient to compare with the might of the fourth wave of tribulation lightning that Madman Liu faced all those years ago!

Moreover, when Lie Peng faced the Azure Lightning Tribulation all those years ago, only a mere six waves had descended, and its might was absolutely unable to compare with what Chen Xi was facing at this moment.

So how could this not shock everyone?

It wasn’t just Lie Peng, even Wen Huating and the other higher-ups of the sect were extremely shocked as well. Obviously, just like Lie Peng, they’d discerned how terrifying the tribulation Chen Xi faced was.

On the other hand, those disciples of the sect didn’t have the slightest mood to pay attention to all of this because their entire bodies had gone stiff from the shock they felt from this terrifying scene while their Dao Hearts showed signs of going out of control. So being able to persist and barely stand was already extremely difficult for them.


The heavens and the earth were filled with the aura of destruction while the aura of tribulation emitted by the tribulation cloud grew more and more violent. It seemed like a god that had been completely infuriated and intended to vent its bellyful of rage. The terrifying aura it emanated caused the atmosphere that enveloped an area of 500,000km in the surroundings to be extremely oppressive.

Rocks shattered, trees crumbles, and the ground cracked apart while beasts fled in terror. It seemed as if the end of the world was arriving, and it caused everything to be in a state of extraordinary fear.

Amidst all of this, Chen Xi’s entire body glowed while he met the surging tribulation lightning in combat while barehanded. His figure was like a spear while his spine seemed capable of holding up the heavens and was impossible to be bent. He grasped the world and moved through the surroundings like a war god that seemed to intend to slaughter his way up to the nine heavens, and he revealed peerless divine might.

The third wave of tribulation lightning was destroyed.

The fourth wave of tribulation lightning was destroyed. 


The tribulation lightning with might that grew in might with each wave seemed to be utterly incapable of obstructing his footsteps, and they were shattered and collapsed before him. They tempered his body, steeled his heart, forged his soul, and improved his might!

His peerless and all powerful bearing caused Wen Huating and the others to be bedazzled while their minds shook without end.

He didn’t utilize any sources of external strength nor did he rely on any magic treasures, and merely his own strength was sufficient to resist the heavenly tribulation. How many people in the world could possess such powerful accumulation?

All those years ago, Qing Xiuyi had overcome nine levels of the heavenly tribulation overnight, and it shocked the world and created her brilliant and eternal reputation.

But all of this depended on circumstances!

Wen Huating who had the fortune of witnessing the scene of Qing Xiuyi overcoming the tribulation clearly remembered that the might of the tribulation lightning Qing Xiuyi endured when overcoming the Azure Lightning Tribulation was utterly unable to compare with Chen Xi!

This didn’t mean that Qing Xiuyi was inferior to Chen Xi. After all, she’d overcome the heavenly tribulation of the 1st level of the Earth Immortal Realm until the 9th level of the Earthly Immortal overnight, and this attainment was something no one could surpass until now.

Similarly, even though Chen Xi was overcoming the first level of the lightning tribulation now, the might of the tribulation lightning he was facing now was unprecedentedly strong and terrifying, and it was similarly something no one could compare to.

Perhaps, it was impossible to compare the two of them.

Wen Huating even suspected that if Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi were to switch places, then perhaps he would similarly be able to overcome nine levels of the heavenly tribulation overnight. Conversely, if Qing Xiuyi were to face tribulation lightning with a might similar to the tribulation lightning Chen Xi faced, then she was be able to reveal such divine might as well.

“It’s the eighth wave already!” Suddenly, a wave of shocked voices jolted Wen Huating back from his thoughts, and he looked up and saw that the sky was covered densely in azure tribulation lightning that interweaved, converged, and flowed together. They seemed to have formed an ocean made of azure colored lightning that surged and roared, and it was extremely shocking.

On the other hand, Chen Xi stood upright in midair while his imposing aura became even fiercer, and he seemed like a treasure sword hidden deep within an abyss that was emanating divine radiance. Moreover, cold bolts of lightning shot out from his eyes as he blinked.

His face was emotionless and fearless, and he seemed to be tranquil and composed. Only his eyes burned with flames that were blazing like lava.

That was confidence towards his own strength.

It was firmness towards his own path.

And it was persistence to break through the shackles of the Heaven Dao and destroy all brambles that blocked his path!

No one knew how long Chen Xi had been waiting for this day because his strength had already attained a sort of limit since a long time ago, and if it wasn’t for the problem of him being taken to be a ‘variant’ by the Heaven Dao, he would have easily greeted the tribulation to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm a year ago.

Now, under the protection of the Immeasurable Virtue technique, he’d finally greeted this moment, so how could he hold back in the slightest?

He fully exerted everything he cultivated, the Grand Obliteration First, the Sky Control Burial Sword, the Myriad Netherwave Palm, the Allheaven Truth, the Creation Sword Qi… Numerous Dao Arts with boundless might that shook the three dimensions were easily executed by him to his heart’s content!

At this moment, the eighth wave of the tribulation lightning was about to descend.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as before, and he was like a mountain that remained lofty and unmoving before a storm. It was even to the extent that he had the spare time to look up into the sky and drink the wine in the gourd on his waist, and he revealed an unrestrained, carefree, and peerlessly elegant bearing.


In the next instant and before the tribulation lightning descended, Chen Xi moved first. The Talisman Armament soared through the sky and slashed out with a strike that swallowed all light in the world and deduced boundless profundities of creation.

It seemed to be charging through the sky! 

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