Chapter 878 – Azure Lightning Tribulation

Gusts of wind surged while the clouds roiled. Rumbling and whistling filled the heavens and the earth.

At the peak of West Radiance Peak, the Sect Master Wen Huating and the others looked at the sky with serious expressions. Violent gales rages while waves of clouds roiled, and the gales that whistled by caused their clothes to flutter.

As soon as all the disciples arrived on West Radiance Peak, they were placed at the bottom of the peak by the seniors of the sect. At this moment, all of them had their eyes wide open while looking up at the sky, and their expressions carried a wisp of boundless anticipation.

The tribulation of an Earthly Immortal!

It carried an extremely great attractive force to any cultivator because so long as one overcame it, one would rise in the world and evolve from mortal into immortal.

Even though an Earthly Immortal couldn’t compare to a Heavenly Immortal, an Earthly Immortal was already different from the myriad of cultivators in the world!

Today, phenomenon suddenly appeared in the sky, and all of them were clearly aware that it was the Earthly Immortal tribulation that Elder Chen Xi was about to undergo, so no one would miss this scene and had come over successively.

This was a type of attendance of a celebration, and it was also a rare opportunity to observe the tribulation. So would anyone miss it?

On the other hand, the Sect Master and the other higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had come in unison for the sake of standing on guard for Chen Xi.

There was no room for carelessness when a peerless genius and outstanding disciple like Chen Xi greeted the tribulation because all of them had experienced it and were clearly aware that the more extraordinary one’s natural talent was, the greater the envy of the heavens one would suffer, causing the might of the tribulation one suffered to become even more terrifying.

Therefore, they were already prepared to protect Chen Xi with all their might, and they would absolutely not allow any accidents to occur!

“Chen Xi really said that?” Wen Huating frowned as he looked at Chen Yan.

“Sect Master, Master had indeed given me such instructions before he entered into closed door cultivations. He said it was a mere heavenly tribulation, so it wasn’t worth to mobilize a large force and trouble all the seniors of the sect to arrive here because he himself was sufficient to deal with it.” Chen Yan bowed as he replied.

A mere heavenly tribulation?

Wen Huating and Lie Peng laughed bitterly without end when they heard this because these sentiments were really too high-sounding, and someone that didn’t know Chen Xi would probably call him wildly arrogant.


“Since it’s like this, then should we still set up the formation?” An elder frowned as he asked.

“Let’s just set it up. Even though he possesses extraordinary and shocking natural talent and combat strength that’s peerless in the world, he has only cultivated for a short period of time in the end. He doesn’t know how terrifying the Azure Lightning Tribulation is. As his seniors in the sect, we ought to prepare some things to avoid any accidents from occurring.” Another elder pondered deeply before he spoke.

“I think there’s no need to take the trouble. All those years ago, Qing Xiuyi overcame nine levels of the heavenly tribulations overnight. How peerlessly dazzling was she at that time!? As far as I’m concerned, regardless of natural talent, combat strength, or any other aspect, Chen Xi’s even greater than Qing Xiuyi. It’s merely the first level of the heavenly tribulations, so how could it possibly obstruct his footsteps?”

“Yes, that’s true as well. But it’s better to have some preparation and act according to the situation. After all, it’s the heavenly tribulation, and it can’t be estimated, so it’s better to be safe.”

All the elders discussed successively.

Right at this moment, Wen Huating’s expression changed slightly while his gaze that was like a bolt of lightning swept swiftly towards the sky.

The other elders noticed something as well, and their voices stopped abruptly while their gazes shot towards the sky as well.

The bright sun hung high in the dark blue sky. However, shockingly, the clear dark blue sky’s border was covered in a layer of pitch black tribulations cloud that were roiling and condensing, whereas the center of the sky was covered in countless stars!

The numerous stars were studded the clear sky like gems, and they revealed beauty that shocked the soul.

However, this scene caused the expressions of everyone to suddenly turn grim.

“Stars at daytime!” Wen Huating muttered with a voice that carried shock that couldn’t be concealed.

“This is the sign of the appearance of a ‘variant’ that isn’t allowed to exist by the Heaven Dao. Once this sign appears, it indicates the divine lightning of judgment are about to descend into the world!” Lie Peng’s voice trembled slightly.

“Such a phenomenon hasn’t appeared even once in a few tens of thousands of years, and it only appeared successively a few times during the period the gods of the primeval times went on an expedition, and it annihilated numerous great figures that defied the heavens. But now, it actually appeared once more. Could it be that a ‘variant’ that defies the heavens is about to emerge into the world once more?”

Even if these higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were great figures in the Dark Reverie, their hearts still couldn’t help but go cold when they saw this shocking scene before them.

A’xiu’s green dress swayed while her jet black waist long hair fluttered in the wind, and her eyes stared at the sky instead while she muttered. “It really is like this. Sixth Uncle really didn’t deceive me…”

“What! Stars in daytime!?” Yu Zhongxia charged out of her room, and she couldn’t help but cry out involuntarily when she looked at the scene in the sky.

This voice instantly jolted awake Mei Luoxiao that was recuperating in the room, and his expression tensed up while he said with surprise and bewilderment, “Stars in daytime? A ‘variant’ suddenly appeared when the three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval. Could it be that it’s a sign of something?”

Countless experts were alarmed in the entire Dark Reverie and numerous old seniors that lived in seclusion suddenly opened their eyes from their closed door cultivation and looked towards the sky from afar.

At this instant, most of the cultivators in the world had stopped what they were doing, and their gazes that were filled with surprise and bewilderment had converged onto the sky above them.

Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan.

The Patriarch Bai Jingchen slurped down the entire bowl of noodles and burped with satisfaction before he opened his eyes and sneered towards the sky as he lightly spat out a few words. “You still refuse to give up your evil intentions!”

After that, he waved his hand to call a disciple over, and then he said, “Send news via the teleportation formation. Ask that sister of mine to return quickly! Quickly!” 


At the instant stars appeared in daytime, it was like a flash that appeared in the entire sky above the Dark Reverie before vanishing without a trace.

Why has it vanished?

Everyone in the world was surprised and bewildered.

When the Heaven Dao revealed such a phenomenon, it meant that a ‘variant’ that defied the heavens had appeared, and this ‘variant’ had been detected by the Heaven Dao, so the divine lightning of judgment was about to descend and annihilate the ‘variant.’

But now, it merely appeared for an instant before this phenomenon vanished without a trace. Could it be that it means the variant has been eliminated?

No one was able to guess the actual answer, and all of them were puzzled.

West Radiance Peak.

At this moment, everyone had recovered from their shock, and they still carried a lingering fear in their hearts.

“Ha! The appearance of the stars in daytime just happened to be the day Chen Xi’s going to overcome the tribulation. It’s truly a coincidence…” Lie Peng roared with laughter and tried to ease up the atmosphere.

But as soon as these words were spoken, he suddenly noticed that the expressions of everyone in the surroundings was slightly strange, and even the Sect Master was no exception.

“Could it be that all of you think Chen Xi is…” Lie Peng was shocked in his heart and spoke hesitantly, but right after that, he shut his mouth tightly.

Isn’t this too shocking? How could Chen Xi possible be related to the appearance of stars in daytime?

It’s a coincidence!

It’s definitely a coincidence!

Lie Peng shook his head while his heart rose and fell indeterminately.

“Everyone, there’s no need to continue guessing. If Chen Xi’s a ‘variant’ then the Heaven Dao would have sent down the divine lightning of judgment a long time ago, and it would be utterly impossible for him to be alive at this moment. But all of this didn’t happen, so it’s obviously not related to Chen Xi.” After maintaining silence for a long time, Wen Huating spoke slowly.

Everyone pondered briefly when they heard this, and then their expressions eased up. Right, the shocking phenomenon of stars in daytime only appeared for a mere instant, and the divine lightning of judgment didn’t descend. So how could it possible be related to Chen Xi?


Right at this moment, a wave of thunderclaps that were like a surging tempest suddenly sounded out, and it resounded throughout 50,000km in the surroundings.

For a time, violent winds raged and whistled, sand and rocks flew about, and thunderclaps resounded in the entire heavens and the earth. The demon beasts in the mountain range of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were terrified to the point of trembling and lying prone on the ground.

The pitch black tribulation cloud was like juice splashed with ink, and it completely covered the entire sky above West Radiance Peak, causing it to become extremely pitch black. Moreover, the thick tribulation clouds were suffused with an extremely terrifying aura of heavenly might, and it oppressed everyone to the point they felt suffocated.

Crackle! Crackle!

Numerous narrow and long silver colored arcs of lightning flickered within the tribulation cloud, and they were like violent silver colored snakes that were dancing about madly. They seemed like the whip in the hand of the lightning god whipping fiercely down onto the world of man, and its impetus was shocking and terrifying to the extreme.

All the disciples on West Radiance Peak were astounded, and they retreated to safe areas.

Even the expression of Wen Huating and the other higher-ups of the sect turned serious as they maintained combat readiness.

No matter if it was a cultivator or an Earthly Immortal, the hearts of everyone would suffer an unparalleled pressure when facing the tribulation of the Heaven Dao, and if one was affected by the tribulation lightning, the consequences would be unimaginable!


Amidst this extremely tense and oppressive atmosphere, a golden and bright ray of light suddenly rose from the banks of the Sword Purification Pool on West Radiance Peak, and it charged through the sky.

It was like a golden road that was paved between the world of man and the sky, and it erupted with blazing and dazzling light that was extremely striking within the pitch black tribulation cloud.

At the same time, a tall figure that stood on the golden ray of light swiftly arrived in midair. His clothes and long hair fluttered with the wind while his figure remained ramrod straight like a spear, and there was a green colored wine gourd hanging on his waist. He stood in midair with his hands behind his back, and his entire body was suffused with an aura of simplicity while he revealed an extraordinary and relaxed bearing.

Chen Xi!

Everyone noticed with a single glance that the carefree and unrestrained figure that carried a relaxed expression was exactly Chen Xi.

But never had all of them imagined that Chen Xi would actually not be nervous in the slightest when facing the tribulation lightning that was accumulating madly in the sky above him, and his bearing was relaxed as if he was taking a stroll in his own backyard.

Merely this indifferent and unmoving bearing caused all the disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to be filled with admiration.


In the sky, the sounds of thunder were like the roars of a god. The surging pitch black tribulation cloud rumbled as it converged together, and its color actually darkened bit by bit and was suffused with a dark azure color.

It was even to the extent that the thunderstorm and arcs of lightning that surged endlessly within the tribulation cloud had transformed to carry a faint azure color. They were dazzling and resplendent, and they were suffused with an extremely terrifying aura of tribulation.

The Azure Lightning Tribulation!

The first level of the heavenly tribulation before one advanced to the Earthly Immortal Realm. 

As the saying goes, the Grand Dao is like a clear sky that allowed one to rise rapidly. After a cultivator overcame this tribulation, it would be like obtaining a rapid rise, and the cultivator would be able to transform into an Earthly Immortal!


When the surging tribulation cloud in the sky converged to the limit, an extremely terrifying thunderclap resounded out abruptly, and it shook through the world and resounded throughout the surroundings. It shook everyone on West Radiance Peak to the point their eardrums almost split apart, and a horrified feeling arose in their minds.

At the same time, a sharp and thick azure colored lightning bolt that was in the shape of a tree branch tore fiercely through the tribulation cloud and surged down, and it dyed the entire heavens and the earth in a dazzling azure color.


The first azure tribulation lightning was like a divine chain that came from the Heaven Dao as it struck down at Chen Xi who stood in midair! 

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