Chapter 876 – Deadline To Overcome The Tribulation

The tiny cauldron spoke abruptly, causing Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart. Only when the heavens emit killing intent will the upheaval of the three dimensions really begin?

This was already related to a change in the Heaven Dao, and it caused to be difficult for even Chen Xi to guess exactly how the entire world will change at that time. He knew that it would surely not be a good thing. 


West Radiance Peak.

When Chen Xi returned from True Martial Peak, the entire West Radiance Peak had recovered its bustling atmosphere.

Ling Bai, Bai Kui, A’Man, Mu Kui, A’xiu, Huo Molei and the others, and the clansmen of the Ninth Hell Tribe had all gathered at the peak of the mountain.

They were naturally excited to the extreme when they saw Chen Xi return.

That night, a campfire blazed once more at the peak of West Radiance Peak, the fragrance of wine suffused the surroundings while they chatted joyfully and had a happy gathering.

According to what Huo Molei said, even though they’d recently left the West Radiance Peak temporarily, they didn’t suffer any injustice as they possessed the care of Wen Huating, and they were only unable to restrain their hate when Mei Qingyuan was mentioned.

But all of this had already passed, and they’d already heard from Elder Lie Peng that Mei Qingyuan and the others had already suffered grievous punishment, so they couldn’t be bothered to spoil their mood because of some profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension.

Only Xueyan’s mood was slightly complicated. She was originally a follower by Bing Shitian’s side, yet she was forced to follow by Chen Xi’s side because of A’xiu.

In other words, her identity was actually very embarrassing. She wasn’t a member of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, nor was she a member of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and she was at most barely able to be considered a follower of Chen Xi’s.

However, regretfully, this identity had never received the acknowledgement of Chen Xi.

Fortunately, during this period on the West Radiance Peak, no one had taken her to be an outsider and no one even asked about her past. This caused her to not feel so uncomfortable as she lived here, and she gradually aroused a sense of belonging in her heart.

She liked how it was peaceful here, she liked how the faces of everyone here brimmed with smiles of happiness. There was no open and covert strife or deceiving and scheming against each other, it was simply like an otherworldly paradise.

So when Mei Qingyuan suddenly appeared and threatened to take her as a slave, she was completely terrified because even though she was an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, she was still too weak to stand up to profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension.

Coupled with her embarrassing identity, it even caused her to feel despair. She felt that no one in the entire world would save her. At that moment, the intense feeling of helplessness that arose within her heart was something she still vividly remembered even until now.

Moreover, never had she imagined that not only did A’xiu not abandon her, even everyone on the West Radiance Peak didn’t stand idly by!

It was also from that moment onward that her heart finally found its belonging.

So when she heard of Chen Xi’s mighty return and how he furiously bashed Mei Qingyuan and the others, even though she knew it wasn’t purely for her sake, she was still filled with gratitude.

Only after she experienced extreme despair and helplessness did she understand how precious these friendly feelings were.

“Chen Xi, thank you.” Xueyan finally mustered up the courage to walk over to Chen Xi before drinking the cup of wine she held in her hand, and it was unknown if her extremely smooth and charming face revealed tipsiness from drinking or was stimulate by her nervousness, but it seemed to be extraordinarily delicate and alluring under the night sky.

After she finished drinking, she ran off swiftly like an embarrassed young woman.

Chen Xi was stunned, but he still finished the cup of wine in his hand before turning to look at A’xiu and spoke while pretending to speak in a casual tone. “With your ability, you’re probably not afraid of those people from the Immortal Dimension, right?”

He knew very clearly that on the way to the Talisman Dimension, his Senior Sister Li Yang had once said that this young woman who liked to wear a green dress, had eyes that curved into two crescents when she smiled, and always carried precious fruits that couldn’t be finished was a disciple from the Xuanyuan Clan. Moreover, she was the type that possessed a rather respected status.

Moreover, while he was in the Talisman Dimension, Wenren Ye had received the respect of Nan Xiuchong, Chu Xiao, and the others because she had a marriage agreement with a disciple from the Xuanyuan Clan.

So as far as Chen Xi was concerned, with A’xiu’s ability, it would absolutely be sufficient to deal with Mei Qingyuan and the other profligate disciples. But she just happened to not act in this way, and this was slightly strange.

A’xiu had Bai Kui embraced in her arms and was combing the fur of this little fellow while her beautiful little face was covered in a happy smile, and she said casually in reply, “Yes, I’m really not afraid of them. But out of respect for those seniors of yours, I couldn’t bash them, right? How embarrassing would that be? So I thought for a while and didn’t fuss about it with them since I didn’t lose anything.”

As she spoke, she suddenly raised her little face and blinked her bright and shiny eyes as she said with excitement, “Hey, since you’re back. Should I go give them a beating now?”

Chen Xi had a helpless expression as he corrected her. “How many times have I told you not to call me ‘hey’!”

A’xiu chuckled and didn’t mind at all, and she just glanced at Liang Bing who was at the side of Chen Xi while seeming to be lost in thought before she muttered in a low voice. “That big sister was deceived and captured back here by you, right?”

When the word ‘capture’ was mentioned, Chen Xi instantly thought of Li yang, and he thought of that joke she made. Right after that, he recalled that Liang Bing had once said that she’d cultivated the Soulorigin Nethergod Art, allowing her to easily detect the voice transmission of others… His face instantly froze while he couldn’t help but glance at Liang Bing.

Sure enough, he saw her icy cold and gorgeous face had stiffened. Obviously, she’s thought of some things like just him because of the word ‘capture.’

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly embarrassed in his heart, yet he berated A’xiu angrily instead. “If we’re talking about deception, then you’re the liar. Tell me, are you surnamed Xuanyuan?”

A’xiu didn’t have the slightest reaction of someone who’d been exposed, and she spoke very casually. “Right, but I’ve never deceived you because you never asked me.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he thought about it carefully. I seem to have really never asked this question.

“Xuanyuan?” The nearby Liang Bing suddenly raised her head while her gaze descended onto A’xiu like a bolt of cold lightning, and she seemed to be slightly surprised.

On the other hand, A’xiu already lowered her head to tease Bai Kui, and she seemed to have entirely not noticed Liang Bing’s gaze.

Chen Xi knew very well that Liang Bing had probably recognized A’xiu’s identity through the words Xuanyuan. But he didn’t say anything further because he didn’t know how A’xiu came to arrive by his side…

Subsequently, Chen Xi chatted with Huo Molei and the other seniors, Meng Wei, and Mo Ya. He found out that besides cultivating, all of them had been training all those youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe all day and night, causing Chen Xi to instantly feel much more relaxed.

Amidst their conversation, Meng Wei said abruptly, “Soldiers are nurtured for a thousand days yet used all on one day. These children of my clan have already shed their immaturity. But their live combat experience is extremely lacking. Now that the world is in chaos and the Xeno-race are repeatedly appearing in the world, Mo Ya and I have considered it repeatedly before finally deciding to seize this opportunity to take them into the outside world to gain tempering.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he pondered deeply before he said, “Wait for some time, and we’ll head to the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan once I’ve successfully undergone the tribulation. The little fellows from the Violet Lightning and Azurefrost Camps can temper themselves all along the way.”

Meng Wei nodded. “Alright.”

Mo Ya said with surprise instead, “You’re going to advance to the Earthly Immortal Realm?”

Chen Xi said with a smile, “Yes. I’ll be greeting the Azure Lightning Tribulation in less than two months of time.”

“Then you have to make proper preparations. I heard that it’s extremely dangerous when cultivators overcome the tribulation to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm. It usually required numerous seniors from their sects to stand on guard at the side, and if there isn’t sufficient preparation, then there’ll probably be danger to your life.” Mo Ya spoke seriously.

“Exactly. Brother Chen Xi, calm you heart and prepare in these next two months. You must charge into the Earthly Immortal Realm in one go.” Meng Wei laughed heartily as he said, “With your natural talent, you’ll absolutely be able to advance easily.”

“Planning lies with man, the outcome with heaven. I’ve already prepared bitterly for a long time just to surmount this barrier in my path, so everything else depends on the heavens.” Chen Xi stood with his hands behind his back while he looked up into the sky above him and laughed lightheartedly. His handsome face was filled with confidence and longing. I really have prepared for a very long time, and I’ve gone all out! 


Deep into the night, everyone had dispersed.

Chen Xi called Chen Yan over to his side, and he sighed emotionally for a long time in his heart as he looked at this dark young man that was simply and unyielding.

Since he took Chen Yan as a disciple in Marquis Wen’s Estate, over a year had passed until now, and it was very difficult for him to imagine how a youth that was only at the Congenital Realm travelled a myriad of kilometers to arrive safely at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Did thorns cover his path, and he travelled with difficulty to arrive here?

Or did he experience a myriad of difficulties and killing intent at every step to arrive here?

Chen Xi was unable to guess the answer, but he knew extremely clearly that when he prepared this test for Chen Yan that day, he’d pondered deeply for a long time because the path between Marquis Wen’s Estate to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was filled with numerous dangerous mountain ranges, rivers, and places of danger. If one wanted to pass through this journey safely, then only someone with great wisdom and willpower was capable of accomplishing it.

Of course, the precondition was not receiving the assistance of another.

For the sake of this, Chen Xi had even given a Cosmic Immortal Talisman to Chen Yan for the sake of allowing Chen Yan to flee with his life if he suffered lethal danger.

But obviously, Chen Yan didn’t utilize it because he’d personally handed it over to Chen Xi.

This caused Chen Xi to sigh emotionally once more in his heart. If it was another, then not to mention a Violet Palace Realm cultivator, even a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator would probably be unable to resist the temptation of the Cosmic Immortal Talisman, and that person pocketing it is within expectation.

But Chen Yan didn’t do this. I wonder if it’s because he doesn’t know the value of this Immortal Talisman, or he’d relied on his willpower to refuse this temptation.

Chen Xi was unable to guess the answer. But all of this was able to prove how outstanding Chen Yan was, so even if Chen Yan’s natural talent and natural endowment was extremely ordinary, in Chen Xi’s eyes, only a youth like this was suitable to be his personal disciple.

Because this youth possessed a heart that belonged to an expert!

On that night, Chen Xi passed down numerous things to Chen Yan, and all of them were profundities from the Allheaven Truth. On the other hand, Chen Yan listened with extreme seriousness and meticulousness. Even if he was unable to understand it for now, he silently and forcefully remembered it in his heart, and his persistence and devotion towards his path to the Dao caused even Chen Xi to feel extreme admiration in his heart.

Unknowingly, dawn had arrived.

Chen Xi stood up and instructed Chen Yan to go cultivate and comprehend first before he walked out of the room and passed a jade slip to Liang Bing. The jade slip recorded the cultivation technique of the Immeasurable Virtue technique.

“Aren’t you going to stay for a few more day?” Chen Xi asked with a smile.

“It wouldn’t be late for me to bother you after the upheaval of the three dimensions ends.” Liang Bing stared at Chen Xi while she replied seriously. “But at that time, we’ll probably be meeting in the Immortal Dimension.”

“The Immortal Dimension?” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment, and he seemed to have thought of something, causing him to look at the distant sky while he muttered. “We’ll surely meet each other in the Immortal Dimension…”

Casual words reveal much to a suspicious listener. Liang Bing instantly started thinking in the wrong direction, causing a wisp of embarrassment to inadvertently flash past her gorgeous and extraordinary face, and then she glared fiercely at Chen Xi before turning and leaving.

“See you!”

“Don’t we have to shake hands when bidding each other farewell?”

“…Wait until we meet again!”

Her clear and melodious footsteps resounded out like a gurgling spring in the morning mist, and it curled upwards faintly and repeatedly while she quickly vanished without a trace.

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