Chapter 874 – Whipping A Heavenly Immortal

Take Chen Xi away?

Wen Huating frowned when he heard this, and he gazed at Ancestor Fei Ling.

He knew that if Chen Xi were to be taken away, then the consequences Chen Xi faced would absolutely be unimaginable. Not only would Chen Xi suffer humiliation, he might even be tormented to death.

But Mei Luoxiao had a revered status, and even he was unable to speak, so he could only hope that Ancestor Fei Ling stopped this.

Fei Ling pondered deeply for a short moment before sighed. “Fellow Daoist Mei, Chen Xi is the most outstanding disciple of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he’s a figure that’s like a peerless genius. He possesses an extremely high prestige in the sect. If it wasn’t unavoidable, he would absolutely not commit acts like this…”

Before he could finish speaking, Mei Luoxiao interrupted him coldly once more. “Fellow Daoist Fei Ling, it’s only a disciple. Could it be that you want to make trouble between us just because of this?” 

His voice already carried a threatening intent.

Meanwhile, Yu Zhongxia spoke as well. “No matter how good his natural talent is, but his nature is so despicable and unbridled. Such a disciple would sooner or later bring calamity to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, so why not expel him as soon as possible so as to avoid him bringing calamity to the sect in the future?”

She had dignified appearance and graceful bearing, but her attitude was extremely blunt. She seemed to have taken Chen Xi to be a calamity, causing Wen Huating and all the disciples to frown and be extremely displeased.

This was simply nonsense because if it wasn’t for these profligate disciples of the Immortal Dimension being domineering, arrogant, carried out many injustices, even wanting to forcefully seize people related to Chen Xi’s on West Radiance Peak, how could they possibly have been bashed by Chen Xi?

Not to mention Chen Xi’s character was something that was clear to everyone in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and if he was said to be despicable, then there would be no good person in the world!

Obviously, Yu Zhongxia was prejudiced towards with Mei Qingyuan and the others.

But even if they clearly knew this and even with Fei Ling’s, he could only endure it. It couldn’t be helped, Mei Luoxiao and Yu Zhongxia were true Heavenly Immortals, and they were emissaries sent down to the Mortal Dimension by the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension, so they possessed extremely revered identities, causing him to be unable to offend them.

“Right! This kid is so despicable, he’s simply fiendish!” Men Qingyuan knelt on the ground as he cried out with a miserable voice.

“Fellow Daoist Fei Ling, indecision leads to trouble. This kid is unbridled and like a vile tumor, so why not hand him over to Brother Mei because it’s better to eliminate him as soon as possible.” Yu Zhongxia spoke with confidence and composure, and she had an indifferent expression while her words had already given Chen Xi the death sentence.

“Arguing endlessly while making slanderous charges against others! I really wonder how a bitch like you cultivated to the Heavenly Immortal Realm.” Chen Xi spoke abruptly, and he stared directly at Yu Zhongxiao while he spoke coldly. Moreover, his tone was calm, yet his words were extremely vicious.


As he spoke, Chen Xi slapped Mei Qingyuan on the face once more. This time, he slapped Mei Qingyuan to the point even Mei Qingyuan’s mouth split open while blood covered his face, and then Mei Qingyuan’s body started spasming as if he was epileptic and almost fainted.


Peerlessly overbearing!

Who could have imagined that Chen Xi would actually insult a female Heavenly Immortal as a bitch under this sort of circumstances? And he even took the opportunity to give Mei Qingyuan a slap?

This was simply no different to slapping these two Heavenly Immortals on the face!

Instantly, no matter if it was Wen Huating, Lie Peng, Fei Ling, and the others, or the disciples outside the hall, all of them stared with their eyes wide open. Even though they clearly knew that Chen Xi’s actions were extremely bad, they had a feeling of satisfaction for no reason or rhyme in their hearts…

“What did you say!? Little Fellow, you’re courting death!” Yu Zhongxia instantly exploded into rage when she heard this, and she was in a thundering rage. She flicked her sleeve, causing a strand of bright and golden Immortal Energy to surge explosively and shoot out violently.

As a Heavenly Immortal, she’d cultivated for countless years, and she was absolutely a terrifying great figure that no one dared to offend in the Mortal Dimension and would receive veneration no matter where she went. How could she have imagined that a junior would actually dare to insult her as a bitch?

At this moment, she attacked hatefully, causing golden and bright Immortal Energy to shoot out violently while covered densely in strands of the energy of the Law that seemed like spirit serpents, and she set up a heaven encompassing net with the intention of confining Chen Xi before giving him a lesson that he wouldn’t be able to forget for his entire lifetime.

The pupils of everyone constricted abruptly, and they almost exclaimed with shock because a Heavenly Immortal had suddenly attacked with rage and Chen Xi would probably suffer calamity!


However, right at this moment, a pitch black and icy cold whip suddenly appeared out of thin air, and the whip shook before easily shattering the expanse of golden Immortal Energy.

This wasn’t the end of it. The momentum of the whip didn’t reduce in the slightest as it suddenly appeared before Yu Zhongxia, and then it fiercely whipped onto her pretty and jade white face before she could even react.

A slap resounded out as a bloody scar appeared on Yu Zhongxia’s face. Her skin and flesh had split open, and it was deep to the point her bones were visible, causing it to seem extremely terrifying and terrible.

Yu Zhongxia was instantly stunned, and she even forgot the pain as she held her injured face while her entire body started trembling. Someone actually dared to launch a surprise attack against me?

It wasn’t just her, the eyes of everyone present including Mei Luoxiao focused while they revealed expressions of disbelief. A Heavenly Immortal was whipped on the face?

Step! Step! Step!

Right amidst this strange silence, a wave of clear and melodious footsteps resounded out, and then a slender and graceful beautiful figure appeared within everyone’s field of vision.

She had wavy golden hair coiled behind her head, an icy cold and beautiful appearance, sexy red lips, a jade white forehead, and her tight clothes vividly revealed the curves on her devilish and soul-stirring figure.

This person was exactly Liang Bing.

Since she entered the hall, she’d always kept a low profile and stood at the side, causing everyone to mistake her for a follower or maidservant of Chen Xi’s. Even though her appearance was breathtakingly gorgeous, but no one paid attention to her.

But when she appeared within their fields of vision at this moment, everyone noticed that this icy cold and gorgeous woman wasn’t a just a maidservant with a pretty face, and she was an expert that kept a low profile!

Everyone felt their minds become slightly dizzy. Where did Chen Xi find such an expert that was actually able to whip the face of a Heavenly Immortal with a single strike. Moreover, the Heavenly Immortal didn’t even have the time to dodge?

Exactly how high is her cultivation?

Only Wen Huating and Lie Peng glanced at each other, while they both suddenly came to an understanding in their hearts. No wonder Chen Xi was so composed, so it turns out that he has someone to rely on!

“You actually dared to launch a surprise attack against me! You’re courting death!” Meanwhile, Yu Zhongxia finally recovered from her shock, and her dignified and beautiful appearance became atrocious while her eyes burned with flames of rage.

Her figure flashed while her hands fluttered, and she moved a myriad of strands of Immortal Energy and the energy of the Laws to execute a terrifying Immortal Art that struck down fiercely at Liang Bing.

She’d completely not realized that even if one launched a surprise attack against her, with her cultivation at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, was there anyone in the Mortal Dimension capable of launching a surprise attack against her and succeeding? On the other hand, someone that was capable of achieving this surely had a cultivation that wasn’t lower to hers.

Unfortunately, she’d lost her mind to rage at this moment, and she just felt that it was her carelessness that caused her to suffer such a humiliating whip.

“You’re just a tiny Heavenly Immortal, yet you dare show your fangs before me?” Liang Bing spoke with an indifferent and icy cold voice, and then her wrist shook before a pitch black and icy cold whip flashed out abruptly. It shook space apart as it swept out, and it easily dealt with Yu Zhongxia’s attack before a slap resounded out. It struck once more onto Yu Zhongxia’s face, causing her to be struck back in midair and almost fall straight to the ground.

This strike was simple and casual, yet it whipped a Heavenly Immortal flying. So exactly how terrifying was the strength contained within this strike?

Everyone was terrified, and even Ancestor Fei Ling revealed a shocked expression. This strike was done in a completely upright manner, and there was absolutely no tricks or opportunistic elements. But it still whipped Yu Zhongxia flying, and this undoubtedly proved that the strength of this icy cold and gorgeous woman was too much stronger than Yu Zhongxia!


Meanwhile, Yu Zhongxia stagger and almost rolled down to the ground. She coughed up blood repeatedly while another bloody and terrifying scar appeared on her face.

But at this moment, her expression had transformed into terror as she cried out in a sharp voice. “Who exactly are you? There’s absolutely no expert like you in the Mortal Dimension!”

Mei Luoxiao had a serious expression as his flickering gaze stared at Chen Xi. He seemed as if he wanted to see through Chen Xi because an existence that was capable of easily defeating a Heavenly Immortal would absolutely not have simple origins.

At this moment, the gazes of practically everyone in the hall had descended onto Liang Bing in unison. There was shock, curiosity, disbelief, and so on and so forth in their eyes.

Even Mei Qingyuan who knelt on the ground realized that the situation was bad, and his expression changed repeatedly before he shut up obediently.

Liang Bing couldn’t be bothered about all this, and she walked over to Chen Xi’s side before crossing her arms before her chest. Her expression was icy cold and calm, and she was like a proud queen with an extremely imposing aura.

“Why have you stopped shouting?” Chen Xi slapped Mei Qingyuan once more, causing his face to become swollen to the point it seemed like a cooked pig’s head, and Mei Qingyuan’s face was completely beyond recognition as he let out shrill and miserable cries that sounded like a pig being slaughtered.

It wasn’t that Chen Xi was intentionally humiliating Mei Qingyuan, but everything that occurred today had truly caused him to be too furious. If it wasn’t for Liang Bing returning along with him, he would probably have lost his life this time.

So since he could borrow the might of Liang Bing, how could he possibly show mercy to Mei Qingyuan? He slapped Mei Qingyuan over and over again without the slightest hesitation, and he slapped Mei Qingyuan to the point Mei Qingyuan fainted before he stopped with discontent.

Something worthy of mentioning was that Mei Qingyuan wasn’t knocked out from being slapped, and he was angered to the point of fainting…

During this entire process, Mei Luoxiao’s face twitched fiercely, and as it continued on, he couldn’t restrain the rage in his heart and roared at Fei Ling via voice transmission. “Fellow Daoist Fei Ling, there’s an enemy from the outside causing trouble in the sect now. So why aren’t you activating the Sect Guarding Slaughter Formation? What are you waiting for?”

The Sect Guarding Slaughter Formation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was sufficient to easily annihilate an existence at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and it wouldn’t be activated at all unless it was related to the survival of the sect.

At this moment, Mei Luoxiao had obviously realized that it was absolutely impossible for them to be a match for Liang Bing with their strengths. So he sent a voice transmission to Fei Ling with the intention of utilizing the might of the Sect Guarding Slaughter Formation to capture and kill Liang Bing.

However, never had he imagined that Fei Ling hadn’t even spoken when the icy cold woman that stood before him seemed to have seen through his intentions, and her gaze swept over like a bolt of icy cold lightning.

“I forgot to tell you. I’ve cultivated the Soulorigin Nethergod Art. Even if voice transmissions are utilized, communication between people with cultivations lower than me can’t escape my detection!” Liang Bing spoke coldly. As she spoke, her wrist shook before the pitch black and icy cold whip tore through the sky. It was like a mighty whip that was wielded in the hands of a Fiendgod, and it carried a peerlessly fierce strand of the energy of the Laws as it fiercely struck towards Mei Luoxiao! 

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