Chapter 872 – Worse Than Dog Shit

Atone for his crimes with death!

The brows of Wen Huating and Lie Peng trembled, and they were furious because of Mei Qingyuan’s arrogance and worried about Chen Xi’s future.

Mei Qingyuan and the others were nothing. The key was that were a few great figures from the Immortal Dimension that had come along with them, and they were discussing matters with the Three Sages of Nine Radiance in the depths of Divine Radiance Peak, and once they were alarmed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The Three Sages of Nine Radiance were the top three figures amongst the seniors that lived in seclusion within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and they were respectively Fei Ling, Feng Ting, and Deng Chen. It wasn’t exaggerated to say that the existence of these three seniors was like a pillar that held up the sky, and they guarded the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and made it so that no one dared to come offend the sect.

Even the Sect Master and all those other Earthly Immortal Realm experts that lived in seclusion were respectful, reverent, and addressed themselves as juniors before these three seniors.

Presently, these great figures that had descended from the Immortal Dimension were able to discuss matters with the Three Sages of Nine Radiance, whereas even the Sect Master’s status was insufficient to participate in it. Thus, it obviously displayed how lofty the status of these great figures was.

On the other hand, when Chen Xi heard that Mei Qingyuan wanted him to die to atone for his crimes, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while cold lights flashed within, and he lightly spat out a few words. “The death of trash like all of you is nothing to be regretted.”

“Since it’s like that, then die!” Mei Qingyuan’s expression was extremely gloomy, and with a wave of his hand, all the young men and young women by his side moved out.

“Kill! Kill this ant! No matter who it is, if someone dares to obstruct me today, then that person will be a sworn enemy of this Young Master!”


Instantly, the entire hall was filled with peerlessly vast Immortal Energy. Dao Arts rumbles while magic treasures whistled, and if it wasn’t for the protection of the grand formation within the hall, merely this moment was sufficient to flatten the entire True Martial Peak.

Amidst this chaos, Chen Xi executed the Wings of Disruption, and he was like a flowing ray of light that flickered repeatedly in space, and he moved about indeterminately like a ghost.


A clear bang resounded out. A young man was caught off guard, causing his neck to be directly grabbed by a hand that arrived abruptly, and then he was lifted up like a chick before being smashed into the ground. An enormous hole was smashed open by his body, causing him to bleed from all seven apertures while his entire body convulsed before he fainted.

“Senior Brother Wang!” The nearby Junior Sister Zhu let out a sharp cry of shock and fury when she saw this, and then her sleeves fluttered as they struck down at Chen Xi’s neck like two venomous dragons. But before her attack could approach him, an enormous and thick fist that was coiled by the violent glow of lightning whistled over and rapidly enlarged within her eyes.


Her pretty face was instantly struck to the point it sunk down, and if it wasn’t for her dodging in time, merely this punch was sufficient to smash her head apart.

But even then, after she suffered this strike, her vision went black while she was blasted flying like a kite that had its string cut, and she smashed fiercely onto the door of the hall before fainting.



In next to no time, numerous miserable and shrill cries sounded out from time to time, and it vibrated through the hall and caused the hall to seem like it was purgatory.

At this moment, the dense and seething killing intent in Chen Xi’s heart had completely erupted, and he was like a god of devils that killed resolutely. Everywhere he passed, no one was capable of bearing the brunt of his might!

With his current combat strength, it was sufficient to annihilate an expert at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. So when he faced these profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension that were at most at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, it was simply as if he was sweeping through dried leaves, and he was all powerful and seemed unstoppable.

Numerous disciples had gathered outside the hall since an unknown moment in time. Shockingly, An Wei, Long Zhenbei, Chen Langya, Luo Qianrong, and the other Core Seed Disciples were amongst these disciples.

Obviously, they’d come after hearing the news.

“Nice! I’ve already had enough of these bastards in these past few days. If it wasn’t for my strength being insufficient, I would have surely bashed these bastards to the point of crying for their mother and father just like Chen Xi!” Long Zhenbei clenched his fists as he watched Chen Xi revealed invincible martial prowess and sweep through everyone in the surroundings. He was extremely excited in his heart as well, and he truly wished for nothing more than to howl up into the sky.

Since these profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension arrived at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect was covered in a foul atmosphere because of them, and it just so happened that the higher-ups paid no attention to this, causing them to be extremely aggrieved in their hearts.

Originally, they were extremely worried when they heard Chen Xi had returned today. After all, everyone in the sect knew that Mei Qingyuan had taken Chen Xi to be an enemy because of Xueyan, and if Chen Xi returned, Chen Xi would probably meet with calamity.

But the scenes before their eyes now clearly told them that Chen Xi didn’t meet with calamity, and it was these profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension that had met with calamity instead. So how could they who’d been aggrieved for so long not be excited?

“I never expected that after a short one year of not seeing each other, Chen Xi’s strength has actually arrived at such an extent!” Chen Langya muttered. Besides exclaiming with admiration, a wisp of a complicated feeling couldn’t help but arise in his heart. It’s truly difficult to chase after the footsteps of this fellow…

“It is satisfying. But I’m very worried that Chen Xi’s situation will become very bad after he did this.” An Wei’s beautiful brows knit together while her gorgeous face was suffused with a wisp of worry.

As Core Seed Disciples, all of them were naturally aware that these profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension dared to act in such an unbridled manner because they had something to rely on. Not to mention their background and identities, merely those great figures that had come along with them weren’t figures that anyone in the sect dared to offend.

If they found out about what had occurred here, then how could those great figures from the Immortal Dimension possibly let Chen Xi off?

The excited expressions on the faces of the other disciples gradually faded when they heard this, and then a wisp of worry appeared between their brows. Right, it’s satisfying to bash them up, but how will Chen Xi deal with the aftermath?

But in next to no time, their attention was drawn by a scene that occurred within the hall.

In the entire hall, all those profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension lay scattered on the ground with swollen faces and bathed in blood while they groaned and howled without end. But most of them had already fainted, and they seemed to be rather miserable.

At this moment, Mei Qingyuan was the only person left standing, and his expression was gloomy to the limit. No matter how he wracked his brains, he was unable to figure out how a tiny ant at the Nether Transformation Realm was actually able to sweep through a group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts!

Such heaven defying strength caused him to be both shocked and furious, and besides carrying resentment and rage, his gaze at Chen Xi even surged with a wisp of fear.

Not to mention him, even the Sect Master and Lie Peng’s expressions were strange because a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm had put down a group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts like an autumn breeze that swept away fallen leaves. Such a visual impact was simply strong to an unparalleled level, and it caused both of them to be extremely shocked.

“How… How did you achieve this?” asked Mei Qingyuan. Even he himself didn’t notice that his voice carried a trace of trembling that couldn’t be restrained.

“Kneel down and beg me, and I’ll tell you,” said Chen Xi calmly.

After experiencing this battle, the killing intent in his heart hadn’t calmed down, and if it wasn’t out of respect for Wen Huating and Lie Peng, the people that lay on the ground would have perished a long time ago.

“Little Fellow, do you know the consequences of offending this Young Master?! Don’t think that you’ve so extraordinary just because you can surmount a realm to do battle. If this Young Master wants to kill you, then no one in this world can save you!” Mei Qingyuan was furious when he heard this. As the descendant of a great figure from the Immortal Dimension, even if he felt slight fear in his heart towards Chen Xi’s strength, the domineering disposition he’d fostered for many years caused him to be unable to accept someone daring to trample on his dignity!

“What a joke! Even if you have the status of someone from the Immortal Dimension, you’re just a pile of dog shit. Yet you still dare threaten me?” At this moment, Chen Xi was overbearing and domineering, and he carried a dignified bearing of supremacy.

“You called me dog shit?” Mei Qingyuan was angered to the point his entire body started trembling, and his eyes burned with flames of rage while he gnashed his teeth to the point they almost shattered apart.

“I was mistaken, you’re worse than dog shit.” Chen Xi said indifferently, “I forgot to tell you, I just killed a group of trash that felt they were superior because the possessed backgrounds from the Immortal Dimension just like you. If you remain unconvinced, then feel free to try.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone including Wen Huating and Lie Peng were shocked and felt disbelief. Chen Xi actually said that he killed the descendants of immortals in the past? Moreover, it wasn’t one but a group!?

This was too shocking, and they even suspected that Chen Xi might be lying. But when everyone recalled everything Chen Xi had said and done in these past few years, they were very sure that Chen Xi ought to not lie at this moment.

When they thought up to here, the gazes everyone shot at Chen Xi changed, and they seemed as if they were looking at a freak that couldn’t be judged by convention.

But Mei Qingyuan didn’t know anything about Chen Xi, or perhaps he’d overlooked those words, and he only heard the words ‘you’re worse than dog shit!’

A tiny ant actually dares to humiliate me like this!?

Instantly, his expression turned extremely unsightly while his face seemed savage and warped. Suddenly, his gaze swept out as his hands crossed each other, and then he punched fiercely at Chen Xi.


An expanse of a pitch black veil of night descended, and it was extremely dark as if the day had suddenly been devoured by the might of this fist. Space shattered and collapsed before transforming into an expanse of darkness, a realm of darkness.

“Nine Yin World Annihilation! Immortal Punishment of Darkness!” A terrifying punch spread out and enveloped Chen Xi like the night, and it seemed as if it intended to confine Chen Xi within a purgatory of darkness and completely suppress him there.

This was a terrifying Immortal Art that had already exceeded the scope of Dao Arts. Even though it was executed with Mei Qingyuan’s Dao Insights and not the energy of the Laws, its might was still extremely terrifying.

Chen Xi’s entire body shook when facing this fist, and then divine light suddenly rumbled and flowed out from his body. It seemed like a scorching sun had arisen from behind him, and it was dazzling, vast, brilliant, and blazing. As soon as it spread out, it torn apart all darkness.


He similarly struck out with a punch that circulated with the profundities of Obliteration. It caused rumbling booms that seemed all powerful, and it completely destroyed the force of Mei Qingyuan’s punch.

Everyone saw Chen Xi destroy the attack of his opponent with a single punch, and his figure was mighty as he flashed forward, whereas Mei Qingyuan retreated step by step.

“What a terrifying might! Is this something that a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm can possess?” Blood sprayed out repeatedly from Mei Qingyuan’s mouth, and his entire body almost collapsed.

“The light of darkness, Infinite Destruction!” His ferocity was completely aroused, and he launched his final counterattack because he was utterly unable to accept being defeated by a tiny ant at the Nether Transformation Realm!

So he went all out, and he converged the strength within his entire body into this strike.

“Kneel!” Chen Xi seemed as if he was taking an idle stroll through a courtyard, and he seemed casual and carefree. He pressed down in the sky with a single hand, causing the space above Mei Qingyuan’s head to suddenly start to shrink, collapse, and form into a force that was filled with an aura of boundless obliteration before slowly pressing down onto Mei Qingyuan! 

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