Chapter 871 – Commit Suicide To Atone For Your Crimes

The voice hadn’t finished resounding out in the air when a handsome young man who wore feathered clothes with broad sleeves and a loose girdle walked slowly into the hall with a jade fan that had golden designs in his hand.

His chin was lifted up high while a smile had curled up on the corners of his mouth, and he carried a haughty and frivolous aura. His expression was rather relaxed, and he didn’t seem as if he’d walked into a hall in the core of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect but seemed like he’d arrived at his own backyard instead.

There was a group of young men and women following behind the young man. All of them were laughing and noisy, had frivolous bearings, and they didn’t have the slightest trace of an intention to restrain themselves.

As they looked at the young man who held the jade fan leading the group of young men and young women in, the Sect Leader and Elder Lie Peng both frowned, yet they didn’t say anything.

Both of them just sent a voice transmission to remind Chen Xi that he should endure temporarily and not make any rash moves because a little impatience may spoil everything.

Chen Xi similarly noticed this group of people, and he determined with a sweep of his gaze that these fellows were all descendants of immortals like Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye, and the others, and even though the Immortal Energy around their bodies was surging, their strengths were only at the Earthly Immortal Realm.

The killing intent in his heart grew deeper when he saw this, and he was truly unable to imagine why one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, would be helpless against these profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension.

It was even to the extent that even the Sect Master seemed to be swallowing insult and humiliation!

“You’re Chen Xi?” The young man in the lead swept his gaze through the surroundings before it descended onto Chen Xi, and his eyes lit up as if he’d noticed his prey.

“Young Master Mei, you have a good eye! This is precisely the most outstanding disciple in the younger generation of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Now, he has already advanced to become an elder, and he wields the position of master of the West Radiance Peak.” Before Chen Xi could speak, Lie Peng had already laughed heartily while introducing. “Chen Xi, this is Mei Qingyuan from the Immortal Dimension’s Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Young Master Mei is young and promising, and he possesses a brilliant reputation in the Immortal Dimension.”

As for those young men and young women behind Mei Qingyuan, Lie Peng didn’t introduce them. Obviously, the status of these others was inferior to Mei Qingyuan.

“Hmph! Lie Peng you geezer, did this Young Master ask you a question?” Mei Qingyuan’s face sank abruptly as he glanced at Lie Peng with displeasure, and he seemed to be blaming Lie Peng for speaking out of turn.

Lie Peng’s expression froze, and he was slightly embarrassed. But he still forcefully endured it in the end.

Those young men and young women roared with laughter when they saw this, and they had mocking expressions while a wisp of complacency suffused Mei Qingyuan’s face.

If it was the Immortal Dimension, they would naturally not be so unbridled to the point of not taking an elder of a sect seriously. But this was the Mortal Dimension, so how could they possibly have any scruples? It wasn’t just that, their originally overbearing and arrogant characters had become even more unbridled upon arriving at the Mortal Dimension.

After all is said and done, this was actually a common mentality of everyone from the Immortal Dimension. They took the Mortal Dimension to be a lowly plane that wasn’t worth mentioning. But the display of Mei Qingyuan and the others was just even more haughty.

Chen Xi’s brows knit even more tightly when he saw Lie Peng being humiliated, and he was almost unable to restrain the killing intent in his heart.

“Bastard! Are you deaf? Didn’t Senior Brother Mei ask you a question? Quickly kneel down and answer him obediently!” Meanwhile, a thin and tall young man amongst those young men and young women glanced over and saw Chen Xi had actually remained indifferent, so he berated right away in a cold voice, and his tone was arrogant to the point it seemed like he was teaching his grandson a lesson.

“Senior Brother Gao, this little fellow has obviously been terrified to the point of being stunned, yet you’re still blaming him. You’re really too bad.” A young woman with a pretty appearance spoke with a tender voice, yet her words were sarcastic and ridiculing to the extreme.

“Haha! Could it be that Junior Sister Zhu longs for love and you’ve taken a fancy to this little fellow? Why are you siding with him? I’m really jealous. This won’t do, I have to terrify him to the point he pisses himself, and then I’ll see if you still speak up for him.” Senior Brother Gao roared with laughter once again. He and that Junior Sister Zhu had actually used Chen Xi as pretext to tease each other like lovers under the gazes of everyone present, and they were arrogant and haughty to the extreme.

“Eh! You’re actually still standing there without moving. Could it be that you took this Young Master’s words as a gust of wind that blew past your ears? Kneel!” Senior Brother Gao’s face sank when he saw Chen Xi still remaining indifferent, and he walked forward with a large stride before raising his leg and kicking at Chen Xi’s knee. He actually made a move directly with the intention of forcing Chen Xi to kneel.

Moreover, this kick was swift and ferocious, and it was like a whip that swept out rather swiftly, ruthlessly, and accurately. It was obviously not an empty show of strength, and if it were to hit, then even a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure would be shattered.

The other young men and young women revealed excited expressions when they saw this, and they seemed as if they were going to watch a good show.


However, to their disappointment, Senior Brother Gao’s leg hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when it was directly dealt with by a flick of a sleeve of the Sect Master that had noticed the situation was bad since the beginning.

Chen Xi was slightly disappointed. He was even prepared to directly break this bastard’s leg and crush him with a single move before thinking about anything else. Unfortunately, Wen Huating had stopped this halfway.

“Old man Wen! You actually dared to stop this Young Master?!” Senior Brother Gao’s expression sank when his attack didn’t succeed, and he directly pointed at Wen Huating while cursing with an attitude that was simply haughty to the limit.

At this moment, the face of Wen Huating that was usually warm and poised couldn’t help but darken while the veins on his forehead bulged. But he restrained himself in the end and said, “Young Master Gao, calm your rage. We’re all family, so there’s no reason to fight each other, right?”

“Fuck off! Who’s from the same family as you!? You’re just a tiny Sect Master from the Mortal Dimension! Are you even worthy to compare yourself with this Young Master? Move aside! Don’t hope of continuing to be the Sect Master if you dare to continue obstructing me!” 

The more Wen Huating acted in this way, the more arrogant it made that Senior Brother Gao become, and he cursed in an even more unbridled manner.

The killing intent that had accumulated in Chen Xi’s heart since a long time ago couldn’t be restrained any longer when he heard this, and he said, “Sect Master, Elder Lie Peng, both of you step back for now. This matter arose because of me, so allow me to bear the responsibility for it myself!” 

His low and deep voice carried an indisputable feeling, causing Wen Huating and Lie Peng’s expression to go grim when they heard this. They wanted to restrain him, but when they saw Chen Xi’s resolute gaze, they restrained themselves for some unknown reason.

Both of them sighed in their hearts. If it was in terms of rage, theirs was greater than Chen Xi. But for the sake of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, they could only endure, and if it wasn’t for this, with their nature, they would have killed these bastards from the Immortal Dimension a long time ago.

But even if they’d decided to stand and watch from the sidelines, their mood became even heavier.

“Oh, I didn’t notice that you have some backbone. But no matter how unyielding you are, when you’re before this Young Master, you have to kneel down obediently for this Young Master and apologize for your offence!” That Senior Brother Gao sized Chen Xi up from top to bottom, and then he kicked once more. The move was the same and without the slightest change, and this obviously showed how arrogant he was. It seemed as if he’d already confirmed that Chen Xi would utterly not dare to fight back.


However, to his surprise, he felt something flash before his eyes at the moment he lifted his leg, and then a hand that was like an iron thong had grabbed tightly onto his ankle before twisting fiercely. The bone in his leg was directly broken, and it emitted a clear and sharp sound of bones breaking.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Mei Qingyuan and the others that hadn’t expected this, even Wen Huating and Lie Peng didn’t dare believe their eyes. Chen Xi had actually moved so resolutely and directly crippled his right leg!

“AH!!!” Instantly, Senior Brother Gao felt pain to the point tears almost flowed from his eyes, and he emitted an extremely miserable and sharp cry. “Bastard! You actually dared to fight back! You’re courting death!!” 

As he spoke, his figure suddenly stabilized as his left leg swung out abruptly. It was like an axe that tore through the sky and carried peerlessly fierce Immortal Energy as it struck down ferociously at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s expression was icy cold. Before the attack could even approach him, he suddenly exerted force with his right leg and dragged Senior Brother Gao’s crippled right leg, and then his wrist twisted as he raised Senior Brother Gao up like a sandbag and smashed Senior Brother Gao fiercely on the ground.


Senior Brother Gao’s entire body was smashed on the ground. His features were warped while blood sprayed from his nose and mouth, and a wave of cracking sounded out throughout his body. Countless bones within his body had broken, causing him to let out endless miserable howls like a dying dog. The ground that was constructed from fine steel and rock had a large hole smashed open on it, and it obviously showed how enormous the force of Chen Xi’s strike was.

“Bastard! You’re courting death! This Young Master will slaughter your entire family! I won’t leave a soul alive!” Senior Brother Gao’s expression was savage as he roared with a grim voice like a mad devil.

As soon as these words were spoken, a wisp of a sharp light that was icy cold to the extreme flashed abruptly in Chen Xi’s eyes. These words had touched his bottom line, and it completely aroused the killing intent in him.

Right at this moment, Mei Qingyuan and the others reacted to what had happened, and they cried out with curses while they charged forward with the intention of rescuing ‘Senior Brother Gao.’

Earlier, they had utterly not imagined that Chen Xi would actually dare to make a move against them. After all, as far as they were concerned, he was merely a tiny ant at the Nether Transformation Realm from the Mortal Dimension. So besides enduring silently, would anyone dare resist in the slightest when facing all of them?

It was precisely because of this sort of sense of superiority that they would be stunned and not assist Senior Brother Gao in time when they saw Chen Xi bash Senior Brother Gao to such an extent in a few moves.

At this moment, when they recovered from their shock, how could they endure any longer?

A tiny ant had actually dared to offend his superiors and made a move to injure their companion. This was absolutely someone that was tired of living!


In the next instant, the three people that charged over in the front had already executed various formidable Dao Arts, and their ruthless moves struck at Chen Xi from different directions.

Even though they were arrogant, the cultivations of these profligate disciples from the Immortal Dimension weren’t weak, and all of them were at the Earthly Immortal Realm. In the Mortal Dimension, their cultivations were sufficient to look down upon most cultivators. Unfortunately, they encountered Chen Xi this time.

Slap! Slap! Slap! 

Three clear and resounding slaps sounded out. The three of them approached swiftly and left swiftly as well. They were instantly slapped flying by Chen Xi, causing blood to spray from their noses and mouths while many of  their teeth had been struck off, and they fell to the ground and wailed endlessly.

Wen Huating and Lie Peng were both terrified. When did Chen Xi’s strength become so formidable? Dealing with these profligate disciples at the Earthly Immortal Realm is simply as easy as sweeping away dry leaves for him!

Only Liang Bing had a calm expression because she’d witnessed Chen Xi teaching Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye, and the others a lesson in the Talisman Dimension. Comparatively speaking, these bastards before her were inferior in cultivation to Nan Xiuchong and the others, so it would be weird if Chen Xi was unable to deal with them.

“How audacious! How audacious indeed!” Mei Qingyuan’s features became livid and icy cold to the extreme as he said, “Little Fellow, you’ve completely infuriated this Young Master. No matter who comes today, they’ll be unable to save you! Now, I’ll give you a final chance to atone for you crimes! Take your own life!” 

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