Chapter 87 – Element Inversion Mountain

Chapter 87 – Element Inversion Mountain

A handsome appearance, tall figure, and a steady and dignified bearing; when they saw this youth, the innumerable demons that had been waiting outside for a long time stood up with a ‘swish’ in unison before bowing in greeting. Their movements were neat and uniform, as if they were an army that had drilled for a long time.

There were no sounds of congratulations nor uproarious sounds. It was just a silent and respectful rise and bow, yet it possessed more strength than any words, as this was reverence and submission that came from within.

The most beautiful sound was silence, as it went straight to the heart!

This was the most grandiose scene that had happened in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range for countless years. A myriad of demons paying their respects was an unprecedentedly dazzling scene.

The myriad of demons stood respectfully as if they were facing the general on the battlefield that was calling roll, as if they were subjects that were paying their respects to the king. This scene caused Du Qingxi and the others to fall into boundless shock.

Chen Xi was stunned for a moment, then as he gazed into the distance at the dense crowd of demons that he could see no end of and looked at the submission and reverence in their expressions, his heart was shocked as well.

“Demon-kind have always been more straightforward than humans. They believed in their fists and believed in strength, and possessed adoration and fanaticism that others were unable to understand towards the strong. You’ve killed four of the seven demon kings, and your reputation is influential like the sun hanging in the sky. I have no doubt that if you dare make yourself king, these demon-kind would instantly commit themselves under your command, and they would follow by your side and never refuse any command of yours.” Ji Yu’s voice sounded out in his heart.

“Alright, your wishes have been granted, quickly leave now. Don’t disturb the quiet cultivation of me and Little Brother Chen Xi.” The Nine-tailed Fox King flew into midair, and his voice was like exploding thunder that rumbled as it sounded out throughout Moon’s Embrace Mountain.

The Nine-tailed Fox King had spoken personally, and there was naturally no demon that dared disobey him.

In next to no time, the crowd of demons were like tidewater as they poured down Moon’s Embrace Mountain. Even though they didn’t have the chance to speak with Chen Xi, they were already satisfied after seeing Chen Xi’s appearance. They felt that their trip here wasn’t for nothing.

“You’ve advanced?” Not long after the masses of demons had left, the Nine-tailed Fox King glanced over thoughtlessly and noticed to his surprise that Chen Xi seemed as if he’d been reborn. Although the aura surrounding Chen Xi’s body had become more and more faint, he naturally possessed an extraordinary and elegant bearing as he casually stood there, like a towering mountain that held its spirit within.

Chen Xi nodded. It wasn’t just an advancement, during his month long closed door cultivation, he’d already completely absorbed all the spirit liquid he’d obtained. Now, within the space in his violet palace, five dazzling and resplendent stars hung there, fluttering as they emitted rays of starlight and coordinated with each other from a distance, and the True Essence that was glittering and translucent like ice within the great lake in his violet palace was vast and mighty,

If it wasn’t for the spirit liquid being insufficient, Chen Xi would have been able to break through to the Golden Hall Realm in one go!

Most importantly, the cultivation of the Ice Crane Technique caused the great lake in Chen Xi’s violet palace to be even wider and deeper than an ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivator. Although the accumulated True Essence was extremely thick, the amount of spirit liquid consumed to advance a level was many times more than an ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivator.

If Chen Xi wanted to advance to the 6th star of the Violet Palace Realm, then he would probably require 50,000kg of spirit liquid.

Advancing to the 7th star of the Violet Palace Realm would require 100,000kg of spirit liquid.

Advancing to the 8th star of the Violet Palace Realm would require 200,000kg of spirit liquid.

Without one million kg of spirit liquid as a base, breaking through to the Golden Hall Realm was utterly impossible!

Of course, with Chen Xi’s current strength, he was already completely unafraid of cultivators at the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm. Even if he were to surpass a realm and battle a Golden Hall Realm cultivator, there was still a possibility for him to annihilate his opponent.

After all, no one could possibly be like him, having a soul that improved at every moment, possessing natural talent in comprehending the Dao that was abnormal to the point it was heaven defying, and cultivating a treasured cultivation technique, the Ice Crane Technique… He was simply an existence that was a living monster.

If he were to advance his body refinement cultivation to the Violet Palace Realm as well, then condense shaman markings and control Shaman Energy, Chen Xi’s combat strength would even be able to surge up a great deal!

Unfortunately, the advancement of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement was too slow. Even though he possessed the extremely formidable body refinement cultivation technique, the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts, he was still stuck at the edge of the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm and was unable to break through for a long time.

According to Ji Yu, the Violet Palace Realm of body refinement allowed the condensation of shaman markings that could convert Shaman Energy. It was a formidable realm that allowed one to control unbelievable Divine Abilities! How could it be so easily achieved?

Taking this step forward meant being in the middle of mortals and the divine, it was a qualitative transformation, like a caterpillar breaking through the cocoon to become a beautiful and dancing butterfly!

But this step was like a wide chasm. Without the bitter cultivation and accumulation at the early period and the tempering of the body all day and night, the strand of a chance to break through that seemed illusory. It was utterly impossible to touch the edge of the Violet Palace Realm.

“Chen Xi, when will we be leaving here?” Du Qingxi walked over and asked in a light voice. After she’d seen the scene of the myriad of demons coming to pay their respects, she couldn’t help but be slightly worried that Chen Xi would be unwilling to leave this place.

“Yeah, a year has already passed since we entered the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain. Now that we’ve gotten out of the predicament again, we naturally ought to swiftly leave this place. This way, our families wouldn’t be worried.” Duanmu Ze spoke as well.

Actually, Chen Xi couldn’t wait to leave this place as well, but he still had something to do, and he said, “We can depart once I finish dealing with a matter with the two demon kings.”

“Precisely. If this matter doesn’t succeed then I’m afraid all of you will be unable to leave,” The Old Turtle King said with a smile on his face.

The face of Du Qingxi and the others went grim. What does he mean by this? Is he threatening Chen Xi?

“Everyone, you’ve misunderstood. How should I say it? The matter that we and Little Brother Chen Xi are going to deal with is precisely to open up a path that leads to the outside world. Without this path, then not to mention all of you, even we are unable to leave.” The Old Turtle King vaguely explained and didn’t breathe a word about the River Diagram fragment.

“Yes, it’s indeed so.” Chen Xi nodded.

Only now did everyone heave a sigh of relief.

“Then be careful and return quickly.” Du Qingxi suddenly rose her head and looked straight into Chen Xi’s eyes as she spoke, and her voice that was cold like ice emitted a wisp of rare embarrassment and gentleness.


Chen Xi inexplicably heaved a sigh of relief after sitting on the treasured vessel and flying out of Moon’s Embrace Mountain for a long time.

When he recalled the words Du Qingxi spoke earlier, a strand of strange throbbing still remained within his heart, and it was like he’d touched electricity, causing him to be taken by surprise, yet he was extremely fond of it.

This feeling was like tasting strong wines, like listening to wonderful music, and it was truly difficult to depict it.

“Based on Little Brother Chen Xi’s appearance, could it be that you’re troubled about love? No wonder Little Brother went alone and depended on the sword in your hand to kill your way up Moonhowl Ridge. So it turns out that it was urged by the affection of getting enraged for your woman, a truly enviable pair of Dao Companions.” The Nine-tailed Fox King blinked his charming peach shaped eyes as he teased.

Chen Xi was stymied, then he hurriedly shook his head and changed the topic as he didn’t want to explore the private affairs in his heart with a sly old fox.

“Right, where exactly is the River Diagram fragment?”

The Nine-tailed Fox King smiled and didn’t overdo it. He leaned on the railing and looked into the distance as he spoke in an unhurried manner. “It’s naturally at the center of this place, under the Element Inversion Mountain 25,000 km from here.”

Element Inversion Mountain?

What a strange name!

A trace of anticipation couldn’t help but emerge in Chen Xi’s heart.


The treasure vessel broke through the roiling waves of clouds as it flew swiftly below the sky. Although its speed couldn’t compare to a flying sword, one didn’t have to expend True Essence when staying within it and it was also able to keep out the wind and rain and avoid the atmospheric winds in the sky, it was extremely comfortable and convenient.

In next to no time, a pitch-black mountain that pierced straight into the clouds was reflected in their eyes. This mountain was barren and filled with jagged rocks of strange shapes, like a steel fierce beast, and within an area of 50km from it, it was actually completely deathly quiet without a trace of life in the slightest!

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