Chapter 869 – Took Me As An Enemy

“This is the Dark Reverie?” Liang Bing’s clear eyes swept through the heavens and the earth, and she couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration. “As expected of a vast large world that’s the closest to the Immortal Dimension. There are so many ancient restrictions, and I sense the aura of numerous experts that are living in seclusion.”

“How strong are they?” Chen Xi restrained his thoughts and asked.

“I’m unable to be sure, and I’ll only know if we have a fight,” replied Liang Bing.

She was a Mysterious Immortal and had cultivated Immortal Sense since a long time ago. A casual sweep of it was capable inspecting an entire small world, but only when she arrived at the Dark Reverie did she realize that there were actually places that her Immortal Sense was unable to inspect.

In other words, the Dark Reverie was too vast, and there were too many ancient restrictions within it, causing her to not dare inspect in a manner that was too unbridled.

Chen Xi said hastily, “Let’s go. Follow me back to my sect first, now isn’t the time to fight.”

Liang Bing couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. “Am I that sort of person that causes trouble deliberately?”

“Of course not.” Chen Xi replied seriously, and then he laughed bitterly. “I’m just worried that someone else offends you.”

“Why?” Liang Bing’s brows raised.

“Because you’re too beautiful.” Chen Xi shrugged.

Liang Bing was stunned while a trace of rage was gradually condensing in her clear eyes. She finally realized that the more she let him off, the more presumptuous this little bastard go. Now, he actually dared to tease her to her face!

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m speaking the truth.” Chen Xi noticed that the situation wasn’t good, and he explained right away. “Even you know very well that being too beautiful is sometimes a type of sin, and it’s easy to cause some people with weak wills to make mistake.”

Liang Bing glared angrily at Chen Xi, yet she was rather troubled in her heart. She was very curious why she kept having a powerless feeling before this little bastard, and she couldn’t beat nor scold him. It was truly a headache to her!


With Liang Bing by his side, less than a few breaths of time passed before the mountain range the Nine Radiance Sword Sect resided on was revealed before Chen Xi’s eyes.

But the scene before his eyes caused him to be greatly shocked. The mountain range before him had changed completely in appearance, and the myriad of mountains were enveloped by a light barrier of restrictions that was in the shape of an egg shell.

Chen Xi was even able to sense that the spirit energy, baleful qi, Immortal Energy, and various types of powerful airflows were ceaselessly fusing into the light barrier.

There were many disciples whistling about in the air within the mountain range of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Some were refining pills, some were refining swords, and some were fighting and tempering each other. The entire sect had a tense and busy aura, and it was completely different from the leisurely, peaceful, and carefree atmosphere from before. It was simply as if it had changed completely.

“A very formidable Immortal Formation.” Liang Bing gazed at it for a while before she said, “This is the sect you joined? Even though it’s formidable, it’s far too inferior to the Oracle Mountain.”

“This is the Mortal Dimension, not the Immortal Dimension.” Chen Xi corrected.

“Oh, I forgot that you’re only at the Nether Transformation Realm and joining such a sect is indeed something to take pride in.” Even though Liang Bing expressed her understanding, her expression was still icy cold, and she didn’t reveal the slightest respect when speaking about the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

This was the arrogance of a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert. In the Talisman Dimension, her status was like that of an overlord that controlled the world, so she naturally wouldn’t pay too much attention to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Chen Xi naturally understood this and didn’t argue with Liang Bing about it, and he flew towards the entrance of the nine Radiance Sword Sect.

“Who are you? Quickly report your name!” Chen Xi didn’t conceal his figure. After all, he was an elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and had authority over the West Radiance Peak, so his status was lofty. But, right when he approached the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s entrance, a few disciples flew out abruptly from within the light barrier.

One of them shouted at Chen Xi. “My Nine Radiance Sword Sect has to make arrangements for a major event in this month, so we’ve closed our doors to all invaders and guests. Fellow Daoist, please leave swiftly.”

Liang Bing glanced at Chen Xi with a strange expression when she heard this. On the way here, she’d heard Chen Xi say that he was an elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and possessed a lofty status. So why would a disciple that guarded the entrance of the sect not recognize him?

Chen Xi was stunned as well, and then his gaze swept the surroundings slightly. He noticed that the cultivation of these disciples was roughly at the Golden Core Realm, and their cultivations could be considered to be not bad. But their faces were extremely unfamiliar, and they seemed to have joined the sect recently.

But he didn’t find this to be strange because the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had surely started making a move as the upheaval of the three dimensions was arriving, and the sect had started to expand its forces.

“I’m Chen Xi, this is my command token.” Chen Xi flicked with his finger, causing a command token to transform into a flowing ray of light that flew over.

“What? You’re Elder Chen Xi?” As soon as those disciples heard this and sized up the command token in their hands, all of them were shocked, but their faces revealed vigilant expressions instead.


Chen Xi frowned and was slightly bewildered when he saw their reaction. After all, he could be considered to be known far and wide now, and the entire Dark Reverie knew of him. Especially amongst the younger generation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, his reputation was like a scorching sun in the midday sky.

But when these disciples saw him now, not only did they not greet him respectfully, they even revealed a wisp of vigilance. Could it be that something has occurred in the sect?

Instantly, numerous thoughts flashed in Chen Xi’s mind, and his expression even became slightly gloomy because there was surely something strange going on when what happened was different than usual!

He’d returned excitedly but had the door shut at his face, and it was even to the extent that they still dared to be so vigilant against him after finding out his identity. This was too unusual.

“Let’s go, it’s just some ignorant disciples. I didn’t expect to let you watch me make a fool of myself.” Chen Xi turned around and glanced at Liang Bing before flashing towards the sect. He wanted to see who dared obstruct him!

Liang Bing naturally had no objections, and she followed closely behind him.

One of them was a heaven defying existence at the perfection-stage of the Nether Transformation Realm, whereas the other was even more terrifying, and she was a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert that was supreme and even more formidable than a Heavenly Immortal.

At the instant they moved out, merely their imposing aura terrified those disciples that guarded the entrance to the point their expressions went pale, and they swiftly hid into the light barrier that blotted out the sky.


“An enemy assault! An enemy assault!”

After those disciples entered into the defensive grand formation, they cried out repeatedly with the intention to alert everyone, and they seemed as if they were facing a great enemy.

An enemy assault?

Chen Xi was even more furious when he heard these words. At the same time, he was even surer that a shocking unexpected even had definitely occurred in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect during this period of time that he left the sect.


He stretched out his hand and grabbed, causing a ball of terrifying tempest to converge in his palm, and it transformed into an enormous hand that was formed from tempests before it directly grabbed onto the light barrier that sealed up the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Instantly, the light barrier started shaking violently and emitted rumbling that sounded like a myriad of thunderclaps, and its impetus was shocking to the extreme.

With Chen Xi’s current combat strength, this strike of his was sufficient to shatter a thousand mountains, incinerate countless pools of water, and annihilating ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm experts was as easy as flipping his hand. But when facing the defensive grand formation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, it was slightly insufficient, and his strength was instantly dispersed.

“If I’m not wrong, this is an ancient Immortal Formation. It’s connected to the heavens and the earth and contained the five elements, and it relies on the energy of the universe and space to maintain its circulation. If ordinary Heavenly Immortals were to come here, they would be trapped within it as well.” Liang Bing said from the side, “Do you want me to make a move and break through it?”

Chen Xi brows knit together even more tightly, and he shook his head to indicate there was no need. At the same time, a vertical eye opened up between his brows, and he’d started examining it with the Eye of Divine Truth combined with his attainments in the Dao of Talismans since a long time.

After a short moment, his eyes light up as he said, “Follow behind me. Let’s go in first.”

Liang Bing was stunned. How long has passed? Yet he has already seen through the profundities of this ancient Immortal Formation?


“Thief! How dare you trespass forcefully into the sect! You’re simply courting death!”

“That isn’t a thief, that’s Elder Chen Xi…”

“I know!”

Right at this moment, another group of disciples surged into appearance behind the grand formation, and they berated Chen Xi without end from behind the light barrier.


In the next moment, they felt something flash before their eyes, and then two figures had appeared in front of them. It shocked those disciples to the point their entire bodies shivered. Never had they imagined that the strongest Sect Guarding Grand Formation in their sect would actually be traversed so easily!

“Quickly! Quickly report it to the elders…” A disciple was the first to react, and he cried out with a sharp voice.


But his voice had just started to resound out when it stopped abruptly. His entire body seemed as if it was fiercely suppressed by an enormous mountain, and he knelt on the ground with a thump. He was like a toad that lay on the ground, and he was unable to stand up no matter how he struggled.

“Going against your superior and defying your senior! Tell me, what great event is the sect making arrangements for!? Why do you still take me to be a thief after knowing my identity!?” Chen Xi’s expression was rather unsightly, and cold lightly surged with his eyes as they opened and closed. Every single disciple that his gaze swept by felt their entire bodies go cold while breathing felt difficult, and they felt as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

Everyone looked at each other, yet none of them answered him.

Chen Xi was even more furious when he saw this, and he suddenly grunted coldly. It was like an explosive thunderclap that resounded by the ears of everyone, and it shook them to the point their souls almost collapsed and left their bodies. Their legs shivered, and then they emitted a wave of thumps as they fell down to a kneeling position on the ground.

“Don’t blame me for punishing all of you according to the penalties of the sect if you still don’t answer me!” Chen Xi spoke with an icy cold voice.

Finally, a disciple that was drenched in cold sweat spoke with a stutter. “Elder… Elder Chen Xi. We didn’t do it willingly. This is the order of the sect, and we don’t know the reason behind it.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised while his gaze swept past the others. With his formidable soul, he was able to instantly determine that the disciple from before wasn’t lying.

But the more it was like this, the more discontent and indignant he was. They actually took me to be a thief without any reason?

The most worrying thing to him was whether Ling Bai and the others on West Radiance Peak were implicated by him and had been affected. 

When he thought up to here, he was unable to restrain the rage in his heart any longer, and his figure flashed towards West Radiance Peak.

Last time, Ling Bai and Mu Kui had suffered the oppression of Yue Chi because he wasn’t present, and they were forced to flee the sect and had almost been murdered. On the other hand, Huo Molei and the others were even captured to the Heavenflow Dao Sect, and they suffered boundless torment and almost lost their lives.

This time, he’d only left for a single year, yet even he had actually been taken to be an enemy. How could Chen Xi continue to be composed and calm before such an unexpected event?

But right at the instant he made a move, a streak flew over from the distant sky, and the person hadn’t arrived when a voice had sounded out from afar. “Chen Xi, calm down for a moment. The matter isn’t as you’ve imagined!”

As she spoke, she’d already arrived. She wore a fiery red dress, and she possessed a gorgeous appearance. Shockingly, it was An Wei’s younger sister, An Ke. 

“They’ve already taken me to be an enemy. So is there any need to imagine anything about all this?” Chen Xi frowned while his voice carried rage that couldn’t be suppressed. He’s only acted like this because it was An Ke, and if it was any other person, he couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to the person and would have charged off directly.

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