Chapter 866 – Oracle Point

The black robed man suddenly roared with laughter. “How long has it been since someone had dared to insult me like that? Little girl, you’re really audacious, and even I can’t help but feel a trace of sympathy for a talented person like you.”

Even though he spoke like this, but he’d moved out brazenly, and his black robed fluttered like a ball of surging devilish cloud as he charged out explosively with a matchless speed.

His target wasn’t Li Yang, and it was actually Chen Xi!

Perhaps he’d already discerned that so long as he captured Chen Xi, it would be sufficient to threaten Li Yang. At the very least, it would be able to restrain her, and in this way, he would be able to grasp the initiative.


The surged jet black light was like a rumbling tempestuous storm that awakened the deaf, and it emanated a gloomy, ruthless, and bloodthirsty aura. It seemed like the source of all sin in the heavens and the earth, and it caused others to have the terrifying feeling of falling into a bottomless abyss when looking at it from afar.

At that day, on the way to Crimson Swallow City from Golden Mulberry Village, Chen Xi had been swept by the black robed man’s terrifying will, and merely a single glance caused his entire body to go cold and feel as if it had fallen into an abyss. Moreover, he couldn’t even arouse the thought of struggling and resisting.

Now the black robed man had released his entire cultivation as he charged forward, and his terrifying imposing aura caused Chen Xi to feel suffocated while his pores felt as if they were pierced by sharp blades and his soul felt as if it was on the verge of being partially frozen and sealed up.

“You’re overestimating your ability!” Right at this moment, a clear cry sounded out as Li Yang’s clothes fluttered, and a brilliance that covered the sky appeared on her finger. It was like the brilliance of the sun and moon combined, and it illumined the world while it easily dealt with the black robed man’s attack.

At the same time, her beautiful hair fluttered as she grabbed from afar, causing the Dao Severance Sword that Luo Zhanbei left behind upon his death to fly over to her.


Li Yang spat out a mouthful of qi, causing the Dao Severance Sword to shrink abruptly while its energy was compacted within it, and it actually transformed into a golden speck of light that coiled endlessly at the tip of her finger.

Instantly, the light, air flow, and dust in the space within the 8th level of the Grand Deduction Tower seemed to have been completely extracted, and everything converged towards the golden light at the tip of her finger, causing the entire space to emanate a feeling of being in the verge of breakdown, collapse, and obliteration.

“She actually refined the Dao Severance Sword and condensed it into the force of a single finger! What sort of ability is this?” Liang Bing was horrified and moved. After all, the Dao Severance Sword was the divine artifact of the Luo Clan that had been inherited for countless years, and it was absolutely not something an ordinary Immortal Artifact could compare to. However, Li Yang had actually refined it casually, and this ability wasn’t something an ordinary person in the Immortal Dimension could accomplish.

“You! This…this is the Oracle Mountain’s Oracle Point! You’re a disciple of the Oracle Mountain!?” The black clothed man’s expression revealed shock as he seemed to have discerned the origins of this attack, and he couldn’t help but roar with a grim voice.

As he spoke, he moved out without the slightest hesitation. His fingers seemed as if they held the world, and he was like a black sun that emanated boundless jet black light as he charged at Li Yang. However, his attack hadn’t even approached her when it was devoured by a shapeless force, and it seemed like clay that had fallen into the ocean and vanished without a trace. It didn’t even cause the slightest ripple to arise, and it was extremely strange.

In other words, not only was his full forced strike unable to injure Li Yang, it wasn’t even able to touch her figure!

“Little Junior Brother, this is the Oracle Point, one of the inheritances of our sect that isn’t passed down outside the sect. Once you cultivate and become a Heavenly Immortal, you’ll be able to communicate with the gods of the world, condense the five great Divine Talismans to reside in the five elements within your body, and accumulate myriads of strands of the energy of derivation within a single finger. Nothing will survive under the might of a single point!” Li Yang spoke with a light voice, and when she spoke the last word, the speck of light at the tip of her finger was already dazzling and resplendent to the limit. It had seized all the radiance in the world and droned before it suddenly shot out violently, and it directly shot towards the space between the black robed man’s brows.

At this instant, it seemed as if time and space had been frozen and fell into indescribable silence. As the saying goes, things will go in the opposite direction when an extreme limit is reached. When it was dazzling and resplendent to the limit, and returned to calm instead, causing everything in the world to lose the ability to make any noise!

“Shit!” The black robed man finally realized how formidable it was, and his expression turned pale and carried a trace of panic. He howled towards the sky before dodging and retreating explosively without the slightest hesitation.

Bang!However, in the next moment, the space between his brows was penetrated while his entire body flew backward and fell to the ground with a thump.

“The Oracle Point. All those years ago, the divine beings of my race perished under this strike, yet I never imagined that a day would come where I, Mu Zheng, would follow in their footsteps…” Amidst this muttering, the black robed man’s entire body rumbled as it transformed into ash and perished.

Everyone, including Chen Xi, was awed by the might of this point when they saw this scene, and it caused them to break out in cold sweat from fear because such a strike was too terrifying. It exceeded their imagination and was miraculous!

“Unfortunately, with my ability, I could only sacrifice an immortal weapon for the sake of annihilating this person. If it was executed by Third Senior Brother, then the might of a faraway point would be able to easily annihilate a world.” Li Yang shook her head and seemed to be rather dissatisfied with her strength.

But when these words entered into the ears of Liang Bing and Teng Lan, they were completely speechless instead, and they didn’t know how to describe their feelings at this moment. 


Up until this point, everyone that came to the Grand Deduction Tower with Luo Zixuan had perished, and it included three Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, a Xeno-race expert, the inheritors of the Gu, Yin, and Luo Clans in the Talisman Dimension, and all the young masters and young miss from the Immortal Dimension.

Of course, Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye, and the others hadn’t died completely, and a strand of their soul still remained in the Immortal Dimension. But even if they recovered, their strengths would be greatly inferior to before, and they would have to cultivate from the beginning. To some cultivators, this was simply more tormenting than being killed directly.

After all, cultivators pursued the Heaven Dao. After all is said and done, what they pursued was the strength to control their own lives, so the sense of loss that they suffered when the cultivation they experienced countless hardships to attain had been lost could torment a cultivator to the point of madness.

 Because only by grasping strength would they be able to control their own fate, win the respect of others, obtain boundless wealth, and establish an eternal foundation for their clans… It could be said that in the cultivation world, if one possessed strength, then it would be equivalent to possessing everything.

On the other hand, the loss of strength meant the loss of all this, so could anyone accept such an enormous drop?

For example, after some cultivators in the cultivation world had their cultivations crippled and became an ordinary person, they died before their lifespan came to an end, and it was because they were unable to endure the torture from losing their strength.

All those years ago, if it wasn’t for him knowing that he had to bring up Chen Xi and Chen Hao, Chen Xi’s grandfather, Chen Tianli, would have probably been unable to endure the enormous drop from having his cultivation crippled and would have died in depression.

“Senior Sister, Luo Zhanbei and all these others probably haven’t been completely annihilated, right?” Chen Xi recalled Nan Xiuchong and the others, and he couldn’t help but frown and ask.

The status of a Mysterious Immortal in the Immortal Dimension was surely higher than these descendants of immortals like Nan Xiuchong and Wenren Ye, so they would surely leave behind a trace of soul in their sects for the sake of avoiding complete death.

“It’s impossible. Little Junior Brother, they offended you, so how could I dare allow them to have a chance at surviving?” Li Yang’s eyes curved as she smiled in an extremely charming manner. She was always like this when facing Chen Xi, and she liked to tease and ridicule him.

Chen Xi was astounded. “This is probably very difficult to achieve, right?”

As far as he was concerned, since the souls of these Mysterious Immortals were stored in the Immortal Dimension, they were in a practically invincible position. But his Senior Sister Li Yang said they’d died completely. Exactly how heaven defying is such ability?

“You’ll be able to accomplish it very soon as well.” Li Yang chuckled with a gaze that was clear like water.

“A’Li, thank you very much for this.” Meanwhile, Teng Lan and Liang Bing had walked over before bowing in unison. Their attitudes were sincere and serious, and they even carried a trace of deep reverence.

At this moment, both of them didn’t dare take Li Yang to be that A’Li they knew any longer.

“There’s no need to thank me, so long as you don’t use me in your schemes in the future.” Li Yang glanced at Liang Bing with an indifferent expression.

This glance caused Liang Bing’s beautiful face to turn red, and she was slightly uncomfortable. Such a bearing appearing on a peerlessly beautiful, icy cold, imposing, and mighty woman like her was extremely rare.

She naturally understood what Li Yang was saying. During the trip to the Grand Deduction Tower this time, the reason she’d placed all hope on Chen Xi was because she had the intention of relying on Li Yang’s strength.

After all, the strength of Luo Zixuan’s group was too enormous, and it was extremely difficult for her and Teng Lan to deal with them with their strengths. She was only able to strive for a slight chance by disregarding everything and betting everything on Chen Xi. 

Otherwise, with her pride as a Mysterious Immortal, she would absolutely not attach such importance to Chen Xi to the point of even sending Teng Lan to follow Chen Xi all along the way.

Fortunately, she’d made the right bet. Li Yang had made an appearance at the critical moment, allowing her to transform from a heavily injured underdog that was on the verge of death into the final victor.

But after she witnessed Li Yang’s strength with her own two eyes, Liang Bing was very sure that it was precisely because of Chen Xi that Li Yang didn’t blame her. Otherwise, she might suffer punishment.

“I guarantee that there’ll absolutely not be a second time.” Liang Bing took a deep breath and spoke seriously.

Chen Xi was watching from the sidelines since the beginning, and he faintly guessed something, causing him to be unable to help but sigh emotionally in his heart. There really is no hate without reason, and there’s similarly no kindness without reason.

Of course, he didn’t resent Liang Bing’s intentions. After all, she and Teng Lan had helped him greatly in the Talisman Dimension, and compared to that, it was he who ought to express his gratitude.

“Let’s go. The Grand Deduction Tower is about to close once more. We’ll leave first and talk later.” Li Yang stretched out her hand to grab Chen Xi’s hand, and then she raised her eyes to look at Liang Bing and said, “Follow me as well if you want to obtain that cultivation technique from the 10th level.”

As she spoke, a wisp of chilly starlight suffused her entire body, and then she vanished instantly with Chen Xi.

“Uncle Lan, let’s leave as well.” Liang Bing turned around to glance at Teng Lan.

“Wait, Eldest Young Miss. Since A’Li is able to grasp the Darklightning Divine Talisman, Demonspirit Divine Talisman, and the Phoenixwind Divine Talisman. Then do you think she knows our Liang Clan’s Eastern Myrtle Divine Talisman?” Teng Lan spoke abruptly.

“This…is probably very likely.” Liang Bing hesitated before she spoke.

“So, I suspect that A’Li is probably deeply related to our Talisman Dimension, or perhaps, the Oracle Mountain that stands behind her is related to the Talisman Dimension.” Teng Lan sighed with emotion. “The Oracle Mountain is one of the most mysterious sects in the three dimensions. If we’re able to form a relationship with it, then even if Eldest Young Miss returns to the Immortal Dimension, perhaps you’ll be able to become eminent and control the highest authority in the clan.”

Liang Bing was stunned while extraordinary splendor rippled in her eyes, and she was obviously moved slightly. But right after that, she shook her head and said, “Forget it, don’t hope for too much. You saw it as well earlier. A’Li doesn’t take our four great clans seriously at all, and even if there’s a relationship, we can’t even compare to a thousandth of how important Chen Xi is to her.”

When she finished speaking, even she felt slightly envious of Chen Xi. With such a Senior Sister that possesses extraordinary ability, where can’t you go in the entire world? 

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