Chapter 865 – Peerless Elegant Demeanor


Luo Zhanbei held the Dao Severance Sword in hand while sword qi seethed, and it flowed with the energy of the Laws that glowed brilliantly and carried peerless might.

Yin Biyun didn’t hesitate to attack as well when she saw this, and she withdrew a tower shaped magic treasure before striding towards the battlefield with the hope of lending Luo Zhanbei a hand to resist this great enemy together.

Because she knew very clearly that the strength of the young woman before her was too terrifying, and it was impossible for any one of them to be a match for her while by themselves.

However, she’d just moved when Li Yang exerted an expanse of gorgeous, vast, and dense talisman markings that roiled without end, and they transformed into a mysterious Divine Talisman that enveloped her, causing her to be unable to move an inch.

“The Phoenixwind Divine Talisman! How could this be possible!?” Yin Biyun’s beautiful face turned pale because this Divine Talisman was the ultimate technique passed down by the ancestor of her Yin Clan, so how could she not recognize it?

She struggled with all her might, but it was useless. It seemed as if she’d fallen into the eye of a tempest while a chilly hurricane whistled around here. These were the strong winds a strand of the Laws had interwoven together to form, and it was extremely terrifying and caused her to be unable to escape even if she grew wings.


On the other side, Li Yang entered into combat with Luo Zhanbei who held the Dao Severance Sword. She didn’t utilize any external items, yet a flip of her white hand caused a myriad of profound talisman markings to spray out.

These talisman markings that were dense to the point they were like a storm merged together to transform into the Azurewood Divine Talisman, or the Whitemetal Divine Talisman, and they were extraordinary, ingenious, and seemed like the embodiment of the Talisman Dao.

Only now did Chen Xi notice that the might of the Divine Talismans could actually be utilized in this way!

But he knew his own limitations, and he was extremely aware that it was extremely difficult to accomplish what his Senior Sister Li Yang was doing with his current cultivation. The reason was extremely simple, it was because the structure of every single Divine Talisman was too complicated.

All those years ago in the world of stars, merely the inscribing of the talisman markings of the five great Divine Talismans onto the Talisman Armament consumed 25 years of his time, and that was only the inscribing of the talisman markings. Besides talisman markings, true Divine Talismans contained the aura of the Dao, accumulated the might of the world, connected with the gods of the world, and so on and so forth. (Please refer to Chapter 259 to read about Divine Talismans and its grades again.)

Thus, it was obvious how complicated it was to truly grasp a Divine Talisman.

With Chen Xi’s current cultivation in the Dao of Talismans, he was naturally capable of easily completing numerous steps of the creation of Divine Talismans. For example, allowing it to contain the aura of the Dao and accumulate the might of the world wasn’t difficult to him, but this was still unable to bring forth the true might of a Divine Talisman.

The reason was that it wasn’t connected to the gods of the world. With his current cultivation, it was still very difficult for him to sense the existence of the gods, unless he attained a higher cultivation realm. Thus, he was unable to execute various Divine Talismans that carried extraordinary might and could annihilate Mysterious Immortal Realm experts with a flip of his hand like Li Yang.

But even though he was unable to execute them, it didn’t stop Chen Xi from observing. The battle between his Senior Sister Li Yang and Luo Zhanbei broadened his horizons and allowed him to benefit greatly. It was like a window had been pushed open before him, and he’d seen a different world.

Senior Sister Li Yang is probably displaying all this for me. Otherwise, with her ability to crush Gu Jiuzhen earlier, how could Luo Zhenbei persist until now? Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and he didn’t hesitate to abandon all distracting thoughts in his mind before observing with a calm heart.

He was very well aware how precious the opportunity to observe a battle of such a level was, and it carried immeasurable benefits to his future path of cultivation.

After all, not everyone was lucky like him and had the chance to see Li Yang personally demonstrate the profundities of the Talisman Dao.

The most aggrieved person was Luo Zhenbei. As soon as the battle started, he noticed that the gap between him and Li Yang was truly too great, and he was completely led by the nose in the battle. He was like a worm that had fallen into the net of a spider, not to mention killing his opponent, even escaping was difficult!

It was even to the extent that as he looked at Li Yang who had a relaxed bearing and seemed to be taking an idle stroll in a courtyard, Luo Zhenbei felt as if he was being played the monkey. He was jumping up and down, and he didn’t have the slightest elegant demeanor of a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert!

This feeling caused him to be on the verge of spitting blood. But compared to this, the terror in his heart was even deeper. He’d already stopped thinking about whether he would be able to seize the cultivation technique from the 10th level, and he was thinking about how to flee and survive instead!

Because this opponent was too terrifying, and it caused him to be unable to estimate exactly how formidable the cultivation of his opponent was. She was formidable to the point that it caused his will to fight to crumble bit by bit.

What should I do? Luo Zhenbei was burning with anxiety. He glanced inadvertently, and he suddenly noticed that the black robed man was actually standing in the distance while watching coldly from the sidelines and had utterly no intention  of lending a hand. At this moment, it instantly caused him to fume with rage, and he couldn’t help but roar. “Brother Mu! Aren’t you going to make a move? What are you waiting for!?”

This black robed man was called Mu Zheng, and he was an expert Luo Zhenbei had gotten to know by chance. They became friends at their first meeting, and coupled with his formidable strength, Luo Zhenbei had invited him to participate in the operation this time.

Earlier, Mu Zheng’s display was really not bad, and it caused him to appreciate it extremely. But now, Mu Zheng’s indifferent appearance caused him to be furious in his heart, and he felt as if he was betrayed.

“Idiot. How could a Xeno-race like him possibly assist you with all his heart and might?” Li Yang sighed lightly.

“What? Xeno-race!?” At this moment, it wasn’t just Luo Zhenbei who was stunned, even the eyes of Yin Biyun, Liang Bing, Teng Lan, Chen Xi, and the other focused while they felt slight disbelief.

The Xeno-race was a method of address that the people of the three dimensions used for others from outside the three dimensions. As the saying goes, those that aren’t from my race surely possess sinister intentions. In reality, since the three dimensions had existed, the flames of battle with the Xeno-race had never stopped. Both sides had formed irreconcilable enmity, and it could only be resolved with blood and flames. There was no other way.

So this was the reason why everyone reacted in that way when they heard the black robed man was actually a Xeno-race expert.

The black robed man continued to stand there without moving when his identity was exposed by Li Yang, and his eyes aura was gloomy while his face was covered beneath the black robe, causing him to seem extremely mysterious and composed.

“Alright, I’ve already told you what you should know, and you can die in peace.” Li Yang spoke with a light voice, and then her attack suddenly changed and became fierce and swift.

“No! I can help you deal with the Xeno-race!” Luo Zhanbei roared loudly. At the moment of life and death, even an expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm was no different than an ordinary person from the mortal world.

“Are you even worthy?” Li Yang replied indifferently with a question, and a single sentence of hers gave Luo Zhanbei the death sentence!

In the next moment, her clothed fluttered while she suddenly flashed past Luo Zhanbei like a wisp of chilly starlight, and she carried out a string of golden blood as she cut off a hideous head.


Fresh blood sprayed out as Luo Zhenbei perished, and another Mysterious Immortal Realm expert had perished just like this at Li Yang’s hands.

“You…” Yin Biyun’s voice trembled. Up until now, she was still unable to break free of the confinement of the Phoenixwind Divine Talisman. Coupled with witnessing Luo Zhenbei perish, the terror and horror in her heart was obviously intense to the extreme.

“I’ve said it before, no one can escape today.” Li Yang spoke with a calm and indifferent expression.

“I’ll fight you with my life on the line…” Yin Biyun’s hair was disheveled, and she cried out sharply. However, she’d only spoken halfway when her entire body was directly minced into pieces by the Phoenixwind Divine Talisman, and not even any residue remained of her.

“Want to drag me down with you? You’re too far away from being capable.” Li Yang shook her head.

“Why is it like this?” Luo Zixuan shuddered in the battlefield before his entire body spasmed, and he fell weakly on the ground while his face was covered in disbelief and dense terror.

He’d originally come here aggressively, and he was only an iota away from capturing Chen Xi and obtaining the cultivation technique from the 10th level of the tower. But because of the appearance of a single young woman, the situation had instantly been turned around. Three Mysterious Immortal Realm experts had perished successively while the black robed man had become a Xeno-race expert instead. He was simply unable to accept such a scene!

“I’ll give you a chance to meet death bravely.” Li Yang raised her head and glanced at Luo Zixuan. Her voice didn’t carry the slightest trace of a threat, causing it to seem like asking him to commit suicide was a supreme reward, and her peerless elegant demeanor caused Chen Xi to feel extreme admiration in his heart.


Luo Zixuan was terrified to the point of wetting his pants, and he knelt on the ground while kowtowing repeatedly without end. “Please… Please let me off this time… I’m the inheritor of the Luo Clan, so long…”


He hadn’t finished speaking when his head had become a crushed watermelon, and his body fell to the ground. Up until the point of his death, he still didn’t understand why this young woman before him would be so merciless and ruthless.

Chen Xi didn’t feel anything was wrong with this. If it was him, he would surely not waste his breath on Luo Zixuan and kill him with a single strike as well. But when Liang Bing and Teng Lan saw this, it caused both their hearts to shudder.

If they considered it carefully, regardless of if it was Luo Zixuan, Luo Zhanbei, Gu Jiuzhen, or Yin Biyun, the strength and identities these people possessed wasn’t inferior to the two of them at all. But in Li Yang’s hands, they’d become people that were killed at will, and her attitude of casually taking her opponents as nothing caused both of them to feel deep fear.

At this moment, they finally confirmed a single thing, and that was the A’Li before their eyes was absolutely not as simple as what they were aware of!

On the other hand, Liang Bing was even more shocked because she knew very well that A’Li was from the mysterious Oracle Mountain and possessed an extremely terrifying background. But never had she imagined that A’Li’s strength would actually be so formidable.

A young woman with a background and strength that was extremely deep like this did indeed have no need to care about any threats from the four great clans.

“You’ve already watched the show, so do you still not intend to reveal your true appearance?” After she killed Luo Zixuan and the others, Li Yang seemed as if she’d done an extremely ordinary thing, and in the next moment, her gaze descended onto the black robed man, Mu Zheng.

“Hahaha! This show was brilliant indeed. Earlier, I was pondering how I should deal with them. Now, you did it for me and allowed me to watch all of you kill each other. It really did resolve a great deal of trouble for me.” The black robed man roared with laughter, and his voice was gloomy and hoarse. “As for my appearance, all of you can see it when you’ve died.”

As he spoke, his imposing aura changed. His body surged with jet black lights that seemed like roiling devilish qi, and his aura was actually more than two times stronger than before!

“Do you think you can defeat me here?” Li Yang remained composed when she saw this and said indifferently, “Your objective for coming to the Grand Deduction Tower was none other than to investigate the actual situation within the tower, and if you were able to destroy it, then it would conform exactly to your intentions. Unfortunately, you’re only the cannon fodder of those Outerealm rebels. You don’t understand the Talisman Dimension yet dared to arbitrarily move about in the Talisman Dimension. Should I say that your courage deserves compliment, or that you’re benighted?” 

Her voice inadvertently carried a trace of dense ridicule and disdain.

Outerealm rebel!


These two words were clearly differentiated by Li Yang, and it caused Chen Xi to faintly feel that there was probably a particular difference in these two words! 

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