Chapter 864 – Ancestral Secret Technique

Li Yang wore white colored male clothes, was tall, beautiful, charming, had picturesque features, and seemed like someone that had walked out of a painting.

But when she said that no one that had offended Chen Xi today would be able to escape, the hearts of everyone besides Chen Xi went cold, and they felt as if they were abandoned by the world, alone, and isolated. 

This was like the feeling of a sinner than had been judged by the Heaven Dao, was universally condemned, and cast aside by the Grand Dao!

Because they acutely sensed that the airflow, space, dust, and even the layer upon layer of restrictions on the stairway in the 8th level seemed to have become infuriated, and it rejected and refused them and seemed as if it intended to tear them into shreds!

What sort of cultivation is this?

Merely a single sentence was capable of making the heaven and the earth submit and act according to her will.

Moreover, all of them Mysterious Immortal Realm experts were actually unable to change this!

In merely an instant, the pupils of Luo Zixuan, Luo Zhanbei, and the others constricted while their expressions turned serious.

This young woman that appeared abruptly hadn’t just ascended the top of the tower 3,000 years ago by herself, she was even able to easily rescue Chen Xi from Luo Zhanbei, so her strength was absolutely not ordinary.

It was even to the extent that Luo Zhanbei and the other Mysterious Immortal Realm experts were actually unable to see through the young woman’s strength!

On the other hand, unlike everyone else, the appearance of Li Yang caused Liang Bing and Teng Lan to feel peerless divine energy surge into their bodies, and it was like the most precious ancient herbs in the world as it nourished and repaired their injuries. Moreover, even Teng Lan’s lethal heavy injury from before was recovering gradually.

After all, both of them were experts at the Mysterious Immortal Realm and had suffered such heavy injuries. With their abilities, they were unable to completely recover without spending a few years of time.

But now, Li Yang hadn’t even said a single word, yet the injuries on their bodies had already started to heal automatically, and such extraordinary ability caused both of them to be shocked in their hearts.

This was even more terrifying than causing techniques to arise with a single word because everything happened with a single thought, and it simply followed according to her will and surpassed all laws.

“Young Miss, could it be that you want to interfere in the grievances of the four great clans?” Suddenly, Luo Zhanbei shouted out explosively like rumbling thunder, and it caused everyone to suddenly return to their senses.

Li yang raised her eyes, and it was indifferent like a calm pool of water as she said, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be concerned in the slightest even if your four great clans are completely annihilated. But unfortunately, all of you really shouldn’t have offended someone you couldn’t afford to offend, and for the sake of making up for the guilt in my heart, I can only slaughter all of you.” 

“Bullshit!” Luo Zixuan somehow mustered up the courage to shout loudly. “So what if you ascended the top of the tower 3,000 years ago? Countless existences from my four great clans have ascended the top of the tower since the creation of the Talisman Dimension, and you’re at most just one of them. Who gave you the authority to dare speak such outrageous and absurd words!?”

Li Yang didn’t even spare Luo Zixuan a glance, and she just turned to look at Chen Xi and ask. “Little Junior Brother, you probably understand the origins of the Grand Deduction Tower now, right?”

Chen Xi nodded. He was of course aware, and if he considered it carefully, the tower was actually a treasure of his sect.

Li Yang smiled. “Then do you think he’s laughable?”

Chen Xi started smiling as well, and then he nodded. “Truthfully speaking, I’ve never seen such a laughable person since the moment I started cultivating.”

Both of them chatted as if there was no one else present, and they seemed as if they took everyone else to be nonexistent, causing balls of the flames of rage to burn in the hearts of Luo Zhanbei and the other Mysterious Immortal Realm experts.

They’re going too far!

When had all of them who’d surpassed the scope of the Mortal Dimension been disregarded by others like this?

On the other hand, Luo Zixuan was even stunned while he revealed an embarrassed expression, and he gritted his teeth as he roared. “Third Martial Ancestor! Kill! Kill these damnable bastards! We have so many experts on our side, how could we be unable to deal with her alone!?”

Li Yang suddenly turned her head and glanced coldly at Luo Zixuan. At this moment, her gaze was like two cold bolts of lightning that tore through the sky and penetrated through space.

Luo Zixuan felt his scalp go numb while his soul felt as if it was struck by lightning. After he was glanced at, it felt as if two silver dragons had charged into his heart and caused his vital blood to roil, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood while his figure staggered back and almost fell to the ground.

This was astounding because a single gaze had awed Luo Zixuan to the point blood sprayed from his mouth. 

What sort of might is this? Luo Zhanbei’s heart jerked while he felt even more terrified.

After all, they were experts at the Mysterious Immortal Rank, yet they were utterly incapable of achieving that!

“Brother Luo, we can’t hesitate any longer. Let’s make a move in unison and annihilate this woman first!” The mysterious black clothed man spoke abruptly with a hoarse and low voice that sounded like a venomous snake flicking its tongue, and it caused others to feel a chill run down their spines.

As soon as these words were spoken, killing intent flashed in the eyes of Luo Zhanbei, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun, and they practically didn’t hesitate in the slightest to attack in unison!

Practically all those that were capable of attaining their accomplishments were ferocious figures that had walked out from mountains of corpses and seas of blood, and they possessed abundant combat experience, so there was utterly no need for any further discussion before they could act in the most resolute manner.


Four Mysterious Immortal Rank experts attacked in unison. They controlled the energy of the laws and blasted out blazing divine radiances that possessed extremely terrifying might. They attacked in unison while the energy of the Laws they emanated linked together, causing them to be like four divine mountains that were moving side by side. They carried awe-inspiring and murderous auras, and they seemed like gods that intended to annihilate everyone in the world that resisted them.

Even if he stood behind Li Yang, Chen Xi’s heart was still shocked as he sensed an extremely great gap in strength.

The gap was truly too large. The gap between the Nether Transformation Realm and the Mysterious Immortal Realm was simply like the distance between an ant and an eagle, and they couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath.

But Li Yang’s expression remained calm as before when facing this scene, and she was composed and aloof.

Her white hand gestured, causing the heavens and the earth before her to instantly change. Instantly, boundless radiance surged out with a rumble while countless extremely dazzling mysterious symbols were developed, and they were suffused with the aura of the gods and surged with monstrous divine light.

When looked at from afar, it was like an extremely complicated and dense talisman, and it was filled with surging energy of lightning as it blasted down with a might sufficient to shred the world!

Merely a single strike didn’t just deal with the attacks of the four Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, it even separated out an expanse of dense talisman markings that seemed like a cloud that blotted out the sky, and it enveloped Gu Jiuzhen.

“This is…” Gu Jiuzhen was shocked as he sensed the lethal aura that was contained within it, and then his expression changed completely.

“The descendants of Gu Yuanxun are really becoming more and more worthless. You aren’t even able to recognize the Darklightning Divine Talisman that’s inherited in your own clan?” Li Yang spoke in a light voice.

The Divine Talisman glowed as it interweaved to form dazzling and resplendent energy of lightning that drowned the entire surroundings, and it caused Gu Jiuzhen to be terrified and furious as he exhausted all his strength to resist yet was still on the verge of being crushed. 

Li Yang strode out and moved over with an aloof bearing. Her clothes fluttered while she seemed to have transcended the mortal world, and she raised finger and pointed towards the Darklightning Divine Talisman from afar, causing it to seem like a myriad of lightning mountains that crushed down at Gu Jiuzhen.


Gu Jiuzhen’s entire body was directly shattered into powder and was drowned within the lightning talisman markings. Only his head was tossed out from within, and it carried an expression of terror, unwillingness, horror, and disbelief.

A supreme Mysterious Immortal was annihilated with a single strike just like this!


His head fell to the ground. A Mysterious Immortal Realm expert had died just like this with dilated pupils and a face covered in bewilderment and terror, and he’d lost just like this. He’d become an immortal yet was unable to live forever, and it was impossible for him to rest in peace.

Luo Zhanbei and the others stopped abruptly and felt it was difficult to breathe. They were almost unable to accept that what had happened was reality. How could it be like this? Such a scene had exceeded their expectations.

That was a supreme and formidable Mysterious Immortal Realm expert that had grasped the energy of the Laws and surpassed the Mortal Dimension to wander the universe and transform the ordinary into extraordinary. So how could he be so weak and be annihilated so easily?

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as well. Never had he imagined that his Senior Sister would actually be so ferocious, and a casual attack of hers would a eliminate the life of a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert. Exactly what sort of extraordinary cultivation would be needed to achieve this?

Not to mention Chen Xi, even Liang Bing and Teng Lan’s eyes were stared wide open while they didn’t dare believe that this was that A’Li they were familiar with.

“The Darklightning Divine Talisman! That’s the Gu Clan’s Ancestral Secret Technique. Why is it in your hands?” Luo Zhenbei spoke with a low voice. He, Yin Biyun, and the black robed man seemed as if they were facing a great enemy since a long time ago. Every single one of them had circulated their cultivations with all their might, causing them to emanate divine light like three gushing volcanoes, and they were protecting themselves.

They’d already noticed that the situation was bad, and the circumstances were slightly unusual. The ability of the young woman before them was too terrifying and exceeded their expectations, causing them to feel an extreme threat coming from her.

Originally, they wanted to crush Chen Xi and seize the cultivation technique from the 10th level of the Grand Deduction Tower. But now, they’d fallen into a dangerous situation and might even perish here, so they couldn’t help but have heavy feelings.

“It was always the inheritance of my sect. So why can’t I possess it?” Li Yang spoke indifferently. Even though she’d decided to annihilate these people, there wasn’t any trace of mortal emotion on her face, and it was aloof and indifferent.

“What? Absolutely impossible!” Luo Zhanbei was shocked. Even though he wasn’t a member of the Gu Clan, he knew extremely well that the Darklightning Divine Talisman was the passed down by the Gu Clan’s Ancestor, the Dark Emperor Yuan Xun. So how could it possibly be the inheritance of the sect behind this young woman?

Only Chen Xi faintly guessed something when he heard the worlds ‘Darklightning Divine Talisman’ because he’d grasped five Divine Talismans as well. But they were just different from this Divine Talisman.

“Then why don’t you see which inheritance this is?” Li Yang spoke indifferently.

As she spoke, her pair of white and slender hands flipped, causing dense and profound talisman markings to condense once more in midair, and they interweaved together and roiled to form a jet black and majestic divine glow.

“The Demonspirit Divine Talisman!” Luo Zhanbei cried out involuntarily while his expression changed repeatedly. This was the secret technique passed down by the Luo Clan’s ancestor, so how could he possibly not recognize it?

“Since you’ve recognized it, then you can die in peace under its might.” As Li Yang spoke, she flicked her white sleeve, causing the expanse of jet black and majestic divine radiance that seemed like an ocean of talisman marking to smash down.

How could Luo Zhanbei resign himself to death? His entire body glowed like a golden dragon as he held the Dao Severance Sword and attacked mightily with the intention of slaughtering out a path to survival.


The Dao Severance Sword soared into the sky like a ray of light that penetrated the sun, and it charged into the myriad of profound talisman markings. He’d already exerted all his strength in this attack, and it was absolutely the strongest strike of an expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Moreover, its might even rose by 30% because it was executed via the Dao Severance Sword.

However, Li Yang shook her head instead, and then her white hand fluttered about and developed boundless variations in the Divine Talisman before she controlled the Divine Talisman to go head on against Luo Zhanbei’s attack.


Instantly, the two attacked collided like two comets striking each other, and they erupted with boundless blazing divine light that spread throughout the surroundings and drowned the entire 8th level of the Grand Deduction Tower. 

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