Chapter 863 – I’m Late

When Chen Xi had just arrived at the 8th level of the Grand Deduction Tower, everyone including those experts at the Mysterious Immortal Realm didn’t notice his arrive because he was standing in that expanse of void.

That expanse of void was pitch black and deep, and it was a type of terrifying restriction within the Grand Deduction Tower that lay between the 8th and the 9th levels. If one didn’t rely on divine treasures like the Heaven Discernment Ruler, then even a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert would find it difficult to traverse through this void.

Chen Xi didn’t want to rashly expose his tracks, so he hid himself within the expanse of void while calmly observing everything that was occurring in the 8th level of the tower.

He saw Luo Zixuan roaring with complacent laughter while intending to capture Liang Bing, and he similarly saw Teng Lan suffer a heavy injury for the sake of rescuing Liang Bing, and he was talking with the tiny cauldron throughout this period.

Because Chen Xi was well aware that not to mention going against a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert, with his current strength, merely the pressure emanated from them was sufficient to take his life.

Under such a dangerous and pressing situation, he could only rely on the strength of the tiny cauldron to possibly be able to win a chance of survival.

However, the tiny cauldron’s reply caused his heart to sink.

The reason was very simple. The tiny cauldron told him frankly that it had just awakened, causing its strength to be far inferior than before. Even if it had instantly refined and consumed those peerless divine treasures, it was temporarily unable to go against an expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

It was only capable of assisting Chen Xi alone to leave the tower safely, as for rescuing Liang Bing and Teng Lan from the hands of Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, it was utterly incapable of accomplishing it.

The tiny cauldron refused extremely firmly, but Chen Xi was unable to arouse the slightest feeling of displeasure because he knew very clearly that the tiny cauldron was an existence that had always been calm to the point of being emotionless.

Besides him, the tiny cauldron was utterly indifferent to the lives of others.

In this way, Chen Xi could only give up his intentions to rely on the tiny cauldron to go against Luo Zhanbei and the others. But he didn’t give up his intentions to rescue Liang Bing and Teng Lang.

The tiny cauldron was the tiny cauldron, and it acted for its own good, whereas Chen Xi was Chen Xi, so how could he possibly watch as Liang Bing and Teng Lan died?

Even if he was clearly aware that he would be charging to his death, but when he saw Luo Zhanbei and the others were about to capture Liang Bing and Teng Lan, he still charged out resolutely.

He did it purely for the sake of feeling at ease!

This was Chen Xi. He treated his enemies ruthlessly and mercilessly, and he was icy cold like a god of slaughter to them, but when it came to his friends, his righteousness soared into the clouds and he would go through a baptism of fire for them.

He was naturally aware that it was impossible for him to rescue Liang Bing and Teng Lang, and he would die along with them instead. Moreover, he was very well aware that the most calm and correct path of action was to continue enduring patiently and wait for his strength to become formidable before taking revenge for Liang Bing and Teng Lan.

But in that way, it would be difficult for him to be at ease for his entire lifetime.

His Dao was unlike anyone else, and he wouldn’t be Chen Xi if he watched on as his friends died.

It took a long time to explain this, but only an instant had passed. Luo Zhanbei shouted explosively like a thunderclap from the nine heavens, and he instantly grabbed towards the top of Chen Xi’s head.

This grab was extremely casual, yet at the hands of a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert, it was capable of tearing the heavens and the earth apart, and merely its imposing aura was sufficient to shatter the soul of an expert at the Earthly Immortal Realm!

But Chen Xi was prepared since the beginning. After he slashed off Luo Zixuan’s arm with a single strike, his entire body had already swiftly retreated and dodged into the expanse of void behind him.


This strike of Luo Zhanbei seemed as if it was struck into a bottomless abyss, and it was completely neutralized by the restrictions within the void. It was just an iota away from killing Chen Xi, yet it was unable to succeed in the end.

But even if Chen Xi had dodged away from this strike, the aftershock from the energy contained within it shook Chen Xi’s figure, causing the vital blood in his entire body roiled endlessly as if he was smashed fiercely by a sledgehammer, and he almost spat blood.

This was the might of an expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, an expert that had surpassed the ordinary and become an immortal, grasped the Laws, and was even more terrifying than a Heavenly Immortal. It was absolutely not something that could be resisted by the energy of the Mortal Dimension!

“Hmm? You lucky little bastard! You’ve actually grasped the profundity of the restrictions within the tower. Looks like the cultivation technique in the 10th level has really fallen into your hands.” Luo Zhanbei was slightly stunned from missing this strike, and as he looked at Chen Xi who stood within the void, he instantly understood everything. Besides a strand of dense killing intent, his gaze surged with burning greed.

In the next moment, he’d already shouted. “Little Fellow, quickly hand over that cultivation technique and I’ll leave your corpse intact. Otherwise, if I make a move myself, the consequences won’t be as simple as just death!”

If it wasn’t for the obstruction of the restrictions in that expanse of the void, he would had charged over directly and wouldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on a little ant.

Of course, if he exerted all his might, he wouldn’t be afraid of those restrictions. But as far as he was concerned, Chen Xi’s lowly cultivation was utterly unworthy of him exhausting such great energy to annihilate.

Doing that would be flattering Chen Xi, right?

“Let them go and I’ll hand the cultivation technique over to you. Otherwise, no one will get it!” Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent as he spoke coldly, and he was utterly unafraid of Luo Zhanbei’s threats.

“Absolutely not!” The distant Liang Bing cried out.

But in next to no time, she was unable to continue speaking because Teng Lan was heavily injured and on the verge of death, whereas she was practically on the verge of exhaustion. So they were already imminent danger while facing the black robed man, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun.

“You still being stubborn when you’re about to die!? You’re truly a bitch! Once you’re captured, I’ll surely ravage and humiliate you to death!” Luo Zixuan spoke with disdain while a wisp of a ghastly and cruel arc curved on the corners of his mouth.

“Bastard! I’ve already given you a chance, yet you actually have the delusion of trying to bargain with me? You simply don’t know what’s good for you!” Luo Zhanbei frowned and berated.

“Yes or no, it’s as simple as that.” Chen Xi was completely unafraid, and his voice was calm and icy cold.

“How audacious! I’ve killed countless young men like you! Are you sure you want to be the next?” Luo Zhanbei pointed at Chen Xi while flaring with rage, and the killing intent in his eyes transformed into bolts of crackling lightning that flashed without end. A trace of fury had been aroused in him because a little ant dared to be so unyielding against him.

Chen Xi stayed silent and just stared coldly at Luo Zhanbei.

“Third Martial Ancestor, why waste your breath on that little bastard? I’ll give you the Dao Severance Sword, slash apart that restriction and annihilate him!” Luo Zixuan shouted explosively while he flicked his hand, causing a wisp of flowing light to fly into Luo Zhanbei’s hand.

This was an ancient bronze sword that seemed simple and ordinary, and its outline was even slightly coarse. But when it fell into Luo Zhanbei’s hand, it emanated a terrifying and almost monstrous fierce aura that seemed like it was capable of severing the Grand Dao and throwing the workings of the heavens into chaos!

The Dao Severance Sword!

It was a Chaotic Divine Artifact that was equally famous as the Heaven Discernment Ruler, Earthgod’s Seal, and World Suppression Tower, and it was controlled by the Demon Forefather Luo Shang. The Laws of the Heaven Dao within the Talisman Dimension was the contribution of the Dao Severance Sword!

This Dao Severance Sword in Luo Zixuan’s possession was naturally a copy, but it was absolutely not something an Immortal Artifact could compare to. Especially because a trace of the aura of the true Dao Severance Sword was branded within it, causing it to be extremely profound and carry a certain level of resistance towards the restrictions within the Grand Deduction Tower.

Chen Xi’s calm eyes finally constricted slightly when he saw this, and his expression became serious.

On the other hand, Luo Zhanbei laughed in a ghastly manner as he said, “Good! Very good! Since a little ant was able to struggle until this moment, then perishing in beneath the Dao Severance Sword can be considered to be a form of fortune!”

As he spoke, he’d already taken a step forward while the Immortal Energy in his body rumbled, and his body was interweaved by the Laws, causing him to seem like a raging god. The Dao Severance Sword in his hand transformed into a ray of light that penetrated the sky as it slashed down!


How terrifying was the might of a copy of a Chaotic Divine Artifact in the hands of a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert?

Before this, Chen Xi was unable to give a clear answer to this. But at this moment, he finally experienced it. The might of this sword hadn’t even arrived before him when the vital blood in his entire body stiffened while his vital energy stopped circulating, and he seemed as if he was an ordinary person that had fallen into the boundless sea and even struggling to breathe was an extravagant hope.

It was too terrifying!

Indescribable terrifying!

It was like the Heaven Dao, and everything in the world was about to be easily annihilated under this sword strike, and it caused one to feel despair and helpless.


A gap was easily torn open in the restrictions in the void, and then the sword qi descended, causing Chen Xi to feel that it was difficult to even muster the strength to move a single finger. 

“Senior, are you still not going to make a move!?” How could Chen Xi be willing to sit there and wait for death? He intended to seek assistance from the tiny cauldron to temporarily avoid this terrifying strike.

However, the tiny cauldron seemed as if it had fallen into silence once more, and it didn’t even react in the slightest.

At this critical moment, never had Chen Xi imagined that such an unexpected event would actually occur, and his feelings were indescribably complicated.

Could it be that I’m really going to…

When this thought flashed past Chen Xi’s mind, he felt his body was suddenly grabbed by someone before lightly carried off to escape danger in the next moment.


The sword qi that Luo Zhanbei slashed out with the Dao Severance Sword rumbled as it descended and directly ploughed open an extremely enormous rift in that expanse of void, and it was an extremely shocking scene and seemed as if it had separated Yin and Yang and slashed open the world.

Chen Xi was shocked and knew that if he was pulled away the slightest bit slower, then he would really have been finished.

“Senior, since you intended to make a move, then don’t terrify me…” Chen Xi laughed bitterly, and he still felt a lingering fear as he recalled the scene from before.

Only by truly facing the might of an expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm would one be able to understand how terrifying it was.

The tiny cauldron didn’t answer and remained silent.

This caused Chen Xi to be stunned. Right at this moment, a clear and pleasant voice resounded out by his ear. “Little Junior Brother, I’m sorry, I’m slightly late.”

When he heard this extremely familiar voice, Chen Xi’s entire body stiffened before he turned to look. Sure enough, he saw his Senior Sister Li Yang that had a picturesque appearance and was dressed up like a man standing by his side, and her clear and deep eyes carried a trace of self-blame while she patted his shoulder with slight guilt.

Instantly, Chen Xi originally anxious and heavy feelings eased up and calmed down. It seemed as if so long as Li Yang was present, he would remain unharmed even if the sky were to collapse.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the 8th level of the tower instantly froze.

The black robed man, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun resolutely abandoned their attacks, whereas the eyes of Liang Bing and Teng Lan lit up while a wisp of hope burned once more within them. As for Luo Zixuan and Luo Zhanbei, their expressions sank, and they were surprised and bewildered.

Because all of them at recognized Li Yang as soon as they laid eyes on her, and this young woman that was dressed as a man was surprisingly that A’Li that had ascended the top of the tower 3,000 years ago!

Why has she suddenly made an appearance here?

The eyes of Luo Zixuan and the others flickered and was filled with surprise and bewilderment.

“Don’t worry, everyone that offended you today won’t be able to escape.” Li Yang stood on the tip of her toes as she patted Chen Xi on the shoulder, and she spoke with a gentle and amiable voice like an elder sister consoling her little brother. 

But when she turned around and faced Luo Zixuan and the others, her expression had already turned icy cold, indifferent, and emotionless! 

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