Chapter 861 – Immeasurable Virtue

The 10th level of the Grand Deduction Tower.

It was completely different from the other levels, and it was like an empty room.

When Chen Xi arrived here, he saw numerous ancient paintings first, and every single one of them were different and hung on the surrounding walls.

Chen Xi was stunned as he never expected that this place was actually so ordinary, and it was like the residence of a great painter. Besides those numerous paintings, he actually didn’t notice any other decorations.

He walked forward to arrive before the first painting, and then he raised his eyes to look at it. The painting was of a vast starry sky with a tall and handsome old man holding a jade tower while standing upright beneath the starry sky.

Besides that, there was a middle aged man in violet robes with a large girdle, a youth in clothes and a hat whiter than snow, a capable and mighty old man, and a beautiful woman in a fiery red dress standing respectfully around the old man holding the jade tower.

The figures of these four people were extremely mighty and coiled with the energy of the Laws, and they seemed like overlords that ruled a world. But before that handsome old man, they seemed like juniors and were respectful and reverent while their eyes revealed expressions of love and esteem.

Moreover, at the instant Chen Xi’s saw the appearance of the old man for the first time, he seemed as if he was struck by lightning, and he felt slightly dazed. Why is it…Senior Fuxi!?

I’m absolutely not wrong!

The Fuxi Divine Statue was still standing within his sea of consciousness, and when he compared the two of them, they seemed as if they came from the same mold. They were both so ancient, handsome, mighty, and great.

In his heart, Chen Xi had even taken Fuxi to be his master since a long time ago. Now, he’d seen a painting related to Fuxi on the 10th level of the Grand Deduction Tower, so how could he not be shocked?

Could it be that the Talisman Dimension is related to Senior Fuxi?

Chen Xi glanced inadvertently and looked at the jade tower that Fuxi held in his hand within the painting, and then his eyes focused abruptly. Shockingly, it was the Grand Deduction Tower!

Chen Xi took a deep breath and continued looking at the paintings. When his gaze swept past those four other people in the painting, a thought instantly arose in his mind. They wouldn’t be the Eastern Emperor Tai Zhen, the Dark Emperor Yuan Xun, the Phoenix Queen Yin Ge, and the Demon Forefather Luo Shang, right?

Instantly, a scene appeared in Chen Xi’s mind.

During the period when the Talisman Dimension was created, Fuxi led these four great figures to the frontline of the battlefield of the three dimensions and witnessed the army of Cosmos Beasts running wild and harming the innocent, so he aroused the intention to create the Talisman Dimension to resist the Cosmos Beasts…

If it’s really like this, then doesn’t this mean the creation of this Talisman Dimension is deeply related to my sect? Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he turned and walked to the second painting.

When he saw the scene on the second painting, he instantly confirmed his thoughts from before.

On the painting, the violet robed middle aged man held the Heaven Discernment Ruler, while the other three respectively held the Earthgod’s Seal, World Suppression Tower, and Dao Severance Sword. The glowed as they stood amidst the river of stars in the universe, and they seemed like gods that split apart the chaos. Moreover, the initial form of a world was developing at the center of the four of them, and based on its outline, it was exactly the Talisman Dimension!

It really is like that.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart because he finally understood why everyone in the world knew of the four great figures and the four Chaotic Divine Artifacts, yet there was rarely anyone that knew the origins of the Grand Deduction Tower. It was because this tower came from Senior Fuxi!

He continued looking at the following painting. The scene had changed in the third painting, or perhaps it could be said that it was a portrait. Within the portrait was a young man with a refined bearing who wore ancient clothes and a tall crown. He had a smile on the corners of his mouth, and his eyes were profound like the stars. 

When Chen Xi met the gaze of this young man, he actually had the strange feeling as if his soul had been seen through. This was just a painting that had been preserved for countless years, yet it actually possessed such a lifelike aura, causing Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel a wisp of terror.

The following paintings were just like the third, and all of them revealed the lifelike portrait of a figure, and it seemed as if they would come back to life in the next moment.

Surprisingly, Chen Xi saw the portrait of his third senior brother amongst them!

All those years ago, while he was at an isle at the center of a lake within the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range that neighbored Pine Mist City in the Darchu Dynasty, his third senior brother had once arrived there with the intention of taking Ji Yu back. Later on, Ji Yu refused, and his third senior brother could only leave helplessly.

Before his third senior brother left, he’d given Chen Xi the bone of a Roc, allowing Chen Xi to cultivate the supreme Divine Ability Stellar Lightningform that was recorded within the bone, so how could Chen Xi not remember him?

Could it be that the figure within these scenes are all disciples of Senior Fuxi? Moreover, they took the Grand Deduction Tower as a testing ground? Chen Xi was stunned, and then he shook his head. No, many members of the four great clans had once ascended the Grand Deduction Tower in the history of the Talisman Dimension. Obviously, it’s impossible for all of them to be disciples of Senior Fuxi.

He faintly felt that perhaps the existence of the Grand Deduction Tower was for the sake of testing the disciples Senior Fuxi had taken, and at the same time, it didn’t refuse the entrance of others to undergo training within it.

The reason this was done was none other than for the sake of maintaining the safety of the Talisman Dimension. After all, the Grand Deduction Tower had become the heart of the entire Talisman Dimension now, so more people coming here and repairing the talisman diagrams was absolutely beneficial to the Talisman Dimension.

Moreover, during this entire process, they were even able to obtain benefits like a great amount of Virtue Energy, the ability to exchange Virtue Energy for the precious treasures in the Myriad Balls, and so on and so forth.

In next to no time, Chen Xi stopped before the final painting. Sure enough, he noticed that the painting actually portrayed his Senior Sister Li Yang, and she was still dressed as a man with picturesque features and revealed lingering charm and talent.

3,000 years ago, Senior Sister Li Yang ascended the tower; 3,000 years later, I, Chen Xi, have arrived here as well. The matters of this world are really marvelous beyond words… Chen Xi sighed with emotion for a short moment before he raised his eyes to look at the other parts of the 10th level, yet he didn’t discover anything, let alone the mysterious cultivation technique. There was only an empty painting scroll beside the last painting.

The painting scroll was completely empty and clean without the slightest spot on it. But, when Chen Xi’s Divine Sense entered it, the entire 10th level of the Grand Deduction Tower instantly underwent a change.

Flowers fluttered down from the sky while golden lotuses sprouted up from the group, and strands of golden divine radiance suffused the area and caused the entire space to be dazzling and resplendent. Moreover, the air faintly carried the tune of the Grand Dao drifting through it while the sounds of the gods speaking praise could be heard faintly.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi actually had the dazed feeling that he was in an immortal paradise. This scene wasn’t an illusion but real, and he was even able to see Virtue Goldlight enshrouding the surroundings.


Before Chen Xi could react, a strand of strange fluctuation arose abruptly before the flowers, golden lotuses, divine radiance, tune of the Dao, and everything else in the entire space transformed into rows of ancient and mysterious symbols.

In the next moment, Chen Xi felt his soul shake as these ancient and mysterious symbols gurgled into his sea of consciousness like a fountain.

This technique studies the workings of the heavens, these workings cover a myriad of principles, and these principles are my Dao. My Dao is dedicated to my heart, and my heart is free. I viewed and comprehended the profundities of the world and attained Virtue Energy that transformed calamity into development of the world… An ancient and distant voice resounded out within his sea of consciousness. It was like the sound of the morning bell, the chanting of the Grand Dao, and it caused Chen Xi’s soul to have the miraculous feeling of bathing within the profundities of the Grand Dao.

He finally understood where this cultivation technique came from, and he finally understood why his Senior Sister Li yang would say the method to deal with the problem of his advancement into the Earthly Immortal Realm would be in the Talisman Dimension.

All of this was because of this cultivation technique — Immeasurable Virtue! It didn’t cultivate True Essence, or Shaman Energy, nor the soul, and it cultivated the mysterious energy the came from the Dao Heart!

This cultivation technique utilized Virtue Energy as its source of energy, and its goal was to temper and improve the mysterious energy that came from the Dao Heart.

This energy was very special, and it was too illusory and ethereal to the myriad of cultivators in the world. It seemed that the utter lack of cultivation methods for it caused it to be impossible for them to grasp it.

Cultivators only knew that the most direct and simplest method to improve the mysterious energy that came from the Dao Heart was to annihilate great sinners.

Even if it was Chen Xi, he was merely aware that this energy was capable of allowing cultivators to endure a state of combat for a longer period of time, and he wouldn’t experience the feeling of exhaustion from consuming too much of his mental and physical strength like he had in the past.

Simply speaking, if True Essence and Shaman Energy were taken to be the source of energy for combat, then under the circumstances that two parties were on par, the final outcome would be determined by the ‘Heart Energy.’

A battle of endurance hinged upon ‘consumption,’ and when one consumed one’s physical and mental strength for an extended period of time, it would be a competition of the tenacity of one’s Heart Energy!

But at this moment, after he obtained this secret technique, Immeasurable Virtue, Chen Xi instantly understood that there were indeed methods to cultivate Heart Energy.

According to the introduction within the cultivation technique, the realms of Heart Energy were divided into Heart Qi, Heart Core, Heart Soul, and Heart Infant. In the Mortal Dimension, the limit that all cultivators were able to attain was the Heart Core realm. Moreover, only a small portion of people were capable of attaining this state.

After all, no matter if it was slaughtering great sinners or repressing evil and encouraging good, it was absolutely not something an ordinary person was capable of achieving!

Similarly, even though it was slightly easier to gain Virtue Energy in the Talisman Dimension, it was absolutely not something that could be obtained so easily as Chen Xi had. Chen Xi had overcome all obstacles from the village and charged all the way into the imperial city before ascending the 10th level of the Grand Deduction Tower.

During this process, most people had either died under the iron hooves of Cosmos Beasts or were vexed while trying to repair a damaged talisman diagram in the Talisman Diagram Grandhall.

Even if he’d attain such outstanding accomplishments, the Virtue Energy Chen Xi had accumulated until now had barely allowed him to attain the Heart Core realm.

On the other hand, only figures in the Immortal Dimension and Netherworld were capable of attaining the Heart Soul realm, whereas it was almost impossible to find a single person at this realm in the Mortal Dimension.

So it turns out that so long as I cultivate my Heart Energy to the Heart Soul realm, I’ll be able to hide the aura of a variant that I possess, and I’ll be able to deceive the detention of the Heaven Dao, allowing me to smoothly greet my tribulation to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm. Moreover, I wouldn’t have to suffer the annihilation of the divine lightning of judgment… Chen Xi took a deep breath while his eyes were bright like stars.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer, and he turned around and left the 10th level at the next moment. It wasn’t the time to cultivate the Immeasurable Virtue technique now because Liang Bing and Teng Lan were waiting for him, and he was too pressed for time. The longer he delayed, the more disadvantageous it would be for the two of them, and it might even put their lives in danger.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he vanished.

He was completely unaware that a figure suddenly appeared on the empty painting scroll on the wall of the 10th level. The figure wore azure clothes, seemed upright, had a ramrod straight figure, and an extraordinary bearing. Shockingly, it was Chen Xi!

Perhaps, if someone was able to ascend to this place 3,000 years from now, only then would someone be able to lay eyes on that painting?

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