Chapter 860 – Affecting The Talisman Dimension

The scene before his eyes changed swiftly and was reflected in his eyes, yet it was unable to affect Chen Xi’s state of mind.

When his feet stood steadily on the third step of the stairway on the 9th level of the Grand Deduction Tower, the scene before his eyes instantly froze, and an extremely tall bronze tower appeared within the world that was dark and seemed to be in a state of chaos.

Shockingly, it was exactly similar in appearance to the Grand Deduction Tower.

But Chen Xi wasn’t surprised, and his soul that seemed as if it had no emotions looked at this figure that stood at the center of the dark world and watched his fingers draw out an ocean of talisman markings that covered the sky as he repaired the tower.

His mind was still immersed in this profound comprehension.

But he knew clearly that the internal structure of the Grand Deduction Tower turned out to be in a terrible state since a long time ago. The talisman markings had fallen off, the formations were damaged, and there were too many places in it that needed to be repaired.

On the other hand, during this process of repair, he once again witnessed the formidableness of the River Diagram Fragments. With a light point of his finger, boundless talisman markings flashed into appearance, and this miraculous attainments in the Dao of Talismans caused him to be immersed once more in it and be unable to break free.

After 10 minutes passed, the tower was completely repaired, causing it to be entirely suffused with a golden radiance, and it was like a phoenix that had been reborn in flames and carried vitality that was exuberant and vast like an ocean within its ancient aura.

Chen Xi was completely unaware that right at this instant, all the cultivators in the tower had practically instantly sensed the changes in the tower.

It had become even more dazzling while the air within it carried strands of divine radiance and enshrouded in mist, causing it to seem like an immortal paradise.

“My god! Someone has repaired the Grand Deduction Tower!”

“How could this be possible! The Grand Deduction Tower is the heart of the Talisman Dimension. Unless those four great experts that created the Talisman Dimension or the gods whose might traversed the ages made a move, otherwise, who else in this world is capable of achieving this?”

“The Grand Deduction Tower being repaired is an extraordinarily shocking and joyous event for the entire Talisman Dimension. So long as the Grand Deduction Tower stands, the entire Talisman Dimension will never crumble!”

“The thing I’m most curious about now is exactly who achieved this?”

No matter which level they were at, all the cultivators in the tower were in animated discussion, and they were exclaiming in admiration towards the Grand Deduction Tower that had taken on a new look and were extremely curious about exactly who had repaired the tower.

Even though she was fighting bravely while bathed in blood, only Liang Bing who was in the 8th level was still in high spirits.

She knew that all of this was surely done by Chen Xi!



Along with the passage of time, Chen Xi walked up the stairway step by step, and a golden lotus bloomed with every step he took.

Only now did he notice that it wasn’t simply terrifying restrictions that were set up on the surface of the steps on the stairway in the 9th level, and there were even questions that were difficult like natural chasms set up for the countless people that came over to ascend it, and these questions were the repairing of talisman diagrams!

At the first step, he fell into a strange state because of the River Diagram fragments, and he obtained the acknowledgement of the tower.

At the second step, he was able to witness the might of the River Diagram fragments, and he gained insight into the principle of the variation of the workings of the heavens.

At the third step, he truly entered into the stage of repairing talisman diagrams.

Moreover, from this level onward, until the fourth, fifth, and even ninth, the Grand Deduction Tower, the Imperial City of Four Emperors, the four counties, the myriad of cities, and the countless villages appeared successively within the extremely vast and dark world. In the end, his field of vision expanded, and the entire Talisman Dimension was actually revealed before him!

It felt as if he was the lord of creation standing proudly up above in the universe, and he was utilizing his supreme divine might to repair the scars and wounds of a large world from afar.

In the present world, the ancient Imperial City of Four Emperors glowed once more with vitality. As it bathed beneath the scorching sun and stood amidst the clouds, it was suffused with divine brilliance and flickered with radiant light, causing it to seem as if it had come back to life after being dead for countless years.

It was like a miracle!

Similarly, the four great counties, and the Talisman Towers in the myriad of cities like Crimson Swallow City and the countless villages like Golden Mulberry Village were suffused with shocking fluctuations of vitality.

This fluctuation was extremely vast, and it practically instantly alarmed all the cultivators in the entire Talisman Dimension.

Everyone was shocked and bewildered because they didn’t know why such a miraculous incident would occur, and only an extremely small group of people faintly guessed something, and they were shocked speechless.

Crimson Swallow City.

Daoist Ling and his friends were discussing the structure of talisman diagrams in the hall while Ling Qingmo was extremely bored at the side, and she was tugging on her beautiful hair while staring blankly.

Suddenly, all the damaged talisman diagrams in the 3,600 screens in the entire hall instantly flashed before vanishing, and they transformed into completely white and empty screens.

All of the Talisman Formation Masters with eccentric dispositions were stunned when they saw this, and then they jumped up while waving their arms around and roaring endlessly, causing the scene to instantly fall into chaos.

The lord supervisor, Yue Meng, dragged his chubby figure along and charged in while sweating profusely before he started explaining repeatedly. Never had he imagined that a problem would occur in the hall once more!

EH, why would I think it happened again?

Yue Meng slapped himself on the forehead as he laughed bitterly and recalled that young man called Chen Xi from half a month ago. At that time, Chen Xi had swept through 30,000 stars of Virtue Energy and caused the entire Talisman Diagram Grandhall to be in chaos just like it was at this moment.

But this time, there seems to really be a problem… 

Yue Meng’s mouth opened as he looked at the numerous empty Talisman Diagram Screens, yet he didn’t know how to explain it.

At this moment, an attendant with a dazed expression flashed past Yue Meng’s side, and Yue Meng grabbed this attendant’s neck from behind and pulled the attendant over to his side before he roared in a low voice. “I fucking asked you to investigate what had happened, yet you’re dazed yourself. Trust me, I’ll fucking fire you today!”

The attendant seemed as if he awakened from a dream and stuttered. “Lord Supervisor, I came precisely for the sake of reporting back to you. But the news was too shocking, so… I was slightly dazed.”

Yue Meng said with a puzzled expression, “What do you mean?”

The attendant explained swiftly in a low voice.

After he heard everything, Yue Meng’s chubby face twitched fiercely while his entire body shuddered without end. If this is true, then it means an extraordinary expert in the Dao of Talismans has appeared in the Grand Deduction Tower within the imperial city!

Right at this moment, the Talisman Formation Masters in the hall found out about this as well, and the clamorous noise in the hall practically instantly vanished without a trace, causing the hall to become perfectly silent.

The Talisman Tower in Crimson Swallow City was repaired in an instant!?

The eyes of all the Talisman Formation Masters were wide open, and they seemed as if they’d heard a legend. This is too unbelievable.

Even Daoist Ling and the other Talisman Formation Grandmasters were shocked, and they guessed a possibility — Someone repaired the Grand Deduction Tower in the Imperial City of Four Emperors.

Heavenly attainments in the Dao of Talismans!

Exactly who achieved this?

“Grandfather, do you think that it’s Chen Xi?” The nearby Ling Qingmo spoke abruptly.

“Don’t speak non…” Daoist Ling was about to berate Ling Qingmo, yet he forcefully swallowed back his words after speaking half way because he recalled the experience from the other day. At that time, he never imagined that Chen Xi would be able to sweep through 30,000 stars of Virtue Energy like that, so he’d created a mistake that shouldn’t have happened, causing him to feel slightly ashamed and depressed.

“Grandpa hopes it’s Chen Xi of course.” Daoist Ling squeezed out a smile as he rubbed Ling Qingmo’s little head, yet he said in his heart, If it really is him, then I’ll request to have a meeting with him even if I have to kneel down and kowtow…


Golden Mulberry Village, Elder Xue Ming sat with his back laying on a golden mulberry tree as he bathed under the sun, and he seemed extremely cozy.

Since the Talisman Tower in the village was completely repaired, he wasn’t worried the village would fall to the Cosmos Beasts any longer, and even if these were Cosmos Beasts assaulting the village at night, he was able to sleep peacefully and have a nice dream.

All of this was because of that young man, Chen Xi.

Xue Ming was sure that he would absolutely not forget this young man that kept a low profile and had a warm attitude.

“Hahaha! Xue Ming, let me tell you some good news. It isn’t just my Spirit Medicine Village, even all the other villages in the vicinity had they Talisman Towers repaired completely!” Right at this moment, a spirited old man with a rosy complexion appeared at the distant entrance to the village, and Xue Ming raised his eyes before recognizing the old man as Elder Du Xing from the neighboring Spirit Medicine Village.

“You probably don’t know yet, I heard an expert with extraordinary ability entered the Grand Deduction Tower and repaired it completely, causing the Talisman Towers in the entire Talisman Dimension to be recovered to their initial state. Now, no matter how many Cosmos Beasts attack, it would be extremely difficult for them to threaten us for a long time.” Du Xing sat by Xue Ming’s side and spoke with an expression of admiration. “Alas, I wonder who exactly that expert is. I, old man Du, have lived for an extremely long time, yet I was still excited to the point of jumping with joy after hearing about this matter. I truly wish for nothing more than to kowtow and express my gratitude.”

“Oh? Then I have to congratulate you.” Xue Meng lazily smacked his lips.

“Could it be that you aren’t concerned in the slightest?” Du Xing was astounded.

“Of course, of course I am. This is an extremely good thing.” Xue Ming said with a smile, “There’s only room for Chen Xi in my eyes, and there’s no room for that expert because the lives of every single person in my Golden Mulberry Village was saved by Chen Xi. It isn’t related to that expert in the slightest!”

If Xue Ming knew that the ‘expert’ he spoke of was Chen Xi as well, it was a mystery what sort of expression he would have. 



The entire Talisman Dimension underwent a tremendous change.

If one were to look down from the expanse of the universe where Chen Xi and Li Yang arrived at the Talisman Dimension from, one would notice that at this moment, the Talisman Dimension that was extremely enormous and surrounded by countless stars was like a dusty precious pearl that was washed clean, revealing its smooth and flawless true appearance. Under the starry sky, it emanated blazing and powerful vitality.

All of this was easily accomplished by the River Diagram Fragment through Chen Xi’s hand, and it only utilized less than two hours to complete the entire process!

Such ability was already no different than a miracle.

On the 9th step on the stairway in the 9th level of the tower, Chen Xi suddenly awoke from the profound state he was in, and he reclaimed the power to control his body once more.

No wonder Senior Sister Li Yang dared to be so sure. So it turned out that all of this was because of the River Diagram Fragments. I wonder exactly what relationship the River Diagram Fragments have with the Grand Deduction Tower… As he recalled everything that he’d experienced earlier, Chen Xi felt unprecedented shock, and he felt the River Diagram Fragments were even more extraordinary and mysterious.

After a short moment, he shook his head. At this moment, there was no benefit in thinking about it because Liang Bing and Teng Lan were waiting for him to retrieve that cultivation technique at the 10th level!

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest and took a deep breath before moving forward, and he strode into the expanse of void before him.

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