Chapter 859 – Deducing The Secrets Of The Heavens

Goldwyrm Jade Radiance Dew.

Nine Yin Supreme Powder.

Hundred Treasure Immortal Intoxication Wine. 


Numerous unparalleled divine treasures were exchanged from the Myriad Ball while the stars of Virtue Energy in the Virtue Plates of Gu Liushui and the others fell repeatedly.

Two amongst them were direct descendants of the four great clans of the Talisman Dimension, whereas the others were descendants of immortals, so the total combined Virtue Energy in their possession was around an entire three million, and it was a shocking sum.

But it had been cleaned out completely in the blink of an eye to merely exchange for 17 types of unparalleled divine treasures. Moreover, the tiny cauldron swallowed them like a cow eating grass and wasn’t pained by it in the slightest.

If this scene was seen by Gu Liushui and the others, they would simply go mad!

After all, even if it was with their status, they’d accumulated Virtue Energy for an extremely long time to attain such a sum of Virtue Energy. Now it had actually been plundered completely by the tiny cauldron, so such a loss was even more painful than killing them.

Fortunately, they’d already fainted, and their inability to witness this tragic scene could be said to be a lucky thing.


After swallowing so many unparalleled divine treasures, the entire body of the tiny cauldron transformed. Its body with clearly defined angles suddenly became fatter, and it became round like a little bottle, causing it to seem rather funny and laughable as it glowed. It caused others to be unable to refrain from wanting to prod its tummy with their finger.

“I’m finally able to control my state of mind…” The tiny cauldron’s voice changed abruptly. It wasn’t long-winded any longer, and its voice was calm like pool of dead water. There weren’t any waves on it, and it didn’t fluctuate in the slightest.

This was the original tiny cauldron.

However, in the next moment, it seemed to have realized something and cursed. “Dammit! That kid saw how I was in the past. I’m finished, even my body has become so fat. It’s too disgusting. My image is probably destroyed this time…” 

Even though it said this, its voice didn’t carry the ‘human’ feeling it had before, and it was dry and seemed to utterly lack emotion.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi who was on the first step of the stairway moved abruptly, and he stepped up onto the second step. He moved in a neither fast nor slow speed, yet it revealed a feeling as if he was taking an idle stroll in a courtyard. It was natural and seemed to have been achieved without effort.

Moreover, right at the instant his feet descended onto the step, an expanse of dense radiance rose up beneath his feet, and it formed the pattern of a golden lotus that flashed briefly on the stone stairway.


Along with the golden lotus vanished, a shapeless and strange fluctuation suddenly stretched out, and the shapeless ripple instantly suffused the entire Grand Deduction Tower!

“He finally took this step…” The tiny cauldron muttered. 


The 8th level of the Grand Deduction Tower.

Liang Bing’s expression was icy cold while her beautiful and bright face was completely pale, and the dark black colored warrior robes with dark violet colored embroidery was even tainted with drops of golden blood.

She was injured.

Since the fierce battle started until now, they were encircled and attacked by Luo Zhanbei, the black robed man, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun, who were four Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, so even with the strengths of herself and Teng Lan, they were gradually unable to hold on.

So suffering injuries were naturally impossible to avoid.

But her bearing was formidable as always, and it was even overbearing. The pitch black and icy cold whip in her jade white hand was ferocious and still carried a peerless imposing aura of resolute slaughter.

Compared to her, Teng Lan’s injuries were heavier. Bloody froth ceaselessly gurgled down from the corners of his mouth, and it was impossible to stop, causing his countenance to be pale and almost translucent while even his aura revealed the feeling that was like a formidable arrow at the end of its flight.

Liang Bing knew that her Uncle Lan had suffered such heavy injuries entirely because of her, and it was her Uncle Lan that had repeatedly disregarded his life to help her when she was endangered on many occasions…

“Eldest Young Miss, can you promise me something if I’m really unable to persist?” Teng Lan’s voice sounded out by her ear, and his hoarse voice carried a wisp of resolution.

“Uncle Lan, don’t talk nonsense!” Liang Bing berated while her eyes turned slightly red. Moreover, she was even slightly shaken and doubted if her decision this time was correct.

“Eldest Young Miss, I watched you grow up since a young age. No matter how cold blooded and unfeeling people say you are, you’re like my child in my eyes. You’re intelligent, brave, wise, beautiful… You’re the most perfect little girl in my heart. I’ve never refused your instructions in the past, but this time, and only this time, please listen to me, alright?” Teng Lang fought fiercely with his opponent while speaking with a hoarse voice, and the bloody froth on the corners of his mouth grew in volume and stained his clothes, causing him to seem horrifying.

“Uncle Lan, go ahead.” Liang Bing bit her teeth together tightly while she spat out these words with great difficulty, and her eyes blazed with flames of rage as she suddenly started to hate herself.

If it wasn’t for me being too assertive and stubborn, would all of this have not occurred?

“Survive!” Teng Lan blasted back the attack of the black robed man that tore through the sky and assaulted him, whereas he himself was struck to the point of coughing up blood repeatedly. But he still charged forward and was unwilling to take a step back.

“Survive?” A wisp of bitterness arose on the corners of Liang Bing’s mouth. Could it be that there’s really no other way?

“Exactly, survive! Listen to my orders later and leave when I tell you to leave. I’ll strive to obtain a chance for you to escape, and you must listen to me!” Teng Lan’s pale and translucent face revealed a wisp of a ruthless expression, and his voice carried an indisputable tone that seemed to contain madness and lightheartedness.

“I…” Liang Bing felt grief in her heart, and she wanted to say something yet didn’t know where to start.

“Hmph! Let me see how long both of you can struggle desperately! Don’t have any extravagant hopes, no one in the world is capable of saving both of you today!” Right at this moment, Luo Zhanbei shouted savagely. “Everyone, put your back into it and send them on their way!”

For a time, the fierce battle became even more horrifying, and it was obviously at the time when the outcome was about to be decided.

Bang!Right at this moment, a strange fluctuation stretched out from above the tower, and it swept through the surroundings.

This fluctuation was mysterious, vast, and profound. It was like a storm that swept past the hearts of all, and it shocked them to the point their bodies stiffened.

After all, they were Mysterious Immortals! But before this strange fluctuation, they still felt an extremely horrifying aura, and it was too terrifying.

“Shit! Someone has started moving towards the 10th level of the tower!” The expressions of Luo Zhanbei and the others changed abruptly, and they instantly guessed the source of this fluctuation.

They’d been cultivating for countless years in the Talisman Dimension, so they’d witnessed countless experts stride towards the 10th level. How could the aura of this strange fluctuation not be familiar to them?

Just 3,000 years ago, there was a young woman that had caused such a phenomenon when she strode towards the 10th level. At that time, Luo Zhanbei, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun were all present in the tower.

“I knew that he would surely be able to succeed!” Liang Bing couldn’t refrain from having a wisp of a smile appear on the corners of her mouth, and it was brilliant and dazzling to the limit.

“Uncle Lan! Stop entertaining foolish ideas and persist! Wait for Chen Xi to return!” A wisp of confidence and the will to fight burned once more in her voice, causing her face to seem as if it was glowing.

“Alright!” Teng Lan nodded, and his spirits were refreshed as well. But, right after that, he couldn’t help but ask. “Even if he returns from the 10th level, it seems that it’ll be impossible for us to bring him out in our current situation…”

“There’s no need to worry. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Liang Bing’s eyes flowed with light, and she seemed to be rather confident.

It wasn’t just the 8th level of the tower, all those cultivators that were moving up with great difficulty on the lower levels had noticed this strange fluctuation, and their entire bodies shook as well.

Someone is charging up the 10th level?

Is it those formidable figures from the four great clans?



In the 9th level of the Grand Deduction Tower.

Chen Xi noticed calmly that he was in an extremely strange situation. He felt as if his body was controlled by a terrifying consciousness, whereas his soul was watching coldly from the sidelines.

He wasn’t frustrated or resentful, nor did he have the slightest intention to reclaim the authority to control his body, and he was calm and indifferent as if he didn’t have any feelings instead.

He knew that it was the might of the River Diagram. Since the moment he stepped foot onto the first step, it suddenly emanated a fluctuation that assisted him in dealing with the attack of the restrictions on the first step, and it indirectly controlled his body.

Perhaps, it’s precisely because I trust the River Diagram won’t harm me that I’m able to be so calm, right?

Chen Xi was unable to figure it out, so he stopped thinking about it.

Within his field of vision was an extremely vast world. It was pitch black, deathly silent, completely empty, and seemed to be boundless. On the other hand, he stood alone at the center of this world that seemed dark like it was in the period of chaos before the world was split open, and he had one hand behind his back while the other drew repeatedly in midair.


A profound marking flashed into appearance, causing the pitch black world to suddenly have a dazzling ray of light, and it split open the darkness and tore open a boundless rift, forming the heavens and the earth.


Another graceful and lively marking fluttered out from between his fingers, and it studded the sky with a myriad of stars and caved out the geography of the entire world.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Numerous profound markings flashed into appearance and poured out from the tips of his fingers, and they formed mountains, rivers, lakes, plants, rocks, beasts, monsters, spirits… All sorts of things and living creatures started to appear and enrich the entire world.

The entire process was shockingly similar to when he created the Blackhole World within his Dantian all those years ago, but it was even more profound, and it carried the unique profundities of deduction, creation, and development.

Or perhaps it could be said to contain a sort of general trend. Fate, karmic luck, and vitality that circulated in the world appeared here, and it was like the workings of the heavens were circulating and deducing the alternation in this world.

Chen Xi was shocked and suddenly thought of the master of the Manor, Senior Fuxi, had precisely observed and comprehended the principle behind the changes in the workings of the heavens through the River Diagram before finally grasping the Grand Dao and arriving at the end of the path to the Grand Dao.

Even though the scene before his eyes wasn’t him actually observing the River Diagram, but it was largely identical with minor differences because the River Diagram was utilizing his body to reveal the principles behind the Heaven Dao to him!

Even if his current cultivation realm was unable to thoroughly comprehend the profundities within it, this sort of experience was sufficient to allow him to go further in his future path.

Because while others were still bitterly pondering what the Heaven Dao was, he’d already obtained insight into the principle of its variations and the profundities of its deduction. So long as he persisted in his cultivation, he would surely be able to use it to soar into the heavens in a single leap and attain an unprecedented height.

Unknowingly, Chen Xi’s mind was immersed within it. He carried a slight smile while he remained unaware of his surroundings, and he forgot the passage of time in his daze. He was completely unaware that he’d taken a step up and ascended onto the third step on the stairway.

The scene before his eyes changed once more! 

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