Chapter 858 – Launching Sneak Attacks Repeatedly

The restrictions on the 9th level of the Grand Deduction Tower were Immortal Restrictions with extraordinary might capable of stopping even Mysterious Immortals.

At this moment, Chen Xi stood on the first step of the stairway like a clay statue, yet he caused Gu Liushui and the others to feel powerless as if he was impossible to shake, and the reason was the Immortal Restrictions on the stone stairways.

Even if it was those descendants of immortals from the Immortal Dimension, they were unable to see through the profundities of these restrictions, let alone the others.

Wenren Ye seemed to have thought of something, and a wisp of a sheen that was like cold lightning suddenly appeared in her beautiful eyes as she said, “Fellow Daoist Gu, why don’t we test the might of the Earthgod’s Seal. Even though we’ll only be 100% confident in breaking through the restrictions of the 9th level by gathering all four of these divine treasures, as far as I’m concerned, just a single one of them ought to be able to be of a certain level of use.”

What she said wasn’t wrong. The ancestors of the four great clans had cooperated on many occasions in history, and they successfully dealt with the restrictions on the 9th level and arrived at the highest level by gathering all four of these divine artifacts.

But the possibility of arriving at the top with only a single one would reduce greatly. Moreover, it was filled with danger, so even if one was able to ascend a few steps, it was impossible to determine if one would be able to ascend to the top.

Moreover, if they did this, they might even be trapped to death within the Immortal Restrictions on the stone stairway!

Thus, Luo Zixuan still wanted to seize the Heaven Discernment Ruler that was in Liang Bing’s hands under the circumstances that he already possessed the Dao Severance Sword and Earthgod’s Seal. After all, an extra one meant another layer of safety and possibility.

The others instantly understood when they were reminded by Wenren Ye, and they looked at Gu Liushui.

Gu Liushui took a deep breath and nodded. “Alright, since I don’t have to step foot on the restrictions of the stairway and this little fellow is standing on the first step, the might of the Earthgod’s Seal is probably able to heavily injure him!”

Actually, he’d thought of this as well. But only he knew the best that the Earthgod’s Seal couldn’t be utilized casually, and he was barely capable of utilizing it three times with his current cultivation.

After he utilized it three times, he would have no choice but to spend time to recover the Immortal Energy in his body.

But Gu Liushui would absolutely not leave himself in such a terrible state under such circumstances because he would be helpless if someone seized the opportunity to kill him and seize the Earthgod’s Seal!

After all, no matter if it was those descendants of immortals or Yin Ping, all these people by his side were extraordinary figures and would absolutely harm him for their own benefit.

So he’d hesitated until now.

But since he’d been called upon, his Immortal Energy had more or less recovered, and he felt he didn’t have to worry about any danger arising, so he agreed.


In the next moment, the perfectly square Earthgod’s Seal that flowed with golden light soared into the sky and emanated blazing divine radiance before it transformed into a golden ray that carried a myriad of golden radiance as it smashed fiercely at Chen Xi.


The restrictions on the stone stairway shook violently and didn’t reflect the force of his attack, and it only resisted for a short moment before it was crushed into pieces, allowing the Earthgod’s Seal to charged forward.

The eyes of everyone instantly lit up when they saw this scene, and they revealed expressions of excitement. It really is possible!

However, before they could get happy, they heard an enormous bang resound out. At the instant that Earthgod’s Seal that carried a vast imposing aura and peerless might touched Chen Xi’s body, it seemed as if it had smashed on an extremely hard steel board, and it emanated a deafening rumble.

It felt as if Chen Xi’s body was even harder than the Earthgod’s Seal…

The thing that shocked Gu Liushui and the others the most was that the Earthgod’s Seal was actually shaken to the point of droning and trembling before it was suddenly blasted flying. It swayed endlessly in midair and seemed as if it was drunk.


A mouthful of blood sprayed from Gu Liushui’s mouth as he suffered from backlash, causing his entire face to be covered in golden blood.

But he couldn’t care about all this, and he hurriedly stretched out his hand and grabbed with the intention of retrieving the Earthgod’s Seal. He was worried that the others would seize the opportunity to seize it, and that would be very bad. Thus, he was so anxious.


However, to his astonishment, it actually flashed before he could touch it, and it seemed to have dodged him and moved away.

This sudden scene terrified Gu Liushui to the point his soul almost left his body, and he was like an untouched virgin that had lost her chastity, his expression changed violently as he flashed out to pursue it. Moreover, he couldn’t even care about maintaining his graceful bearing at this moment.

Unfortunately, the Earthgod’s Seal seemed as if it was controlled by a shapeless hand, and no matter how he summoned it and chased after it, it was futile because he was utterly unable to even touch it.

The scene was very amusing. Gu Liushui pursued repeatedly while the Earthgod’s Seal dodged repeatedly and moved endlessly in the space before the stone stairway. It was like as if they were playing hide and seek, and it caused Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye, and the others to stare their eyes wide open and feel astounded by this scene.

What’s…going on?

Isn’t this Gu Liushui too useless? He can’t even control his own Ancestral Treasure?

“Dammit! Bastard! Which Bastard is fucking causing trouble!?” Gu Liushui suddenly stopped moving and continuously gasped for breath while his expression was gloomy and unsightly to the extreme. He gritted his teeth and swept his cold gaze past everyone, and his eyes were filled with surging flames of rage.

The thing he feared the most had happened! There was surely someone that harbored evil intentions and desired to take possession of his Earthgod’s Seal!

Since he firmly believed this in his heart, he didn’t even continue pursuing the Earthgod’s Seal, and he glanced fiercely at everyone with a murderous expression as if he would he dig through the ground just to drag out the culprit.

It couldn’t be helped, he was truly too infuriated because the Earthgod’s Seal was the divine artifact of his clan. Once he lost it, it was a loss capable of heavily injuring the foundation of the Gu Clan in the Talisman Dimension.

Such a matter had already occurred in the past, and it was obvious from the current Yin Clan. The loss of the World Suppression Tower caused the Yin Clan to be the existence amongst the four great clans that had declined the most.

Everyone looked at each other. This fellow actually suspects that we did it?

All of them were wondering exactly what was going on in this absurd scene before their eyes, so how could they have imagined that Gu Liushui would actually suspect them instead?

Instantly, all of them were slightly displeased.

Wenren Ye frowned and said coldly and indifferently, “Fellow Daoist Gu, who do you think we are? It’s only a copy of the Earthgod’s Seal, only you would take it to be as precious as your life, right? How laughable!”

“Hmph! You can’t even take maintain possession of the Ancestral Treasure of your own clan, yet you still blame others. You, Gu Liushui, are really a genius.” Nan Xiuchong grunted coldly from the side as well.

All these young masters and young miss from the Immortal Dimension were extraordinarily domineering and felt they were superior to others, so how could they allow another to slander them? They instantly started ridiculing him, and they seemed as if they would make a move against him at the slightest sight of disagreement.

When Yin Ping saw that it seemed as if a battle was about to break out, she said hurriedly, “Brother Gu, don’t be short-tempered. Tell us exactly what has happened and allow us to help you think about it. If this continues, then we’ll probably be unable to complete what Brother Luo entrusted us with.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone restrained their rage and grunted coldly. On the other hand, Gu Liushui took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the anxiousness and rage in his heart as he said, “If it wasn’t for someone causing trouble, how could I possibly be unable to retrieve the Earthgod’s Seal?”

As he finished speaking, his voice actually carried a trace of grievance.

“Ha!” A faint sound of laughter resounded out in the sky.

Even though it was faint, it was still heard by everyone present, causing their expressions to change while they shouted explosively. “Who is it?!”

Instantly, all of them became tensed up. Never had they imagined that there would actually be another besides them and Chen Xi in the 9th level of the tower.

On the other hand, Gu Liushui’s expression became extremely horrible. He finally understood that he’d blames Nan Xiuchong and the others mistakenly, and it was actually another person causing trouble from the shadows!

When he thought up to here, his heart jerked while he flashed out once more like a madman, and he started pursuing the Earthgod’s Seal repeatedly while roaring madly. “Which damnable bastard is it! Get the fuck out here! I’ll surely burn your bones and scatter the ashes…”

The others maintained combat readiness and emanated strands of Immortal Perception that swept through the surroundings and searched carefully.

There was actually someone hiding in the shadows, whereas they hadn’t noticed in the slightest from the beginning until the end. This sudden and unexpected event caused them to be surprised and bewildered.


Right at this moment, Gu Liushui who was howling with curses seemed to have been struck from behind, and his entire body convulsed like he was epileptic, and then froth flowed out from his mouth before fell from the sky. A lump slowly rose up behind his head, and his eyes rolled before he fainted.


Everyone couldn’t help but gasp. They hadn’t even seen the assailant, yet an Earthly Immortal Realm expert was knocked unconscious with a single strike?

Exactly what sort of terrifying cultivation would be needed to achieve this?

If this person aroused killing intent, then this strike would have probably taken Gu Liushui’s life, right?

When they thought up to here, their entire bodies trembled while they felt a chill run down their spines, and their souls almost left their bodies. All of them circulated their cultivation techniques with all their might as they converged together because they were deeply afraid of suffering the same end as Gu Liushui.

“So rude at such a young age. No matter how good this senior’s temper is, I can’t continue watching on. Thus, it’s clear how infuriating all you little bastards are. Nevermind, it arose because of that kid at any rate, so I’ll place this karma on him. So I can only help him, right, help…” A wave of nagging resounded out throughout the entire 9th level of the tower.

To the shock of Nan Xiuchong and the others, even if they were able to  hear the voice, they were actually unable to lock onto the position of the person that spoke!

Dong! Dong! Dong!

A wave of rhythmic muffled bangs resounded out. Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye, Yin Ping, Cao He, and the others didn’t even have the chance to react when they felt pain come from the back of their heads, and then their vision dimmed. In the next moment, they’d already fainted and lay scattered on the ground.

Before they fainted, they clearly sensed that a very large lump had surely arisen behind their heads just like Gu Liushui…


Right after they fainted, a flash appeared in space as the tiny cauldron floated out into appearance. Its surroundings were coiled with a white radiance of divinity. Obviously, it was the culprit.

“Oh, he wasted a great deal of my energy right after I just woke up. That kid ought to give me like 17 or 18 divine treasures as compensation. But he doesn’t have time to care about all this now, so I can only do it myself….” An expanse of longwinded talking sounded out as the tiny cauldron emanated strands of divinity that transformed into dazzling chains, and it lightly swept past the bodies of Gu Liushui and the others and hooked up numerous Virtue Plates.

“Not bad! Haha! No bad! There are actually so many, and it’s sufficient to exchange for so many divine treasures. I never expected that the wealth of these little bastards would be really abundant.” The tiny cauldron chuckled while its body shook, and it seemed to be overwhelmed with joy.

If Chen Xi saw this scene, he would surely sigh in his heart once more…

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