Chapter 857 – The Tiny Cauldron Has Changed

Chen Xi’s entire body shook while he felt slight disbelief, and he probed. “Senior?”

This voice had precisely come from the tiny cauldron that hung on his chest, and it was calm to the point there wasn’t any fluctuation or emotion in it. He’d heard it countless times in the past, so it was familiar to the point of practically being branded onto his bones.

For the sake of rescuing before the Door of Profundity in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, the tiny cauldron had gone head to head with Bing Shitian, and then it tore open space and brought him into the Ninth Hell.

From that day onward, the tiny cauldron had fallen into silence, deathly silence, and it hadn’t spoken a single word.

At that time, Chen Xi had tried to communicate with the tiny cauldron, but no matter how hard he tried, it was of no use. But he was able to sense that the tiny cauldron hadn’t perished, and it seemed to have fallen into a strange sort of silence from exhaustion of its strength.

Now, after so long, the tiny cauldron actually showed signs of awakening at the 9th level of the Grand Deduction Tower, so how could Chen Xi not be excited?

“Senior?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but cry out when he saw that it didn’t give any reaction.

“Stop! My god! Could it be that you didn’t notice that I’m very weak now? Shouldn’t you prepare some precious treasures for me to enjoy at this moment?” The tiny cauldron glowed and started trembling.

But its voice and tone caused Chen Xi to be slightly stunned. Is this still that tiny cauldron that spoke in a concise and comprehensive manner?

This feels too strange!

It was like listening to the nagging of a loquacious woman, and it caused Chen Xi to even suspect that something had gone wrong with the tiny cauldron.

“Stop staring blankly into the air. Little fellow, quickly get to work. Don’t make a senior wait too long because it’s very disrespectful!” The tiny cauldron continued nagging.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and rubbed his face, and he confirmed that it wasn’t an illusion before he said, “Senior, what do you need?” He intended to be deal with this in a straightforward manner.

Because he felt that the tiny cauldron had become like this because it had exhausted too much of its strength. When he thought up to here, he couldn’t help but feel a trace of self-blame because if it wasn’t for him, the tiny cauldron wouldn’t become so…stupid, right?

“Oh, give me like 17 or 18 of those things within that Myriad Ball, and it’ll be barely sufficient for me to eat.” The tiny cauldron shook its body while it instructed.

Chen Xi walked forward, and his face instantly darkened when his Divine Sense swept through the Myriad Ball because any treasure within it required at least 100,000 stars of Virtue Energy, and the highest was at over one million stars of Virtue Energy!

Not to mention a few, all the Virtue Energy he possessed was only capable of being exchanged for two treasures from the Myriad Ball, and it would those of the lowest value.

For example, a medicinal pill called the Supreme Goldew Jade Spirit Pill within the Myriad Ball was actually more precious and rarer than an Immortal Pill, and it was a cultivation treasure that even Heavenly Immortals dreamt of. It was capable of condensing and tempering the energy of the Laws, and it required 180,000 stars of Virtue Energy.

A further example was the Eight Direction Skyshaker Wheel, it was a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact that possessed vast might. There were eight areas opened up within it according to eight legendary devas, and each area possessed a different effect. But its might was extraordinarily great. It required 270,000 stars of Virtue Energy to be obtain.

All the other treasures within it were like this as well. All of them were peerless divine treasures that Chen Xi had never seen or heard of, and it caused him to be extremely moved. But when he saw the amount labelled on them, he instantly sobered up greatly.

It was very difficult for him to imagine exactly where the Grand Deduction Tower gathered all these divine treasures from, and they were even in such a huge number. If he didn’t know that he would suffer the punishment of the Grand Deduction Tower if he touched the Myriad Ball, he would be unable to refrain from plundering it.

“Little fellow, this senior can only meet you in the next life if you continue to hesitate! Act quickly and stop hesitating like a woman. Have you not heard that true men must be resolute!?” The tiny cauldron urged him on from the side.

Chen Xi sighed in his heart as he gritted his teeth to exchange for a medicinal pill called the Violet Extreme Dragon and Phoenix Pill that was worth 130,000 stars of Virtue Energy. No matter what, the tiny cauldron had saved him on countless occasions, so not to mention spending this Virtue Energy, he would be willing to pay an even greater price.

But right when he passed the medicinal pill over to the tiny cauldron, he suddenly recalled something and said, “Senior, didn’t you say in the past that there’s a balance in everything, and if one wants to gain, then one must give. Aren’t you going against your intentions by doing this?”

The tiny cauldron was obviously stunned, and then it said, “Nonsense! Of course, the words of a senior like me is always valid!” The tiny cauldron’s voice carried a trace of anger from embarrassment.

Chen Xi smiled and hurriedly passed the medicinal pill over.

Crunch! Crunch!

The tiny cauldron glowed and took the medicinal pill away before emanated a wave of tiny munching sounds. After a short moment, the entire body of the tiny cauldron was suffused with a circle of green and hazy divine radiance, causing it to be rather beautiful.

“Oh, its taste is barely passable. Unfortunately, it’s only enough to fill the space in my teeth.” After a short moment, the tiny cauldron sighed with dissatisfaction.

“Senior…” said Chen Xi.

“Alright, I understand!” The tiny cauldron interrupted him angrily. “Haven’t I not been good to you in the past? A real man isn’t petty.”

Even though the tiny cauldron spoke like this, it still asked. “What do you want this senior to do? Let me tell you, that medicinal pill was too inferior, so I’m unable to do things that are too strenuous. Of course, if you give me some more divine treasures, then we can discuss some things.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart when he heard these words that sounded like it came from a sordid merchant. What exactly has occurred to the tiny cauldron?

It doesn’t even have the slightest bearing of an expert!

In next to no time, Chen Xi put his feelings in order and said after he pondered deeply, “Senior, you’ve noticed as well. It seems like the stone stairway before me is impossible to ascend with my strength. So how about you guide me?”

This time, the tiny cauldron actually displayed a rare moment of silence, and it lasted for quite a long period of time.

Chen Xi was stunned. Could it be that this request is very difficult for the tiny cauldron?

“My guidance is, ascend it by yourself.” The tiny cauldron spoke after a short moment.

Chen Xi was astounded. “That’s…that’s all?”

The tiny cauldron replied with a question. “What else should I say?”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He noticed that since the tiny cauldron woke up, the amount of times he sighed seemed to have increased, and this was something that never happened in the past…

“Go on. Only by walking by yourself will you be able to go further.” The tiny cauldron flew out from Chen Xi’s chest with a swish, and then it floated in midair.

It had already displayed its attitude by doing this, and it wouldn’t follow Chen Xi up the stone stairway.

Chen Xi puckered his lips when he saw this, and his expression turned serious as he stood before the stone stairway. He looked at the nine steps that lay before him, and he stared at them for a long time before he decided.

Since he started cultivating until now, he was never a weakling that was unable to survive without the help of others. Conversely, he’d obtained all the accomplishments he’d attained all the way until today by his own hard work.

The tiny cauldron wasn’t heartless because its words had already clearly showed the path he should take, and if he continued to hesitate and waver, it would cause him to lose the heart to move forward boldly.


Chen Xi strode up the first step. In merely an instant, an extremely terrifying fluctuation of the restrictions enveloped towards him like a whistling ocean.

This aura was so terrifying, it was like the gods were approaching amidst heavenly winds and the ocean, and they intended to obliterate the heavens and the earth and drown the world!

On the other hand, he was like a speck in a vast ocean, a floating ant, and he was tiny to the point of being powerless. Even if he exerted all his strength, burned the essence, spirit, and energy in his entire body, and circulated his Blackhole World to the limit, he would still be unable to resist this aura!

This caused Chen Xi to feel even more powerless than facing a Heavenly Immortal, and he even felt that it was even simpler for this energy to kill him than kill an ant!

Could it be that my first step will be announced as a failure? Every single inch of skin of Chen Xi’s body tightened while he gritted his teeth and resisted it. The veins on his face bulged, causing his expression to become savage and mad. No! How laughable is a mantis trying to stop a chariot, but who has even seen it take a step back?

I’ll give it my all!

My all!

Chen Xi roared in his heart while all his reason transformed into obsession under this unprecedented monstrous pressure, and his mind was devoid of distracting thoughts because of his fearlessness, yet he seemed like he was mad.


Right at the instant when this extremely terrifying restriction touched his body, a strange fluctuation suddenly stretched out from his sea of consciousness and flowed throughout his body.

In the next moment, Chen Xi’s entire body shook while he seemed to have entered a different space.

From the tiny cauldron’s point of view, Chen Xi was standing there on the first step of the stairway like a clay statue, and his backbone was ramrod straight while he stood silently without moving.

“I knew it would be like this. Fortunately, I moved away right at the beginning, otherwise, I would probably lose my freedom…” The tiny cauldron muttered. In the next moment, it seemed to have noticed something, and its body flashed before it suddenly vanished into thin air.


A silver colored passageway charge through space and swiftly arrived at the 9th level.

Gu Liushui, Yin Ping, Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye, Chu Xiao, Cao He, and the others walked out successively from the silver passageway, and they swept the surroundings with their gazes before emitting a wave of surprised exclaims.

“This is the 9th level of the Grand Deduction Tower?”

“According to rumor, the restrictions here are peerless, and even Mysterious Immortal Realm experts can only stop here.”

“What a kid! He actually intends to ascend the stone stairway, fucking die!” Chu Xiao noticed Chen Xi at the first possible moment. He shouted explosively right away when he saw Chen Xi standing on the stairway with his back towards him, and then he raised his hand and slapped out with a palm strike from afar.

This palm strike was filled with Immortal Energy and interweaved with Dao Insights. It was like an enormous palm that blotted out the sky, and its impetus was extremely terrifying. It fully revealed the might of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

However, before this palm strike could touch Chen Xi, a shapeless fluctuation of restrictions arose from the stone stairway, and it directly reflected back the entire force of this palm strike.


Chu Xiao’s entire body seemed as if it was slapped by a shapeless hand, and he was suddenly blasted flying while being unable to refrain from spitting out a mouthful of blood in midair.

When he descended to the ground, his entire body was in a terrible state. His countenance was pale, blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth, and his spirits were slightly low.

“What…what the fuck is going on? Why would the force of my palm strike cause me to suffer backlash?” Chu Xiao was surprised and bewildered, and he couldn’t help but curse.

The others were shocked as well when they saw this.

Nan Xiuchong attacked. He struck out with a swift and fierce sword qi that wasn’t very strong, and it only carried 30% of his cultivation. But it was still reflected by the restriction and counterattacked towards him.

His face sank abruptly while his figure flashed to swiftly avoid it, and he was barely able to avoid this sword qi.

This scene undoubtedly proved what Chu Xiao had said earlier.

The enemy is clearly right before our eyes and just a few meters away from us. But it’s like the distance between the heavens and the earth, and it’s impossible to reach, let alone kill him. Moreover, the reason for this is most probably the restrictions on the stone stairway.

When they thought up to here, the expressions of everyone instantly darkened. 

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