Chapter 856 – A Familiar Voice

This grab of the black robed man was an attack carried out with hatred. His palm was coiled with the energy of the Laws, and it transformed into jet black and surging waves, causing his palm to seem like the claw of a devil that stretched out from hell. It was ruthless, vicious, and carried blazing might.


Liang Bing seemed to have noticed a long time ago, and her figure hadn’t moved yet a graceful black whip tore through the sky and transformed into circles of ripples that were like numerous vortexes that revolved madly while boundless energy of the Laws flickered as it directly blasted away the black robed man’s hand.

At the same time, her figure flashed. She moved with vigorous steps and seemed like she was walking on air while the pitch black whip in her hand moved about agilely while carrying a murderous, ruthless, and terrifying imposing aura that struck straight to the heart.

The black robed man’s expression was unsightly as his sleeve fluttered repeatedly, and it blotted out the sky as it transformed into numerous lethal moves. He intended to annihilate his opponent with a single move earlier, yet he was unable to succeed.

After all, both of them were existences at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, so it was obviously impossible to defeat the other in a short period of time.


Both of them were locked in combat. One was like a queen that whipped the sky, while the other was like a ruthless god of ghosts whose sleeve fluttered while surging with a myriad of jet black light, and they fought to the point the heavens and the earth were cast beneath a shadow.

But before the battle began, the black robed man had removed Luo Zixuan and the others from his side while he himself got entangled with Liang Bing and fought with all his strength as if he wanted to kill her ruthlessly.

“Dammit! It’s a mess! Everything’s in a mess!” Luo Zixuan gritted his teeth while his expression was exceedingly gloomy. Beneath the stone stairway, Gu Jiuzhen and Yin Biyun were in battle against Teng Lan, whereas the black robed man was entangled with Liang Bing, and it seemed as if they were only equally matched.

But he knew clearly that Liang Bing’s side had seized the upper hand because Chen Xi had already entered the 9th level before them!

“Dammit! This little bitch was actually willing to place all hope onto that kid? Could it be that she’s tired of living and wants to fight us to the death?” The nearby Nan Xiuchong cursed.

“Hmph! Since she’s courting death, then who can be blamed for it? After we leave this place, I’ll surely gather some forces to slaughter the entire Liang Clan!” Wenren Ye’s eyes were filled with murderous intent while her voice was boundlessly icy cold.

The others cursed endlessly as well because they were extremely disgruntled from being caught off guard by this practically suicidal move of Liang Bing’s. 

“Brother Luo, the pressing matter at hand is to consider what we should do next.” Gu Liushui frowned and said after pondering deeply, “According to my knowledge, even if he has entered the 9th level, it’s still extremely dangerous. Not to mention a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, even a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert would have a slim chance of survival without the protection of divine artifacts like the Heaven Discernment Ruler, Earthgod’s Seal, World Suppression Tower, and Dao Severance Sword.”

“Exactly. Even if that Chen Xi entered the 9th level, the Heaven Discernment Ruler is still in Liang Bing’s possession. So long as we kill him, we’ll still have an extremely great chance to arrive at the 10th level and obtain that cultivation technique,” said Yin Ping.

Luo Zixuan took a deep breath and forcefully restrained his restless mood. He looked at these young masters and young miss from the Immortal Dimension before he glanced at Gu Liushui and Yin Ping, and then a plan suddenly arose in his heart.

He pondered for a moment then said, “Everyone, how about we let Brother Gu lead all of you into the 9th level with the Earthgod’s Seal and kill that little fellow. On the other hand, I’ll stay on guard here, and I’ll converge with all of you after my Third Martial Ancestor annihilates this little bitch Liang Bing and seizes the Heaven Discernment Ruler, alright?”

When he spoke up to here, he frowned and sighed as he said, “Of course, this is an expedient measure. The 9th level is filled with danger, and it’s difficult to avoid any mishaps from occurring. But possessing the protection of the Earthgod’s Seal is much better than that kid, Chen Xi. All of you only have to kill him after you enter, and then all of you can wait there. In this way, we’ll be able to eliminate this potential trouble in a timely manner. After all, since Liang Bing trusts that kid so much, it’s worrying in the end.”

When they saw what he said was perfectly logical and reasonable, they didn’t think that this suggestion was going too far.

Gu Liushui pondered briefly before he nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll do just that.”

The others nodded successively and tacitly approved. As far as they were concerned, since they had the protection of the Earthgod’s Seal and so many people at the Earthly Immortal Realm were sent over together, no matter how heaven defying Chen Xi was, he would have no choice but to obediently allow himself to be captured.

Luo Zixuan’s gloomy expression finally eased up greatly when he saw this, and he forcefully squeezed out a smile and said, “There’s no time to lose. Everyone, set out! Once I obtain the Heaven Discernment Ruler, then combined with the Dao Severance Sword and Earthgod’s Seal, we’ll surely be able to easily enter the 10th level!”


Gu Liushui didn’t say anything else, he flicked his sleeve, causing a perfectly square ancient bronze seal to float in midair. This bronze seal was only fist sized, and its surface flowed with strands of golden and blazing light. Moreover, it emanated a heavy and steady aura of establishment.

It seemed as if so long as this seal was present, the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers would move according to its will, circulate, and not interfere with each other.

The Earthgod’s Seal!

A Chaotic Divine Artifact just like the Heaven Discernment Ruler, and it divided the earth and held down the karmic luck of the world!

Of course, the Earthgod’s Seal in Gu Liushui’s hands was similarly a copy. But it had a trace of the Earthgod’s Seal aura branded within it, and merely this caused its value to far exceed an ordinary Immortal Artifact.

In the next moment, the Earthgod’s Seal emanated golden divine radiance that directly opened up a passageway in the void, and it brought Gu Liushui and the others along as it flew into the passageway and vanished.

That’s the Earthgod’s Seal? As expected of a divine treasure that’s equally famous to the Dao Severance Sword… Luo Zixuan stared silently for a short moment before a wisp of burning greed flashed within his eyes.

After that, he shot his gaze towards the distant battles beneath the stairway.

At this moment, Liang Bing and Teng Lan had converged together to jointly resist the black robed man, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun. It temporarily seemed that nothing was bad about their current situation, and it was even to the extent that they seemed to be on par.

But Luo Zixuan laughed coldly instead while a wisp of a cruel smile appeared on the corners of his mouth as he muttered. “Third Martial Ancestor, it’s time to make an appearance….”

As soon as his voice finished resounding out in the air, a strand of light smoke suddenly appeared on him, and then it actually condensed into a mighty figure!

This person had cold eyes and thick bones. The hair on his temples were slightly turning white, and he possessed a dignified and awe-inspiring appearance. As his eyes opened and closed, strands of cold lightning flickered within and emanated a majestic and powerful feeling of supremacy!

As soon as he made an appearance, the terrifying imposing aura that surged on his body instantly drew the attention of everyone present here.

“Luo Zhanbei!” Liang Bing frowned while a trace of surprise and bewilderment flashed past her eyes because that person was clearly Luo Zixuan’s third martial ancestor, Luo Zhanbei, so who was the black robed man?

“Sure enough, I knew this person wasn’t a member of the Luo Clan.” Teng Lan seemed to have expected it since the beginning, and he wasn’t surprised. But his expression became much heavier.

Luo Zhanbei had refrained from making an appearance and concealed himself until now, this was like throwing fuel to the fire in the situation he and Liang Bing were in, causing it to become even more disadvantageous.

“Hmm? Fellow Daoist Luo? Then who’s this person?” It wasn’t just Liang Bing and Teng Lan, even Gu Jiuzhen and Yin Biyun were slightly surprised and bewildered.

“Hahaha! Fellow Daoist Gu, Fellow Daoist Yin, there’s no need for panic. That’s a good friend of mine, and he came for the sake of lending us a hand. I’ll introduce both of you to him once we deal with the enemies before us!” Luo Zhanbei roared with laughter, causing his beard to flutter. As he spoke, he’d already charged into the battlefield with the imposing manner of a tiger while he whistled through the wind like a dragon, and the might of his attack was extremely powerful and peerlessly overbearing.

Gu Jiuzhen and Yin Biyun’s expressions eased up, and they stopped asking anymore questions. As for what they thought in their hearts, only they knew it well.

On the other hand, the black robed man kept silent from the beginning until the end. his attacks were like a raging fire as he struck repeatedly in a ruthless and vicious manner, and he seemed as if he was indifferent to everything in his surroundings.

When facing the attacks of four Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, the pressure Teng Lan and Liang Bing faced instantly increased greatly, causing their expressions to be extremely heavy.

“Uncle Lan, we must persist no matter what!” Liang Bing gritted her teeth while a wisp of resolve flashed past her face.

“I’m not worried about myself, and I’m just slightly worried about Chen Xi.” The space between Teng Lan’s brows were suffused with worry. As an expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, he’d noticed long ago that Gu Liushui and the others had left, and he couldn’t help but worry about Chen Xi.

“Don’t worry, he’ll absolutely be fine.” Liang Bing seemed to have thought of something, causing a trace of a strange expression to flash past her clear eyes. “Do you still remember the scene when A’Li ascended the tower?”

A slight glow silently slid past Teng Lan’s eyes when he heard this. “You mean…”

“Exactly. I’m betting, betting that Chen Xi will surely be able to achieve it as well.” Liang Bing spoke without the slightest hesitation.

“But what if a mishap occurs?” Teng Lan spoke slightly indeterminately.

“Then I’ll consider it as having misjudged him, and it doesn’t matter if he dies. At any rate, the three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval. Gods are like grass, immortals and devils are like ants. So dying here and dying at that time makes no difference.” Liang Bing’s expression was calm and fearless.

“I hope he’ll be successful.” Teng Lan sighed, and he still felt Liang Bing’s actions of staking everything on Chen Xi to be too risky. 



Chen Xi glanced at the passageway that instantly vanished behind him and let out a long sigh.

This was the 9th level of the tower. He raised his eyes to look at the surroundings yet noticed that there was still only a single stairway before him. Or perhaps, the entire space was filled by this one and only stairway.

There were only nine steps on this stairway. They were mottled, lusterless, and covered with expanses of dark green mold, and it seemed to be extremely ordinary, yet it was suffused with an indescribably ancient aura.

This aura was extremely heavy and caused Chen Xi to feel suffocated. It felt as if his heart had passed through the boundless annals of time in an instant, and he felt unspeakable shock.

It was too profound and indescribable.

He looked at the place above the nine steps from afar. It was similarly an expanse of pitch black void there, and it seemed as if it was covered by the veil of night, causing him to be unable to see anything within it.

The restrictions on the 8th level was already sufficient to threaten a Heavenly Immortal Realm expert, then what about this 9th level? How should I ascend these stairs with my strength? Chen Xi frowned and sighed endlessly in his heart.

Up until this moment, he was still slightly unable to believe that Liang Bing and Teng Lan would actually hand over such an important task to him, and they even fought with their lives on the line for the sake of winning over a slight opportunity for him.

In next to no time, Chen Xi put his feelings in order and stopped thinking about it. He started pondering about how he should deal with the situation before him, and his gaze scanned every inch of the stairway before finally descending at the space before him in the end.

He noticed to his surprise that there was still a Myriad Ball floating before the stairway of the 9th level, and it was jade-like and clear like a water droplet and emanated a misty sheen.

“Oh, I smell the smell of so many precious treasures…” Right at this moment, Chen Xi felt something shake on his chest, and then a familiar voice that he hadn’t heard in a long time sounded out by his ear.

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