Chapter 855 – In Confrontation

The mighty figure was exactly Teng Lan!

But at this moment, he was greatly different from before. His entire body surged and rumbled with Immortal Energy while strand of the energy of the Laws coiled around his body like divine chains, and as his eyes opened and closed, it seemed as if the sun and moon alternated while the heavens and the earth merged with each other.

He walked over silently with large strides, yet he just happened to seem like a river of stars that swept over, and he carried an arrogance of superiority.


Even though he was extremely far away, Luo Zixuan and the others still felt as if their bodies were struck by a mountain, causing them to be blasted flying while coughing blood repeatedly without end!

This was Teng Lan’s might. When one arrived at his level of cultivation, a single thought could cause mountains to collapse, oceans to dry up, and the heavens and the earth to tremble, whereas a single breath of his was capable of blowing a boundless mountain range away. He was extremely formidable and aloof.

This sort of energy had exceeded the scope of the Mortal Dimension, and it was capable of easily annihilating a clan and destroying an expanse of landscape!

But his might didn’t continue for long, and it was even to the extent that it only appeared for an instant before it was obstructed, allowing Luo Zixuan and the others to avoid a calamity of death.

Because the black robed man, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun had made a move.

These three Mysterious Immortal Realm experts had already been waiting a long time ago, and they were like three divine mountains that lay before the door. Their entire bodies emanated a divine radiance, and they were like three blazing divine furnaces that lit up the sky and filled the world with boundless light.

At the instant Teng Lan’s figure appeared in the door, the three of them didn’t hesitate in the slightest to attack brazenly with lethal attacks!

The black robed man flicked his sleeve, causing an expanse of black clouds to appear in midair and blot out the sky, and then it transformed into pitch black light that shot down at Teng Lan while emanating the wails of ghosts.

On the other hand, Gu Jiuzhen’s figure flashed as he pressed his fingers together to form a sword, and a dazzling and resplendent glow condensed at the tip of his finger. It seemed like the finger than split the heavens and the earth apart, and its imposing aura was peerlessly fierce. Everywhere it passed, space, airflow, and light fell into it and collapsed within it. It was extremely shocking.

Comparatively speaking, Yin Biyun’s attack was much more ordinary. Her white hand fluttered about as she formed an ancient, beautiful, and mysterious seal. But when this seal slapped out, it actually caused the Grand Dao to rumble while strands of the energy of the Laws flowed within it, and it seemed as if a hole would be opened up in the heavens and the earth under the might of this seal!


In practically an instant, an indescribable explosion occurred before this tiny door. It seemed like the furious tremor of a thunderclap, the roar of a Fiendgod, and the extremely blazing light was like a surging tempestuous storm completely drowned this area.

Luo Zixuan and the others felt a piercing pain in their eyes while they were shocked to the point their entire bodies trembled, and they were horrified, causing their legs to go weak and almost fall to a kneel on the ground!

This was a battle between Mysterious Immortals, and it was even more terrifying than a battle between Heavenly Immortals. They grasped the might of the Heaven Dao and were coiled with the Laws, causing a casual strike of theirs to be capable of annihilating millions of living beings. Not to mention they were fighting with all their strength now!

The scene was too terrifying and was simply like doomsday had arrived. It caused Luo Zixuan and the others to doubt whether this expanse of space would be crushed, shattered, and transform into nothingness in the next moment.


Amidst the boundless rain of the light of the Laws, the black robed man, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun repeatedly retreated for a few steps while their eyes focused and flashed with a wisp of shock. They seemed to have never imagined that not only had Teng Lan resisted this lethal strike of theirs, he even had strength to spare to knock them back.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Before they could hesitate, Teng Lan’s entire body blazed with divine flames as he walked over with large strides. His long hair fluttered while his legs were enshrouded with flowing mist and emanated a silver radiance, and it formed a path that caused him to seem like a god that descended to the world while striding on an extraordinary path.

His footsteps seemed to be slow, yet every single step that descended seemed to have broken through the shackles of spacetime and the void. It disregarded the shackles of distance as he charged over once more, and he utterly didn’t give them the slightest chance to catch their breaths.


Both sides collided once more, causing the laws to rumble while Immortal Energy spread out explosively.

“You’re courting death! Ghost God’s Dance! Immortals and Devils dance as the Ancestor’s soul reaps!” The black robed man shouted gloomily while his black robed fluttered, and then a black python that seemed to be condensed from the Laws roared as it flashed out and bit at Teng Lan.

The expressions of Gu Jiuzhen and Yin Biyun were unsightly as well. The combined forces of the three of them were actually unable to crush Teng Lan in one ago, and they were forced back instead. This caused them to be extremely shocked and furious in their hearts.

Without the slightest hesitation, both of them acted at the same time and charged over. They were like two divine rainbows that descended from the sky and seethed with killing intent, and their attacks were like bolts of flashing thunder and was ruthless and resolute to the extreme.

“Go!” Teng Lan’s voice was like spring thunder as he shouted abruptly, and then divine flames blazed in his eyes as his imposing aura rose explosively once more. His entire body seemed as if it had transformed into an expanse of an ocean of flames that incinerated the heavens and swept through the world!


Before his voice could finish resounding out in the sky, a wisp of light that was bright silver like chilly starlight suddenly shot out violently from within the door. In the next moment, it had already seized the gap Teng Lan fought for to arrive on the stone stairway.


But Teng Lan had forcefully resisted the full forced strikes of three Mysterious Immortal Realm experts because of this, causing his figure to stagger back while his face went pale, and a strand of golden blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

This man that was usually warm, kept a low profile, and had a modest bearing, this Mysterious Immortal Realm expert that was like an emotionless and fierce god once he entered into battle, had been injured in the end.

But his expression still remained calm while the divine flames in his eyes didn’t fade but burned even more violently instead. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to greet them once more in battle.

Divine flames flashed through the sky while his hair fluttered, and his imposing aura was ferocious and valiant as before. It carried a ruthless feeling of risking his own life, and he seemed as if he’d gone mad, causing it to be extremely shocking.

The black robed man, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun noticed that they’d been fooled as well, causing their expressions to become extremely gloomy while they were furious to the extreme in their hearts, so how could they possibly hold back when they attacked?

Instantly, the two parties were locked in a fierce battle once again.

On the other side, as soon as the silver light that was like chilly starlight arrived at the stone stairway, it didn’t hesitate to go up step by step. The silver light was naturally the Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, Silverlight Shuttle, whereas it was obviously Chen Xi and Liang Bing within it.

When Luo Zixuan reacted to what had happened, Chen Xi had already charged to the 7th step on the 8th level under Liang Bing’s lead. Even though it was merely seven steps, it was like they were seven heavens apart, and it caused Luo Zixuan and the others to feel extremely furious and powerless.

Because the force of the restrictions on every single step in the 8th level of the Grand Deduction Tower was sufficient to threaten the life of a Heavenly Immortal, so how could it possibly be something an Earthly Immortal Realm expert was capable of ascending?

As soon as they took a step on it, they would be obliterated by the restrictions on the stairway!

“Third Martial Ancestor! Quickly! Let that bastard off first and bring us up the stone stairway. Once that little bitch Liang Bing enters the 9th level before us, we’ll be unable to seize the Heaven Discernment Ruler any longer!” Luo Zixuan had a savage expression as he howled with a grim voice, and he was fuming with rage. Never had he imagined that Liang Bing would actually be so ruthless and heartless to the point of making a Mysterious Immortal risk his life and go to his death. This had completely disrupted Luo Zixuan’s plans.

“Fellow Daoist Gu, Fellow Daoist Yin, I’ll leave this fellow to the both of you!” The black robed man shouted explosively. As he spoke, he’d already transformed into a wisp of flowing light that left the battlefield.

“Don’t worry, he’ll absolutely be unable to survive today!” Gu Jiuzhen gritted his teeth while his face was covered in killing intent.

Without the slightest hesitation, the black robed man flicked his sleeve, and he carried Luo Zixuan and the others like an enormous bat as he charged up the stone stairway.

His speed was actually slightly swifter than Liang Bing!

There was only a single stone stairway on the 8th level of the tower, and there were 18 steps on it. Strictly speaking, the restrictions on every single step was an Immortal Restriction.

In other words, even if an immortal were to ascend the stairs, the immortal would suffer an extremely great threat and might even perish on the stairway!

But to Liang Bing who was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, these Immortal Restrictions couldn’t be considered to be dangerous and coupled with her ascending the stairway a step earlier, she’d already brought Chen Xi up to the highest point when the black robed man had only arrived at the 9th step.

Unlike the lower seven levels of the tower, there wasn’t any door that led to the 9th level here, and there was only an expanse of extremely pitch black void. Even if one inspected it with one’s Divine Sense, one would be unable to see anything within it. It seemed as if it was a true expanse of the void that separated dust, light, airflow, and everything else from it.


Liang Bing seemed to be fearless as she stretched out her hand and grabbed, causing a perfectly square jade ruler than was smooth like a mirror to appear in her hand. The surface of the ruler was suffused in a clear brilliance, and it emanated a fair and peaceful aura.

The Heaven Discernment Ruler!

This ruler was born during the primeval times, and it was a Chaotic Divine Artifact that was capable of discerning the height of the heavens and the truth behind everything! At the time the Talisman Dimension was created, the division of the Heaven Dao and the creation of everything in the world was the contribution of this Heaven Discernment Ruler!

Even though the Heaven Discernment Ruler in Liang Bing’s possession was only a copy, the aura suffused on it still caused Chen Xi to be shocked. He felt a strange feeling of justice, order, and the capability to discern everything in the world.

“Prepare yourself! I’ll open up a pathway with the Heaven Discernment Ruler, and you have to charge in at the first possible moment. Remember, you only have a breath of time, and the passageway will implode after that!” Liang Bing’s expression was serious as she instructed swiftly. Moreover, as she spoke, the Heaven Discernment Ruler in her hand flew out abruptly and emanated boundless clear radiance, and then strings of dense talisman markings poured out like stars.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and nodded. He noticed out of the corner of his eyes that the black robed man had already ascended the 14th step of the stairway and was only four steps away from charging up here.

On the other hand, Teng Lan was still in battle with those two Mysterious Immortal beneath the stairway. Blazing radiance suffused the surroundings, causing him to be unable to see the situation of the battle clearly.

Chen Xi knew that Liang Bing and Teng Lan had practically used their lives to obtain this chance for him to enter the 9th level of the Grand Deduction Tower, so he didn’t dare think too much or hesitate, causing his mind to be unprecedentedly concentrated.

There was only a single thought in his heart — Charge into the 9th level!


In the next moment, the peerless clear radiance emanated by the Heaven Discernment Ruler and dense talisman markings condensed into a stream of blazing light that charged into the expanse of the void, and it actually forcefully opened up a clear colored passageway that seemed like it was made of glass!Swoosh!

Practically at the instant the passageway appeared, Chen Xi had executed the Wings of Disruption and flashed like a silver radiance that moved through space as he vanished at the end of the passageway.

“You must hold on until I return!” Chen Xi’s voice transmission only resounded out when the passageway opened up in that expanse of the void had vanished, and it entered into Liang Bing’s ears. It was obvious from this that everything had occurred extremely swiftly, and it had exceeded the speed of sound by countless times.

Chen Xi’s voice carried the indisputable feeling of an order, and it was the first time Liang Bing had heard someone dare to order her like this, causing her to be unable to help but have a trace of a strange feeling arise in her heart. Moreover, an unprecedented faint smile appeared on the corners of her mouth.

She said in her heart, I will.

“Bitch! You brought destruction upon yourself!” Amidst a wave of rumbling, the black robed man had already charged up the stone stairway, and he was extremely furious and roared with a grim voice while he suddenly grabbed towards the top of Liang Bing’s skull.

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