Chapter 854 – Nether Crane’s Wings

Regardless of if it was medicinal pills, spirit materials, magic treasures, cultivation techniques, equipment, or other treasures of various shapes and sizes, everything within the Myriad Ball on the 7th level was at the level of a Quasi Immortal Artifact, and there was no lack of some rare immortal materials amongst them.

For example, the Azurevine Myriad Profundity Dew, the Dragonsoul Hundersecret Powder, the Trueforce Five Element Sand… All of them were immortal materials that were practically impossible to find in the outside world, and they were extremely valuable and priceless.

The treasure that drew Chen Xi’s gaze was a pair of palm sized wings. The wings were pure black, had sharp edges, and were suffused with strands of agile jet black light that seemed like flickering bolts of lightning that were flowing endlessly within it.

Even though he’d only taken a glance, Chen Xi still discerned with a single glance that it was the wings of a Nether Crane!

The Nether Crane wandered the Netherworld, and the entire sky was blotted out when it opened its wings. According to legend, the Nether Crane was a divine flying beast in the Netherworld, and a single suck of it was capable of drawing in 100,000 vengeful spirits and ghosts!

Such a divine flying beast was practically impossible to find in the Mortal Dimension, and even if it was in the Netherworld, it was an existence similar to an icy dragon or ancient turtle and possessed monstrous strength.

Most importantly, this pair of Nether Crane Wings was one of the main materials to refine the Flame God Fan! 

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Xi sent his Divine Sense into the Myriad Ball and started searching carefully because if he was able to exchange for this pair of wings, then it would undoubtedly be a pleasant surprise.

After all, so many years had passed since he obtained the method to refine the Flame God Fan in the Primeval Battlefield, yet he’d merely gathered a pair of Azure Phoenix Wings, the Flaming Peacock Fan, and the Dark Pheasant Wings.

On the other hand, it was extremely difficult to find the other wings like the wings of a Phoenix, Roc, Suncrow, and Nether Crane.

Now, he’d actually seen the wings of a Nether Crane in the 7th level of the tower, so the excitement in Chen Xi’s heart was obvious.

In next to no time, Chen Xi found the Nether Crane Wings. But when he saw the amount of Virtue Energy labelled there, his heart tightened slightly.

12,000 Virtue Energy!

He still remembered that Teng Lan had once said an Immortal Artifact could be obtain in exchange for 4,000 stars of Virtue Energy. But exchanging for this pair of Nether Crane Wings actually required 12,000 stars of Virtue Energy, and it was an entire three times the value of an Immortal Artifact!

Moreover, the Nether Crane Wings were merely an immortal material and not a true Immortal Artifact.

After hesitating for a short moment, Chen Xi gritted his teeth and decided to exchange for it.

Such an extremely rare and precious treasure was exceedingly difficult to come by, so if he didn’t seize the opportunity to obtain it now, he didn’t know how much time he would have to exhaust in the future in order to locate another pair.

Perhaps it was precisely because this material was too rare that its value was so extremely shocking. After all, even though Immortal Artifacts were precious, it wasn’t very difficult to obtain for the current Chen Xi. But those rare immortal materials were extremely difficult to come by!

Presently, he was already clearly aware that Immortal Artifacts were divided into various different grades, and they were roughly divided into the ordinary, Darkspirit Grade, Cosmic Grade, and so on and so forth. At the very least, if this Flame God Fan was refined successfully, it wouldn’t be an ordinary Immortal Artifact.


After a short moment, a pair of Nether Crane Wings floated in midair while emanating a radiant glow that seemed like strands of pitch black bolts of lightning, and its aura was obscure and shocking. Chen Xi sized it up briefly and was rather satisfied in his heart, and then he raised his hand and carefully put it away in the Buddha’s Pagoda.

Since the 1st level of the tower until now, his Virtue Plate had already gathered almost 200,000 stars of Virtue Energy, so it didn’t hurt when he spent 12,000 stars of Virtue Energy to exchange for the Nether Crane Wings.

But right when these 12,000 stars of Virtue Energy vanished, Chen Xi acutely noticed that a large amount of the Goldlight of Virtue in his Blackhole World had vanished while the mysterious energy that came from his Dao Heart and was condensed within his Heart Core actually weakened slightly.

Fortunately, it only weakened slightly. Since accumulating Virtue Energy until now, his Heart Core emanated the rhythm of life that seemed like a thunderous drum, and it wouldn’t take long for its vitality that surged like an ocean to undergo a shocking transformation!

This is… Right when Chen Xi withdrew his divine sense, he suddenly noticed that the words ‘Suncrow Wings’ was shockingly labelled on a spot in the Myriad Ball. But, that place was empty now. Obviously, someone had exchanged for it and taken it.

Unfortunately, he was a step too late.

Chen Xi sighed in his heart, and he vaguely guessed that the Suncrow Wings had been taken by Luo Zixuan’s group. After all, besides him, Liang Bing, and Teng Lan, there was already no one else in the 7th level of the tower. Only Luo Zixuan’s group was a step ahead of them.

Liang Bing and Teng Lan waited silently throughout this time.

At this moment, when they saw a trace of regret flash past Chen Xi’s face, Teng Lan said right away, “Young Master Chen Xi, are you intending on refining the Flame God Fan?” He saw Chen Xi exchange for the Nether Crane Wings earlier, so he’d roughly guessed from this clue.

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Exactly. But the Suncrow Wings have been exchanged by another, and I feel slightly regretful in my heart.”

Teng Lan said while seeming to be lost in thought, “That’s an extraordinary Immortal Artifact, and it was renowned during the primeval times. Once it’s refined successfully, it possesses monstrous might, and a light fan would be sufficient to incinerate entire expanses of land and sea.”

The nearby Liang Bing’s eyes flashed with a wisp of killing intent as she said indifferently, “According to my knowledge, the Gu Clan’s Gu Liushui has always been gathering the materials to refine the Flame God Fan as well, so the Suncrow Wings have probably been taken by him. We can just kill him and seize his possessions when we encounter him later, and perhaps you’ll even be able to obtain some other materials for refining the Flame God Fan.”

Chen Xi chuckled and said, “That’s a good idea.”

He naturally knew that Liang Bing wasn’t joking. Presently, they were like fire and water with Luo Zixuan’s group, and they were in a confrontation that wouldn’t end without the death of one side. Since it was like this, killing them to seize their possessions wasn’t going too far.

“Let’s rest for a while. The 8th floor is right above us. After we arrive there, the Grand Deduction Tower will become completely different from before, and there’ll only be a single stairway for anyone to traverse. If I’m not wrong, Luo Zixuan and the others have probably set up a trap there and are waiting for us to fall in.” Liang Bing’s cold and calm expression revealed a murderous aura, and she sat down cross-legged and started to meditate and regulate her breathing after she instructed them.

“There’s no need to worry. I’ll open up the path later. You and the Young Miss only have to concentrate on charging towards the 9th level.” Teng Lan patted Chen Xi’s shoulder with a smile on his face, and his voice was warm and carried a calming energy.

Chen Xi nodded and took a deep breath before he sat down cross-legged as well and closed his eyes in meditation. 


The 8th level of the Grand Deduction Tower.

Luo Zixuan sized up the surroundings, and a wisp of a complacent smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth when he noticed that there were no mistakes.

The three Mysterious Immortal Realm experts, the black robed man, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun were on guard at the entrance to the stairway, and they stood in a triangular formation while they waited for Liang Bing to enter and give her a heavy blow.

On the other side, Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye, the other young masters from the Immortal Dimension, Gu Liushui, Yin Ping, and the others were prepared to come to the aid of the Mysterious Immortal Realm experts and stood on guard at the side. Their strengths were too weak when facing Liang Bing and Teng Lan, so they weren’t of much use.

“Brother Luo, don’t forget what you promised after the matter is concluded.” The nearby Gu Liushui spoke abruptly.

Luo Zixuan laughed heartily. “I established a vow under the Heaven Dao. Could it be that Brother Gu is unable to believe it? It isn’t just you, I’ve also firmly remembered what Miss Yin Ping wanted!”

Earlier, for the sake of joining forces with the Gu and Yin clan to deal with Liang Bing, Luo Zixuan had agreed to allow everyone to comprehend the cultivation technique if they were able to ascend to the 10th level and obtain it.

If it wasn’t for that, the Gu and Yin Clans wouldn’t deploy two Mysterious Immortal Realm experts for him to command at will.

The expressions of Gu Liushui and Yin Ping relaxed when they heard this, and then they nodded and kept silent.

“Junior Brother Luo, what about us?” Nan Xiuchong couldn’t refrain from asking.

“It’s the same, of course.” Luo Zixuan answered without the slightest hesitation.

Even though these young masters and young miss from the Immortal Dimensions were of no use to him now, he didn’t dare neglect them. After all, the powers behind these fellows was enormous, so he couldn’t afford to treat them improperly.

But even though he agreed readily in words, he was rather indifferent in his heart. Because even he didn’t believe such a promise. After all, it was the most precious cultivation technique in the Grand Deduction Tower, and it was related to the safety of the Talisman Dimension, so who would be willing to share it with others?

Hmph! Want to gain benefits from me? Try it in your next life! Luo Zixuan grunted coldly in his heart while he gazed imperceptibly at the black robed man.

“Brother Luo, if we’re able to capture that Chen Xi this time, you must hand him over to me. It’s impossible to vent the hatred in my heart without torturing him to the point he cries for his parents and kneels down begging for mercy!” Chu Xiao gritted his teeth as he spoke.

“Exactly. Chen Xi is too arrogant, and he must be dealt with properly. He can’t be allowed to die so easily.” Cao He spoke as well with a gaze filled with resentment.

It wasn’t just the two of them who had a bellyful of resentment towards Chen Xi. Even Nan Xiuchong and Wenren Ye were almost unable to restrain the hatred suppressed in their hearts when they heard this.

As descendants of great figures in the Immortal Dimension, no one dared to offend them even in the Immortal Dimension. Never had they imagined that after they lowered themselves and came to the Mortal Dimension, they would instead be badly battered by a little ant at the Nether Transformation Realm!

Such an extraordinarily great humiliation had to be washed clean! Otherwise, how would they have any face to return to the Immortal Dimension?

These were the thoughts of profligate disciples. Face was even greater than the skies, and their hearts were haughtier than the heavens. Once they suffered a setback, they had to get 10 times the revenge.

“Even if all of you didn’t say anything, I would still do that. He’s just a tiny ant that came from nowhere, yet he dares to offend our dignity just because he gained the support of Liang Bing? He’s simply courting death!” Luo Zixuan’s words were filled with disdain.


Right at this moment, a wave of strange fluctuation arose, causing the hearts of Luo Zixuan and the others to be refreshed while their eyes were suffused with a wisp of an excited and bloodthirsty sheen.

After waiting for so long, they were finally unable to restrain themselves from coming up?

At practically the exact same moment, the expressions of the black robed man, Gu Jiuzhen, and Yin Biyun turned serious while their entire bodies erupted with a shocking fluctuation and emanated boundless light that shot into the sky, and their imposing auras were vast like oceans!

Instantly, an expanse of  killing intent surged. This wasn’t a stream of killing intent but an ocean, and it pressed down onto every inch of space and caused everyone else to feel horrified.

Even if Luo Zixuan and the others were mentally prepared since the beginning, they were still shocked to the point their scalps went numb while the blood in their entire body became sluggish. They were on the verge of suffocating, and their figures retreated repeatedly without end.

This was the might of experts at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Merely a strand of their aura was capable of throwing the heavens and the earth into chaos and aweing the world!


Right at this moment, an extremely might figure suddenly charged out from the door that was coiled with a divine radiance. The figure was covered in a myriad of strands of divine light and overflowed with boundless Immortal Energy, and his terrifying imposing aura was simply like a vast river of stars as it swept over.

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