Chapter 853 – Tacit Understanding

Exchange for things they always wanted even in their dreams!

Only now did Chen Xi notice that the Grand Deduction Tower was far from being as simple as he’d imagined, and merely based on this, it was sufficient to make all cultivators fight to the death for the sake of squeezing in.

Subsequently, the next words Liang Bing said proved this point.

It turned out that from the second level of the tower and above, there would be a special area existing within every single level that listed magic treasures, medicinal pills, puppets, medicinal herbs, cultivation techniques, and so on and so forth.

So long as one possessed sufficient Virtue Energy, one would be able to exchange for any treasure within the area.

Moreover, the higher one went, the more treasures with higher values would be provided for one to exchange for in these areas, and it was a superb collection that lacked nothing.

It was even to the extent that cultivators were entirely capable of speaking of the treasure they dreamt of in the 9th level of the tower, and then the treasure could be purchased with Virtue Energy!

When he heard about this, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked. It was truly very difficult for him to imagine what sort of existence the Grand Deduction Tower was to possess such shocking ability.

While they conversed, Liang Bing had already brought Chen Xi and Teng Lan towards the stairway.


As soon as they stepped foot on the first step on the stairway, a sea of flames instantly surged before Chen Xi’s eyes, and it roared furiously as it swept over towards him while whistling through the sky.

This isn’t an illusion!

Chen Xi instantly determined that this sea of flames was a type of restriction. It wasn’t an illusory attack, but really existed.

In other words, a mere step up the stairway was equivalent to a small world, a space that was born from restrictions!

Every single thing contained a world.

Such extraordinary ability caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but sigh with emotion. When will I be able to attain this level?


Liang Bing lightly flicked her sleeve, causing the sea of flames to be instantly extinguished, and then the scene before their eyes changed as they returned once more to the stairway.

Subsequently, Chen Xi’s group of three moved up step by step. All along the way, they encountered seas of flames, mountains of ice, rains of blades, and so on and so forth. They encountered various attacks from the restrictions, and the might of these attacks was equivalent to the attack of a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm.

Moreover, every single time they took a step up, the strength of the restriction would strengthen slightly.

But under Liang Bing’s cultivation at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, these restrictions were simply like pieces of paper that were easily torn apart, and they were utterly incapable of obstructing the footsteps of Chen Xi and the others.

In the eyes of others, the three of them seemed as if they were taking an idle stroll in a courtyard, and they ascended to the 99th step with extreme ease, causing an expanse of envious gazes to descend onto them.

During this process, Chen Xi noticed that expanse after expanse of stars were lit up frequently within the Virtue Plate in his hand, and when he strode past the 99th step, the number of stars lit up in his Virtue Plate changed to 57,000!

Disregarding the 34,000 stars of Virtue Energy he’d earned earlier, merely ascending these 99 steps had earned him 24,000 stars of Virtue Energy!

Moreover, this entire process only cost him 10 minutes.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi felt if Liang Bing was willing, she was entirely capable of instantly bringing them up to the 99th step!

This sort of method of obtaining Virtue Energy simple seemed as if he’d earned it for nothing, and even Chen Xi felt it was slightly unbelievable. He finally understood why those cultivators would swarm over like the tide when they heard the Grand Deduction Tower was opening up.

There was probably no one capable of refusing this sort of temptation.

Especially when a peerless expert was following by one’s side, allowing one to move forward through all barriers with overwhelming might. The feeling of watching Virtue Energy soar up swiftly was really too exciting.

Chen Xi felt that he was naturally capable of quickly arriving at the 99th step of the 1st level of the tower by himself, but it was absolutely impossible for him to achieve it in such a relaxed manner like Liang Bing.

He viewed the interior of his body and shockingly noticed that the fluctuation emanated by the Heart Core condensed from the mysterious energy that came from his Dao Heart was growing stronger and stronger, and it thumped like a drum. Its entire body was suffused with exuberant vitality, and it seemed as if a life was being grown and breathing within it.

Perhaps my Heart Core will undergo a transformation after I leave the tower… Chen Xi was excited and felt extreme anticipation.

Without any further delay, Chen Xi, Liang Bing, and Teng Lan flashed into the door that was coiled with a brilliant glow, and they arrived at the 2nd level of the tower.

The 2nd level was similar to the 1st. There were 99 stone stairways distributed throughout the level, but the number of stairs had reduced to 81. After arriving here, it started becoming strenuous for those at the Nether Transformation Realm. Many cultivators had to sit cross-legged in meditation for some time after every step up they took, whereas Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators didn’t suffer much obstruction.

Especially shocking to Chen Xi was that a ball of light was surprisingly floating at the entrance to the stone stairway. The ball was only fist size and clear like a water droplet than had been enlarged a thousand times.

With a brief glance of the various treasures within it, there were magic treasures, medicinal pills, cultivation techniques, equipment, spirit medicine, and various other types of treasures. There was practically nothing that repeated itself, and there was a similar ball of light before the entrances to the other stone stairways.

The nearby Teng Lan explained in a light voice. “This ball is called the Myriad Ball, and it implies that it contains everything in the world. You can inspect the treasures within it by sending your Divine Sense into it. Every single treasure is labelled with the amount of Virtue Energy required to exchange for it, and if you want to exchange for something, just place your Virtue Plate into the ball of light.”

Chen Xi tried inspecting it with his Divine Sense. Sure enough, he noticed row after row of various treasures floating silently in the world within the ball, and they were labelled with the Virtue Energy required to exchange for them.

Some treasures were objects that even he had never heard of. For example, a spirit herb was called Treasure Sword Fruit. It was shaped like a sharp sword, and once it was consumed, it was capable of eliminating the impurities in one’s meridians.

There was another medicinal pill called ‘Tacit Understanding.’ Once two people consumed one each, their hearts would react and be able to clearly sense the intentions and thoughts of the other in an area of 500km. The effect lasted for the time for an incense stick to burn.

There were numerous other strange and exotic treasures, causing Chen Xi to feel as if his horizons were broadened. But the treasures within this ball of light could only be considered to be ordinary, and they were roughly equivalent to the earth-rank, so they were of no use at his current cultivation.

After a short moment, he withdrew his divine sense before spending 30 stars of Virtue Energy to exchange for the ‘Tacit Understanding’ pill, and he put it away in the Buddha’s Pagoda.

Teng Lan couldn’t help but ask with a smile when he saw this. “This sort of medicinal pill is usually utilized between Dao Companions. Could it be that you bought it to curry favor with a lady?”

Chen Xi hurriedly said, “No. I want to keep it for me and my son to consume. I’ve left him for numerous years, so I don’t know the little fellow’s thoughts at all. So I want to try with this medicinal pill, and perhaps I’ll be able to understand his life in these past few years.”


It wasn’t just Teng Lan who was slightly stunned and had a strange expression in his eyes when he heard this, even the nearby Liang Bing’s eyes stared wide open while she glanced at Chen Xi with astonishment. She seemed to have never imagined that he actually had a wife a long time ago.

Chen Xi felt extremely uncomfortable from being looked at by them, and he said hastily, “Let’s set out quickly. It’ll probably be troublesome if Luo Zixuan occupies an advantageous position.

Liang Bing said with disdain, “Don’t worry, he’s narrow minded and vengeful. Moreover, he’s determined to obtain the Heaven Discernment Ruler in my possession, so he’ll absolutely wait obediently at the 8th level.” 

As she spoke, she straightened out her expression as look seriously at Chen Xi as she said, “If a battle occurs when we arrive at the 8th level, then you can disregard everything and just charge directly into the 9th level. I’ll open up a path for you with the Heaven Discernment Ruler and allow you to enter smoothly into the 9th level.”

Chen Xi was stunned as he never imagined that Liang Bing would make such a decision. Doesn’t this mean that she’ll be placing her entire bet on me?

“I…” Chen Xi opened his mouth.

“There’s no need to say anything.” Liang Bing waved her hand and interrupted him without the slightest hesitation. “All those years ago, your cousin sister, A’Li, was able to ascend the highest level of the tower, so you’re similarly capable of achieving this. I only hope that you try your best and strive to obtain that cultivation technique.”

Meanwhile, Teng Lan said from the side, “Young Master Chen Xi, there’s no need to be too worried. You’re the most outstanding Talisman Formation Master I’ve seen, so ascending the 10th level of the tower isn’t too difficult for you.”

Chen Xi pondered for a short moment before he took a deep breath in the end, and he didn’t say anything else as he nodded.

He knew that he was already unable to refuse under these circumstances, and he would seem to be too useless if he continued to hesitate.

But Chen Xi never imagined that Liang Bing and Teng Lan would actually trust him so much, and this caused him to feel an even heavier and greater pressure.

“Is that cultivation technique really so important?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain from asking.

“It’s very important.” Liang Bing didn’t hide anything and nodded. “Once I possess this cultivation technique, my Liang Clan would be entirely capable of controlling the Ninth Rank Hall, and only in this way would the safety of the Talisman Dimension be maintained. Otherwise, once it’s obtained by Luo Zixuan, then not only would my Liang Clan be unable to continue existing in the Talisman World, the entire Talisman World will fall into danger.”

“Why is that?” asked Chen Xi with astonishment.

“You’ll understand once you obtain that cultivation technique. Its significance is absolutely not as simple as any other cultivation technique.” Liang Bing didn’t explain too much. Or perhaps, even if she did explain, it would be very difficult for Chen Xi to understand, and only by allowing him to experience it himself would he be able to understand the reason behind this.

Subsequently, the three of them continued moving up along the stairways. But, Chen Xi’s heart wasn’t as relaxed as he was before this.

The 2nd level.

The 3rd level. 


When they arrived at the 5th level of the tower, only a mere few Earthly Immortal Realm experts still persisted in moving up the stairways. Moreover, based on their appearances, it was obviously rather strenuous for them.

With the protection of Liang Bing and Teng Lan, Chen Xi didn’t feel the slightest bit of strength from the restrictions. But he was able to deduce that the weakest restriction on the stairways after the 5th level was absolutely not inferior to the strength of an Earthly Immortal.

Fortunately, along with them moving up, the number of stairs gradually reduced, and there were only 56 stairs remaining when they arrived on the 5th level.

When they arrived at the 6th level, even Liang Bing and Teng Lan became much more cautious, and they slowed down. It wasn’t because the restrictions on the stairways were capable of killing them, and it was because the pressure and attacks created by the restrictions seemed like locusts that covered the heavens and the earth. It was impossible to eliminate completely and was extremely troublesome, causing them to waste a great deal of time.

“Wait!” Chen Xi suddenly stopped when they arrived at the 7th level, and he stared at the Myriad Ball that floated in mid air before he noticed to his pleasant surprise that a few treasures he urgently needed were surprisingly contained within the Myriad Ball! 

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