Chapter 851 – Grand Deduction Tower

The Imperial City of Four Emperors.

The most central city in the Talisman Dimension. It wasn’t very large in scale, but it was the most ancient city. The bricks that formed its walls and the rocks that paved its ground were suffused with a trace of age, and they seemed solemn.

Everyone knew that the imperial city was the first city to be born when the Talisman Dimension was created, and the four extraordinary figures, the Eastern Emperor, Dark Emperor, Phoenix Queen, and Demon Forefather had created the entire Talisman Dimension here.

In the countless years, innumerable cultivators were attracted here by its fame, and they toured and lingered in the city while trying to search for traces left behind by those four great figures from all those years ago.

But it was absolutely not so simple to enter this city.

The reason was Virtue Energy. For example, if Chen Xi hadn’t gathered 30,000 stars of Virtue Energy, then no matter how formidable his cultivation was, he wouldn’t have the chance to enter the city.

This was an iron law, a rule, and it was guarded by the four great clans. Since the ancient times until now, no one was capable of surpassing this rule.

Moreover, besides members of the four great clans, others were utterly unable to enter the imperial city before the day the Grand Deduction Tower was opened.

Because at that moment, the entire city would be enveloped under the defensive energy of the Grand Deduction Tower, so they could only enter the city when the Grand Deduction Tower was opened.

When Chen Xi entered the city under Liang Bing’s lead, he noticed the ancient streets were filled with many cultivators. Especially the closer he got to the center of the city, the more cultivators he saw on the streets.

Most shocking to Chen Xi was that the lowest strength amongst all the cultivators he saw on the way was at the Nether Transformation Realm. Moreover, Nether Transformation Realm cultivators only occupied a small portion, and most of the remaining cultivators were actually existences at the Earthly Immortal Realm.

It was even to the extent that there was no lack of some existences with obscure and imposing auras that were extremely horrifying, and if nothing unexpected happened, they were surely experts at the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

But these terrifying and great figures only flashed briefly in his sight before they vanished in the crowd. They were elusive, and it was utterly impossible to lock onto their tracks.

All of this struck quite a large blow on Chen Xi’s heart. Compared to all this, his cultivation had instead become the weakest level amongst the cultivators in the city. Of course, it was merely his cultivation and not his true combat strength.

But even then, it caused him to feel a shapeless pressure. The more experts there were, it meant the competition would be even more brutal. Fortunately, he wasn’t fighting alone.

Actually, it was obvious. How could there be any weaklings amongst the people that were able to gather 30,000 stars of Virtue Energy and arrive at the imperial city?

“There’s no need to worry too much. Besides strength, a certain level of ability is needed to ascend the Grand Deduction Tower.” The nearby Teng Lan spoke warmly with a smile on his face. “On the other hand, this ability is only grasped by the four great clans.”

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s brows raised. If it’s really like that, then it would be much more relaxed.

“You know as well that the four great clans respectively control the Heaven Discernment Ruler, World Suppression Tower, Earthgod’s Seal, and Dao Severance Sword. These four Chaotic Divine Artifacts were inherited from the primeval times, and they assisted the four great figures in creating the Talisman Dimension, so they are far from something that an ordinary Immortal Artifact can compare to.” Teng Lan spoke slowly. “Most importantly, one can enter the Grand Deduction Tower even more easily by relying on it. Of course, it’s merely a form of assistance, and it depends on one’s own strength and fortune to ascend the highest level of the Grand Deduction Tower. But even then, possessing these divine artifacts were sufficient for one to stand above everyone else after entering the Grand Deduction Tower.”

Chen Xi nodded because this was very easy to understand. If the Grand Deduction Tower was likened to an expanse of brambles, then possessing one of the four divine artifacts was equivalent to possessing a sharp blade that was sufficient to easily cut through the brambles, whereas everyone else could only move through it forcefully while barehanded.

After that, he couldn’t help but ask with surprise. “Could it be that Miss Liang is carrying the Heaven Discernment Ruler?”

Teng Lan nodded then shook his head as he said, “The true Heaven Discernment Ruler left the Immortal Dimension a long time ago. The Eldest Young Miss is only carrying a copy, and it contains a strand of the Heaven Discernment Ruler’s brand.”

“A copy?” Chen Xi was stunned.

“Exactly. It isn’t just the Liang Clan, it’s the same for the other clans like the Luo, Yin, and Gu Clans.” Teng Lan seemed to be extremely patient, and he explained. “The four Chaotic Divine Artifacts left long ago when right after the Talisman Dimension was created, and the four great clans only preserved the strand of a brand it left behind.”

When he spoke up to here, Teng Lan couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as he said, “After all, with the strength of the four great clans, it’s utterly impossible for them to keep supreme divine artifacts that can create worlds like these, and it would draw boundless calamity to them instead.”

Only now did Chen Xi come to an understanding.

“We’ve arrived.” Right at this moment, Liang Bing who led the way stopped abruptly.

Chen Xi raised his head, and his heart shook instantaneously when he saw the appearance of the Grand Deduction Tower.

Within his field of vision, an extremely aged bronze tower stood there, and it was almost capable of holding up the sky. Its entire body was bathed in an expanse of a gentle sheen, and it emanated strands of auspicious qi and a myriad of rays of divine radiance.

The strands of auspicious trees and rays of divine radiance actually surged with boundless talisman markings, and they seemed as if they’d grown wings and fluttered about in the surroundings of the bronze tower while forming numerous profound and indescribable trails.

Just glancing at it from afar caused Chen Xi to have the feeling that his soul was on the verge of sinking into it. It seemed as if the bronze tower was the source of talisman markings, the embodiment of the Dao of Talismans, and it aroused unparalleled shock in the hearts of others.

It was even to the extent that clear chanting that was like the sound of nature sounded out from within it. It was like the Grand Dao was cheering from enlightenment and the gods were giving praise, and everything was filled with a divine, vast, ancient, and solemn aura.

This was the Grand Deduction Tower, the heart of the Talisman Dimension!

At this moment, a dense expanse of cultivators had already encircled the Grand Deduction Tower. All of them raised their heads to look up while they revealed shock and excitement that was impossible to conceal.

“According to rumor, the peak of the Grand Deduction Tower contained an ultimate technique that can shock the three dimensions. It possesses might that shakes the heavens and the earth, and if one’s able to cultivate it, even though one wouldn’t be able to ascend instantly into a Heavenly Immortal, it was at least sufficient to provide endless benefits to the person!”

“I wonder exactly what is that cultivation technique. Is it a Dao Art? Divine Ability? Or perhaps another type of cultivation technique?”

“Who knows. In any case, it’s capable of causing everyone from the Immortal Dimension to be unable to refrain from coming here, so this cultivation technique is surely extraordinary. Perhaps it’s the inheritance left behind by a Daolord!”

“A Daolord? Impossible! If it’s like that, even those great figures in all the worlds would probably make a move as well. How could there be any chance for us to obtain it?”

“I only heard rumors. Even if it isn’t, it wouldn’t be much inferior.”

The crowd in the surroundings discussed animatedly. Everywhere that met the eye were Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and there was only a small group of cultivators at the Nether Transformation Realm mixed between them.

“Let’s go. The Grand Deduction Tower will be opening tomorrow.” Liang Bing stopped and stared at the Grand Deduction Tower for a short moment before she turned around and spoke.

But right at this moment, the crowd suddenly moved restlessly before a group of people split the crowd apart and walked over. The person in the lead was Luo Zixuan, and his figure hadn’t arrived yet, but his voice had. “Liang Bing, how’s your consideration going?”

There were over 10 people following behind him, and they formed a vast formation. Besides Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye, Chu Xiao, Cao He, and the others, there was another man, woman, the black robed man, another old man, and a middle aged woman.

Amongst these two people, one wore a fiery red Daoist robe, had a complexion that was white as jade, carried a jade fan, and seemed casual and unrestrained; the other was a graceful young woman that had beautiful hair that flowed down like a waterfall, a refined bearing, and a gentle and warm expression in her eyes.

“Amongst those two people, one is Gu Liushui, the inheritor of the Gu Clan, and the other is Yin Ping, the inheritor of the Yin Clan.” Teng Lan swiftly sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. His gaze swept past the two of them before descending onto those three people at the back, and then his pupils constricted slightly.

One of these three people was the black robed mysterious man, and the remaining two were a decrepit old man in violet robes and a beautiful middle aged woman that wore simple green clothes.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, the imposing auras of the old man and beautiful woman were actually like an ocean, and a simple gaze from them caused him to feel horrified.

In other words, the strength of these two people were at least on par with the black robed mysterious man!

“That’s Gu Jiuzhen and Yin Biyun, and they’re both experts at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. In the recent years, the forces of the Gu Clan and Yin Clan has been in a decline, whereas the Yin Clan even lost the World Suppression Tower, so they’re far from being capable of going against my Liang Clan and the Luo Clan.” Teng Lan swiftly explained once more via voice transmission, and his voice carried slight seriousness. “But a lean camel is bigger than a horse. If they joined forces with the Luo Clan, then it would indeed be slightly troublesome.”

Chen Xi silently digested the information within Teng Lan’s words while the pressure in his heart grew because merely three Mysterious Immortal Realm experts were sufficient to make his heart be extremely heavy.

Looks like Liang Bing’s situation really is bad… Chen Xi sighed in his heart.

Because of the appearance of Luo Zixuan and the others, a clamor instantly arose at the scene. Everyone had realized that these people before them were a gathering of the inheritors and experts of three of the four great clans, the Luo, Gu, and Yin Clans. Moreover, Liang Bing had been recognized as well.

In other words, the forces of the four great clans were gathered here, so the others couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Then we’ll just wait and see!” Right at this moment, Liang Bing refused Luo Zixuan bluntly once again, and she spoke coldly before leaving with Teng Lan and Chen Xi.

“Liang Bing, the three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval. If you still refuse to realize your errors, then the years of foundation your Liang Clan created in the Talisman Dimension will probably be completely destroyed in your hands. In the future, the Talisman Dimension will be the dimension of our three great clans!” Luo Zixuan’s expression was gloomy as he shouted loudly. Liang Bing had actually remained impenetrable under the situation where he occupied a position of absolute advantage, and this caused him to be completely infuriated.

Marrying Liang Bing wasn’t a must for him, but he wanted to seize the Heaven Discernment Ruler in her possession because only in this way would his chances of obtaining that cultivation technique after entering the Grand Deduction Tower become greater.

Liang Bing’s expression was indifferent. She didn’t even turn around, and she used these actions to display her attitude.

Killing intent flashed in Luo Zixuan’s eyes when he saw this, and then he took a deep breath and said, “Everyone, let’s leave as well. We’ll deal with this little bitch when we enter the Grand Deduction Tower tomorrow!”

The others nodded silently.

Even Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye, and the other young masters from the Immortal Dimension were keeping a low profile because they knew that under these circumstances, there were too many occasions where they would need to rely on Luo Zixuan.

The two groups left one after the other.

Everyone present glanced at each other, and everything they saw earlier caused them to smell the smell of a fight that was about to erupt, a storm that was on the horizon. All of them knew clearly that the trip into the Grand Deduction Tower tomorrow would probably not be so simple…

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