Chapter 850 – Grim Situation

This person’s figure wasn’t tall and was completely enveloped beneath a black robe, causing even the shape of his figure to be impossible to discern. Based on the outline of his figure, he was probably a human.

But when Chen Xi’s gaze met the eyes of this mysterious person, he practically instantly noticed and lowered his head to sweep his gaze at Chen Xi!

Instantly, Chen Xi’s felt as if he’d fallen into a pitch black and bottomless abyss, and he felt a feeling of helplessness as if he was on the verge of suffocation, causing him to practically instinctively move his gaze away.

Meanwhile, his back was already drenched in cold sweat!

He finally recalled who this person was. While he was moving through the wilderness from Golden Mulberry Village to Crimson Swallow City, he’d met this black robed man once. At that time, the black robed man had merely emanated a strand of will, and it almost dragged him into a boundless abyss. If it wasn’t for him restraining his aura with all his might, he would have absolutely perished on that day.

At that time, he’d roughly determined that the black robed man was absolutely a true Heavenly Immortal or even higher!

But never had he imagined that such a great figure would actually appear here abruptly and rescue Nan Xiuchong from Liang Bing’s hands. Could it be that they’re together?

The sudden appearance of the black robed man shocked everyone on the terrace to the point their eyes squinted. Some cowardly guests had already started fleeing silently, and in next to no time, only Liang Bing, Chen Xi, Teng Lan, Luo Zixuan, and the others remained on the terrace.

Chen Xi was with Feng Luyang, they were brought over to stand behind Teng Lan with a wave of his hand.

On the other hand, after he rescued Nan Xiuchong, the black clothed man stood with his hands behind his back and stood before Luo Zixuan while remaining silent. Only his icy cold and gloomy eyes frequently swept towards Liang Bing and Teng Lan while faintly containing vigilance.

“An expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Looks like you’ve spent a great amount of effort this time, Luo Zixuan.” Liang Bing swept the black robed man with her gaze, and her expression was indifferent as before.

“Hmph! It couldn’t be helped. I had no choice but to spend some effort for the sake of marrying you. Moreover, this is a good way to show my sincerity.” Luo Zixuan grunted coldly.

“Unfortunately, you forgot that this is the territory of my Liang Clan, and it isn’t your Demon Forefather County. If I want to make all of you stay behind forever, then no one is capable of stopping me.” Liang Bing spoke indifferently.

“But you’ll surely have to pay a great price.” Luo Zixuan sneered as he said, “The Grand Deduction Tower is opening in four days, so would you dare do that at this critical moment?”

Liang Bing went silent for a long time before she raised her eyes to stare at Luo Zixuan, and she didn’t conceal the detest and killing intent in her eyes at all as she said, “I’ll give all of you a chance. Leave the Eastern Emperor County immediately. Don’t force my hand.”

Luo Zixuan wasn’t surprised in the slightest when he heard this, and he said unhurriedly, “I suggest that it’s best that you agree to marry me. Presently, the Gu Clan and Yin Clan have already agreed to join forces with me, and there are many formidable seniors that lived in seclusion who are standing on my side. If you continue to resist stubbornly, it will only hurt our feelings. At that time, the consequences aren’t something that you can endure by yourself!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Zixuan led Nan Xiuchong and the others to swagger off from the terrace behind the black robed man, and they vanished in the blink of an eye.

Liang Bing stared fixedly at him until he left, and she muttered after a long time. “I suddenly feel slight regret that I didn’t kill that bastard right at the beginning earlier.”

Teng Lan frowned while a trace of a pained expression suffused his eyes, and he said, “Eldest Young Miss, you’ve already done very well.”

“The situation is very bad. Based on the information I received, Luo Zixuan has at least three or more Mysterious Immortal Realm experts on his side, and if he joins forces with the Gu Clan and Yin Clan, then the outcome is impossible to determine.” Liang Bing shook her head. At this moment, this young woman that possessed an extremely decisive and resolute imposing aura couldn’t help but reveal a trace of weakness between her brows. Even though it only flashed momentarily, Chen Xi was able to discern that due to how grim the situation was, she wasn’t as relaxed as she seemed on the surface.

Since the black robed man appeared earlier, Chen Xi didn’t have room to interrupt. After all, a collision of that level was far from something someone that was all alone like him could interfere in.

But at this moment, he couldn’t refrain from asking. “Is the Grand Deduction Tower very dangerous?”

Liang Bing was stunned and seemed to be unwilling to speak about it as she said, “You’ll know when the time comes. It can’t be considered to be very dangerous while ascending the tower, and it only tests one’s understanding of the Dao of Talismans. The danger comes after you ascend the top of the tower.”

As she spoke, her expression suddenly turned serious while her bearing returned to her chilly and overbearing appearance from before, and she glanced coldly at the nearby Feng Luyang and said, “Young Master Feng, your display today really disappointed me.”

Feng Luyang’s expression instantly started changing indeterminately. Only now did he notice that Liang Bing seemed to have found out about all his actions against Chen Xi.

He said hastily, “A’Bing, listen to me…”

Liang Bing waved her hand and interrupted him. “You leave my Eastern Emperor County now as well. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

As she spoke, she brought Teng Lan and Chen Xi along as she transformed into a flowing light that vanished on the terrace, leaving Feng Luyang and his two servants all alone there.

Never had he imagined that Liang Bing would actually be so ruthless and simply intended to cut off all ties with him!

Could it be that I was wrong earlier?

Isn’t he just a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm? Who would have known that his combat strength is so shocking? If I knew earlier, would I pressure him like that?

Feng Luyang had a bellyful of grievance yet nowhere to vent it, and he felt more infuriated the more he thought about it, causing his handsome face to warp.

“Young Master, what should we do next?” Wen Jiu asked carefully.

“Let’s go! We’re leaving Eastern Emperor County!” Feng Luyang gnashed his teeth and said, “Since Liang Bing is so ruthless, then she can’t blame me for being heartless!”

As he spoke, he kicked the table before him flying, and then soared up into the sky with a flash.

Wen Jiu and Wen Peng glanced at each other, and they sighed in their hearts as they hurriedly chased after him.

Both of them faintly sensed that the Young Master would probably hate Liang Bing as well after experiencing this incident, and it might even cause him to become enemies with her. 


The main hall in the Eastern Emperor’s Estate.

Teng Lan hesitated for a very long time before he asked. “Eldest Young Miss, Feng Luyang is the disciple of the Immortal Dimension’s Sublime Glow Mountain’s Feng Clan after all, and the relationship of their clan with our Liang Clan is very deep. Doing this seems to be slightly…”

“Ruthless?” Liang Bing said calmly, “Keeping someone that lacks resolution, is afraid of death, and selfish by our side is practically useless as well, and he’ll be a burden for us instead.”

When she spoke up to here, she raised her eyes to look at Chen Xi and said, “I’ll bring you and Uncle Lan to the Imperial City of Four Emperors to enter the Grand Deduction Tower in three days. You don’t have to worry about our safety.”

Chen Xi said with surprise, “Just the three of us?”

“It’s completely useless no matter how many people go, so it’s better for them to not go at all.” Liang Bing answered indifferently while the space between her brows was covered in arrogance and confidence. “Not to mention that we’ve encountered some troublesome enemies, so ordinary people would only be going to their death.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he agreed in his heart. But he knew very well that it was convincing because these words were spoken by Liang Bing. After all, she was a Mysterious Immortal that was even more formidable than a Heavenly Immortal, so she naturally had the qualifications to speak these words. 


Chen Xi sat cross-legged in meditation within his room, and he viewed the qi in his entire body.

Only four days remained from the opening of the Grand Deduction Tower, and he wanted to seize these four days of time to adjust himself to his peak state.

Actually, even though Liang Bing hadn’t mentioned any specifics about their trip to the Grand Deduction Tower, based on his observation during these past few days, he knew exactly how brutal the competition would be just from looking at the cultivators that would be participating.

Liang Bing was a Mysterious Immortal and the inheritor of one of the four great clans of the Talisman Dimension, the Easter Emperor’s Liang Clan. Moreover, she even had an expert with unfathomable strength like Teng Lan following by her side, yet she was still full of worry.

On the other hand, not only did Luo Zixuan’s side consist of the Gu Clan and Yin Clan that were part of the four great clans of the Talisman Dimension, he had even recruited no less than three Mysterious Immortal Realm experts. Such a magnificent formation caused even Chen Xi to feel a wave of horror.

If it wasn’t for his Senior Sister Li Yang being the person that left him by Liang Bing’s side, Chen Xi would find it extremely difficult to imagine whether he would have the courage to face so many existences that didn’t belong to the Mortal Dimension head-on.

In next to no time, his mind returned to calm while his heart became clear, and he started to regulate his breathing and meditate.

Before he entered the Talisman Dimension, his qi refinement cultivation had already attained the end of the Nether Transformation Realm, whereas his body refinement cultivation had been tempered to a perfect state.

If he wanted to improve a step further, then the only way was to enter the Grand Deduction Tower and obtain the mysterious cultivation technique that was stored on the highest level before using it to conceal his condition of being a ‘variant’ and avoid the detection of the Heaven Dao in the 3,000 worlds.

In other words, his cultivation had already fallen into a bottleneck when he entered the Talisman Dimension, and he had to enter the Grand Deduction Tower if he wanted to improve.

But he felt gratified because he didn’t waste all this time. Even though his cultivation couldn’t improve in the slightest, he’d obtained a great deal of Virtue Energy.

Presently, his Blackhole World was an expanse of golden and bright Virtue Goldlight. It was vast, divine, and filled with a tranquil, peaceful, and orderly aura.

On the other hand, the ‘Heart Core’ in his mind that was condensed and tempered from the mysterious energy that came from his Dao Heart had even undergone a shocking transformation. It emitted a rhythm thumping that seemed as if an even stronger heart had been born in the Heart Core.

It felt as if a life was being formed in his Heart Core, and so long as the mysterious energy from his Dao Heart grew in amount, then this life would emerge and provide a qualitative change.

This was the profundity of Virtue Energy, it was linked together with the mysterious energy that came from the Dao Heart, and the more Virtue Energy he had, the stronger the mysterious energy would be. They supplemented each other and were extremely miraculous.

Three days of time passed in a flash.

Chen Xi who sat cross-legged in his room opened his eyes. His eyes were calm and deep like a boundless starry sky.

At this moment, for no reason or rhyme, he recalled what his Senior Sister Li Yang said before leaving. “It isn’t difficult for you to ascend the Grand Deduction Tower.”

Now, he was curious where his Senior Sister Li Yang got the confidence to say this with such certainty.

Perhaps, there’s some secret within it?

Chen Xi thought for a moment before he stood up and pushed open the door, and then he saw Teng Lan and Liang Bing were already waiting here long ago.

Today, Liang Bing wore black colored warrior robes that she rarely wore, causing her to be valiant and heroic. She was like a bloomed black rose, chilly and orderly, and it aroused indescribable coldness in the hearts of others.

Attire like this was indeed suitable for battle. It wasn’t like those tight and strange clothes that she wore before. Those clothes had a skirt that only tightly covered her slender and alluring thighs, and they would be extremely inconvenient in battle.

“Let’s go.” Liang Bing glanced at Chen Xi and didn’t say anything else. She waved her white hand and withdrew the Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, the Silverlight Shuttle, and then they transformed into a wisp of silver light that penetrated through the layers of space and vanished in the blink of an eye.

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