Chapter 85 – River Diagram

Chapter 85 – River Diagram

River Diagram!

In an instant, a myriad of enormous waves surged in Chen Xi’s heart.

“Have you heard of the River Diagram? It was the most mysterious diagram in the primordial era. Numerous gods and devils of the primordial era used it to comprehend their own path in the Dao. They peeked into the secrets of the heavens to master the profound meaning of the Grand Dao and ascended to the highest summit of the Dao. It was precisely because of this that every appearance of the River Diagram was accompanied by slaughter. This slaughter caused upheaval within the three dimensions and disturbed the six paths of reincarnation. That doomsday-like scene of various figures with remarkable ability fighting over the River Diagram, just thinking about it sends a chill down one’s spine.”

“Luckily, the River Diagram vanished after the end of the primordial era, and that terrifying scene of gods and devils entangled in battle never appeared again. It’s probably been 1,000,000 years since then. If it wasn’t for Mom having read the ancient books of the clan when I was young, I would be completely unaware of the River Diagram’s name.”

In his mind, the words of his mother resounded once again, like flowing music from a zither, agilely ringing out, causing Chen Xi to be reminiscent and shocked.

It’s actually the River Diagram!

Right, only a strand of aura emitted from such a mysterious existence like this would be so terrifying, and would restrict this depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range for a million years!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but think of the vast and aged Fuxi Divine Statue in his sea of consciousness. Senior Fuxi had observed the River Diagram to divine the Grand Dao of the changes of the secrets of heaven and ascend the peak of the Grand Dao to achieve supreme glory. How terrifying an existence the River Diagram actually was could be seen from this; it was simply a first-rate treasure in the entire world!

Moreover, Chen Xi had once heard Ji Yu say that the Fuxi Divine Statue in his sea of consciousness contained a strand of the River Diagram’s true essence, but he still hadn’t understood the profundities within it until today. At this moment, when he heard the Old Turtle King speak about the River Diagram, he couldn’t help but think in his heart. Could it be that this fellow noticed something, so he came to look for me? Could it be that the thing he wants to request of me is related to the River Diagram as well?

“River Diagram? Impossible! How could such a mysterious existence fall to this poor and ordinary lousy mountain range?!” Ji Yu’s voice suddenly sounded out in his heart.

He seemed to be slightly anxious and doubtful, and he said after pondering for a moment, “However, you should reconfirm it. After all, that River Diagram is extremely mysterious. If it really fell here, then it’s an enormous good fortune that you absolutely must not miss. That year, my Master was comprehending the Grand Dao at the bank of a river when he obtained it by chance. Unfortunately, at the instant my Master had just comprehended a Grand Dao, it vanished into thin air. No matter how my Master searched, he was unable to find it again. It’s extremely miraculous.”

“What I’m wondering now is why would they look for me? Could it be that they know I possess the True Body Brand of Senior Fuxi in my sea of consciousness?” Chen Xi wondered.

“Hmm?” Ji Yu was startled, then went silent for a long time, before seeming to notice something as he said in realization, “I understand now. So it’s an old soft-shelled turtle. During the primordial era, the soft-shelled turtle family understood divination via astrology, and are most skilled at divining the changes in a person within a year in the past and future. I presume this soft-shelled turtle noticed something through divination, and only then did he look for you.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi immediately understood as well.

“This won’t do. This matter is of great importance. The moment the River Diagram appears, it will surely draw the attention of almighty figures in the heavens and earth. Looks like I have to show up and meet them…” Ji Yu said resolutely, his tone carrying a trace of heavy seriousness.


During the time Chen Xi was lost in thought, the Old Turtle King and Nine-tailed Fox King looked at each other, but they didn’t disturb Chen Xi. They instead picked up their wine cups to carefully savor the wine as they communicated via voice transmission.

“Looks like you were right, this little fellow knows of the River Diagram as well.” The Nine-tailed Fox King said swiftly, and the excitement in his voice couldn’t be concealed. “I’ve already been held up at the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm for a few thousands of years. If I’m still unable to break through the restrictions here, then I’m afraid I won’t be able to live for long. Luckily, luckily this fellow has appeared!”

The Old Turtle King sighed with emotion as well. “Yeah, if it wasn’t for our demon-kind possessing extremely long lifespans, I’m afraid we would have completely been unable to endure the countless years. We must make sure to grab ahold of such a critical moment like this.”

The Nine-tailed Fox King nodded then said abruptly, “Right, do you think he can take the River Diagram?”

“It isn’t the River Diagram, it’s…” His voice came to an abrupt stop, and the Old Turtle King swiftly raised his head and a trace of astonishment was contained within his eyes.

The Nine-tailed Fox King was stunned then raised his head to look, and when he saw the thin old man that had appeared suddenly, he couldn’t help but secretly gasp.

The old man’s face was thin and indifferent, his eyes deep like an abyss, and he lazily held an azure skinned bottle gourd as he gulped down some wine with an inexplicably unrestrained bearing. He looked to be like a content old man that could be constantly seen in the mortal world.

However, how sharp were the gazes of the two demon kings? In practically an instant, they’d noticed a terrifying aura that caused their hearts to palpitate coming from the thin old man.

This feeling was like facing a towering mountain of unknown height, only able to look up, only able to revere!

Ji Yu swept the two demon kings with his gaze as he said indifferently, “An old soft-shelled turtle that has cultivated for 31,200 years and a nine-tailed fox that has cultivated for 8,033 years, yet both are only at the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm. If not for your innately long lifespan, the two of you would have probably already transformed into a pile of bones, right?”

The faces of the Old Turtle King and Nine-tailed Fox King went grim and they were unable to restrain a wisp of astonishment from appearing on their faces. Obviously, Ji Yu had revealed everything about the two of them with a single sentence.

“This fellow, Ji Yu, saw through them with a glance?” Although he had known Ji Yu’s cultivation was unfathomable long ago, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

The Old Turtle King’s expression had already become extremely respectful, and he stood up before asking in a respectful tone. “Senior’s eyes are filled with wisdom, may I know Senior’s great name?”

The Nine-tailed Fox King didn’t dare dally and followed to stand up, and the gaze he shot at Ji Yu was filled with shock.

“You two don’t have to know who I am, you just have to answer my questions.” Ji Yu’s voice that seemed to be casual and relaxed had instead revealed an aura of looking down on the world, and he said directly, “Is the River Diagram really in this depths of the mountain range?”

“It is, but it ought to not be the complete River Diagram, and it’s more likely a fragment.” The Old Turtle King replied. He’d already discerned that Ji Yu had a deep relationship with Chen Xi, and he naturally knew what he should do.

But a trace of shock couldn’t help but arise in his heart. The strange things on this little fellow are really not little. When he killed the Roc King, even if he didn’t comprehend a complete Wind Dao Insight, he would absolutely not be killed by the Roc King with this mysterious old man present.

“A fragment of the River Diagram?” Ji Yu said in surprise.

“It’s indeed like that. If it was the complete River Diagram, I’m afraid it would have been discovered long ago.” The Old Turtle King replied extremely straightforwardly.

“Why would the complete River Diagram shatter into fragments? Could it be that another unforeseen event occurred during these one million years of time?” Ji Yu muttered to himself and was lost in thought.

Chen Xi instead paid no attention to all this as he said, “Since it’s a fragment of the River Diagram, then why didn’t you two seniors go take it?”

“Little Brother Chen Xi, please don’t address us like this again. I’m unable to take on such respect, let’s just become friends on equal terms.” The Old Turtle King hurriedly corrected.

The Nine-tailed Fox king radiated with smiled as he said, “Exactly, exactly! If Little Brother Chen Xi doesn’t mind, then just call me as Elder Brother Qing Qiu.”

When faced with such an unexpected event, Chen Xi’s mind was filled with limitless emotions. No wonder those disciples from great powers were always surrounded and fawned on by a crowd of people who wanted to curry favor with them. The crowd of people weren’t afraid of their strengths, but were instead afraid of the backing behind these disciples.

“The energy of the River Diagram fragment is too mystical, and is not something our strengths are able to subdue.” The Old Turtle King’s expression was serious as he said, “According to my calculations, only you, Little Brother, are able to subdue it.”

“Me?” Chen Xi pointed at himself in astonishment.

“Right, you.” The Old Turtle King spoke with certainty. “I sacrificed 10 years of my lifespan to conduct a divination and devoted myself to try to fathom it. I noticed that all the traces pointed towards you, and it’s absolutely correct.”

Sacrificing 10 years of lifespan to conduct a divination? Chen Xi still felt it was extremely absurd, but he also knew that astrological divination and similar secret arts had been present since ancient times, so he didn’t really doubt what the Old Turtle King said.

“Regardless of if it’s true or false, go take a look once your strength has recovered.” Ji Yu awoke from his pondering and said decisively, “If it’s a River Diagram fragment, then the possibility of you seizing it is great indeed. Don’t forget, within your sea of consciousness…”

He didn’t finish speaking, yet Chen Xi understood what Ji Yu meant. The Fuxi Divine Statue within his sea of consciousness contained a strand of the River Diagram’s true essence, and relying on the faint connection, it was indeed possible for him to subdue the River Diagram fragment.

“Senior is correct. Little Brother is probably already exhausted from the fierce battle with the Roc King, and it’s most suitable to go subdue the River Diagram fragment after his strength recovers.” The Old Turtle King was in extremely high spirits, as the appearance of Ji Yu had undoubtedly allowed him to see new hope.

“This is 5,000 kg of spirit liquids for Little Brother Chen Xi to use in recovering your strength. This is an expression of my good will and I hope you don’t refuse.” The Nine-tailed Fox King took out a white jade bottle and passed it to Chen Xi.

“It’s better to accept than to decline courteously.” Chen Xi cupped his hand and readily received it.

“Hahaha!” The Old Turtle King and Nine-tailed Fox King laughed loudly in unison, it seemed that Chen Xi being able to accept this 5,000 kg of spirit liquids caused them to be extremely happy.

Chen Xi clearly felt that after he’d accepted this gift, the relationship between himself and the two demon kings had become a great deal closer. It was true that accepting the gifts of others sometimes was instead able to advance the relationship between the two.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t reject this sort of feeling. As far as he was concerned, the Old Turtle King and Nine-tailed Fox King were both experienced demons who had ability, finesse, knew their limits, and knew how to give favors. Establishing a relationship with them was completely beneficial.

At the side, Ji Yu watched Chen Xi communicate with the two demon kings. Chen Xi spoke steadily and had a sense of propriety; the greenness in all of his actions had greatly faded away. He’d formed a character and bearing that belonged to himself, and he seemed to be so extraordinary and dignified.

“The little fellow has finally grown up…” Ji Yu sighed with emotion in his heart and was extremely gratified.

He still remembered that when he met Chen Xi for the first time, the sedateness and vigilance on that handsome face was like a lonely infant beast that was ready to put his life on the line at any moment; like a hedgehog that had used sharp spikes to disguise himself. It was like if he didn’t do this, then he wouldn’t know how to continue living. He was stubborn, fierce, and steadfast.

Comparatively speaking, the current him had already imprinted his ability into his bones, like a rounded cobblestone that released a dazzling light that belonged solely to him.

He didn’t need compassion, he didn’t need sympathy, he didn’t need assistance; he would rely on the sword in his heart to do things openly and upright, and repay all kindness and enmity swiftly.

This was the mentality that an expert must possess!

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