Chapter 849 – Tearing Off The Skin Of A Tiger

Before this, everyone had perceived that Chen Xi was growing stronger as the battle continued while his imposing aura seethed, and he actually started to gradually suppress Wenren Ye, causing all of them to be extremely shocked.

At this moment, Wenren Ye’s imposing aura suddenly changed as she intended to utilize a trump card to annihilate Chen Xi, and it caused Nan Xiuchong, Chu Xiao, and the others to heave sighs of relief in their hearts while revealing relaxed smiled because they thought the outcome was certain.

It was even to the extent that even Feng Luyang was secretly pleased and revealed a wisp of excitement from his eyes. It was probably because he thought Chen Xi’s death would undoubtedly eliminate a threat for him.

But right at this critical moment, this wave of footsteps appeared abruptly, and it instantly caused the bodies of everyone present to stiffen and feel as if they were struck by lightning.

Even Wenren Ye’s imposing aura became slightly sluggish at this moment.

These footsteps were too strange, and they seemed to contain the profundities of the Grand Dao. When the sound of the footsteps entered into the ears of everyone present, it was like they heard the sound of drums being struck, and even their hearts couldn’t help but constrict fiercely as if it was clenched by someone, causing the vital blood in their entire bodies to roil while they became dizzy!

Some people with slightly weaker strengths were shaken to the point of turning pale, and they suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood before collapsing to the ground in low spirits.

“All of you dare to kill someone under my protection within my own territory? Should I say that all of you are brave or reckless?” Accompanying this chilly and clear voice was a slender and graceful figure that stepped through the sky, and she seemed to be moving slowly yet had instantly arrived on the terrace.

Her wavy golden hair was tied into a bun behind her head, and it revealed a gorgeous and icy cold face. She had a round forehead, sexy red lips, and a high nose. She played with a pitch black and icy cold whip in her jade white hands, and she seemed like an extremely imposing queen that was inspecting her territory.

By her side was the tall Teng Lan who had his hands behind his back.

As soon as they appeared, the air on the terrace seemed to have frozen, and the surroundings were perfectly silent. Some guests were terrified to the point their minds trembled while they shivered without end.

Practically everyone in Eastern Emperor County knew of the Liang Clan’s Eldest Young Miss. She had a chilly disposition and acted coldly and resolutely, she was the true lord of the Eastern Emperor County and no one dared to go against her.

In the past, many Earthly Immortal Realm experts who’d just caused trouble in the Eastern Emperor County and didn’t even injure anyone had vanished into thin air!

On the other hand, when they saw Liang Bing make an appearance, the expressions of Nan Xiuchong, Chu Xiao, Cao He,  and the others sank while their gazes flickered indeterminately. But they didn’t fall into confusion because of this.

Only Chen Xi’s expression was rather calm and composed because he knew since before the ‘feast’ began that Teng Lan was hidden in the shadows. But he never imagined that even Liang Bing would make an appearance.

It was better like this. At the very least, he didn’t have to expose his trump card, his body refining clone, in public.

“Liang Bing?” Wenren Ye’s expression recovered to normal, and she was arrogant, cold, and indifferent as she glanced indifferently at Liang Bing.

“Exactly.” Liang Bing nodded without the slightest emotion on her face.

“Could it be that this little fellow is your lover? You actually want to protect him like this?” Wenren Ye revealed a wisp of dense ridicule from her eyes. Moreover, since she dared to mock Liang Bing like this at a time like this, she obviously had something to rely on.

Liang Bing crossed her arms before her and glanced coldly at the surroundings. She especially paid a little bit more attention to Chen Xi, and her gaze descended onto Wenren Ye when she saw Chen Xi wasn’t injured and said, “Could it be that a descendant from a branch of the Wenren Clan like you thinks you can run wild just because you have a marriage agreement with the Xuanyuan Clan?”

Xuanyuan Clan? Chen Xi was stunned while a trace of a strange expression flashed in his eyes because he recalled what Senior Sister Li Yang had told him. Wasn’t A’xiu from the Xuanyuan Clan? Moreover, based on the circumstances, this Wenren Ye’s greatest reliance seems to be the Xuanyuan Clan…

Rage flashed past Wenren Ye’s face as she said, “What does that have to do with you?”

“Nothing. I only heard that Young Master from the Xuanyuan Clan who’s infatuated with cultivation is extremely against this marriage. But someone refuses to give up this marriage agreement, and it’s truly a cause for surprise.” Liang Bing’s expression was indifferent while her voice was straightforward to the extreme.

It just so happened that when these words entered into Wenren Ye’s ears, it was like numerous emotionless sharp blades that pierced into her heart to the point she felt extremely furious. The arrogant expression on her face vanished completely while the space between her brows was filled with indignation, and she said coldly and indifferently, “What do you mean by that? The marriage agreement was set by the seniors of our clans, so what do you mean by refusing to give it up?”

She was extremely irritated in her heart, so she immediately stretched her arm out when she saw Chen Xi was still standing opposite her, and her fingers were like hooks that tore fiercely at Chen Xi while a terrifying suction force was emitted from the palm of her hand.

It seemed as if her palm was a door that led to hell, and it emanated a matchless and terrifying force. This force was like an abyss that was utterly not something an Earthly Immortal Realm expert could execute!

Obviously, she’d utilized a secret technique or a trump card in this strike, and it was for the sake of venting her bellyful of rage on Chen Xi.

Chen Xi frowned before his brows eased up. His expression was calm while he didn’t have the slightest intention of fighting back because he knew that Liang Bing would surely not sit idly by.


Sure enough, right when Wenren Ye made a move, a pitch black and icy cold whip instantly arrived before Wenren Ye like a spirit serpent, and with a curl, it held tightly onto Wenren Ye’s right hand that was stretched out. After that, she suddenly exerted force and dragged Wenren Ye out of the arena.


Her entire body was smashed onto the ground, causing her hair to be disheveled while she coughed up blood repeatedly, and she struggled numerous times with the intention of standing up, yet was unable to stand up again, causing her to seem to be in an extremely sorry state.

“You dare make a move to attack another before me while at the Earthly Immortal Realm? If everyone from the Wenren Clan is stupid like you, then it would have been erased from the Immortal Dimension a long time ago.” Liang Bing withdrew her whip and didn’t conceal her detest and ridicule in the slightest.

Everyone was horrified. Especially Nan Xiuchong, Chu Xian, and the others. Never had they imagined in their wildest dreams that Liang Bing would actually dare to make a move against Wenren Ye. Could it be that she isn’t afraid of bringing a calamity of annihilation down upon her Liang Clan!?

Most importantly, they’d solemnly promised before arriving here that they would force Liang Bing into submission, whereas their greatest reliance was the powers and background that stood behind them. However, if Liang Bing disregarded all of these, then the consequences were horrible.

“Liang Bing! You…” The intense humiliation and provocation from being whipped to the ground like a dog by Liang Bing while under the gazes of everyone caused Wenren Ye’s beautiful features to twist together, and she almost went mad.

“Is my name something you can call out casually?” Liang Bing’s expression suddenly went cold as she said with a chilly voice, “So long as you haven’t married into the Xuanyuan Clan, you’ll always be a branch disciple of the Wenren Clan, and if you think I wouldn’t dare kill you right now, then you’re free to give it a try.”

Wenren Ye pointed at Liang Bing while angered to the point her entire body trembled, and she wasn’t even able to speak. In fact, she was indeed worried that Liang Bing would kill her mercilessly.

After all, it was just as Liang Bing had said. Her greatest reliance was the marriage agreement with the Xuanyuan Clan, and it was precisely because of this that Nan Xiuchong and the others would be so respectful to her. If Liang Bing disregarded everything and made a move against her, then the consequences were absolutely not something she was willing to see happen.

Chen Xi shook his head in his heart when he saw this scene. This young woman had an extraordinary strength, yet she turned out to be trash that relied on her background to bully others, and once this layer of protection was peeled off of her, she was nothing.

“Liang Bing, that’s enough. Could it be that you really want to bring boundless calamity to your Liang Clan?” Right at this moment, Luo Zixuan who’d kept silent since appearing on the terrace stood out abruptly before he spoke with a frown on his face.

“Luo Zixuan, could it be that you think I don’t know your intentions from sneaking in to my Eastern Emperor County with so many people?” Liang Bing turned around to glance at Luo Zixuan before she spoke indifferently.

Luo Zixuan suddenly started chuckling lightly. “Since you know my intentions, then Liang Bing, could it be that you’re still unwilling to marry me? Why would we worry about being unable to achieve great things once we join forces?” As he spoke, he pointed at Nan Xiuchong and the others as he said, “If you change your mind, then I’ll help you ask for forgiveness from these Fellow Daoists. In this way, you can avoid a calamity befalling your Liang Clan, otherwise, you ought to know the consequences of offending these Fellow Daoists, right?”

Liang Bing said coldly, “Threatening me with the powers behind them in the Immortal Dimension?”

Luo Zixuan smiled and didn’t deny it as he said, “You can understand it in that way.”

Nan Xiuchong, Chu Xiao, Cao He, and the others cooperated with him and revealed gloomy expressions while sneering without end.

Perhaps they weren’t confident in their strengths when facing Liang Bing, but if the situation were to escalate to the height of clans and powers, then they were extremely sure that Liang Bing would absolutely not dare go head-on against them for the sake of the safety of the entire Liang Clan!

At this moment, Liang Bing who usually revealed an icy cold expression to everyone suddenly started laughing, and she instantly became shockingly charming. “Luo Zixuan, when I took over the Liang Clan’s forces in the Talisman Dimension, your father hadn’t even been born, whereas your grandfather was still a rash youth. The four great clans have coexisted until now, so if it’s in terms of relationships, you have to call me grandaunt. So you want to marry your grandaunt? You’re really outrageous and perverse! If your grandfather was still alive, he would probably be angered to death by you.”

Luo Zixuan’s expression instantly sank. “Cut the crap! Liang Bing, so you intend to refuse now and submit to pressure later?”

“Me? All of you trespassed into my Eastern Emperor County with ill intent, so I’ve already given all of you enough face by not killing all of you immediately. If all of you continue to be unable to distinguish what’s good for all of you, then don’t blame me for making all of you stay here forever!” Liang Bing’s expression suddenly turned cold while her clear eyes were like the tip of blades as she stared coldly at Luo Zixuan and the others. Her attitude was still overbearing and domineering, and she was like a queen that didn’t know fear.

“How dare you!?” Nan Xiuchong couldn’t endure it any longer and shouted out explosively.

“You want to give it a try?” As Liang Bing spoke, the pitch black and icy cold whip in her hand struck out. 


It shattered as it moved through space, and it directly locked onto Nan Xiuchong’s neck.

This strike was rather resolute, decisive, and direct. Coupled with Liang Bing’s terrifying cultivation at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, it caused the nearby Nan Xiuchong to feel powerless as if he had no where to run or hide.

“Save me!!” Never had Nan Xiuchong imagined that Liang Bing would really dare make a move, and it terrified him to the point his face went ghastly pale while he couldn’t restrain the terror in his heart and cried out.

“Young Miss, aren’t you going too far by acting so ruthlessly!?” Right at this moment, a low and deep voice that carried an indescribable magnetism resounded out abruptly.

The sound had just resounded out when a black shadow appeared out of thin air and blocked before Nan Xiuchong. With a flick of the sleeve and an enormous bang that resounded out after that, the black shadow had actually blasted away the force of Liang Bing’s whip strike!

At this moment, Chen Xi finally saw clearly that the person who rescued Nan Xiuchong was actually an eccentric that was completely enveloped beneath a black robe, and he only revealed a pair of icy cold and ruthless eyes that were like the eyes of a venomous serpent.

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