Chapter 847 – A Battle Of Life And Death

Chen Xi’s movements were too swift, swift to the point that Chu Xiao had just let out a shrill cry when his sword had already appeared in midair like a shadow and pointed directly at Cao He’s throat.

It was even to the extent that it caused everyone to have a strong feeling that it seemed as if Cao He had intentionally approached the tip of his blade!

After all, regardless of if it was Chu Xiao or Cao He, they were both at the Earthly Immortal Realm. Now they were instantly trampled on at the will of another like clay dolls, and this was too shocking.

Everyone was horrified. Due to them being too close, they were even able to see the sharp light that flickered on the tip of the sword, and it pierced Cao He’s throat to the point its surroundings were covered in a layer of goosebumps.

Is… Is this something a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm is capable of!?


Chen Xi’s sword spun, causing the smooth and pitch black body of the sword to fiercely slap onto the right side of Cao He’s face like an iron whip, and it struck him to the point blood sprayed from his mouth and nose while his bones cracked and shattered. His entire body was blasted flying out of the terrace like a kite that had been cut off from its string.

If it wasn’t for Nan Xiuchong rescuing him in time, Cao He’s entire body would have fallen from the terrace!

This scene instantly jolted everyone awake.

It wasn’t just Nan Xiuchong whose expression turned grim, even the nearby Feng Luyang was greatly shocked. Only now did he realize that this fellow that he’d ridiculed and taken to be an ant was absolutely not as simple as he seemed on the surface.

After all, who’d ever seen a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm defeat the pincer attack of two Earthly Immortal Realm experts so easily and cleanly.

At this moment, Chen Xi had already stood up while his gaze swept everyone present here, and he said in a serious tone, “Right, as far as all of you are concerned, I really am a nobody. But if a nobody is infuriated, then he wouldn’t care which young master or young miss all of you are.”

The meaning behind his words were — Don’t offend me, otherwise, I won’t be afraid to kill anyone!

Even though everyone present was arrogant and overbearing, none of them were idiots, so they naturally discerned the ruthless meaning behind these words, and their expressions instantly turned slightly grim.

“You’re courting death! Little Bastard! Not only did you launch a surprise attack on me, you even dare speak arrogantly!? Fucking die!” Chu Xiao had already crawled back up with a face covered in blood, and he roared madly while charging at Chen Xi.

He was smashed into the table like a dead dog by Chen Xi. Even though he didn’t suffer any great injuries, this sort of humiliation almost caused him to go mad from rage.

At this moment, when he saw Chen Xi actually dare to boast shamelessly, he instantly couldn’t refrain from attacking with hate in his heart.

Because as far as he was concerned, he’d suffered that attack from before entire because he was too careless and allowed Chen Xi to seize the opportunity to achieve success, and if it was a real battle, then Chen Xi would surely have died a long time ago!

But before he could charge forward, he was stopped by Nan Xiuchong who frowned and said in a low voice, “Have you not embarrassed us enough? Move aside!”

Being swept by Nan Xiuchong’s icy cold gaze that was like the tip of a blade caused Chu Xiao’s entire body to stiffen, and he hesitated for a moment before withdrawing resentfully.

“You’re really not bad. A young genius like you probably stands at the peak of his peers in the Mortal Dimension. But you still haven’t understood exactly how great the gap between the Immortal Dimension and the Mortal Dimension is.” Nan Xiuchong looked at Chen Xi from afar, and he acted indifferent unlike his usual arrogant and overbearing self as he said, “I’m Nan Xiuchong, a disciple from the Immortal Dimension’s Goldlight Estate. I’ll let you off today if you’re able to defeat me, how about it?”

Luo Zixuan’s brows knit together when he heard this, and he was just about to say something when he was stopped by Wenren Ye. “Don’t worry, if he can’t even deal with a little fellow, then how will he deal with Liang Bing?”

Luo Zixuan nodded and didn’t speak any further.

Chen Xi watched this scene coldly, and he couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this. “What if I kill you by accident?”

Nan Xiuchong grunted. “Life and death are disregarded!”

The Talisman Dimension was created on the frontline of the battlefield of the three dimensions, so slaughters with Cosmos Beasts occurred frequently, causing it to be filled with the spirit of battle. Great figures were usually fond of arranging some battles to liven things up as they ate, and it was even more welcomed than singing and dancing performances. Thus, a combat arena was present on the terrace.

An attendant had noticed a confrontation occurring here a long time ago and had activated the combat arena with skill because a scene like the one occurring at this moment was something that attendants of the Emerald Cloud Restaurant had seen on numerous occasions and were accustomed to.

After a short moment, Chen Xi and Nan Xiuchong entered the combat arena and stood in confrontation with each other from afar. There were numerous cultivators in the surroundings, and they were guests that were having a meal in the Emerald Cloud Restaurant, so their identities were naturally extraordinary.

Before he ascended the arena, Wenren Ye instructed indifferently. “End the battle quickly.”

Nan Xiuchong nodded lightheartedly and indicated he understood. After all, this was the Eastern Emperor County, Liang Bing’s territory, so once Liang Bing noticed the commotion here, even though they wouldn’t be afraid of her, it would surely cause many variables to arise.

He took a deep breath while the imposing aura on his entire body rose explosively. His entire body was suffused with a golden glow while he emanated blazing and dazzling Immortal Energy, causing his entire body to seem to have transformed into a war god that wore golden armor. Moreover, merely his imposing aura that belonged to an expert at the Earthly Immortal Realm causing the surrounding space to emit waves of rumbling.

Everyone in the surroundings was instantly alarmed. A battle at the Earthly Immortal Realm! A battle like this was rare because such existences were capable of standing at the peak ranks of the Mortal Dimension, so having the luck to witness such existences fight was undoubtedly an extremely great fortune.

Nan Xiuchong shouted. “Universe Goldlight Slash!” 

His imposing aura rose to the limit while his hands seemed to be plated in a layer of dazzling and pure gold, and they contained a terrifying aura of the Dao. When his imposing aura rose to the limit, he let out a long howl while his figure flashed, and he drew out a long line of afterimages as he pounced at Chen Xi.


His fists tore through the sky and shattered the void, and they were like two golden suns that fell from the sky with an extremely terrifying impetus.

But he’d just pounced forward halfway when Chen Xi’s figure had suddenly vanished on the spot. At the same time, an extremely vast sword qi was reflected within Nan Xiuchong’s eyes, and it directly tore apart the force of his fists while expanding within his eyes!

The peerless sword qi that assaulted his face was like thunder from the nine heavens, and rumbling shook his ears to the point his ear drums almost split apart.

Nan Xiuchong’s heart twitched fiercely while his pupils constricted. How swift! What a terrifying sword qi!

But as an expert at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm who’d cultivated profound Dao Arts that were unique to the Immortal Dimension since a young age, he still possessed some reserves. Even though he was awed by this sword strike of Chen Xi’s that tore through the sky, his body that had been tempered thoroughly flashed instinctively, and then his fingers curved open while a golden immortal claymore appeared in his palm. It lay across his chest like a mountain and forcefully resisted Chen Xi’s strike!

Bang!Rumbling like the collision of stars resounded out while boundless blazing light erupted, and if it wasn’t for the surroundings of the arena being protected by a grand formation, just this strike was sufficient to obliterate the entire Emerald Cloud Restaurant.

Chen Xi’s figure shook slightly as he took a few steps back.

On the other hand, Nan Xiuchong was in a much more miserable state. He was actually struck by the force of this attack to the point of moving back uncontrollably by over 3m!

A wave of exclamations of surprise instantly resounded from the surroundings of the arena.

Even the pupils of Feng Luyang, Chu Xiao, Cao He, Wenren Ye, and the others constricted while a wisp of astonishment that couldn’t be concealed flashed past their eyes. How could this be possible? How could that kid’s sword move be so terrifying?

Nan Xiuchong felt as if he was seeing stars while the vital blood in his entire body roiled. He was both furious and shocked in his heart, and he finally experienced how Chu Xiao felt earlier because the might of this sword strike was simply like the milky way surging down at him from the nine heavens. Even though his cultivation was much higher than Chen Xi, he felt that he was utterly incapable of resisting it.


Another wisp of vast sword qi soared into the sky. Chen Xi didn’t intend to give Nan Xiuchong any opportunity to catch his breath, so Chen Xi slashed out with a second strike as soon as the first descended.

Just like when he fought Thousand Fortune Granny, he’d already circulated his 10 times combat strength and combined it with the extraordinary Creation Sword Dao, causing him to carry a mighty appearance and seem to intend to exterminate his opponent.

The sword qi flashed by, causing even space to be torn into fine shreds. It was like a primeval ferocious beast had trampled by, and  it emitted rumbling and explosive sharp howls.

Many cultivators in the surroundings were shaken to the point their minds droned while their vital blood roiled without end, and their countenance instantly turned pale. Exactly what sword move is this?

How could a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm possibly execute it!?

How could Nan Xiuchong dare to take such a sword strike head on? He couldn’t be bothered about his bearing, and his figure flickered repeatedly as he dodged with teleportation. He moved about endlessly within the arena and was barely able to dodge the sword qi.

But he hadn’t even steadied himself when Chen Xi arrived like a shadow, and the Talisman Armament slashed down like a white ray of light that penetrated the sun!


Another enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out. Nan Xiuchong held the golden immortal claymore in his hand and was barely able to resist this strike. But his figure was directly smashed into the hard ground of the arena like a stake.

Chen Xi was expressionless as he charged over once again. His figure was like an ocean of talisman markings and was coiled with divine rings of light, and the Talisman Armament in his hand carried surging creation qi as it fiercely slashed out horizontally at Nan Xiuchong.


The golden light that covered Nan Xiuchong’s body trembled violently while his entire body was slashed to the point he ploughed out a narrow and long rift on the ground, and he coughed up blood repeatedly as he ploughed through the ground.

He was still being careless. Even though he knew since the beginning that Chen Xi’s strength far exceeded an ordinary cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, never had he imagined that Chen Xi would be so strong and simply be heaven defying!

After all, he was at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. But now he was actually like a leaf that was swept into a tempestuous storm, and he was utterly incapable of struggling free.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Chen Xi stepped forward like a god that walked through the sky, and every step he took shattered the space beneath him as he pursued Nan Xiuchong without holding back in the slightest.

Since it was a battle of life and death, he would naturally not hold back. Not to mention a descendant of a great figure in the Immortal Dimension, even if a Heavenly Immortal arrived here, he would absolutely not hold back in the slightest!

After all, he was still in the Mortal Dimension, and he was too far away from the Immortal Dimension, so unless great figures of the Immortal Dimension were capable of casually descending to the Mortal Dimension, otherwise it was utterly impossible for it to affect him. But…was this even possible?

The entire surroundings of the combat arena were perfectly silent, and only Chen Xi’s footsteps that were oppressive like thunderclaps resounded in the ears of everyone. It was like the drum roll of Fiendgods, and it shook their hearts to the point of feeling uncontrollably terrified.

He was like a Fiendgod as he moved with sword in hand, and he slaughtered resolutely as he settled the accounts with his enemies!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s imposing aura had already risen violently to its peak, and he was like an all-powerful arrow that carried an arrogant bearing of pressing forward with indomitable might.

On the other hand, if Nan Xiuchong were to suffer this strike, he would surely perish.

Right at this moment, a sky blue figure suddenly flashed by, and then a slender, fine, and jade white palm appeared in Chen Xi’s field of vision. It expanded rapidly like an angelica flower blooming in the wind, and it carried a strand of chilly killing intent within its pureness.

At this instant, Chen Xi felt his vision flash before he seemed to be within a world covered in white, and his mind showed traces of collapse, sinking, and being abandoned.

A vertical eye practically instinctively opened up between his brows, and it swept out lightly before the entire scene before him shattered with a bang and vanished without a trace.

On the other hand, a graceful figure was clearly reflected within his field of vision, and this figure tore through the sky while slashing down at him with her palm!

It was Wenren Ye! 

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