Chapter 846 – Encountering Repeated Provocation

Chen Xi and Feng Luyang turned to the side in unison, and they saw a few young people walking over from the terrace’s teleportation formation.

The person in the lead was a silver robed young man, and his dressing was exaggeratedly luxurious. His figure swayed in an utterly carefree manner as he walked, and it was he who spoke in ridicule earlier.

This group consisted of both men and women, and they surrounded two young men like a host of stars surrounding a bright moon. The young man on the left had an handsome appearance, red lips, white teeth, and a dense baleful aura between his brows, causing him to seem overbearing and gloomy.

The young man on the right was tall, thin, and wore a multicolored robe. A faint smile hung on the corners of his mouth while he revealed an elegant bearing, and he was like a beautiful peacock that had spread its tail.

These two people were Luo Zixuan and Nan Xiuchong.

Those young people at their sides were naturally the young masters and young miss from the Immortal Dimension.

Feng Luyang’s brows knit together abruptly, and he was slightly surprised and bewildered while the killing intent in his heart that had almost started seething instantly vanished without a trace. He seemed as if he didn’t have the mood to pay any further attention to Chen Xi.

“You seem to be extremely afraid?” Chen Xi spoke via voice transmission and seemed to be lost in thought.

He’d noticed this group of people as well, and he noticed that practically all these young people were just like Feng Luyang. Their entire bodies flowed with extremely dense Immortal Energy, yet their imposing auras just happened to not be as strong as Heavenly Immortals. So if he wasn’t wrong, then these people were probably descendants of immortals that had come from the Immortal Dimension as well.

“Afraid?” Feng Luyang grunted with a gloomy gaze that flickered indeterminately. “The person that should be afraid is you. Do you know who they are? That person in the middle is Luo Zixuan, whereas those people by his side are renowned profligate disciples in the Immortal Dimension. Any one of them is sufficient to trample an ant like you to death!”

“Oh.” Chen Xi replied while he instantly came to an understanding in his heart.

Meanwhile, those young men and woman had already walked over, and they seemed to have stopped casually, yet the positions they occupied faintly blocked all their paths of escape. Moreover, they didn’t even exclude Wen Jiu and Wen Peng.

Chen Xi’s brows knit together slightly when he saw this scene, and he was even surer that they’d come with ill intent.

The silver robed young man in the lead bent down to look at Feng Luyang from left to right, and his eyes were filled with ridiculing laughter as he chuckled in an exaggerated manner. “Look, look! It really is the Sublime Glow Mountain’s Young Master Feng! Hahaha! I never imagined that I would be able to see Young Master Feng here, it’s truly unexpected.” The intent to ridicule and mock within his voice wasn’t concealed in the slightest, and he seemed to be extremely arrogant and overbearing.

“Hey, Young Master Feng, what is it? You came to the Talisman Dimension to woo Liang Bing?” Another young man spoke casually as well. “Take my advice, leave quickly and vanish immediately from the Talisman Dimension. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee no accidents will occur.”

Wen Jiu and Wen Peng’s expressions sank instantaneously.

On the other hand, Feng Luyang had already struck the table and stood up, and he shouted coldly. “Chu Xiao, Cao He, who do the two of you think you are? How dare you make noise before this Young Master? Trust me, this Young Master will tear down your kennels once I return to the Immortal Dimension!”

Chu Xiao and Cao He were stunned, and then Chu Xiao said with an expression of disbelief, “Oh my god! Young Master Feng is going to fly off the handle again? How terrifying! Does you father know that you are so formidable in the Talisman Dimension?”

Feng Luyang glanced at them with an icy cold gaze before suddenly calming down, and then he glanced at the two of them with disdain before shooting his gaze at Nan Xiuchong. He said coldly, “Nan Xiuchong, is this how you rear your dogs?”

“You called us dogs?” Chu Xiao and Cao He exploded into rage.

“Are the both of you deaf?” Feng Luyang spoke indifferently.

“Looks like Young Master Feng hasn’t gotten a clear understanding of your current situation!” Chu Xiao and Cao He laughed in a ghastly manner, and they were just about to make a move when they were stopped by the nearby Nan Xiuchong.

“Feng Luyang, if you’re sensible, then you better shut up obediently right now. We don’t have the mood to argue with you.” Nan Xiuchong spoke unhurriedly.

“Do you think you’re qualified to order me about?” Feng Luyang frowned and spoke with disdain.

Nan Xiuchong laughed lightly before he glanced behind him and didn’t speak any further.

Feng Luyang was stunned, and then he looked along Nan Xiuchong’s gaze before his pupils constricted abruptly, and a wisp of terror flashed in their eyes.

A young woman stood there. She wore sky blue palace clothes and was dressed up in traditional clothing of nobles. Her appearance was extremely beautiful, but the tip of her brows and corners of her eyes carried coldness and indifference that kept others away.

Wenren Ye!

Why has she come as well?

Earlier, Feng Luyang had placed all his thoughts on how to deal with Nan Xiuchong, so how could he have imagined that the young woman at the back of the group would actually be Wenren Ye?

Instantly, his heart was in chaos. Amongst the people present, Chu Xiao, Cao He, and Luo Zixuan were people he didn’t take seriously at all, and he only thought highly of Nan Xiuchong.

But compared to Nan Xiuchong, Wenren Ye’s appearance was sufficient to cause him to feel deep terror.

The power behind this young woman was too enormous, so no matter how overbearing and confident Feng Luyang was, he had to admit that Wenren Ye’s identity and background was much superior to his.

Feng Luyang’s expression changed indeterminately before he finally puckered his lips and went silent. He sat back before the table with an extremely gloomy expression, and he was like a chicken that was depressed after losing a fight.

This sort of fight wasn’t a real battle, but it was a shapeless competition based on their respective strengths and background.

Earlier, no matter how arrogant Chu Xiao and Cao He were, Feng Luyang felt he could rival Nan Xiuchong. But Wenren Ye’s appearance caused him to lose completely.

Chen Xi had been watching coldly from the sidelines since the beginning, and he witnessed a splendid battle between young masters from the Immortal Dimension. Every single one of them was more overbearing and arrogant than the other.

He felt extreme disapproval towards this sort of actions of utilizing status and background to compete with each other, and he even felt it was slightly laughable. But through observing the string of changes in Feng Luyang’s expression, his had a rough understanding of the situation before him.

Chu Xiao and Cao He had the lowest status, whereas Nan Xiuchong was already sufficient to rival Feng Luyang. As for that young woman who wore a sky blue palace dress, her status and background were obviously much higher than everyone else.

As for Luo Zixuan, he was the host, and these young masters and young miss from the Immortal Dimension were obviously able to make an appearance here because he’d invited them over.

When they saw Feng Luyang admit defeat, this group of young men and woman instantly became lively, and they roared with ridiculing laughter.

On the other hand, Chu Xiao had arrived by Chen Xi’s side, and he slapped the table, causing the wine cups to shatter into powder before he stared at Chen Xi and sneered. “You’re Chen Xi? You’re just a little ant from the Mortal Dimension. I’m curious, is Liang Bing blind to keep a little thing like you by her side?”

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression remained calm and composed, and it was impossible to see any emotion on his face. Chen Xi sized Chu Xiao up and confirmed that Chu Xiao only possessed a cultivation at the 2nd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. In the Dark Reverie, such a cultivation was sufficient for one to look down upon most people, but when he thought about how this young man was from the Immortal Dimension, it was very easy to understand why he possessed such a cultivation.

Actually, all these young people from the Immortal Dimension could be considered to be extremely shocking. At the very least, they were able to possess such dense Immortal Energy and advance to the Earthly Immortal Realm at such a young age. If it was in the Mortal Dimension, this was simply something that was practically impossible to occur.

When he saw Chen Xi sitting firmly without a moving and even move his gaze away, Chu Xiao’s expression turned slightly grim before he shouted bluntly. “Little fellow, are you courting death? You dare disregard this Young Master? Merely this is sufficient for you to die numerous times! Are you thinking that Liang Bing will stand up for you? Stop dreaming!”

Chen Xi frowned before a trace of a smile suddenly suffused the corners of his mouth, and he directly disregarded Chu Xiao before shooting his gaze at Feng Luyang who sat facing him and said, “Young Master Feng, you patted your chest and guaranteed yesterday that no one can touch Miss Liang while you’re here. If Miss Young were to find out about your current display, she’d probably be very disappointed.”

Feng Luyang was stunned, and his face turned unsightly to the extreme.

He naturally knew that the appearance of Luo Zixuan’s group here would absolutely not be so simple. Moreover, he thought they’d come for him. Now he finally understood that their objective was actually similar to his, and it was that damnable little ant before him.

Now he just had to sit down silently and would be able to see a show of using another to kill someone he hated. But never had he imagined that Chen Xi would actually seem to want to implicate him as well…

Indeed. He’s said those words in the past. But times change. Who would be able to imagine that the situation would develop to such an extent?

When he saw Feng Luyang’s expression being indeterminate, Chen Xi continued with a smile. “Could it be that you don’t really like Miss Liang, and you intend to be a pussy as soon as you see the situation going bad?”

Feng Luyang’s lips twitched fiercely while veins bulged on his forehead, and he was angered to the point a mouthful of blood almost sprayed out from his mouth.

He suddenly stood up while gnashing his teeth, and he seemed as if he intended to explode into rage.

A clear cold grunt suddenly sounded out from ahead. Wenren Ye’s eyes flowed with cold lights as she glanced lightly at Feng Luyang, and merely this since glance caused him to seem as if he’d been doused with cold water and the flames of rage in his entire body vanished while his mind instantly cleared up.

Chen Xi glanced at Wenren Ye while his expression remained unchanged. But he sighed in his heart instead. Feng Luyang wanted to utilize the blade of others to kill him, and he similarly wanted to try the level of sharpness of this blade, Feng Luyang. Unfortunately, his intent was spoiled by this young woman.

“Kid, you’ve probably guessed the reason for our arrival. Cut the crap, come with us, and we’ll spare your lowly life so long as you do something for us!” Suddenly, Chu Xiao sneered. As he spoke, he even stretched out his hand to grab at the front of Chen Xi’s clothes with the intention of hurling Chen Xi flying. After all, everyone was standing yet this little ant that was only at the Nether Transformation Realm was sitting firmly without moving, so this caused him to be extremely displeased.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he moved abruptly. Everyone felt something flash before their eyes, and then he’d already grabbed Chu Xiao’s neck and smashed Chu Xiao onto the table as if he was throwing a dead dog on the table.


An enormous bang resounded out as the table that was constructed from thousand year old profound ironwood was directly shattered into pieces, causing bits of wood to spray out in all directions. On the other hand, Chu Xiao’s handsome face was already mangled while he ceaselessly emitted shrill cries.

“You’re courting death!” Cao He was the closest to Chu Xiao, so he couldn’t help but shout explosively when he saw this, and then a circle of golden Immortal Energy appeared around his entire body as he suddenly pounced at Chen Xi. His hands formed into claws that were like two sharp hooks that tore fiercely at Chen Xi’s shoulders!

But he’d just pounced over halfway when his entire body stiffened, and he instantly froze on the spot while maintaining a hideous movement that seemed like he was doing the dog paddle.

This scene was too strange, and due to him stopping extremely quickly and the scene occurring in an instant, it gave the others an extremely sudden visual impact.

But right after that, everyone noticed the secret behind it.

An ancient, pitch black, and lusterless sword was held in Chen Xi’s hand, and the tip of the blade flickered with a glow while it lay only an inch away from Cao He’s throat! 

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