Chapter 845 – A Sincere Invitation Doesn’t Exist


A tiny flame arose and incinerated the elegant and gilded invitation, causing it to transform into ash and vanish.

“What do you intend to do?” asked Teng Lan. It was he who’d sent the invitation over, so he was naturally extremely aware of the sequence of events in this matter.

“Wouldn’t Young Master Feng be too lonely if I don’t attend when he invited me so cordially?” Chen Xi pondered for a moment before he spoke with a smile.

“A sincere invitation doesn’t exist.” Teng Lan frowned.

“I understand.” Chen Xi nodded with an indifferent expression. “I just happened to have come to the Eastern Emperor County for the first time and heard that the Emerald Cloud Restaurant is a top location in the city, so wouldn’t it be a slight pity if I didn’t go take a look?”

“I’ll accompany you there. Don’t underestimate the younger generation of the Immortal Dimension. Even though they’re merely at the Earthly Immortal Realm, they are much more dangerous than ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm experts.” Teng Lan took a step back and chose an alternative when he realized he was unable to persuade Chen Xi.

Chen Xi thought for a moment before he cupped his hands serious and said, “Then I’ll be troubling you, Senior.”

He wasn’t someone that underestimated himself. But he was similarly not a rash person. So how could he possibly refuse Teng Lan’s protection?

Teng Lan smiled as well. “You be at ease and attend the event. I’ll stay in the shadows and not disturb you, and unless you encounter a situation of life and death, otherwise I’ll absolutely not allow anyone to notice me.” 


Three days later, Emerald Cloud Restaurant.

This was a place of enjoyment that possessed a great reputation in the Eastern Emperor County, and it occupied an extremely vast area. Numerous ancient buildings that had been restored and possessed grand auras stood there, and the highest amongst them was practically connected to the heavens.

When one wanted to enjoy one’s self in the Emerald Cloud Restaurant, one had to first exchange for a sufficient amount of Virtue Energy because the cheapest food or wine required 800 Virtue Energy, and it was sufficient to compare with the value of a Quasi Immortal Artifact.

Feng Luyang wore a luxurious and embroidered rode while he stood with his hands behind his back at the peak of the pavilion at the absolute center.

This place was like a vast open terrace. The sea of clouds rose up around it while rays of light enshrouded it, and there were numerous exotic flowers and herbs planted here. The beautiful flowers were faintly visible in the sea of clouds, causing it to seem extremely quiet and gorgeous.

When one stood here, it was like standing upright beneath the sky, and one could look down upon the entirety of Eastern Emperor County. It was a view that refreshed and gladdened the heart, and it caused one to arouse a feeling of superiority.

At this moment, it wasn’t noon yet, so there weren’t many guests here now.

Feng Luyang stood and stared at the distant Eastern Emperor County for a long time before he withdrew his gaze and said indifferently, “Is that kid really coming?”

The old man called Wen Jiu nodded and said, “He’ll probably be here right away. Moreover, he’ll be attending alone.”

A wisp of coldness arose on the corners of Feng Luyang’s mouth, and then he turned around to sit before the table while his eyes narrowed slightly. “Very good. A tiny ant actually possesses such boldness, no wonder A’Bing favors him.”

“Young Master, should we kill him?” On the other side, Wen Peng couldn’t refrain from speaking in a low voice via voice transmission.

“Kill him?” Feng Luyang exploded with laughter and said unhurriedly, “No, we can’t kill him. It isn’t just that, I even want him to live on nicely. I want A’Bing to see exactly how deplorable this kid is with her own two eyes, and he’s even inferior to an animal before me!”

Wen Jiu and Wen Peng were stunned, and then they came to an understanding. The Young Master probably wants to utilize some methods to make that kid submit completely.

Right at this moment, the teleportation formation on the terrace flashed, and a tall figure with fluttering clothes and dense black hair appeared. It was precisely Chen Xi.

Feng Luyang stood up when he saw Chen Xi make an appearance, and a trace of a smile had already appeared on the corners of his mouth. He waved from afar while he spoke with a clear voice and seemed to be rather warm. “Brother Chen, over here.”

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, Young Master Feng.” Chen Xi walked over with a smile on his face.

“Haha, please have a seat.” Feng Luyang roared with laughter as he sat facing Chen Xi.

The spacious terrace towered into the sky. As they sat there, the sea of clouds surged in the surroundings while carrying a faint sound of the waves, and not only did it create a certain atmosphere, it didn’t disturb the conversations of the guests.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi casually flipped through the menu that was sent over by an attendant, and he was instantly aware of exactly how luxurious this place was. Even the cheapest dish was worth a few hundred stars of Virtue Energy, and some expensive dishes directly rose to an astonishing number of over a thousand.

Chen Xi casually ordered a few dishes that were neither cheap nor expensive and were just the right price before he put the menu down.

On the other hand, Feng Luyang ordered a large pile of dishes when he saw Chen Xi place the menu down, and every single one of them was the most expensive. Merely this meal would cost him over 10,000 stars of Virtue Energy, and it caused the nearby attendant’s eyes to go stiff.

He said in a carefree manner after he tossed the menu back to the attendant, “Even though the dishes here can’t compare to the Immortal Dimension, it’s still edible. Brother Chen, don’t blame me for not taking good care of you. I’ll bring you to go eat at the Immortal Dimension’s House of Myriad Wonders once you ascend to the Immortal Dimension, and it will absolutely exceed your imagination.”

Chen Xi grinned and didn’t reveal any yearning or admiration. He knew that this fellow was showing off to him. But most importantly, he didn’t even know what the House of Myriad Wonders was, so he naturally wouldn’t feel any admiration.

Feng Luyang was slightly stunned when he saw Chen Xi reacting in this way, and he couldn’t help but be slightly depressed in his heart. He finally understood that all his actions were simply like an act displayed to a blind man.

How could an ant at the Nether Transformation Realm know how great the House of Myriad Wonders is?

I was playing the lute to a cow!

Feng Luyang sighed with emotion in his heart, and he suddenly felt slightly disinterested. I seem to have overestimated this opponent too much, and he’s simply like a bumpkin that hasn’t seen the world. Is such a person worthy of being dealt with so solemnly by me?

“Young Master Feng, what sort of place is the House of Myriad Wonders?” Chen Xi asked abruptly, and it instantly scratched the itch in Feng Luyang’s heart.

His spirits couldn’t help but be refreshed, yet he said casually. “A place that only entertains great figures that possess both status and identity in the Immortal Dimension. To an ordinary person, it isn’t important to have a meal there but to have had a meal there.”

“Oh.” Chen Xi smiled as he said, “Looks like Young Master Feng is a regular there?”

Feng Luyang roared with laughter as he said, “I can’t be considered a regular, and I was only fortunate enough to experience it a few times with my father.”

When he spoke up to here, his expression suddenly turned serious, and he stared at Chen Xi while seeming to be lost in thought. “Brother Chen, your natural talent isn’t bad. Why don’t you cultivate by my side?”

Chen Xi said to himself, finally unable to refrain from getting to the point?

“This is an Immortal Artifact. It’s yours so long as you agree.” Before Chen Xi could speak, Feng Luyang had withdrawn a palm sized blue colored Immortal Sword, and he placed it lightly before Chen Xi.

“Thank you, Young Master Feng, for your good intentions. But I’m accustomed to being lazy, so forgive me for being unable to comply.” Chen Xi smiled as he raised his hand and pushed the Immortal Sword back.

“Brother Chen, you probably still don’t understand the benefits of following by my side, right?” Feng Luyang smiled lightly and seemed to have expected Chen Xi would answer like this since the beginning, and he said, “So long as you agree, I can instantly bring you along to the Immortal Dimension when I leave the Talisman Dimension, and there’s utterly no need for you to suffer in this Mortal Dimension. Moreover, after you enter the Immortal Dimension, there would be no need for you to worry about being unable to accomplish great things while being looked after of by me.”

Directly enter the Immortal Dimension?

Chen Xi was slightly stunned and didn’t expect that this fellow actually possessed such heaven defying ability.

“How about it? Aren’t you going to consider it?” Feng Luyang thought Chen Xi was moved since Chen Xi kept silent, and he couldn’t help but grin while he felt even deeper contempt in his heart while he said, “My requirements are actually very simple, you just have to be obedient, and I won’t ask you to do things that are too intolerable.”

“There’s no need to consider it. I’m someone that’s very easy to speak to, yet I don’t know how to listen to others.” Chen Xi shook his head while carrying a calm and composed expression.

This caused Feng Luyang to be unable to help but frown, and he took out another Immortal Artifact and placed it on the table. “How about two Immortal Artifacts? Such a price is even sufficient for a Heavenly Immortal in the Immortal Dimension to work themselves to the bone. If it wasn’t because I feel we have fate with each other, I wouldn’t give you such conditions.”

Chen Xi smiled and replied with a question. “If I give you two Immortal Artifacts, would Young Master Feng be willing to stay by my side? My requirements are even simpler, there’s no need to talk, and you just have to know how to fight.”

Feng Luyang’s expression instantly sank as he never imagined that Chen Xi would actually dare speak like this to him. He’s simply courting death!

Even Wen Jiu and Wen Peng behind him revealed furious expressions, and they didn’t conceal their killing intent in the slightest.

“Oh, I forgot that with Young Master Feng’s identity, two Immortal Artifacts would be a humiliation. How about three? After all, Young Master Feng is the descendant of a great figure in the Immortal Dimension, and such an identity is sufficient to warrant another Immortal Artifact.” Chen Xi continued speaking with a grin on his face, and he seemed as if he was completely unaware of the changes in their expressions.


The wine cup between Feng Luyang’s fingers transformed into powder, whereas his expression had become completely livid. He finally noticed that since the very beginning, this little ant had resolved to stubbornly resist him.

“Very good. I like the way you talk.” His voice became gloomy and ruthless, and it seemed to be squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth. “I’ll give you one more chance. Take these two Immortal Artifacts and vanish from A’Bing’s field of vision immediately, and I can spare your life. Otherwise, I’m worried I won’t be able to control my rage!”

His words didn’t conceal his intent to threaten Chen Xi at all.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as before, and he frowned while pondering deeply for a short moment before he said, “Is there no room for discussion?”

“Absolutely not!” Feng Luyang’s gaze was like an icy cold blade that descended onto Chen Xi’s face. “To put it bluntly, I’ve seen numerous little ants like you, and if it was any ordinary time, I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to you at all. So if you continue to be insensible, then you’ll really be courting death!”

Chen Xi shrugged, and his gaze swept past Feng Luyang and the two old men behind Feng Luyang before he said, “I’ll speak bluntly as well. If you make a move, then I’m afraid all of you won’t be able to return to the Immortal Dimension.”


“You’re courting death!”

Wen Jiu and Wen Peng couldn’t restrain the rage in their hearts any longer, and they berated with stern voices while revealing a ferocious appearance and seeming to intend to make a move against him.

On the other hand, a trace of doubt arose in Feng Luyang’s heart when he saw Chen Xi so composed, and he waved his hands to signal to them that they should calm down before he stared gloomily at Chen Xi. “Do you think that I wouldn’t dare kill you if you have A’Bing’s protection?”

“I’ll be bidding my farewells if you still don’t make a move.” Chen Xi spun the topic around and spoke frankly.

The killing intent in Feng Luyang’s eyes surged like the tide when he saw Chen Xi acting in this way. It pierced the sky to the point of droning and trembling wildly, and he seemed like a sharp sword that wanted to leave its sheathe to drink blood.

The atmosphere instantly became extremely oppressive and tense.

Right at this moment, a sarcastic voice sounded out from the side. “Aha! Guess who I see? Isn’t that the renowned Young Master Feng from the Sublime Glow Mountain?”

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