Chapter 844 – Undercurrents Are Brewing

At the instant they walked out of the hall, Liang Bing had already loosened her grip and gracefully pulled apart the distance between her and Chen Xi’s body before moving along a winding footpath by Chen Xi’s side.

The pavilions in the distance were arranged in neat rows and were sheltered between ancient and large trees, causing it to be quiet and beautiful.

At this moment, it was already dusk, and the burning setting sun emanated an expanse of orange colored rays, and it covered the exotic flowers and herbs at the side of the pathway in a dark red and enchanting sheen.

An imperceptible sense of loss flashed past Chen Xi’s heart before it recovered to normal, and then he said, “Since you don’t like him, then why don’t you refuse him directly?”

Liang Bing frowned and seemed to be unwilling to discuss this matter with Chen Xi, but her brows quickly eased up as she said, “My current situation is slightly difficult, so I can’t offend too many people for now.”

When she spoke up to here, a wisp of coldness couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of her mouth. “But you don’t have to worry. If Feng Luyang wants to look for trouble with you, then I’ll make him pay a price he’s unable to bear. I only hope he’ll be slightly smart and stop before it goes too far.”

Chen Xi didn’t speak any further because he’d already discerned that Liang Bing wasn’t willing to discuss this matter with him. After all, both of them weren’t very familiar with each other, so even if it was unrelated to him, discussing some matters of relationships was obviously not suitable.

Liang Bing asked abruptly. “Do you know how old I am this year?” 

Chen Xi was stunned and glanced curiously at her before he shook his head.

“I got to know your cousin sister, A’Li, 1,936 years ago, and I replaced my father’s position 400 years ago to take control of the Liang Clan’s forces in the Talisman Dimension.” Liang Bing crossed had her arms crossed before her while her tight fitting clothes caused the curves of her devilishly slender figure and slim waist to be fully revealed, and she emitted charm that shook the heart and soul.

Her sexy lips parted lightly while her clear eyes gazed towards the distance, and she said indifferently, “After living for so long, I’ve seen countless young geniuses from the Immortal Dimension, Mortal Dimension, and Netherworld Dimension, and they were from all races. But I noticed in the end that a man capable of drawing my attention would at least have to possess two points. But unfortunately, up until now, I haven’t encountered such a man, and a Young Master from the Immortal Dimension like Feng Luyang is far inferior.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he couldn’t refrain from asking curiously, “What are those two points?”

Liang Bing didn’t conceal it and said frankly, “The first, he’s able to make me arouse the feeling of being subdued. Secondly, no matter if it’s strength or ability, it must be capable of completely subduing me.”

Chen Xi was stunned as he never imagined that Liang Bing would actually possess such a strange sense of selection. Is the feeling of being subdued really so important?

It was even to the extent that he felt Liang Bing’s perception was slightly abnormal. 

Liang Bing suddenly turned around to glance at Chen Xi, and then she said, “You’re entirely free to take it as you never heard what I said.”

The meaning within her words was — You’re too inferior, and it’s precisely because I’m not interested in you or perhaps you can’t arouse interest in me that I’m telling you all of this.

Regardless of whether Chen Xi was an idiot, this question was idiotic.

He naturally discerned what she insinuated, and he rubbed his nose while thinking with slight amusement in his heart. I’m not so abnormal to take women to be a target to be subdued. Even if you want me to subdue you, it depends on whether I have the mood to do it…

“You’ll reside here. Rest well. You can ask Uncle Lan to accompany you if you intend to leave your residence. Even though the Eastern Emperor County is my territory, all sorts of people are within the city because of the upcoming opening of the Grand Deduction Tower, so it’s better for you to be slightly careful.” Liang Bing stopped before a pavilion constructed from jade green bamboo, and then she turned to look at Chen Xi. “In my heart, you’re much more important than anyone else. Of course, you better not misunderstand what I mean.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Liang Bing turned around and left.

Chen Xi shrugged, and then he laughed lightheartedly before walking into the small pavilion after Liang Bing’s slender and graceful figure vanished within his field of vision.



In an estate with a picturesque landscape at the southeast area of Eastern Emperor County.

Luo Zixuan had a smile on the corners of his mouth as he gazed at those Young Masters and Young Misses from Immortal Dimension drinking wine and amusing themselves.

There was a total of five of them, four men and one woman. All of them were distinguished guests that he’d invited over with great difficulty, and every single one of them either had a great figure from the Immortal Dimension or a great power from the Immortal Dimension standing behind them to rely on.

So he could be said to have employed all his ability to entertain these descendants of Immortals, and he was deeply afraid of being inattentive in the slightest.

For example, this luxurious estate was a foothold that was secretly arranged in the Eastern Emperor County by the Luo Clan, and it was extremely hidden. If it wasn’t for the sake of the success of the operation this time, he would utterly not utilize this place.

After all, this was the territory of the Liang Clan, and the slightest mistake would cause this foothold to be obliterated.

“Junior Brother Luo, when are we going to go look for that woman?” At this moment, the young man that wore a gorgeous multicolored robe grinned as he asked.

“Senior Brother Nan, wait for another two more days. We just arrived at the Eastern Emperor County today, and it wouldn’t be late for me to trouble Senior Brother Nan after I find out everything clearly.” Luo Zixuan answered swiftly. This young man in a multicolored robe was called Nan Xiuchong, and he was the existence with the greatest background and strength amongst these five people. It was even to the extent that even though he was a direct descendant of the Luo Clan, he didn’t dare be the slightest bit disrespectful to Nan Xiuchong.

“Oh?” Nan Xiuchong smiled lightheartedly and nodded. “Alright, we’ll make a trip to the Liang Clan after Junior Brother Luo has arranged everything.”

Luo Zixuan hurriedly thanked him without end.

“Right, I heard that woman, Liang Bing, possesses a cultivation at the Mysterious Immortal Realm?” At the other side, a cold and arrogant woman spoke.

She wore sky blue colored palace clothes, and the lower part of her clothes seemed to be extremely unconventional. It was like the shape of flower petals that overlapped layer by layer on each other, and it was like an upside down bloomed lotus flower. She was dressed up like a traditional noble beauty. Her appearance was extremely gorgeous, but the tip of her brows and the corners of her eyes carried unapproachable coldness and indifference.

Luo Zixuan’s heart shook, yet he nodded and said, “Exactly.”

This young woman was called Wenren Ye, and her origins were rather mysterious. Supposedly, she was a disciple of an ancient clan in the Immortal Dimension, and Nan Xiuchong had seriously instructed him earlier that he had to be treat this young woman well and carefully.

So Luo Zixuan naturally didn’t dare be neglectful in the slightest when he heard her speak.

The nearby Nan Xiuchong laughed lightheartedly as he said, “According to my knowledge, that ice beauty has lived for a few thousands of years, so relying on the Liang Clan’s resources and reserves to cultivate to the Mysterious Immortal Realm is normal.”

“Ha, so it’s an old woman.” A young man laughed.

The others roared endlessly with laughter as well.

Luo Zixuan felt a wave of embarrassment instead, and he was extremely indignant in his heart. If Liang Bing is an old woman, then what the fuck am I? A blind fool that wants to marry an old woman?

“You’re mistaken. Age isn’t a problem to us cultivators any longer, not to mention there are gorgeous young women amongst the old seniors of the Immortal Dimension that have lived for no less than 10,000 years.” Wenren Ye combed her jet black hair behind her ear and said indifferently, “Especially her cultivation, no one present here is capable of rivaling her.”

The expressions of the others became slightly unsightly when they heard this.

Wenren Ye was speaking the truth. Even though they were respected as descendants of immortals, due to the short period that they’d been cultivating for, they were indeed unable to compare with Liang Bing. Moreover, even Nan Xiuchong who was the strongest amongst them was only at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

“Hmph! Is her cultivation a big deal? Even if she’s a Golden Immortal, she’ll have to submit before great might!” A young man grunted coldly and arrogantly.

“Exactly. We didn’t come here for the sake of entering into battle with the Liang Clan, and it’s sufficient for us to rely on the powers behind us to make Liang Bing see the situation clearly before submitting obediently.” Another one of them spoke confidently.

“Relying on our backing to bully her? That is a good idea.” Wenren Ye nodded with a cold and arrogant expression, and she wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest.

To all of them who were descendants of immortals, possessing formidable backing yet not using it was idiotic.

Luo Zixuan nodded in his heart as he watched this scene. These Young Masters and Young Miss of the Immortal Dimension aren’t idiots. At the very least, they know that their greatest reliance is the powers behind them.

It was precisely this that he valued.

Nan Xiuchong suddenly laughed as he said in an unhurried manner, “A Mysterious Immortal? Haha, if it’s really a battle of life and death, then the outcome isn’t certain.”

His words were filled with confidence and arrogance, and he seemed as if he grasped victory in the palm of his hand.

Luo Zixuan was stunned, and then he raised his eyes to look at the others. He noticed all their expressions were rather relaxed and didn’t seem to be surprised in the slightest. He instantly understood that these Young Masters and Young Miss from the Immortal Dimension probably carried some sort of trump card with them, and it was sufficient to cause a Mysterious Immortal like Liang Bing to be extremely fearful.

He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he thought up to here. This is the difference in our resources and reserves. Who would dare to go against a Mysterious Immortal in the Mortal Dimension?

Not to mention a Mysterious Immortal, no one would even dare offend a Heavenly Immortal!

Right at this moment, a servant that stood in the distant imperceptibly gave Luo Zixuan a meaningful glance, and his expression remained unchanged while he walked over.

“Speak!” Luo Zixuan’s bearing changed instantaneously when facing a servant from his own clan, and he became overbearing, domineering, and bossy.

“Young Master, I just obtained news that Liang Bing led her forces to personally greet a young man outside the city at noon today. Based on his appearance, it’s probably Chen Xi.” The servant spoke in a low voice.

“Chen Xi?” Luo Zixuan was stunned, and he was slightly unable to recall this name.

“That fellow that caused the Blacksoul Gang to be annihilated in Crimson Swallow City.” The servant explained. “Even though that kid’s strength is weak, Liang Bing seems to think very highly of him. Perhaps we can start from him in the operation this time!”

“So it’s him!” Luo Zixuan’s eyes flickered indeterminately, and then he said after a short while, “Go investigate the background of this kid and pay close attention to his movement. Quickly report back to me so long as an opportunity arises.”

“Yes.” The servant received his orders and left.

“Chen Xi…” Luo Zixuan seemed to be lost in thought. He’s only a kid at the Nether Transformation Realm, yet receives such favor from that bitch, Liang Bing? Could it be that there’s some secret behind this? But it’s fine. Perhaps I’ll be able to find out about everything after I capture this little fellow. At that time, would she dare refuse me when I pay a visit with all those Young Masters from the Immortal Dimension?

At the same time, an elegant gilded invitation appeared within Chen Xi’s room. Chen Xi was slightly surprised, and then he opened it to have a look before he instantly came to an understanding in his heart, causing a wisp of helplessness to appear on the corners of his mouth. This fellow’s self-control is truly terrible.

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