Chapter 843 – The Descendant Of An Immortal

Chen Xi acutely noticed the unusualness in the changes of the expressions of everyone in the surroundings. They seem to be…slightly surprised?

He faintly guessed that this was probably related to him taking the initiative to shake Liang Bing’s hand, but he couldn’t help but be slightly puzzled. He remembered that it was Liang Bing who took the initiative to shake his hand when they met the first time.

Could it be that this isn’t a type of basic etiquette from the Ancestral Dimension?

Liang Bing noticed Chen Xi’s bewilderment, but she didn’t explain and said, “Let’s go. I’ve already arranged a place for you to stay.”

The vast array started returning to the city. After he entered through the city gate along with Liang Bing, Chen Xi really noticed that a Talisman Tower didn’t exist in the Eastern Emperor County.

He recalled what Teng Lan had told him on the way. The Eastern Emperor County, Dark Emperor County, Phoenix Queen County, and Demon Forefather County guarded the surroundings of the imperial city, and they led directly to the imperial city and didn’t require any Virtue Energy to prove one had the qualifications to enter.

As for Talisman Towers, it didn’t exist in the four county cities, and the reason was that it received the protection of the Grand Deduction Tower in the imperial city. In other words, these four county cities were like the outer city of the imperial city, and they were similarly within the scope of protection of the Grand Deduction Tower.

The Eastern Emperor County was the place the Liang Clan resided. The scale of the city was vast like a kingdom, and its streets were like rivers and crowded with people, causing it to seem extremely prosperous and flourishing.

The Eastern Emperor’s Estate stood at the center of this magnificent and vast city.

As soon as they arrived at the estate, Liang Bing dismissed all the servants, and she led Chen Xi and Teng Lan into a spacious hall.

“There are another 10 days before the Grand Deduction Tower opens, and A’Li instructed me to allow you to participate since the beginning. But you probably don’t possess sufficient information about the Grand Deduction Tower, so I’ll ask Uncle Lan to tell you when you’re free.” As soon as they took their seats, Liang Bing spoke directly with a clear, cold, and straightforward tone.

Chen Xi nodded and said to Teng Lan with a smile, “I’ll be troubling Senior.”

Teng Lang smiled as well. “It’s only a matter within my duties, Young Master Chen Xi doesn’t have to thank me.”

When Liang Bing saw this, she gave instructions to the nearby servants. In next to no time, rows of beautiful attendants came over with numerous delicacies and wine that had been cooked a long time ago.

She held up a wine jug and poured a cup of wine before raising her cup to Chen Xi. “Due to being busy with my duties, I didn’t have the chance to entertain you. So I’ll seize this opportunity today to welcome you with a feast.”

As she spoke, her red lips parted slightly before she emptied her cup.

“Thank you, Miss Liang, for this cordial treatment.” Chen Xi raised his cup with a smile and emptied it as well.

“Hahaha! I heard the Eastern Emperor’s Estate set up a great array to welcome a distinguished guest. A’Bing, you actually didn’t tell me about it, that wasn’t nice of you.” Along with this roaring laughter, a young man that wore a gorgeous gilded Daoist Robe walked in. The young man was handsome, had eyes that were like stars, and an extraordinary bearing.

There were actually two formidable Earthly Immortal Realm experts following behind him. These experts had eyes that were cold and fierce like hawks while their entire bodies carried obscure and formidable auras, and their cultivations were at least at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

But at this moment, these two Earthly Immortal Realm experts were like servants as they followed behind the young man, causing the young man to seem even more extraordinary.

Actually, it was obvious that since he dared to directly trespass into this hall without announcing his presence, this young man’s origins were surely extraordinary.

“Oh, it’s Young Master Feng. Please have a seat.” Liang Bing raised her eyes and glanced at the young man without getting up, and her expression was calm while not revealing any obvious emotions.

“Then I’ll be disturbing you.” Young Master Feng roared with laughter when he heard this, and then he took the liberty to sit below Liang Bing and facing Chen Xi.

“Chen Xi, this is Young Master Feng Luyang, and he’s from the Immortal Dimension’s Sublime Glow Mountain.” Liang Bing introduced.

“Greetings, Young Master Feng.” Chen Xi cupped his hands briefly, yet he was shocked in his heart. The Immortal Dimension’s Sublime Glow Mountain? Could it be that this fellow is a Heavenly Immortal?

He glanced over imperceptibly and sized Young Master Feng up, yet he noticed to his confusion that the aura on this young man was extremely strange. His body had Immortal Energy coiled around it, yet his imposing aura was obviously inferior to a Heavenly Immortal and was roughly comparable to an Earthly Immortal.

“Feng Luyang is a descendant of a great figure in the Immortal Dimension, and he was born in the Immortal Dimension, so he didn’t ascend into the Heavenly Dimension from the Mortal Dimension. His cultivation is around the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.” Right when Chen Xi was bewildered, Teng Lan’s voice transmission suddenly sounded out by his ears. “The Immortal Dimension’s Sublime Glow Mountain has a certain level of relationship with the Liang Clan, and Feng Luyang came uninvited during the opening of the Grand Deduction Tower this time and intends to lend the Eldest Young Miss a hand.”

Only now did Chen Xi come to a sudden understanding. No wonder he’s from the Immortal Dimension yet only possesses a cultivation at the Earthly Immortal Realm. So it turns out that he’s the descendant of a great figure and was born in the Immortal Dimension.

Feng Luyang glanced inattentively at Chen Xi and said, “Oh, so it’s a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm. I was thinking it was some great figure.”

His words weren’t restrained in the slightest, and it seemed to be extremely rude and even carried a sense of innate pride.

Chen Xi frowned, and then said indifferently, “I’ve disappointed Young Master Feng.”

“Hahaha! I’m someone that’s frank by nature and speaks my mind. I don’t play any tricks. Don’t be angry, the truth is really too hurtful sometimes.” Feng Luyang roared with laughter.

Chen Xi grinned and was calm and composed.

Feng Luyang did indeed possess an extremely extraordinary identity, and if it was any other person, merely hearing he was from the Immortal Dimension would probably terrify the person. But to Chen Xi, this fellow wasn’t anything great.

Chen Xi was completely unafraid of a true Heavenly Immortal like Bing Shitian who held a decree from the Immortal Dimension, let alone a descendant of an immortal that was only at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm?

Chen Xi held the intent to avoid trouble, so he couldn’t be bothered to fuss about it with Feng Luyang.

Feng Luyang’s expression was even more complacent when he saw Chen Xi take no further action, and he disregarded Chen Xi and looked towards Liang Bing. “A’Bing, I heard that kid from the Luo Clan has invited many people and intends to ask for your hand in marriage in the next two days?”

Chen Xi was stunned and glanced at Liang Bing as he said to himself, Someone from the Luo Clan wants to ask for her hand in marriage? It wouldn’t be that Luo Zixuan that Yao Luwei spoke of, right?

At this moment, Liang Bing’s expression remained unchanged as she drank another cup of wine, and then she said indifferently, “Perhaps.”

Feng Luyang frowned and slapped the table fiercely as he said, “That bastard! He really deserves death! But don’t worry A’Bing, no one can force you while I’m here!”

Liang Bing’s carefree expression remained unchanged as she nodded and said, “Then thank you.” Her voice obviously carried a trace of a perfunctory intent.

But Feng Luyang seemed as if he didn’t discern this, and he looked at Liang Bing with deep affection as he said, “A’Bing, is there any need to be so polite between us? My father said a long time ago that he’ll personally pay a visit to your father once you return to the Immortal Dimension and…”

Liang Bing’s brows that were pitch black like ink knit together as she suddenly interrupted him. “We’ll speak about the future in the future.”

Feng Luyang’s face froze from being interrupted bluntly, and a trace of fury flashed in the depths of his eyes before he said with a smile, “Alright, alright. So long as you understand my feelings.”

Chen Xi finally understood that this fellow was probably just like Luo Zixuan and was working hard to pursue Liang Bing. Unfortunately, Liang Bing obviously had no interest towards him.

“Chen Xi, let’s go. I’ll take you over to arrange a place for you to stay.” As she spoke, Liang Bing had already stood up.

“Oh, then I’ll be troubling you.” Chen Xi had already become bored a long time ago because of Feng Luyang’s arrival, and he stood up right away upon hearing this.

“A’Bing, isn’t it just a place to stay? Just instruct a servant to arrange it for him, why should you do it personally?” Feng Luyang’s expression sank slightly as he spoke with displeasure.

He could allow Liang Bing to be perfunctory towards him, yet he was unable to allow her to be nice to another man in front of him. Not to mention it was only a mere kid at the Nether Transformation Realm. What qualifications does he have to make her personally arrange a place for him to stay?

“Help me with a small thing.” Liang Bing’s voice that was fine like a gossamer suddenly sounded out by his ears, and before Chen Xi could make any reaction, he felt his arm being held. After that, a warm, soft, and slender body pressed down onto him.

Chen Xi was instantly shocked, and then he looked to the side. Sure enough, Liang Bing stood by his shoulder and was resting on him while her right hand held his arm, and it seemed to be extremely intimate.

Her slender figure and wavy golden hair that was tier up into a bun behind her head coupled with the sharp and polished shoes she wore caused her to actually be almost as tall as him.

A strand of cool and faint sweet fragrance effused out from Liang Bing’s body and coiled within his nose, causing Chen Xi’s heart to tremble as if it was jolted by electricity for no reason or rhyme.

“Let’s go.” Liang Bing’s voice sounded out by his ear while her fragrant breath caused his ears to be itchy, and even her voice carried a trace of a gentle feeling.

After that, Chen Xi felt Liang Bing exert force and lead him out of the hall.

Instantly, he suddenly understood what Liang Bing meant. She’d surely done this for Feng Luyang to see, and it was even to the extent that he didn’t have to turn around to know that Feng Luyang’s expression at this moment was definitely unsightly to the extreme…

When he thought up to here, he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in his heart. If a woman wants to escape the pestering of a man, then this method is undoubtedly the most direct, and there was utterly no need to say a single word before causing the person to feel despair.

Of course, the consequence is that Feng Luyang probably hates me now…

The hall was deathly silent.

Feng Luyang sat behind the table with a livid expression as he watched Liang Bing leave while holding Chen Xi’s arm, and he felt envy, hatred, and fury in his heart. It was simply more painful than eating a fly.

“Senior Teng Lan, who exactly is that kid?” After a long time, he took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the flames of rage and jealousy in his heart before he raised his eyes to look at Teng Lan.

“I’m not aware either.” Teng Lan smiled before he stood up and said, “Young Master Feng, I still have matters to attend to, so forgive me for being unable to keep you company.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Teng Lan turned and left, leaving Feng Luyang by himself in the hall. He was all alone, and under the accompaniment of the two Earthly Immortal Realm experts behind him, he seemed to be extremely lonely.


Feng Luyang couldn’t restrain the flames of envy in his heart any longer and smashed his fist fiercely onto the table, causing the cups and trays to shatter while bits of wood flew into the surroundings.

His expression was livid to the extreme as he said while gritting his teeth. “Wen Jiu, go investigate everything about that kid, quickly!”

“Yes.” One of the old men behind him received the order solemnly.

“Wen Peng, you prepare an invitation and invite that kid to the Emerald Pavilion three days from now. I want to properly entertain this rival that came from some pile of trash!” After staying silent for a short moment, a trace of a ruthless expression flashed within Feng Luyang’s eyes, and he said indifferently, “I’ll make him understand that the woman I, Feng Luyang, have set my eyes on, is absolutely not someone a tiny ant at the Nether Transformation Realm can encroach on!”

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